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Canning Vale
Xuan rui
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Murdoch University Student giving English and Literature lessons to high school students.

I teach verbally and critically, making students think about why things are the way they are. I implement some practice of skills learnt during lesson time, and occasionally assign homework so that students can practice their skills. Through the constant reviewing of work and the practice of new techniques, I believe that the student will flourish.

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Masters in Educational leadership and management student has experience with teaching English and English Literature.

I use student centered teaching methods in my classes. Students are free to ask questions and doubts and do presentations in the class. Moreover, while teaching I make sure even an average student in the class understands the lessons. As a teacher I try to bring the best out of a student.

Forest Hill
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Law and Literature graduate to tutor literature (VCE or otherwise) in Melbourne's East

I hold flexible lessons based on each student's needs. With writing, I look to help my students find their own personal voice while polishing their work. With literature, I look to facilitate my students with fleshing out their own ideas.

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English Tutor in Sydney Graduate Teacher and ESL Qualified Experienced and Engaging

I like to ask students about their strengths and weaknesses. It is great to help students improve on their confidence but also really focus deeply on the areas where they need improvement. some common teaching strategies I use are modelling, questioning, direction and collaboration.

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Top of the class, Literature high school graduate, willing to tutor students for WACE exams in Perth

My teaching method is such that we will practice basics first. Make sure that a foundation is established so that you can know how to tackle any text, even in exam conditions. We will work together on building essay plans, and will practice how to write readings and essays during exams.

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Durham University/IB graduate in English Literature gives English literature lessons in Sydney

My teaching method is ideas and feelings based. I believe that there is a very strong difference between knowing something and understanding something, and I aim to teach understanding. Literature is just about humans and society, and I think it is easy for students to forget that.

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20-year-old English Literature & Philosophy students offers lessons for all things literature!

I am convinced that the best way to tailor a study program on a student is to first and foremost talk to them and understand what their points of strength are and what they encounter difficulties in. I believe in communication and in encouraging the student to always try their best, no matter if they will make mistakes of struggle to complete the task.

North Mackay
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Bachelor Graduate in Community Welfare will give coaching to Grade 7 - 9 Students

*My background has been diverse so the students my lessons would be geared toward are those who are struggling with reading and literacy skills.

South Brisbane
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Past creative writing student and current political science student gives literary theory lessons to students

My teaching method is to help students learn how to study and understand the theories independently as well as teaching them the theories themselves. I believe that understanding the process behind a technique is more important than knowing how to perform the techniques.

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Griffith Uni post grad gives English lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane

My teaching method is engagement and accountability. I base my classes on learning should be fun. I approach topic by introducing relevance and pretext to inspire thinking. A great teacher is one who can inspires their student to think and ask why? Students should be made to feel free to actively express themselves which can also helps them to learn faster and absorb the moral.

Mount Saint Thomas
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UOW Bachelor of Arts and Creative Arts student giving lessons to high school students.

My teaching method is predominately based on proving students with simple yet intensive notes based on the work that they are currently completing in class. I will go through the notes explain and teach them to my student thoroughly, this step is crucial to my teaching method as I know that some students learn better when being conversed to about the modules they are learning.

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Adelaide University student provides English tutoring for High School students in and around Adelaide

My teaching method is first and foremost to cater to each student individually. This entails supporting the student where they need help, and assisting in any writing developments which the student or their educational facility requires. My specialty is creative writing, but I aim to help each student achieve their goals in whichever area of writing they require.

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Higher School Certificate Graduate with a passion to teach English and History

I approach my topics in a logical manner and at the pace of the student. I believe that any individual has the potential to succeed when they understand how they learn and what makes them succeed, each student should be given a chance to succeed.

Notting Hill
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Experienced Swinburne Uni Student, with published writings, gives Literature Lessons in Melbourne

The lesson structure would begin with ensuring the core idea is fully understood, a brief overview of what the student interprets the work as, and any areas of concern they may have for themselves. It is my belief that effective education can be completed once there is mutual respect, communication and collaboration between the teacher and the student.

Salisbury North
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Adelaide University Student gives valuable lessons to all school students in Adelaide

I like to develop a good relationship to build trust so that I can determine what works best for you. I adjust easily to methods and am interested in what you have to say so that eventually my help wont be really required because you have grown in your skills.

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Melbourne University History Honours and English Literature and Education Graduate tutors students online or in ACT

I have a heads, hearts and hands approach. I use imaginative backdrops to teach at times. I cater for different learners - kinaesthetic , audio or visual learners. I also cater for the 7 different types of intelligences. I can teach people a systematic way to write essays and research.

