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Film and tv director wanting to teach drama and scriptwriting on the Central Coast, NSW

I'm a television and film industry professional with many years experience writing and directing. I love working with high school students helping them realise their potential. My lessons are structured around the students needs and I can provide practical advice from real world experiences.

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Off duty Pirate creates safe supportive learning space for a range of theatre games and practices. Over twenty years experience, ex Spaghetti Circus coach, winner of peoples choice award (2016) for Fl

I'm a big fan of student led learning, eg. following students passions and slipping in the 'nuts and bolts' once they are sufficiently hooked, employing a range of theatre games, movement and mime. We run through the basics of improvisation such as 'making an offer', 'yielding', 'building on an offer', and much more.

Umina Beach
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ACTING Teacher/Coach in Sydney. Bachelor Degree Fine Arts (Acting) with Distinction.

My classes vary depending on what I'm teaching. If it is Acting on Screen I will have my students do a lot of on screen work allowing time for evaluation and reflection. Stand Up Comedy would involve watching other comedians then allowing time to teach/create how to write and deliver an A grade performance.

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University Of the Sunshine Coast student, is passionate about all things Acting and Theatre.

My teaching methods and styles are mostly interactive, upbeat and demonstrative. However they are catered specifically to my students and their individual needs. In all this, I do not loose focus of the lesson objective, and am clear in reiterating the importance of this objective to the students.

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Friendly dramatic guy who did high school drama (and is a very dramatic person) will boost your self-esteem and dramatic skills with games and comedy.

My teaching style is always positive and if feedback would be constructive I will always deliver it in a respectful and useful manner. The way I see it, much of learning drama is allowing yourself to play in front of other people. I am extremely gentle and will try to foster a space of self-expression and fun.

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Voice, Speech and Acting classes in Gisborne,Victoria by Internationally celebrated drama teacher

My Acting classes are based on the Stanislavskian school of Method acting. Acting classes are for the stage and screen. Voice and Speech classes are inspired by the work of the legendary Cicely Berry, Voice and Speech coach of the Royal Shakespeare Company(U.K).

Mount Pleasant
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WAAPA Performing Arts Student offering classes in acting technique, devising theatre and improvisation.

My teaching method is tailored to each students type of learning. Be it visual, auditory or tactile, I can tailor my lessons to the student. I also want to build up my students and nurture an environment where they feel comfortable to grow, ask questions and fail.

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Tracy Burton has 18 years experience as a Senior Drama Teacher and Musical Director.

I am able to teach all major styles of theatre including: Greek and Shakespearean, Epic, Absurdist, Australian Gothic, Realism, Melodrama, Musical Theatre, Improvisation and Commedia del Arte. I also enjoy working with beginners who want to explore acting and theatre as a personal interest, to refine their skills in scripted drama.

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Pre service teacher available for tutoring lessons, individual and group learning experiences

I assess the need, make a plan of support, build confidence in learning, while I assist the student to build these skills needed to be a successful learner

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Drama Coaching by Secondary teacher with double major in Drama and English

I base my lessons on creating a rapport with my students and encouraging them to take on character roles they may not have thought would suit them initially. Lessons will encompass acting out dramatic scenarios, play reading/acting and scene writing.

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Independent theatre company owner & director gives acting and comedy coaching in Melbourne

My method of mentoring & directing theatrical performance and comedy is really dependent on the student and where they are at. I believe in a collaborative approach, developing skills, confidence and shaping performance through an exchange of ideas and a process of experimentation.

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Brisbane actor/writer (and all-round awesome fella) wants to elevate you to the next level!

My teaching method will depend entirely on what you're after. I believe in adaptability in achieving goals and problem solving, which means I can tailor make the sessions to what I feel will reward you with the most satisfying results.

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ACTING COACH! Passionate WAAPA graduate qualified to teach secondary Drama. Main area of expertise: acting.

Performing Arts is all about passion and creative self-expression: subsequently, the education process designed to deliver it must be - above all - an enjoyable and personal experience. I have this passion, and the ability to make it contagious.

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True Expression through Drama, Sunshine Coast Qld, QUT trained and experienced teacher

We begin by establishing true connection as our foundation....in our student-teacher relationship as we share the experience we each bring to the table. Learning is symbiotic. We then commence the reconnection to our body and it’s intelligence with the assistance of: The Gentle Breath Meditation & Body Awareness exercises.

Mount Lawley
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WAAPA student offers comprehensive and practical acting lessons to primary and secondary students

I pride myself on taking a kind, conscientious, and practical approach to guiding students through their studies. I wish to understand each student's individual strengths and goals, in order to create a personalized learning path.

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ACTING COACH: Award Winning Film Director Available for Acting (and Directing) Coaching

I believe in bringing the most out of my students through what they already possess within. Acting can be big, it can be theatrical, it can be Hollywood. I also believe acting can be subtle, natural, and approached in a way that embraces what you already harness within.

Caroline Springs
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Qualified drama teacher giving lessons to high school students in Melbourne, Australia.

I based my classes on a variety of methods... Stanislavski... Meisner... etc. Because the study of drama involves an element of vulnerability on the part of the student (and this involves trust), the methods we end up using always need to be what the student is comfortable with. I will never insist that a student do a scene or write a scene that they are not comfortable with.

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Professional nida (national institute of dramatic arts) tutoring university, hsc, high school & primary school students

I am familiar with the NSW drama curriculum as well as the tertiary education audition and selection process. I teach both stage and screen from a method foundation rooted in Stanislavski and Mesiner.

São Paulo
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Writer and director of company established in São Paulo gives theater classes

study and analysis of theoretical and fictional texts; debate on philosophical and political and / or historical themes apparent or suggested by the texts; writing exercises; research on writing exercises and creative processes; history of dramaturgy; analysis of texts by participating authors; individual attendance to participants; collective presentation of participants texts.

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Actress, scriptwriter, director and writer. The theater was the root of my career, I dedicate myself to teaching and reinforcing the art of acting for theater, television and cinema through the dynami

My teaching method is quite dynamic. The theater must be a game of construction, imagination, challenges and interpretation. I try to generate an environment of trust and potentiality in each session. Normally I use my creative skills to create exercises that strengthen the improvisation and the ability to build characters, stories and environments.

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An artist from abroad gives fun drama, art, and writing classes for all grades in Sogn og Fjordane

Drama workshops, improvisation exercises, writing exercises. I use all these methodological tools to encourage students to see the critical side of playing and being playful. Play is far more powerful for students, especially children than many of us realize. It's actually the key to learning.

Estêvão monteiro
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(Acts in You) Psychophysical Theater. Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro (DRT): 0052963 / RJ

Im Stephen Monteiro. Actor, Director and student of Clinical Hypnosis and Practice in Rio de Janeiro. I base my teachings on Stanislavski's model and Classical Hypnosis, bringing it as a unique tool for transforming the actor. I board in class the free form of knowledge of your body and mind.

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Performing Arts student gives classes to expressiveness management and improve management in front of the public.

Engage with the student a relationship of sincerity and respect for the work you want to do. Start with a physical or psychological disposition to work, a warm-up activity or game, moments of exploration and evaluation of what was done and at the end of a reflection of what was done.

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Actor / Director available to give classes / workshops to Amadores or Theater Professionals, of all ages! FREE classroom!

My methodology consists of understanding what kind of person I am working with and building a plan adapted to the person concerned. I work a lot with getting to the thrill by exploring physical actions, body and imagination. Depending on the dosses process use the text to get to the emotion and the opposite also happens.

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