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Thomas Mahony gives vibrant, fun-filled piano/guitar lessons to students of all ages.

Tommy tailor's lessons to suit the needs of the student. As a classically trained pianist he can teach sight reading of musical notation, and proper technique, whilst as a modern/contemporary musician he can teach fundamentals of pop/jazz/rock in accordance with the student's preference.

Kelvin Grove
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University of queensland student giving piano lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane

My teaching method is based on your need and flexible teaching. It must be step by step and in detail.I will set different classes to various students from the basic to the difficult level. Besides, it is important to practice more and I can also accompany with the practice .

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Brisbane musician with Associate of Music on Trumpet offering all ages music lessons

I believe everyone has a different way of learning and so my lessons aim to explore concepts in as many ways as possible. Rather than trying to teach a basic understanding of a lot of concepts, I will try and teach a deep understanding of a few. I feel the depth in understanding allows students to fully utilise the concepts in a practical way.

Bondi Junction
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Exceptional, Personalised Group and Private Music Education for Students of All Ages

International Schools of Music (ISM) launched in 1997 after extensive research and recognising a need for more contemporary music programs for young students. ISM is now considered a market leader in music education for young students with schools across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America and Canada.

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"There is Music in every child... The teachers job is to Find It and Nurture It..."

My teaching method is to adapt to every student differently depending on their needs. Every lesson we have a specific focus for the week whether it be writing and naming different notes, focusing on hand structure and fingering, or specific scales, arpeggios, pieces or exercises. I teach grades and just simple pieces to play for pleasure.

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RMIT Psychology student gives magical keyboard lessons to primary and secondary students

I base my classes on allowing students to find their own pathway towards music and finding their preferred genre of music. Also, I would make my teaching course a calm and peaceful environment where each student can learn at their own pace, to promote a fun yet educational experience for the students.

Mount Colah
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Piano and Music Theory Teacher at Mount Colah NSW or Online. 25 years experience and qualified. Creative Kids Provider.

My priorty is to create and maintain a love of music in the student's soul. When you have that desire for music, you will thrive on the instrument regardless of the level of talent. I tend to follow AMEB syllabus as I am in Australia but I can also work with other syllabus'. Some students just like to play through method books or work through various pieces of choice and progress that way.

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Pipe organist/pianist with 20 years of experience to give private piano lessons

I believe that every student is different, and with some concepts being difficult to grasp, the approach to success requires flexibility. My philosophy in learning is ensuring that students understand the basics of music, while concurrently applying the acquired knowledge and skills to music which the student can then perform.

Elermore Vale
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Full Music Scholarship student of Newcastle Grammar School, completed both AmusA and LmusA

My teaching method is to understand the student and working out the best solution that works for individual to thrive their musical potential.

Altona North
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Berklee graduate, JMC Academy professor offering lessons in Melbourne in piano, saxophone, percussion, theory and production.

Individual students deserve individual curriculum for teaching; I feel it is important to have a student first excited and engaged before extensive theory.

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First year university student located in Camberwell who teaches piano for children and music theory tutor. Always putting the pupil first

My teaching style puts the pupil first at all times. Whilst I ensure that all core skills are being addressed each lesson (playing, reading, listening, understanding, technique) the means to which this is achieved is through an understanding of what the pupil enjoys rather than a predetermined pathway that is used for everyone.

Deebing Heights
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Must Join 25 years' experience Grade '8' Fun and Responsible Piano tutor!

My teaching method is 'fun', but punctuate! I usually base my Piano classes on the books according to the learning tier of the students, and I also approach to my topic by vividly directing the students which is also called 'guiding'.

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University of Melbourne Music student gives piano lessons to primary and secondary students

Whilst musicians use similar techniques and learn the same basics, learning music is a personalised journey, and so I hopefully can come to inspire and support the basic needs of the student, as well as be open to teaching fun and different tips and tricks.

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‘Master Music’ with an experienced and qualified music teacher and achieve music excellence!

Learning options available: All styles, including Classical, Jazz (including Improvisation), Contemporary, Pop Piano Tuition Saxophone Tuition Clarinet Tuition Musicianship Tuition: Aural Training, Listening, Theory Piano Accompaniment Compositional Techniques IT Support (use of Garage Band, Sibelius, Sibelius Demo, MuseScore) Elizabeth teaches using the Growth Mindset.

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Primary teacher from Northern Ireland hoping to teach piano in Sydney NSW

I try to make every piano lesson as fun and educational as possible. I remember how much I loved to learn piano when I was younger and want to pass this enthusiasm on to my pupils. I am a relaxed and patient teacher who will gear every lesson towards the needs of that individual pupil.

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Piano for Beginners - any age. Northern suburbs of Melbourne. I will come to you.

I use Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences to help you learn. If we need to draw a picture or do some maths to help you learn piano, let's do that! I am patient and gentle.

