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Piano and Singing Tutor available on the West Coast of Tasmania, I can come to your home

For piano I can take through the beginner to intermediate piano practical playing and music theory, and for singing I can help to guide you through singing techniques, and vocals and acapella, method of singing, for small to larger groups.

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Private piano or singing lessons for school students from qualified primary teacher

I treat each student as an individual and modify my lessons based on their interests and needs. I am passionate about music.

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7 years of Music Experience ready to teach anyone who is interested in Music

My way of teaching is to ask the student what they feel like they want to learn or work on. I'll then teach them their desired concepts and I will ask them to play or do exercises to get the students to fully understand what they want to learn.

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A VCA graduate providing Music Theory lessons to people of all ages.

I normally teach in 30-60 minute blocks, and the lessons vary depending on the age and development level of the student.

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Nashon is an experienced musician with international accreditation and a passion to teach.

I use meaningful and easily understandable music in my lessons for my students to learn and share with their friends and family. This done with regard to age, level and preferences of my students.

Albany Creek
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"10 Years Piano Experience and 5 Years Band Experience - Private Piano teacher is at your service (teach up to grade 3 classical piano"

I base my teaching off the individual students ability and personality. I have a software that allows me to write lesson plans and notes for each of my students so they can see their progress at the end of a term. There will also be allocated theory and scales for each week as I personally believe they are fundamental for a successful musical career.

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Experienced piano teacher with trinity award teaching fun lessons for adults and kids

The teaching method varies depend on the studetn’s expectation, age and level. Adults and kids will recieve diffent kind of class.

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Piano, Improvisation, Composition and theory - making your music come alive and make sense.

My teaching method is to use your strengths to help overcome your weaknesses. Utilizing the Aural, Kinesthetic, Anayltical or Aural intelligences we discover new ways of understanding. We find what inspires you and learn from our various sources to deconstruct and create new material.

Ropes Crossing
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Australian Institute of Music graduate teaches singing, music theory and piano in Sydney

The structure of my teaching method for singing/vocal technique is by starting my lessons with an introduction to breathing and the Alexander Technique. Breathing and the Alexander Technique is essential to a singer/musician's technique. It teaches proper posture, breathing, and movement and allows the student to be a safe performer.

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Fun, Experienced Tutor located in central Canberra for any school subject, particularly Maths and English

I understand that each student is different and I create a tutoring approach that suits their personality the best! It is important that my students are constantly making progress but still enjoy the learning process as I believe that a love of learning helps achieve great academic results

New Farm
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Graduate Audio Engineer and Producer Providing Guitar and Music Lessons for all

People learn differently and therefore different teaching methods are required for each different student. Kinetic engagement is a demand of most musical pursuits but some people benefit from a strong grounding in music theory before advancing with hands on training.

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Applied Physics graduate able to help with Mathematics and Physics for primary, high school and university students

My main philosophy, and from what I've seen from teaching previous students, is that what people understand the content they are faced with, their enjoyment is immediately heightened. It is important that students are enjoying the work they are doing and this enjoyment comes directly from feeling confident and understanding the content.

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Piano, VCE chemistry and science tutor and school teacher >decade of experience

Piano tutoring: Beginner to intermediate level students. I have experience with AMEB exam preparation (up to grade 8) or school exam preparation (up to year 11). For students simply aiming to enjoy playing piano and reading music, I have developed engaging programs that fast-track your progress.

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Passionate education student with Diploma in Public Performance teaches piano in Melbourne

My teaching methods are suitable for beginners and advanced pianists, tailoring to the students' needs and individual progress. I will also give constructive feedback where necessary for them to improve on certain passages and guide students in music theory. My students will also have the opportunity to widen their repertoire and learn new pieces of various styles and genres.

North Ryde
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Sydney Uni student gives piano or singing lessons to music beginners of all ages

The aim of my lessons is to create a safe and happy environment for piano beginners. Enjoy the greatness of music and have fun. The lesson includes singing along to the songs and learning the basic music theories and piano techniques through practice and activities. Students are more than welcome to share music and bring scores for their favorite songs.

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Pianist with 15 years of experience gives private piano lessons for kids and teens

Hi, I'm Sonia I'm 21 yo and I've played piano since I was 4. I love music and teaching kids and teens. If you/your kids want to learn how to read and play music- write me! You can learn some songs from movies, claassical music or anything you want- just let me know first. I would love to learn you everything from the begin.

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Bass Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar, Ukulele and percussion tuition lessons in North Brisbane, all ages and skill levels!!

