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South Melbourne
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Visual Artist and children Art Teacher, with a background in art therapy

I always try to personalize my classes according to the student needs and interests. I usually start the class by analyzing some artworks or artist related to the subjects. Then I encourage and guide the student to create its own art. Students can choose the art technique and art style they want to learn or practice.

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Monash Industrial design student teaching high school and university students on prototyping , drawing/illustration and Adobe creative suite(Photoshop, illustrator & InDesign). Based in Melbourne, Vic

We'd explore and look at what you're passionate about ,hobbies, social issues or topics etc. that we'd address and incorporate into the design process.

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Easy lessons about artists and to lear to decipher paintings ! Also, i can work on topics that you would like to discuss.

I will present an artist (only 19, 20 and 21 century) by choosing a famous masterpiece and we will debate on. It will be interesting to know if you like or dislike it, sometimes artists produce to chock the society ! I will learn you to decipher masterpiece throw colours, structure, creative method used.

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Recycalillies! Re-using plastic waste to create beautiful gifts, home wares and jewellery

My teaching method uses a hands on approach, showing simple techniques and methods with examples of the item being produced. I provide all tools and materials in physical classes from 1 - 10 students. I will show you how to use the tools, discuss different kinds of waste plastic and how they can be used and help you find your creative streak with suggestions and examples of different techniques.

Victoria Park
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Hello I'm a Digital Artist giving Art lessons in Perth in Victoria park

If you want to improve your art and understand the basics of composition, grey scales, color temperature proportion, perspective etc contact me.

Mitchell Park
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University Student with high ATAR provides private Visual Arts lessons year 8-12

I am a Psychology student at Flinder's University who studied Visual Arts throughout high school and overall achieved an A+. I am able to tutor students of any age and learning strengths. Hours are flexible as is location. My philosophy is to never let yourself get behind, and to always put in 110%.

Saint Albans Park
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RMIT gap-year Business Administration student willing to give Self development, English, Art help to student at home

My teaching method is simple, talking to the student or client in a sympathetical tone while them being able to learn. I personally learn the best when reading thoroughly and writing down what is being taught.

West Perth
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The colours of the paintings would create a beauty to your image and a sense of calmness.

Learn from your mistakes. If it's not working out how you thought it would have been , then give it some time. You can't paint like a pro within your first try. You can be a pro maybe on your 5th.

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Artist can make anything into some unique and attractive thing to display(Sydney).

My teaching method is showing the easiest path to my students and helping them generate their own ideas. The lesson structure will be based on each student's interest. Art is based on our imagination which needs perfect guidance to bring it to real.

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Sydney based 26 years old graphic designer and illustrator happy to share my skills

To progress in drawing, you need to practice the tools and subjects, to find your style and what suits you the best.

Rio de Janeiro
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Designer & Artist Plástico offers Online Drawing Classes: classic, anime, human body, hq's, fashion, etc

Drawing has always been part of my life, and over the years it has become a passion to the point that I decided to pursue a career in design. Soon, I discovered that my vocation was focused on the artistic area and so, I followed this path.

Greater london
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Arty Classes is a one stop shop for creative students in Art, fashion and Textiles. We are passionate about bringing out the best in our students, nurturing their talents individually and as well as in groups. We love 'Arty Classes' and it shows in our students' results and career development.

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Painting school Zeichenberg - Learn painting and drawing by a professional artist and book illustrator

The painting school teaches beginners and advanced students of all ages. The offer ranges from the basics, such as the pencil and the brush hold, to perspective drawing and portraiture.

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PARIS: painting / drawing / color / digital photography / history of art / project support / preparation Fine Arts schools

Hello, I offer an accompaniment of your (future) artistic practice. YOU 1 - Know your needs, study your project, develop your practice. 2 - LEARN new techniques (or deepening) 3 - introduce the artists and movements that you should know or you may be interested in.

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Graphic designer, visual artist graduated master in Fine Arts in Toulouse gives courses in drawing, painting, all levels

During drawing, illustration, graphic design and photography. Preparation for entrance exams Fine Arts, graphic design schools, design, photography. Highlighting your personality and your style. I am a graphic designer, photographer, artist. A graduate of Fine Arts in Toulouse (DNSEP + 5 years) in communication. honors.

(10 reviews)
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INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER, gives skit lessons, perspective, realistic renderings, 2D / 3D computer graphics

Experienced industrial designer, former head of a major design school, I propose to teach you how to make your dreams come true.

Paris 15e
(2 reviews)
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ARTISTE RUSSE Summer drawing lessons in Paris Contemporary drawing, free expression. "It's instinctive ... Feeling accompanies action, the line follows the feeling ..."

