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South Guildford
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UWA Engineering Student offering maths tutoring in Northern and Southern suburbs of Perth (±20km).

Teaching methodology varies from student to student. Generally speaking, i prefer a competitive environment for enthusiastic students and physical treats like sweets or books as a reward for positive behaviour.

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UWA student with a direct pathway into medicine offering tutoring in Chemistry, Human Biology, and Physics

Tutoring to me isn't just about helping you get to the answer as quickly as possible. It's about taking the time to teach a deep understanding of a concept so that you feel confident answering questions on it in whatever form they take. I also have tons of resources including notes, past papers, and powerpoints to help aid your learning.

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Friendly and helpful medical uni student experienced with the latest ATAR subjects

I base my teaching on the curriculum and using the up to date text books. I like to go through lesson structures on topics that students find difficult and source the right theory and practice questions. I also can hep with study tips and efficient note taking. Approach me with any questions and I will endeavour to help you find and understand the answers so you can smash your ATAR subjects.

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Mechanical Engineering Graduate to Give Mathematics Lessons to Any Students in Brisbane

Personally, from previous experience during my own school time and with the teaching I have completed already, I have found that truely understanding the fundamentals of any subject are the core to success in that area.

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98.15 ATAR Science/Math Tutor for year 11 and 12 students ---- graduated 2016

1.Syllabus 2.Explain Concepts 3.Practice 4.Practice more My teaching style is straightforward and solutions I provide are concise. I am quite good at identifying a student's difficulty whether it be in their learning style or problem solving. My philosophy is keep it simple students.

Tuart Hill
Bhan prince raj
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Postgraduate student from UWA likes to teach physics, chemistry and maths and also other subjects.

I am a postgraduate student and I have learnt a lot through experience. My teaching method is simple, just to make the student understand the principle and then apply it in his daily life activities to remember. And until I make him/her learn, I will try various methodologies such as explaining in activity related way, story telling, visualizing by thoughts etc.

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ECU Engineering student giving maths lessons in Perth, Cockburn and Joondalup area.

While giving my students the theoretical knowledge required, I work more towards giving them more practical knowledge like doing problems, as I believe that you learn better through practice. Also, I help students to practice on their own and overcome all fears.

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8 years of seasoned professional & an electrical engineer - Proficient in Physics & maths

My teaching method is more of relating the studies to real life. I am sure we relate to things that we see daily than to things which we find virtual & read & see in the books. Lessons will be completed before time just to make you correlate what the lessons actually meant. I have tried implementing what i have learnt through my research jobs.

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High School Physics (All Levels) - UWA Chemical Engineering Masters Student - Perth Area

My teaching approach is based on the following principles: - There is no such thing as a bad question - The best way to learn is by doing - Different people will often need different explanations for something to make the most sense to them - Motivation is achieved through a sense of accomplishment - Every question should be approached with a sense of purpose

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Master of Professional Engineering student giving individual and group physics and maths lessons.

Maths and Science subjects are fun if learnt in an interesting and encouraging environment. I believe that every student is different hence the learning experienced should be differentiated to custom fit the individual needs of every student.My approach is to ensure the students understand the concepts enough to be able to teach them to others.

How hong (benjamin)
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Sciences- Primary school level AND High school level Biology, Chemistry & Physics tutoring

I help with homework, curricular lessons, and give extra knowledge from textbooks. Feel free to contact me if you face any difficulties in school work. The lessons will be structured according to the student's need, most of the resources will be available online (outlines, videos, practices, etc.

East Cannington
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Chemical Engineering Graduate from The University of Western Australia tutoring Chemistry, Maths and Science in Perth and surrounding suburbs.

Evaluating students’ learning capabilities and needs, guiding them through assignments, marking & recording students' work and suggesting new learning techniques is the space I excel in. By tutoring students across a range of subjects and capacities particularly in Science & Mathematics, I have honed my communication, interpersonal, creativity, and motivational skills.

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UWA Engineering Graduate Student offering Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Engineering lessons in Crawley

My teaching method is breaking down the topic to its fundamental sections and teaching each with careful explnations, making sure to relate each section to others. Each lesson will be started with a revision from the previous week content so that each of the topics will have a clear relation to each other.

M arslan
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Edith Cowan University Engineering Student available to teach Science, Physics, Maths and other related subjects

Teaching method can vary from one student to another, just like mathematical equations. I will always have an alternative method for solving one question. According to my point of view, it is always better to have individual lesson instead of the group for students who have difficulty in understanding.

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Engineering Technician tutoring fundamental mathematics, chemistry and physics principles in the Harvey area.

I teach by using illustrations, examples and comparisons so a student can understand the logical development of concepts they are learning. I am interested in helping students who wish to have a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles of the sciences.

