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Brunswick West
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Help with your Thesis from one with years of knowledge & experience (Law, Business, Architecture, Publishing, etc)

Hi, I have broad knowledge and excellent skills that aid in both helping you prepare your thesis and teaching English. I have worked in ESL instruction, writing, editing, publishing, architecture, property development and business (I have run a number of successful businesses and employed about 300 people).

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Research Proposal and Dissertation Writing (includes literature review and methodology writing) .

My teaching methodology will be based upon your area of research i.e. its business or law or medical. I will divide work into small tasks and then we will go about chasing them one by one which will result in meaningful outcomes.

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I teach research methods and academic thesis writing. I have a diploma certificate in education and currently a Ph.D students at the University of Adelaide.

I am a rersearch consultant and a professional teacher who have taught for 10 years in government schools. I have offered research and teaching services to students at the basic schools and postgraduate students. With my background in teaching and consulting, my teaching services benefit pupils at the basic, secondary and tertiary education.

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ANU Economics/Asian Studies student provides English tutoring to high school students in Canberra.

I base my classes on the students' needs. If I see a student wanting to focus on writing, I shall read any work they have completed. Then, answer any questions related to the work. I shall end the session with motivating the student.

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Experienced & Qualified Business Studies and English Language teacher. BBA Graduate- Gold Medalist. Lakemba, NSW-2195.

I use real-life examples while teaching and believe in making the classes more interactive and two-way communication along with practice exercises after each lesson, quizzes, weekly tests, and mocks. Students will not feel the pressure or boredom from my classes.

North Melbourne
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RMIT Masters Student Having 2 Year Experince Giving Classes for IELTS Reading/Listening/Speaking/Writing Modules

When it comes to preparing for IELTS or for that matter any other English test exam, approach is what matters the most for me.

Rose Park
(29 reviews)
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Fluent orator with 16 years of experience may work with you on your english lsrw skills.


Fennell Bay
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Southern Cross Graduate gives lessons to Year 11 and 12 students for exam and post school preparation

Information, timelines and accountability to the work. I am very systematic with a clear view on what needs to be achieved and working back from that point putting steps in place along the timeline of study in order to get to the point of achievement.

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Lucy - English and German exam prepartion and tutoring Melbourne VIT registered Teacher

My teaching methods are English and Literature, ESL and German. I am always delighted to promote the language learning, as I do believe it opens up new avenues for learners to explore.

Darwin City
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Get top grades with help from Business Management Professor with Australian & Asian experience

Learn to master the specific requirements of your university assignments and dissertations. One-on-one or small group coaching in research techniques, academic writing, referencing protocols. All levels of university students, from Diploma to PhD. In various business management disciplines.

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A passionate English teacher for students at a wide range of ages.

For me, language was born in communication and is used to cater for that purpose, so the most effective way to learn language is from real communication. Tasks with real purposes such as writing emails, listening to radios or watching movies in the target language should be included to help learners learn language better.

Greater London
Abdul matheen
(12 reviews)
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Academic writing, research proposal writing; dissertation writing; methodology guidance; literature review; first time pass guarenteed

I am a professional tutor giving undergraduate and postgraduate student the support they need to put together their academic projects, including essay and report writing, research proposal and dissertation writing. I use the latest technology to teach and the most recent references in my teaching. I also ask a lot of questions to ensure that students understand what I teach.

(7 reviews)
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Hi there! Want to score well in English exams and competitive tests?

Usually, the classes are conducted for an hour. The best thing about teaching and learning online is that you can be comfortable and grasp things quickly as there is no disturbance. According to me, speaking, reading, writing and listening are all necessary for the student to grasp the information. Hence, I use all of that in my class.

(4 reviews)
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Published JD/PhD candidate at the University of Toronto/UCLA offering help with academic writing, standardized tests (ACT, SAT) and Ancient Greek in the greater Toronto area.

My teaching methodology is simple: I treat every student as an individual with entirely unique needs. Hence, all of my sessions are student-driven. In order to best accomplish this, I conduct a thorough phone assessment prior to the first session to create an individualized study plan that will best meet the present desires and needs of my clients.

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Oxford and Cambridge graduates offering help with personal statement writing and interview for university application

I will be giving guidance in writing efficient and captivating personal statement that brings the best out of the students' talents and characters. Mock interviews will be conducted to prepare the students for the university interviews. Advice on choosing universities and colleges will also be provided as well as insights into Oxford and Cambridge lives.

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LSU Philosophy Graduate teaching English ACT prep in the Lewisburg WV area

Hello, I graduated from LSU just this past month with an in-major GPA of 3.9 in Philosophy. I am an experienced tutor when it comes to ACT English and Reading prep, and I received many accolades for my writing from my college professors. I tutor students from middle school to high school in ACT English and Reading, and I use ACT prep textbooks that I provide.

