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I am pursuing my masters in actuarial science in The University of New South wales. I have Masters and Bachelors (honours) degree in Economics.

I am very passionate about Economics and Mathematics. Through using real life problems, I try to instil that passion for learning by making theories relatable to practical situations. Also, I start with the necessary theory of the chapter and simultaneously looking at the application problems to give a 360 degree understanding of the subject.

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UNISA student giving accounting ,business studies and economics lessons for Cambridge Alevel students

I am looking for students who need an extra support in past papers to reach the A+ grade :) .I have experience in Commerce subjects for Advanced levels Cambridge and best study techniques /methods and teach casually to students.

Asifur rahman
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A dedicated person wants to teach math lessons in high school and uni students.

My teaching method usually based on the real example and detailed. I prefer different teaching methods for different students based on their learning capability. I prefer to behave like a friend with my students to understand their problems and treat them accordingly.

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Transition the complexities in the simplest ways in the field of commerce.

firstly I understand the mentality of student and then schedule the syllabus according to his/her abilities and mental level. I don't believe in imposing and burdening the excess in the mind of students. I always invite students advices to improve my skills as learning is a perennial process. students learn from us and we learn from them.

Surry Hills
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James, Economics graduate from the UK working in financial services in Sydney.

Methodology can be adjusted for the intended outcome. I am happy to tutor for exams or just for general education/interest. The best way to prepare for exams is to do practice exams. The best way to learn generally is to take on projects.

South Brisbane
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Maths, Economics and Finance lessons to high school students by an excelling International Economics and Finance master student of UQ

I strongly believe that quality education comes through interactive discussion and finding their logical conclusions. Thus I initially focus on explaining the concepts for basic understanding and then encourage students to critically evaluate practical problems and have a lively discussion environment in the classroom.

Saint Lucia
Amir pooyan
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I provide deep intuition and simplify the fundamentals of statistics and probabilities

My teaching method is putting the basics of statistics and probabilities in layman language, making several practical examples, and progressing step by step until the fundamentals are crystal clear for the students. I am open to questions, and I like dynamic conversations.

Red Hill
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Ph.D. in economics. Eager to provide tutoring in econometrics, microeconomics, macroeconomics and finance.

I believe that each person has his own learning strategy. Understanding the motivations of the student and working with the student to establish a feasible learning plan is a key to achieve good results.

Darwin City
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Finance Professional gives finance,economics and accounting lessons to high school and university

I generally follow a syllabus pathway rather than what I know. >Look into the requirement of the syllabus > Find relevant past paper questions if they are not available then improvise with my own >Each chapter coverage along with past paper questions.

Sajin calvin
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UQ Business student with more than 4 years of teaching experience as Assistant Professor.

As a tutor, I will try to understand the capacity of the student and will adjust my teaching method as per the requirement. I will try to mix and match different methods and tools which will suit the student. I can patiently deal with the lessons until the student grasps.

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ANU's postgraduate student willing to propagate Economics lessons in an enriching manner

Passing high school with an overall score of 9.6/10, I have completed undergraduate level Economics as a college topper and University topper in Macroeconomics I have joined Australian National University for Masters in Economics.

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Brisbane Year 12 student gives in depth business lessons to high school students

My teaching methods are calm and dedicated towards the students needs. I can be flexible to teach a range of areas. For example if they are struggling with a certain topic then we can take a few lessons to cover it. I will work extremely hard to cater for the students needs including creating practice exams or revision sheets if thats what the student wants.

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Fellow and student of economics gives tutoring in business mathematics for the classes 1-10 (elementary school, middle school, junior high school, lower and middle high school) in Stuttgart

I am someone who can ensure that learning content is recorded efficiently. It must be ensured that no time is wasted. Why can I ensure that? I am 21 years old, a student at the University of Hohenheim in economics and also a scholarship holder of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Also, I belong to the best 5% of my year.

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Econometrics and Mathematical Economics graduate from LSE teaching Mathematics, Coding and Economics to School goers, undergraduates and postgraduates.

I am a Masters graduate in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics from LSE. I used to teach Microeconomics to second year undergraduates as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. I have trained as an Electrical Engineer and also have an MBA. I am very passionate about teaching and have PhD offers from multiple universities.

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Doctorate in Statistics gives classes in Statistics, Econometrics at university level and sciences in general at all levels. Test without compromise.

I am an industrial engineer licensed by the UPC, and I have a master's degree in economics from the UAB and a master's degree from the UPC. I'm in my last PhD course. I have many years of experience teaching and how to motivate the student to get their maximum performance.

