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Brunswick East
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Swinburne Science student teaches children to play their favourite songs on the piano in Melbourne.

I look for sheet music of songs that the students would like to learn, and teach them to read the sheet music and play the songs on the piano. Students will learn and practice the songs until they can play the whole song beautifully.

Golden Grove
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Psychology Student and Jazz Pianist gives Piano lessons in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs

I prefer to learn what kind of learner my student is as soon as possible, so I can tailor the teaching towards what works best for them. Some students prefer to watch the piece be played before trying it themselves, some learn better by diving right in and some would rather listen and follow along.

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Piano, VCE chemistry and science tutor and school teacher >decade of experience

Piano tutoring: Beginner to intermediate level students. I have experience with AMEB exam preparation (up to grade 8) or school exam preparation (up to year 11). For students simply aiming to enjoy playing piano and reading music, I have developed engaging programs that fast-track your progress.

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Music enthusiast offerening piano lessons to beginner, intermediate and hobby students in Perth

I've always had a profound interest in learning which has found its form in many different ways. One important thing I've learnt is that learning is a uniquely individual experience. So, I try to structure my teaching style and methods based around the student. Typically I would use our first session to learn about you, your current skills, and where you are starting at.

Ferryden Park
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FREE first trial piano lesson! 5 Years of experience. Grade 8 AMEB for Leisure

I love working with children of all ages and adults. I find joy in sharing my knowledge of the piano and music to others and watching them grow musically. I base my lessons around lesson books but with my own style of teaching. I strongly believe in step by step teaching as I find it makes it a lot easier for my students to understand and learn new concepts.

Wentworth Point
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Friendly teacher with ABRSM Grade 8 providing piano lessons to beginners of all ages

Some say music is a fantastic way to build self-confidence and personal growth. This was my personal experience when I was working in Yamaha Music School. my exposure to music empowers myself-esteem and is the reason I am passionate about sharing the wonderful gift of music with others.

North Lambton
Shue yin
(1 review)
1st lesson free !

University of Newcastle Student with Associate Level 4 Diploma in Piano Performance

My teaching method firstly is to ensure stable basic skills( eg. scales) before moving on further. Technic is really important too, as well as theory. This is to ensure that the student will know how to read the notes and knowing it at their fingertips.

Hope Valley
1st lesson free !

Grade 8 Classical piano student teaches beginners and intermediate students piano cheap

My approach is to provide students with the technique, theory, and practical knowledge necessary to independently experiment and develop their own musical style should they choose to. I place emphasis on becoming musically enlightened over copying the generic repertoire that most people learn.

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College Student looking to teach beginner piano students and help them read music, accompany their voice or practice pieces.

I believe all lessons should be focused around the student and their needs. I'd like to start by identifying exactly what the student is having trouble with. From there we can move on to reading music and perhaps playing a few small pieces. I think any student with a positive attitude and a bit of persistence will find these lessons helpful.

1st lesson free !

Piano/Music/ Singing and Vocal Technique Tuitions. For Kids/Adults, Sydney and Local area

I always offer my students chocolates or a cup of tea to make them feel welcome and confortable to express theirselves and trust, as it is very important that there is a trust relationship between tutor and student. We start the lesson with learning the technique, and then applying the technique on their favourite songs that they always love to play or sing.

1st lesson free !

Tertiary Primary Education student teaching (5-12 years old) Music lessons, flexible times.

My teaching method is based on students current needs and working on adaptable skills (such as rhythmic work) not just focusing on learning pieces is a high priority, because it is a fundamental skill in musicology. I am also looking to becoming a teacher with the Suzuki method because I believe in its teaching practices.

1st lesson free !

Prize winning classical pianist offering piano/music theory lessons in the North Shore.

In her teaching, Chermaine strives to provide students with the knowledge and tools that allow for independent thinking, encourage healthy and mechanically efficient playing habits, and cultivate in them sensitivity to and understanding of the music. Patience, encouragement, and sensitivity to the individual needs of every student are of great importance in her teaching.

1st lesson free !

Piano player can teach anyone who is passionate to learn piano skills

My teaching method is a traditional one that considers the basic of the music theory and practice. The practice is a vital part of the learning journey. And in order to maintain proficiency it is better to start exercise with your favorite piece of music that makes you really passionate to perform it by yourself.

Clear Island Waters
1st lesson free !

I teach any aged beginner to intermediate level Piano, Cello and music theory

Try to encorporate an engaging yet fun approach to teaching my students with a nice friendly environment and an inviting methodology that will make you want to keep practicing! During my years learning Piano and Cello i struggled with keeping myself motivated, being a kid, it was tough.

Li heng
1st lesson free !

Li Heng Chan: Piano and ESL Teacher (DipEd TESOL/Music qualified, LTCL) - Perth

Flexible teaching method that caters to the individual needs of students A. As an ESL Teacher - To develop confidence and fluency in using English through the use of conversational and situational practise. - To cultivate clear pronunciation rather than “mimic” or “practise” a native accent.