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Assistant Professor at an Indian Public University who loves explaining the most complex literature in one of the easiest and fun ways. I am a member of the University Exam Evaluation Task Committee,

I believe in the interactive and participatory approach of teaching. I first try to understand the problems/questions from the student and his/her approach to solving those problems/questions. Then I explain the ideal (required) approach to those problems/questions and eventually ask the student to answer those problems/questions based on our discussion.

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English Literature student offering English lessons in Montreal (academic writing / editing / reading)

I have been tutoring students from between the ages of 4 and 17 in a variety of subjects for 5 years. I have mainly tutored in essay writing, reading comprehension and English literature. However, I have also tutored in elementary and high school mathematics, along with high school biology and chemistry. As a tutor, I enjoy teaching through a lecture and conversational style.

(1 review)
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Experienced and Result Oriented Teacher who produces top results in Test Prep and English

I have adaptable methodology as per students' need. I am socratic in my technique.

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Grad Student (scored perfect 36 on ACT!) offering Test Prep in NY/NJ area or online!

I believe the key to scoring well on the ACT/SAT/PSAT/GRE/etc. is viewing the test not as a game to be beaten but rather as a set of skills to be demonstrated. Consequently, test preparation should not consist of learning to "fool" the test but rather of improving oneself so as to rightfully measure up better.

(2 reviews)
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University Topper from India here to attend to all your English problems. Spoken English worries? Worry no more!! Need assistance for english for competitive exams? You have come to the right place.

To me each student is special. I will do a thorough research in what the student wants and tailor make courses for best benefits. Quality assured. After session a detailed plan will be meted out which the student has to follow in order to meet the required goals I am very friendly and warm as a person so I assure you that you won't feel uncomfortable.

(2 reviews)
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As a classroom teacher, with over 18 years of experience teaching English skills in Lakeland, Florida, my most rewarding moments are when I can see those light bulbs go off in students' brains.

My teaching method is to make sure the student's needs are being met. Before I begin working with a student, my desire is to understand what needs they have first to prevent from waisting time. After that is established and I know what is needed, my goal is to provide a structured but fun, successful learning environment.

Winsen (Luhe)

Introduction to the Old High German and Middle High German grammar as part of an introductory seminar at the university on-site or online (individual lessons), only online via Skype (Gruppenunterric

In common, I give help in the preparation, learning and recapitulation of the subject, which is required in Old High German and Middle High German introductory events at universities. The teaching materials of the students serve as the basis. Otherwise, I would recommend my own textbooks, if necessary. We will discuss the teaching material.

(2 reviews)
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I can teach a range of subjects that I have an academic background in and even languages that I speak. I have been taking tuition's at home teaching my children all the academic and non academic subje

I as an educator know that student engagement is the key to learning retention and having a great overall classroom experience. With changing times, education requires adaptation and evolution. Students are not as easily captivated as before. Crafting an environment that is holistic and effective is vital for student learning.

(3 reviews)
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Master's level English teacher with 10 years experience willing to help you succeed!

I am an AP English teacher with 10 years' teaching experience. I design my lessons to be engaging and student-centered. I love to teach and do it with passion. Student success is the ultimate reward and that is my goal each and every day.

Sanjeev kumar
(3 reviews)
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An experienced tutor gives tuition in English and Arithmetic to school students for excellence

Emphasize on student's reading with a clarity of phonetics, paying attention to grammar and the context. Create example-based learning of concepts and use of humor to create a lively learning atmosphere for students.

(2 reviews)
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Published author, I can help take your writing to the next level.

Writing is something that either is purely informative or is art in the making. I believe the best writing must come from your soul. Let me help you find your passion and get it out onto paper. I can also just help you write those thrilling college essays that you've been dragging your feet on. I can guarantee you will stand out from the pack.

(1 review)
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Veteran Teacher offering English, Writing, College Essay, Organizational tutoring in Boston area

I am most experienced with middle school, high school, and college-age students in the subject areas of writing, reading, history, and college application preparation. I do my best to not simply edit work, but to ensure that students learn skills that they can them apply to future projects and assignments.

Iowa City
(2 reviews)
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Just a little bit of this and a whole lot of that

I have been in school for over 16 years. I have a Bachelors in Health and Human Phyisology. I have over 5 years of Spanish under my belt. I have read countless books and articles and I am full of Star Trek Trivia.

Greater Noida
(1 review)
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PostGraduate from KJSIMSR Mumbai providing soft skills and English training with three years of experience

I can provide individual as well as group classes. I have separate pedagogical techniques for School students and degree students. I can customize my classes as per the requirements of Degree students and professionals who want to hone their skills for soft skills and English training.

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