My philosophy is that music can be used as a creative outlet for people of all ages, skill levels and walks of life. Everyone has the potential to become a confident gigging musician if they have the determination and perseverance.

Mountain Creek
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Successful music student giving lessons on the sunshine coast Piano/Guitar/Singing and music theory.

I specialise in teaching children under the age of 16, but will accept any student of any age. I will teach you how to play your instrument of choice, not just the music, but also the music theory. I can teach you how to read music.

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La Trobe (cbd) student gives piano lessons to people of all ages

the piano is a very interesting instrument, and i enjoy teaching those with the passion to learn. I focus on both practical and theory aspects of musical knowledge. I focus on note reading right from the beginning. even though I follow a certain system, I'm always able to adjust my teaching methods according to what suits the student the best.

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Yeboah pianist is a best piano player he can teach you to become a pianist

My teaching mythology is I teach you to become excellent pianist in the world even your home ,community and Church

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I teach music and production to interested students, including piano, guitar, Sax and drums as well as music theory. I teach music production too.

I start teaching from the basics while I keep in mind what the students wähnt to achieve at the end of the course.

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Piano Teacher with 5 years of experience gives private piano lesson in Perth WA

I am Teacher Kelsey. I teach piano with the structure of "one to one" with student. I will teach you how to read music notes, music theory and skill of playing piano. Teaching method will be differ base on student's learning behavior. Because I believe that everyone has different way to learn.

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Doctor of Medicine student in Southport with an Associate Diploma in Piano

I would love to teach beginner students who have a passion for music and piano playing. I have an extensive musical background in piano and violin, as well as in ensemble performance as a violist. The lesson structure can include technique development, music reading and playing various pieces that are enjoyable yet challenging for students of all ages.

Broadbeach Waters
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English tutor to share Royal Academy of London experience to online students

I am extremely thorough in making sure the student can read music, so I put a lot of hard work in at the beginning, teaching the notes like the alphabet and not allowing the student to rely on memorising the notes!

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I conduct home piano lessons to both children and adults, with 5 years of experience.

I also love to explain about musical terms. For the practical side of things, I teach students to count to maintain the rhythm. When it comes to reading notes, there are certain methologies I incorporate. Since each student's learning abilities and personalities vary, I try to be as creative as possible in planning lessons and to help the students enjoy their learning experiences.

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Singing, piano and music theory tutoring for all music styles from beginner to advanced.

I attempt to have a fun approach to my lessons. A typical lessons with me will include of a 5-10 minute warm up, specificity chosen and adapted for the student. The rest of the lesson will then comprise of working on technique and songs. I try to work my lessons around the student making sure their enjoyment and goals are being reached by the end of each session.

Saint Kilda
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Offering piano lessons with L.Mus.A qualification and a 45+ Study Score in Music Performance

Having completed my L.Mus.A, I know the ins and outs of the AMEB syllabus and will most certainly be able to tailor my lessons to the needs of you or your child. On your very first lesson, I will draft a lesson plan for the year which would be based on your learning goals for the year, so that we can both be on the same page about the progress of lessons.

West Melbourne
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Self-Produced Singer-Songwriter in Melbourne City, teaching music production, music and video softwares, piano and guitar

My music lessons are carefully arranged to fit your needs and interests. You can pick the songs and what you want to learn.

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UWA student with AMusA giving piano lessons for beginners and early grades in Perth

I am a student at UWA with over 14 years of experience in piano, having gained my associate diploma (AMusA). I recently graduated from Churchlands SHS where I was involved in the Specialist Music Programme, and achieved the Subject Exhibition Award for attaining the top WACE exam mark in the state for ATAR Music last year (percussion).

Ferryden Park
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FREE first trial piano lesson! 5 Years of experience. Grade 8 AMEB for Leisure

I love working with children of all ages and adults. I find joy in sharing my knowledge of the piano and music to others and watching them grow musically. I base my lessons around lesson books but with my own style of teaching. I strongly believe in step by step teaching as I find it makes it a lot easier for my students to understand and learn new concepts.

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Perfect! very happy to find her here.. Great piano teacher! Easy to communicate and very punctual. Will definitely have her teaching my son for long time!

Felicity, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I highly recommend taking piano lessons from Carolina. She has a great depth and knowledge about music and playing the piano. She has allowed me to understand the importance of learning the basics of notes and where to start. It takes years of...

Therese, Student
9 months ago
(1 review)

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