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Secondary Education/English student giving English Literature lessons online or Brisbane/Sunshine Coast area

Being a young student and having only been in high school not so long ago myself, I understand the classroom scenario and how difficult it can be as a student to keep up. It is my intention to help you, the student, in any way possible and fit the lesson to your learning style. I am a big believer that English isn't just important for passing English, it is a life skill.

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USYD English Student offering English Lessons to high school students in Sydney

I'm offering lessons that will assist students with preparation skills for exams and assignments, as well as advance their essay writing and analysis skills, with regard to furthering and deepening their arguments and ultimately helping them achieve better marks. My lesson structure would be based around whatever work they are currently undertaking, and I would prepare material from that.

Mountain Creek
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High performing junior high school student giving English lessons in Sunshine Coast

I base my classes on hard work and dedication. I believe a lot of students don't try to study or don't understand the content being taught. I'll start at the basics and build up from there, a strong foundation is essential to success.

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English used well is a powerful and evocative phenomenon and I hope to foster the best writer and reader in my students. I have a degree in Creative Writing, a love of language and look forward to wor

My teaching method is tailored towards your needs and will be guided by what you particularly require. If you are studying a text, I will more than happily study it alongside you for the best outcome. Well versed in many creative writing techniques, including textual intervention, I stand to harness your powers as an individual writer.

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P&C President and avid book worm loves helping people of all ages learn to read, write and spell!

I love to read, to write and to spell. I have worked with children from the age of 6 and seen them tackle harder and trickier books with every lesson and even with some stumbling points they got through them and were so proud of themselves. I like to make the environment around a students learning comfortable.

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Bachelor of Arts Murdoch Student helps children and adults love the creative Arts

I am a Bachelor of Arts student at Murdoch University and I am studying a double major in English and Creative Writing with Theater and Drama. I believe that reading and writing are essential in life because having these two skills will open up a whole new world to you. My teaching method is to get to know each of my students well and target my lessons to their individual needs.

(1 review)
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Language loving teacher and award winning writer shares experience based english learning with students in Horsham

I find out the students interests and base my lessons on that; a typical lesson might be looking at a favorite book and focusing on selected language items to learn or having an actual experience such as cooking and learning vocabulary from that and writing about it/ I am a senior teacher with lots of experience

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Curtin University student studying Psychology happy to offer English/Literature tutoring for students in Perth!

My teaching methods involve looking at multiple images/poems in order to practice techniques and perfect them. It involves repetition by writing paragraphs and essays in order to practice skills and see what can be improved. It also involves working together with both the tutor and student so the student's opinions and thoughts can be clearly presented within the essay with just a little help.

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Writing creatively is giving every word a unique and beautiful personality. I can help to craft excellent prose and poetry online from the beautiful Waukivory Valley in New South Wales.

I would love to hear from any student who needs to polish a piece of writing, so the lesson will be centred around you and how I can help you to pass exams, write books or get that coveted job.

Coolum Beach
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International award winning author to help primary school English in Coolum-Noosa Heads region

I have written seven books some are for children. Writing should be fun and so should learning it. I love to help kids enjoy the learning process with fun ways of writing poems and songs, and also learning to structure essays for class and better their reading and writing skills with fun and the enjoyment, that can help them learn.

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I'm a passionate, Creative Teacher of English and Drama Ready to Help

My teaching style is very student centred. I cater to the student's learning styles and interests. I also strongly believe in differentiation and can offer approaches that incorporate the latest findings in education theory and practice. With the right encouragement and approach, everyone can achieve their goals.

Tea Tree Gully
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Excelling English student provides affordable one-on-one tutoring sessions in North East Adelaide Suburbs.

As I aim to be a primary teacher, I focus mainly on tutoring children between year 1 - 7. I seek to work with children in a fun and engaging way, helping them understand information through methods that help them learn best.

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Sydney Writer gives Private Mentoring and Teaching in Creative Writing and English

I'm here to mentor and teach anyone with a passion and interest in English and Creative Writing. Whether its to polish up your English or creative writing for school, or to help you flush out and find your writers voice for your first novel, I'm here to provide you with flexible, customised mentoring to suit your needs.

Kelvin Grove
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Experienced Literature, ESL, and IELTS Tutor in Brisbane CBD. Believes in Communicative Language Techniques.

I rely a lot on dialogue, and using communicative teaching techniques to enable people into thinking outside of the box. There is a constant exchange of ideas, wherein the learner is encouraged to operate independently.

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