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Professional musician gives CAM lessons in Paris or WebCam, Piano, Ableton Live.

Hello, I've been professional musician for 15 years and passionated by electronic music. I play today with many bands of all styles, using mostly analog synthesizers, and Ableton Live for the use of VST, sequences, loops, and samples. Ableton Live is a very complete software, which allows to do just about anything.

Villanueva del Pardillo
(6 reviews)
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Piano lessons children and adults in Madrid love to give me class!

I have been studying piano since I was 5 years old. I am currently Professor of Piano by opposition in the Madrid and I love to class! I can teach your children to enter the world of music or prepare to enter the conservatory. I have a son and I have given class children, have a lot of patience and a lot of tricks to connect with them.

(8 reviews)
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Professor of piano and solfege, composition, harmony at home (and paris paris suburbs)

Professor at the Conservatoire de Paris gives lessons at home in classical piano, jazz, rock, pop, film music, folk music for children from 4 years and adults without age limit. Beginner to upper with different teaching methods for each child or adult is unique with its own sensibility. The teacher and the student must form a harmony to succeed.

Marseille 4e
(3 reviews)

Piano lessons for all levels during Piano Music Theory in Marseille (13004)

piano teacher and musical training I train children from 5 years through personnalisée.Préparation method to contest the conservatory and other competitions. Courses for all levels and all ages. I will be part of the jury of the music competition of France 2017 session Aix in Provence.

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Piano lessons from qualified teacher for beginning and intermediate musicians in Cardiff.

I teach beginning and intermediate musicians, focusing on instrumental technique, music theory, and reading. My past students would describe me as patient, friendly, passionate, and creative. I love working with kids and starting their musical lives off on the right foot! My goal is to cultivate a lifelong enjoyment of music.

Ciudad de México
Ana paola
(2 reviews)
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Learn to sing and enjoy being on the stage. You will be the king of karaoke!

I teach singing through the Italian method, on the first classes we will see the bases of breathing and relaxation plus some vocalizations. Once this is somewhat advanced, we will work on the songs and the style that you want to develop: opera, musical theater, pop, ranchero, etc.

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The piano keyboard, guitar, and singing are my biggest talents with many years of teaching and practice. I am giving Lessons since 2004. I traveled the word and came to know the diversity of music st

The piano keyboard, guitar, and singing are my biggest talents with many years of teaching and practice. I am giving Lessons since 2004. I traveled the word and came to know the diversity of music styles, especially styles from Africa.

(4 reviews)
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During Piano and / or Music Education / awareness Musicale ALL LEVELS ADULT CHILDREN AND SEALS OR PARIS.

Student in music, I studied piano for over 15 years. I teach for 10 years to students of all levels. I am looking for piano lessons to give in nearby southern suburb and Paris.

(3 reviews)
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Piano Teacher in Liverpool & Manchester. Ranging From Piano Lessons To Music Reading & Theory

I am offering piano lessons at a very affordable price whilst I am still studying towards my music degree at The University of Liverpool. Whether you're an absolute beginner or an intermediate performer or somebody who has an interest in learning about music, I can help! The repertoire I have performed is very varied so I can assist with any type of music you wish to learn.

(9 reviews)
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Teacher with more than 4 years of experience teaches children up to 12 years old (Madrid)

Singer and pianist by passion. I love teaching children up to 12 years old because they are usually the most passionate in this world. I bet by a method in which the child himself discovers and responds by himself (although with my help) his questions.

Paris 15e
(7 reviews)

Young concert pianist gives private piano lessons for all levels in Paris

Learn with pleasure and ease to play the piano! Piano lessons all levels with professional pianist and young teacher, a graduate of the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris and Brussels Royal Conservatory with distinction, winner of numerous international competitions. Discover the beauty of the whole repertoire for piano through enjoyable pieces.

(5 reviews)
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Classes of classical piano for all levels and ages. Personalized lessons, with constant support and advice throughout the process. More than 15 years of teaching experience in four countries

My lessons focus on the study of the sound and the piano technique from the beginning to the highest level. I always use works of great quality from the greatest composers in History, which are the ones that give more and better results in the short and long term.

(21 reviews)
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During individual and group guitar Meaux and idf with or without music theory

Good morning, everyone, I teach individual guitar at home or at my home (Meaux 77100) and group sessions in the studio to Meaux. I travel all over the island to France. All styles, all levels, all ages because the practice of the guitar should be accessible to all.

(2 reviews)
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BA Music graduate gives Scottish traditional piano and classical piano lessons in Edinburgh

Who am I? A near-professional Scottish traditional fiddle player, singer and composer and facilitator of community music projects What are my qualifications? DipABRSM Violin (Pass), Grade 8 Piano (Distinction), AMusTCL Theory and Composition (Pass), Grade 8 Theory (Merit), BA Music (First Class) Where did I receive my musical education? Suzuki violin and piano lessons aged 5-12, City of...

Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
Luis arturo
(2 reviews)
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Bilingual Piano Teacher for beginners, intermediate and advanced students in Puebla, Puebla.

The classes are aimed at children from 6 to 12 years old, adolescents from 12 to 17 years old, young adults and adults. Expectations range from hobby classes to professionally. The piano class is integral, it deals with theoretical musical themes, musical analysis, technique, methods of practice and philosophy.