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Concert pianist with 15 years performing experience gives in home piano lessons

believe that it is fundamental during piano lessons to teach students the "musical tools," and knowledge that they need in order to learn all types of piano music. There is no better way to do this than through a weekly class, which helps to ensure content retention by reinforcing your studies.

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There is a great music in any style and I can help you to find it.

My lessons are tailored to the needs of a student. Students choose what they like to play, and my job is to arrange that particular peace of music in the way that we all satisfied and that includes Music Egsamination Board.

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Professional piano teacher in Maroochydore, QLD. Fun, relaxed engaging lessons. Learn today.

Everyone learns differently. I focus on your strengths. You may prefer certain songs and I can choose some for you. Lessons are built on a step by step process giving you a solid foundation for playing confidently. We use technical workbooks, theory books and music books for an all round basic musical education.

Red Hill
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Professional certified voice tutor gives private singing lessons at home studio (Masters in vocal pedagogy)

Development of a healthy technical foundation including breath management skills, body awareness and style appropriate vocal techniques as well as the skills required to perform. A fun and relaxed environment for all ages and levels of experience to learn and achieve personal goals.

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Sydney cabaret diva teaches kids and adults piano, performance and singing lessons

Tailored to students, I approach each person as an individual, matching their energy and helping them stick to their goals. Kids are encouraged to play and have fun as well as increase their awareness of their own habits and practices, so they can learn in a way that is best suited to them, and feel empowered to take charge of their learning.

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LRSM (ABRSM) pianist with 6 years of young children teaching experience gives piano lessons at student's home

If students have the preference of piano curriculum they might want to learn, I can help the students to master it. Generally, to improve students' music skill, hearing is the most important aspect. So, the approaches I will use are hearing, then playing, and last but not least, reading. I want the students to feel that music is fun, so that I might offer mini-games during the lessons.

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Experienced piano teacher gives lessons at home. For all ages, with care and support.

My students range from beginners to high level students. They work on different genres and types of music based on their interest and goals. For the beginners, I use different materials for each students depending on their musical strength and weakness, the example of the materials are Alfred, Piano Adventure, Suzuki, Hal Leonard etc.

Armstrong Creek
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Qualified teacher and singer-songwriter, pianist and performing artist available in Geelong, VIC

I like my students to be comfortable but they know I like to get their best work out of them with an easy going approach. Hard work pays off, but not in an old-school sense. I like students to focus on their interest areas but with honest guidance.

Brunswick East
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Swinburne Science student teaches children to play their favourite songs on the piano in Melbourne.

I look for sheet music of songs that the students would like to learn, and teach them to read the sheet music and play the songs on the piano. Students will learn and practice the songs until they can play the whole song beautifully.

Forest Hill
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Monash University student giving private 1 on 1 piano lessons in English or Chinese

Every student have their own method of learning, and there is not set method to teach music. The detailed structure of the lesson will depend on each student's strength and weaknesses, but I look to have lessons that lasts around an hour, including exercises on technique, carefully selected and tailored pieces, sight-reading exercises, and whatever else that may be appropriate.

Port Macquarie
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Clever and creative piano player is looking to teach students in the Port Macquarie Region- been playing piano for over 30 years

My Teaching method is making sure you know it all from knowing the notes correctly first to learning scales and chords to music- beginners, classical, jaz etc. In a friendly, fun and a ‘let’s learn piano’ personality. Come and give it a try.

Secret Harbour
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A New Zealand based singer, songwriter & producer available to help you reach the stars

My teaching method is face to face. I like to use paper, theory, and techniques that suit the individual. I am a very flexible person and want to make you feel comfortable in the teaching environment. I love singing at the beach, in open outdoor spaces and in professional recording studios.

1st lesson free !

Music enthusiast offerening piano lessons to beginner, intermediate and hobby students in Perth

I've always had a profound interest in learning which has found its form in many different ways. One important thing I've learnt is that learning is a uniquely individual experience. So, I try to structure my teaching style and methods based around the student. Typically I would use our first session to learn about you, your current skills, and where you are starting at.

Wentworth Point
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Friendly teacher with ABRSM Grade 8 providing piano lessons to beginners of all ages

Some say music is a fantastic way to build self-confidence and personal growth. This was my personal experience when I was working in Yamaha Music School. my exposure to music empowers myself-esteem and is the reason I am passionate about sharing the wonderful gift of music with others.

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Perfect! very happy to find her here.. Great piano teacher! Easy to communicate and very punctual. Will definitely have her teaching my son for long time!

Felicity, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I highly recommend taking piano lessons from Carolina. She has a great depth and knowledge about music and playing the piano. She has allowed me to understand the importance of learning the basics of notes and where to start. It takes years of...

Therese, Student
9 months ago
(1 review)

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