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South Melbourne
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Visual Artist and children Art Teacher, with a background in art therapy

I always try to personalize my classes according to the student needs and interests. I usually start the class by analyzing some artworks or artist related to the subjects. Then I encourage and guide the student to create its own art. Students can choose the art technique and art style they want to learn or practice.

Victoria Park
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Hello I'm a Digital Artist giving Art lessons in Perth in Victoria park

If you want to improve your art and understand the basics of composition, grey scales, color temperature proportion, perspective etc contact me.

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Artist can make anything into some unique and attractive thing to display(Sydney).

My teaching method is showing the easiest path to my students and helping them generate their own ideas. The lesson structure will be based on each student's interest. Art is based on our imagination which needs perfect guidance to bring it to real.

Mitchell Park
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University Student with high ATAR provides private Visual Arts lessons year 8-12

I am a Psychology student at Flinder's University who studied Visual Arts throughout high school and overall achieved an A+. I am able to tutor students of any age and learning strengths. Hours are flexible as is location. My philosophy is to never let yourself get behind, and to always put in 110%.

Saint Albans Park
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RMIT gap-year Business Administration student willing to give Self development, English, Art help to student at home

My teaching method is simple, talking to the student or client in a sympathetical tone while them being able to learn. I personally learn the best when reading thoroughly and writing down what is being taught.

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Former lawyer / future English and Visual Arts teacher gives lessons to students of any age

I believe teachers and students play an equally active role in the learning process. I facilitate the learning process with patience and understanding. My goal is for every student to fully comprehend what they are learning, as opposed to mere short term retention of information.

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Sydney based 26 years old graphic designer and illustrator happy to share my skills

To progress in drawing, you need to practice the tools and subjects, to find your style and what suits you the best.

(5 reviews)
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Student in the school of design and visual arts, Specialty - Illustrator; passionate in illustration for youth, offers lessons and courses of illustration, drawing, painting and visual arts for child

Student in the School of Design and Visual Arts - illustration profile, I propose courses of artistic creation through the discovery and exploration of different techniques (drawing, painting, collage, pop-up, plastic arts). Each 1 hour session takes place around a theme, linked with other arts, such as: literature: tale, poetry, various stories ...

(7 reviews)
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Plastic artist. Professor of Fine Arts. I give Anatomical drawing classes. For those who want to add knowledge and want to learn to draw the human figure. Ideal for live model drawing. Re

Theory and practice. Concepts applied. Without copying since that only drags basic errors and does not correct. Technique or exercises to release the hand. Losing fear to the blank sheet. Enhance skills. Focused on the style of each student. It is important to work on the basis of each one and not try to mold all the students equally.

Greater London
(4 reviews)
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Arty Classes is a one stop shop for creative students in Art, fashion and Textiles. We are passionate about bringing out the best in our students, nurturing their talents individually and as well as in groups. We love 'Arty Classes' and it shows in our students' results and career development.

(4 reviews)
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Painting school Zeichenberg - Learn painting and drawing by a professional artist and book illustrator

The painting school teaches beginners and advanced students of all ages. The offer ranges from the basics, such as the pencil and the brush hold, to perspective drawing and portraiture.

Rio de Janeiro
(17 reviews)
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Designer & Artist Plástico offers Online Drawing Classes: classic, anime, human body, hq's, fashion, etc

Drawing has always been part of my life, and over the years it has become a passion to the point that I decided to pursue a career in design. Soon, I discovered that my vocation was focused on the artistic area and so, I followed this path.

Lyon 7e
(4 reviews)

Fascinated by the culture (music and artisitque) gives art classes for beginners

Fascinated by the culture (music and art), I give art classes for beginners Hi, My name Vianney, I'm 24 and I'm studying music in preparation of a Master teaching, to teach music college and conservatory student for access to upper poles. Moreover I acquired some technical fine arts through training. Some items are available from my photos.

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Teacher of free drawing in Florianópolis, master in design teaches at UDESC

I'm a teacher of drawing and painting. I am a master in design, I teach UDESC fashion design course and also in the drawing and painting extension courses of the UFSC Artistic and Cultural Department and in the design courses of the Free School of Arts in Florianópolis.

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Master Artist in Painting offers knowlege of the Old Masters to create New Visions

Artist, Author, and Educator who studied painting in Vienna, Austria. Prof. Phil has been teaching Renaissance and Contemporary mixed-techniques of Painting over twenty years. He offers many Techniques and Methods of Painting to students of all levels and backgrounds and inspires creative courage in others through highly individualized instruction respecting an individual's direction.