Russian professional artist who lives and exhibits in Paris gives exclusively during this summer drawing lessons. All possible techniques. Contemporary art, free expression. "It's instinctive ... Feeling accompanies the action, the line follows the feeling ..." It's in Paris, in the 15th, not far from La Ruche, Parc Brassens and artistic quarter of Montparnasse.

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Professional Art Teacher with a BFA from OCAD University teaches art lessons in Toronto, Canada, in person, or online.

I teach through theory and practice. Each lesson we learn new skills and techniques while working on a drawing or painting. I focus on developing the student's talent and imagination to reach full creative potential. Studying at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

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Drawing classes (realist, portrait, comic or manga) and painting (oil, watercolor, pastel)

Those who have received my classes describe me as demanding but with much affection. I try not to inculcate my ideas, but to make them complementary with the other person. I also shape to the objectives and aspirations of him/her.

Paris 12e
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Preparation for Art Schools/Applied arts (support, methodology) (graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris) in Paris

After a first meeting, I develop a work program tailored to the student's objective and its availabilities. The work can be organized as follows: - Academic support for the Baccalaureate STD2A / Option Visual Arts / Pro: Case Study, Applied Research, History of Art, Fundamental Plastic Expression. Help with the presentation (boards, layouts). Work methodology etc.

A Coruña
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Become the great artist (digital or traditional) that you always wanted to be

My methodology is what they used with me in my classes years ago !: let the child experience for himself his style and his way of doing, and instilling in his step the technical aspects of perspective, proportions, color, etc.

Lyon 7e
(4 reviews)

Fascinated by the culture (music and artisitque) gives art classes for beginners

Fascinated by the culture (music and art), I give art classes for beginners Hi, My name Vianney, I'm 24 and I'm studying music in preparation of a Master teaching, to teach music college and conservatory student for access to upper poles. Moreover I acquired some technical fine arts through training. Some items are available from my photos.

Paris 8e
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Professor of plastic art teaches drawing, painting, sketching and also the creation of paper models

Individual or group teaching at your home. My purpose is to help you develop your individual creativity. Study of perspective, portrait, sketch using the various drawing tools: pencil, charcoal, gouache, watercolor and acrylic. The courses are adapted according to the levels and the expectations of the pupils.

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Student in art school gives introductory / advanced courses in various artistic practices ++ Preparation for entrance exams for art and design schools in France and Europe!

For those who wish to discover the plastic practices such as painting, drawing, calligraphy and/or graphic design, the approach must be free and playful, We will approach some exercises of familiarization with the different mediums / themes and practices fundamental to each disciplines, for example, drawing observation (indoor & outdoor) / The practice of painting on different media / visual...

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Technician in audiovisual graphics and student of Fine Arts gives classes of plastic arts (illustration, drawing and painting) and graphic arts (Adobe Suite applied to the creation of motion graphics,

My teaching method is based mainly on the understanding of what is being worked on, yes I like to be organized and to carry a structure in order to fulfill the stated objective but always customizing it to the user.

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PhD in Art and Humanities teaches drawing and painting (charcoal, graphite, acrylic, oil ...).

I interview the student so I can have an accurate idea of what they need or want to learn, from there I draw a personalized plan that allows us to reach the goal in the most effective and enjoyable way possible.

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Professional artist gives courses in plastic arts, sculpture, drawing and painting IDF

Art is spontaneity. This is the top that I base my classes. We start from an idea, a theme to learn how to make a sculpture or a painting. I teach you the technique, the tips but you are the artist in the making, so I give you the keys to exploit your creativity, whether you are a beginner or not.

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Drawing classes at home: with cultural reference and example of essential work of art

Regarding the courses, it is above all a moment of let go that can be transformed into a more technical course, for example by taking any object and reproducing it at different angles, during the course the shadows, proportions and others will be addressed .

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I am a Certified and Experienced Drawing and Painting teacher, B.Arch and B.Ed. I am also a practicing visual artist and a recipient of the Ontario Art Council grants for Visual Art and Media Art. I

For Drawing and Painting from Observation: Each lesson begins with instruction and demonstrations. Then you will get a drawing and painting exercise supported by my feedback. If you want to practice at home you will get drawing assignments. For Portfolio and Building Your Art Practice: Lessons will combine a dialog, instructions demonstrations, feedback, and recommendations.

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Visual artist gives classes of drawing, painting, printmaking and illustration in Bogotá

The classes are based on my theoretical and practical knowledge at the moment of explaining the topics to be discussed and transferring the information that's going to be reviewed during each class.

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