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Retired Structural Engineer gives lessons in Maths and Physics to high school students.

My approach to tutoring is identify weakness or gaps in understanding the subject matter. Lessons are then conducted in a participatory manner where the student does the work under guidance. These begin with very simple examples and progress to greater complexity. Students are also shown how to self check their work.

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2018 99.85 ATAR graduate with experience offering tutoring in physics,maths(all levels) and chemistry

I am an 18 year old Year 12 graduate from Hale School and my tutoring lessons are suited to any level of learning from Year 12 ATAR and below. My lessons will differ depending on the needs and knowledge of the student. I can teach pure content to help the student catch up or get ahead of their class.

City Beach
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UniMelb Physics Masters with 6 years tutoring experience for all high school maths tutoring

I do not have a set teaching methodology, and believe any tutor who does is damaging the chance of success for the student. I have tutored over 40 students for at least 6 months during their year 12 year, this means I have seen many different learning capabilities and have had to apply different teaching strategies.

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UWA student give math lessons to high school student in perth (can tutor in chinese and english)

Very passionate about teaching, I would like to teach students who find maths hard to understand or want their grades to be higher. During my lessons, I can help the student break down the concept, try and assist them to understand the topic, also provide them related questions to figure out.

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All-round science and mathematics tutor in Dianella, Perth experienced with all ages and levels

My lessons are geared towards students of all levels, who seek improvement in a range of areas. I base my lessons off the curriculum content and course materials. A lesson will involve a clear explanation/clarification on a topic followed by working through example questions. I make it my priority to make students feel calm and confident so they can learn as best as possible.

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Experienced Engineer gives Maths, Physics, Chemistry lessons to high school and uni Students in Perth

I teach in a way where students understand the practical applications of the concept making it easier for them to grasp the concept. I make sure I solve the student's doubt and encourage them to ask questions to understand concept better.

Victoria Park
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You do not need to be a genius for understanding maths & physics. The only thing you need it is the right teacher! Let an engineer teaches you. You will see the difference.

I consider that I have the teaching skills which I have improved through my experience. Being creative and listening to the students I can find the right way to help them. I try to do my best to students trust in me, so they will be comfortable asking me and so knowing their needs I can do everything for solving their questions.

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Award winning maths graduate (GPA 6.69, WPA 92%) gives online maths lessons to high school and university students.

I am a member of the Golden Key International Honours Society and have completed a double degree in maths and stats, achieving a WAM of 92, a GPA of 6.69, high distinctions in over 85 % of the units. Finishing top student I was awarded two faculty medals for outstanding achievement.

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Engineer with 10 years' experience give maths lessons to primary/high school students in Perth.

I customize my lessons to individuals. For larger groups I curate teaching materials to cater for all. Lessons are based on students' current subject understanding where it is then built up methodically.

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Future mathematics highschool teacher seeking to help current students in their studies.

I will adapt my teaching style to best suit the student(s) needs. For example if they learn best through physical demonstration then I will use props and real life examples to better their understanding of the given topic.

Khaveen amal singh
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Educator for 20 years in high school gives Physics tuition in Perth.

I usually teach Physics in classes of mixed abilities, catering for the less able candidates without actually hindering the progress of the high-flyers. All my classes are usually supported with demonstrations and activities based on the concepts being taught.

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Mathematics and physics tutoring at all levels taught by a passionate PhD

Students explain their difficulties to some particular problems, and we then have a discussion on solving them. I also can supply some problems based on their needs or their upcoming test. And change the atmosphere when the students get bored.

Victoria Park
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Curtin University student, tutoring Maths in Victoria Park and surrounds. Earned 96.95 ATAR in public school and High distinctions in Engineering Maths. Strong fundamentals are key to true learning

I'm a very relaxed person, someone who would rather work together through a few initial questions, then step back to let students try for themselves. When problems arise I'm able to step back in and break down solutions into smaller segments, which can be easier to understand.

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(will be) a high school graduate who looks forward to sharing his own understanding with new learners

I'd like to teach the students who are passionate, however, struggling with receiving high achievements. I am very confident that I can help you. And this is my target of being a tutor. -If it is a new topic, I will cover the content at a fast pace and then interact with the students, to show their understanding and enquiries.

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A professional engineer and a person who loves teaching STEM subjects in Perth

I have experience in tutoring students from year 1 to 12. Good at teaching maths, physics, chemistry, mechanics and other science related subjects. Able to explain more than one way. Dedicated and passionate to teach and help students to score high.

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Perfect! Lakshmi is a perfectionist. She masters her skill. She's an excellent teacher. I am blessed and grateful to have Lakshmi as my son's tutor. Thank youuu so much. We appreciate your help.

Kavitha, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

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