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Master in arts teaches manga, illustration, painting and drawing in Bogotá

My method is very personal and different for each student, I look at their strengths and their interests and from there the process begins. I like to support the confidence that the student has with his work, it is more about enjoying art and being filled with knowledge.

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MTL artist and teacher giving the basics of painting and how to breakaway

After being exposed to various methods of teaching I found a lack of balance. For one I believe there needs to be proper introduction to mediums and recipes for textures and colour. Which I had to do on my own. But I also found that as you gain this tool box the important part is when you learn to experiment and become intuitive, and so creating a workflow for creativity.

(3 reviews)
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PARIS: painting / drawing / color / digital photography / history of art / project support / preparation Fine Arts schools

Hello, I offer an accompaniment of your (future) artistic practice. YOU 1 - Know your needs, study your project, develop your practice. 2 - LEARN new techniques (or deepening) 3 - introduce the artists and movements that you should know or you may be interested in.

Linda jardack whitehead
(2 reviews)
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Professional artist and teacher currently teaching oil and watercolor painting and drawing to adults and children from 11 yrs plus. Learning from the old masters and developing an artist eye are cruci

Lessons mostly consist of classical art training with some abstract work being explored. So far, all my students have been able to produce work that they are proud of and many had no idea they could paint or draw that good. Previous art training is not necessary, only the desire to learn and to have patience with your progress.

(1 review)
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Artist, Ph.D student and Tutor in London and Hastings // Drawing / Painting

I am a practicing artist and passionate about encouraging students to learn artistic skills and explore their creativity. I offer tailored individual and group art lessons, portfolio guidance for students working for GCSEs, A-levels and also for art schools/universities applications.

(2 reviews)
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Drawing classes (realist, portrait, comic or manga) and painting (oil, watercolor, pastel)

Those who have received my classes describe me as demanding but with much affection. I try not to inculcate my ideas, but to make them complementary with the other person. I also shape to the objectives and aspirations of him/her.

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Gives drawing / graphic design courses in Aveyron, graduated fine arts, teaching experience

We will tackle the technique but also we will be inspired by contemporary artists, the history of art, and especially your tastes. These guiding our prospections. We will keep a watch on the schools that have the wind in their sails, the ideal would be to end these classes by an exhibition.

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Painter-Illustrator and Experienced Drawing Teacher gives Drawing Courses via Internet and in Montauban and surroundings

First, I discuss with the student to evaluate his artistic level and the objectives he wants to achieve. This allows me to offer him a personalized program with detailed courses that we will work together. My teaching techniques and methods are based on the pleasure of learning, working and progressing.

Caldas da Rainha
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Student in masters of fine arts, with a degree in sound and image both at the Superior Institute of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha

My teaching method is based on trust between student and teacher and on the "deformalization" of what is known as academia.

Carla maria
(1 review)
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Portuguese lesson for foreigners tuition by webcam Geography lesson, webcam class Choose the time!

I base my teaching, after knowing the student potentiate their openness to innovation; mechanisms of openness in the pedagogical relationship. Master the notional and conceptual component inherent in the thematic structure of this program. Set your schedule and I'll be online to help you study.

Tuxtla Gutiérrez
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Art for beginners! Classes of drawing, painting and history of the arts.

I believe in teaching through dialogue, knowing the interests of my students to focus on the topics according to their needs, exploring their skills and encouraging experimentation. In the Visual Arts it is much more enriching to encourage creative freedom at the hands of a knowledge of the history of art and the techniques of materials.

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Student in Arts and Design gives workshops or classes in Bordeaux

It's in order to share my passion that I wish to give lessons or rather workshops to children and / or adolescents. The youngest can discover creative activities and I also give methods for basic techniques. Of course, everyone can tell me what does he expect so that I can help him as best as possible.

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Highly experienced Art and Design Student, looking to teach students who are going into the Visual Arts!

My teaching method is to get to know the individual first, see what they need help with, and then go from there. I am experienced in various subjects involving the visual arts and would be more than happy to help develop other students abilities.

(1 review)
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Art Teacher with a BFA from OCAD University gives art lessons in Toronto, in person, or online through Skype

I teach through theory and practice. Each lesson we learn new skills and techniques while working on a drawing or painting. Development of talent and imagination to reach the student's full creative potential. Studying at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

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Fine Arts Teacher with 23 years experience, specializing in watercolor and oil painting, pastels, and drawing. Also I am Mainly A reading teacher!!! I can teach any level and am a certified reading

I teach learners of all ages from K - Adult. My strongest area is reading/ writing and I have 20 years experience. I have a master's in reading instruction and am a certified reading specialist. I also have a degree in special education, concentrating on students with autism and ADHD. I have over 25 years experience in these areas.

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