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Private lessons in statistics, econometrics, financial mathematics, economics, probability calculus, data analysis

My private lessons are oriented to passing the exam: they are based on the didactic material provided by your teacher in order to face the topics with the cut required for the exam. Preparation with methodologies suitable for the type of exam (exercises, questionnaires in cross-stitches, oral examination ...

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Economics PhD student with teaching experience offering Economics, Statistics and Mathematics lessons in Leicester

I am a Ph.D. student in Economics with teaching experience of two years. I intend to stay in academia after the completion of my Ph.D., as apart from enjoying research, I have understood during those last years how much I love teaching. I am a driven and enthusiastic person while reading and travelling are at the top of my leisure choices.

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For students in secondary schools, lets learn probability in an interactive manner

I focus on derivations and solving problems by using self built methods. This I feel brings confidence to the person learning the topic.

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Economics Doctoral Researcher offering math and economics help, particularly algebra/calculus and microeconomics. Background in environmental studies.

I am very methodical and do not like to skip steps when I teach. While I do ask questions and have the student work out as much of the problem on their own as they can, I realize that they are still learning and so will provide as much guidance as is needed to help the student gain the confidence they need to solve problems on their own.

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Economics Expert (CMA, ClA, CISA, CFE) with 20 years of teaching experience

I am an Economics Expert with more than 20 years of teaching experience. I have strong corporate experience which make my teaching relevant and conceptual. Students generally score more than 95% in their exams. This result is achieve due to strong learning delivery and highly analytical performance evaluation of students.

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An accomplished tutor with 5 years of experience teaches Economics and Statistics and English

I am a Post Graduate in Economics from Calcutta University and for the last 3 years, I am teaching economics and English to students. I teach Macroeconomics and Microeconomics and English to high school as well as Honours students. I have readymade teaching slides which I use for teaching online through Skype.

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Expert GRE and GMAT tutoring from graduate student with 8 years experience.

I approach teaching with the knowledge that every student has particular needs, even though the tests may be standardized. I incorporate consideration of these factors into personalizing an approach to efficiently and effectively teaching the fundamental techniques required to achieve the highest scores on these exams.

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Economics and Finance graduate looking to help and share knowledge up to university level!

My teaching method is to make sure my student understands the topic in a way that makes perfect sense to them. This is why i beleive 1-to-1 lessons are key, everyone has different ways of learning and understanding and it's crucially important that each student learns in a way specific to them. When you understand something in a way that is clear to you, it becomes very easy.

New Delhi
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I know the best examples that will stick, only contact if you are not good at these subjects i have mentioned

I don’t like to give only the bookish knowledge instead i would give real life explames which stick for life and not just exams. My purpose is to increase the understanding of the person whom i am teaching and just getting over with the topic. I am very passionate for the subject which will show when i will teach.

Bhawani Mandi
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Student of the Institute of Actuaries of India .completed graduation in commerce . have good knowledge of statistics and probability

I teach students from own my experience and not any coaching sheep factory .i focus on learning, development of the student, I always focus every student and try to understand his weakness and strength and provide him positive environment.i also focus on student's quiz solving ability and focus issue and help them to overcome with their problems.

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Gold Medalist and Ph.D. in Economics gives tuitions from high school to college to university students.

I always opt for open teaching method. The way in which students are comfortable, I teach accordingly. I always make sure that all the students can understand my lessons. I always relate my lessons with the present scenario. Students are my first priority because I am here for my students.

New Delhi
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Students in commerce can learn there Accounting problem in very common tech

My teaching method is so essay for student they can improve there concept in account very clear & usefull for there professional future, after listen problem from student i teach them by example in there behavioral mode, in accounting profession its a very use full for students.

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Economics student trying to do his best to explain Micro, Macro Economics and Probability.

I approach each topic individually focusing mainly on what the student needs. Each lesson is tailored which allows the student to learn in a way that is most suitable for them, making them more efficient at their work and more motivated.

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Pursuing my passion of teaching online in Gurgaon for undergraduates and school students

I am pursuing MA Economics and have an inclination towards teaching. My teaching method is easy to adopt. I go about teaching the concepts by stating examples or illustrations and relate them with day-to-day life so as to make it easy to understand for the students. I give online classes for Grade 11 and 12 for Economics and Business Studies subjects.

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Top economics graduate student teaches foundational classes for high school or undergraduate students in Toronto.

My teaching methods are based on a strong understanding of the foundational concepts of economics. My aim is to teach students not only the 'what' but also the 'why' of economics, which calls for a more scientific approach to the subject. As a T.A. I have been responsible for ensuring that students have a sophisticated grasp on the mathematical underpinnings of the subject.

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