Culver City
(3 reviews)
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Professional Music Teacher Offers Fun and Effective Lessons in Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet and Piano

I truly love sharing the gift of music with my students! As a professional musician for over 20 years, I can help beginners all the way up to advanced students studying saxophone, flute, clarinet, piano, music theory, composition, arranging and improvisation. My focus is always to help my students build their skills and confidence, step-by-step.

(2 reviews)

During Piano, guitar, music theory and music history

Fabien, 26, composer graduated from a degree in musicology. My courses are for beginners as insiders. The young and old. My method: work according to the expectations of the student and its objectives, working on a suitable method.

(7 reviews)
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A holistic approach to piano playing - piano lessons in Aix-en-Provence on grand piano. All levels. Preparation of competitions and exams - resumption of piano - beginner - solfège - decipher

I offer you a structured, playful and enjoyable teaching method to achieve your goals. I have been a piano teacher for 15 years, and I am a graduate of a PhD in classical piano performance from the Université de Montréal. During my training, I worked with many pianistic approaches and my teaching is now shaped by the French, North American and Russian piano schools that have trained me.

(1 review)

Professional musician gives guitar lessons, piano or singing / vocal coaching all levels in joy and good humor.

All levels from 10 years, pro or leisure. All styles: rock, pop, metal, jazz, blues, folk. modern and dynamic approach to the courses, student participation in the choice of songs. Working improvisation around the scales, arpeggios and technical to go back, legato, sweeping, tapping, picking. Introduction to basic music theory, essential for good growth.

Giovanna elena
(2 reviews)
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Pianist gives piano lessons, music theory and history of music. Rome. Diploma / Degree

I am a concert pianist, a graduate / graduated from the Conservatory of Rome "Santa Cecilia", impart classical piano lessons and modern, young and old of all ages (beginners and advanced), as well as music theory lessons and music theory, history music, harmony and preparation for the ministerial examination of conservatives.

Ciudad de México
Natalia isabel
(3 reviews)
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Piano Classes in Coyoacán. Children, adolescents and adults who are nervous or have learning disabilities. Teacher certified in Suzuki Method.

Natalia, student of VII semester of the race of Piano of the Faculty of Music of the UNAM. He teaches piano lessons to children 3 years of age and older, adolescents and adults. Children and people with learning disabilities, nervous or shy.

(13 reviews)

Concert pianist graduated from the Moscow Conservatory and the National Conservatory of Paris gives piano lessons in Paris

Concert pianist, formed by the followers of the most famous master of the Russian piano school H. Neuhaus, graduated from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris and Shola Cantorum, professor of piano at the Conservatory Slave offers piano lessons at all levels and all ages.

(1 review)
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Singing teacher Jazz and contemporary music

Give singing lessons in Bordeaux.1 hour or half hour. Opportunity to take lessons via Skype. Educational objectives and progressions.

(1 review)
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Piano and Music theory lessons for children and adults with experienced and friendly teacher

I am an experienced, friendly and patient Piano teacher. I graduated in Singing in 2009 at the Conservatorio “Tomadini” in Udine and in Piano in 2008 at the Conservatorio "Frescobaldi" in Ferrara. No matter your age or if you want to become a professional performer or just enjoy playing or singing in your room, my aim is to find the better way for you to achieve your purpose.

(3 reviews)
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Piano without solfa for adults. Fuenlabrada. Harmony, Melody, Counterpoint and Composition. Standards.

Do you want to learn piano but do not know music theory? The piano can be learned with basic music notions, understanding how harmony works. I teach you to play songs that you like and use them to understand how music works even if you have never played before.

(1 review)
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Piano and Music Theory Lessons, in Milan for beginners or Conservatorio students

My lessons are aimed at students of every level and age. About students starting musical studies, I will follow a deductive approach that will give the student the ability to start two-handed music in a few weeks and get some goals.

(3 reviews)

Private tutoring at home (or by webcam) - Piano and Conducting Class

Concerning Piano Classes: - The classes are designed to complement the training of the interested parties, are between the ages of 6 and 60, whether they are beginners in the field or not, and the study materials are adapted to the student's needs ( Student, Worker, etc.

Sant Boi de Llobregat
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Private teacher of piano and musical language (certified) for children and adults of all ages in Sant Boi de Llobregat.

I am a piano teacher for children and adults of all age. I can teach classical and / or modern/ jazz piano , solfeggio, musical awareness and harmony. Individual lessons of 1 hour per week: 60 € per month to pay in advance the first class of each month.

Ciudad de México
(2 reviews)
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Music teacher. Piano, solfeo, musical theory, music history, for musical initiation. Mexico City, all ages.

I am a student of degree in music, and I seek to extend the knowledge of music for intellectual development, both individual and social. Music learning functions as a pedagogical tool for exercising and strengthening motor skills, language and reasoning, as well as improving coordination and general mental skills.

(2 reviews)
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I am piano, saxophone, clarinet and flute tutor with a fun approach of learning to play musical instrument

I am experienced, professional saxophone and piano teacher working with all ages and abilities.Learn how to play the piano or saxophone and read music through creative and enjoyable lessons. Play popular music just for fun, or measure your progress with graded ABRSM exams.

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