(1 review)
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Instrumental music teacher gives group and one on one keyboard lessons to children and teenagers. I also am a singer so can teach singing as well. I'm currently in my final year of an Advanced Diploma

I teach contemporary music using music books from music stores and teach music theory as well. I begin my lessons with technical work like scales and then progress to pieces. I also can teach a little classical but only till Grade 2 AMEB. I have a Grade 6 AMEB Piano For Leisure and Grade 5 AMEB Theory.

Deebing Heights
1st lesson free !

Must Join 25 years' experience Grade '8' Fun and Responsible Piano tutor!

My teaching method is 'fun', but punctuate! I usually base my Piano classes on the books according to the learning tier of the students, and I also approach to my topic by vividly attracting the students which is also called 'guiding'.

Oakleigh South
1st lesson free !

Contemporary artist with a singing and music background loves to share her passion with individuals.

My main area of expertise has been to develop the technique required to become an independent performer. I particularly enjoy engaging in compositional and improvised sessions, both spontaneous as well as written compositions.

Everton Hills
1st lesson free !

18 years of experience teaching fun lessons for all ages and different styles.

Classes can have a duration of 30-60 minutes or longer, depending on the student’s needs. I like to mix lessons using four hand pieces from early levels, introducing different styles of music and incorporating theory, technical and sight-reading exercises for a more enjoyable lesson. I delight in restoring a passion for music to the learner.

1st lesson free !

I teach piano in Wollongong, NSW. I have experience in teaching piano in my home country, Iran for 1 year. I have been playing piano for 6 years. My teaching method is based on Micheal Aaron piano cou

I am a student in high school and 17 years old and I usually make friends with students attending my classes. This makes teaching and learning more effective and efficient. My teaching method for beginners is based on Micheal Aaron piano courses.

Diamond Creek
1st lesson free !

Played jazz and classical piano for 12 years, now teaching it in North East Melbourne

I give and expect respect. I will tailor content to your skill and your musical taste. I believe in practice and a positive learning environment where making mistakes is ok. We will set goals and take notes of improvements.

1st lesson free !

Young pianist with over ten years of lessons provides piano lessons in Brisbane

The philosophy of my teaching is that truly understand music students must learn to love it! I will keep rigid formats to a minimum so as to keep the lessons fluid and fun. My lessons are geared towards beginner and intermediate piano students who have an interest in learning new songs and developing the skills needed to learn independently.

1st lesson free !

I teach piano and music theory and specialise in beginner,offering 30,45 and 60 minute lessons and can travel to the students home.

Incorporating reading music and understanding music theory through fun activity sheets. I break the lesson up into playing and theory, making the lessons fun and also keeping the students concentration levels up. I also teach themed music and theory sheets. e.g. Easter,Halloween and Christmas.

1st lesson free !

Industry Professional in Melbourne offering vocal and piano lessons as well as theory.

Trained both musically and in theatrical forms, James Halloran offers piano and vocal lessons with an edge. Holding a bachelors degree in jazz singing, James understands that as a musician, it is just as important to captivate an audience with a performance as it is to have great technique.

1st lesson free !

Avila College student with six years experience teaches piano lessons to primary school students.

I first ask every student of how much they know so it gives me an idea of what they need to know. First, learning music theory is essential so when they play, the music in front of them makes sense. Here is a structure of what a lesson would look like.

1st lesson free !

Brisbane based Jazz pianist (Bmus) and composer available for online and in-person lessons.

My teaching method revolves around the needs of each individual student. For mature age students, I understand that life is busy and there isn't always time for practice. So I structure lessons around maximizing time efficiency and achieving results quickly. For younger students, I'm confident about simplifying information and making it digestible. My lessons structures will be long term.

1st lesson free !

Experienced Piano Teacher offering lessons in theory and practical piano for beginners

I believe first and foremost music should be enjoyed. I believe it is important to tailor each lesson to the individual students tastes and ensure that there is an even split of necessary piano training and something fun, played purely for enjoyment.

1st lesson free !

Creative and playful singing and/or piano lessons in Arncliffe, Newtown or at your home

I have been teaching singing and piano of all levels and ages over the past 8 years. I find great joy in sharing my enthusiasm and experience as a performer, composer, and educater by guiding and encouraging the musical education of others. I offer my students varied and interesting lessons, focusing on the goals of the individual and the joy of making music.

Bondi Junction
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Exceptional, Personalised Group and Private Music Education for Students of All Ages

International Schools of Music (ISM) launched in 1997 after extensive research and recognising a need for more contemporary music programs for young students. ISM is now considered a market leader in music education for young students with schools across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America and Canada.

Saint Lucia
1st lesson free !

UQ chemical engineering student from Indonesia who gives piano lessons, based in St Lucia, QLD

I base my teaching on Yamaha's curriculum and methods, but I can teach any other curriculum as requested, as long as I have the syllabus.

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Perfect! very happy to find her here.. Great piano teacher! Easy to communicate and very punctual. Will definitely have her teaching my son for long time!

Felicity, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I highly recommend taking piano lessons from Carolina. She has a great depth and knowledge about music and playing the piano. She has allowed me to understand the importance of learning the basics of notes and where to start. It takes years of...

Therese, Student
8 months ago
(1 review)

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