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South Brisbane
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UQ Engineering student tutoring maths/physics for high school students South Brisbane

Maths is about learning and applying - not memorising. Not only can I provide the necessary knowledge, I focus on developing problem solving abilities, critical thinking and alternate approaches to a broad range of mathematical topics.

Parramatta Park
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Telecommunications Engineer teaching maths, physics, proggraming and computer skills in Cairns City.

As I am an Engineer, my teaching methodology is objective-oriented, I focus on the resolution of problems using every piece of information given to the student. I am also a very approachable person with a cheerful and kind personality, I always try to make comfortable students during classes using fun and real-life examples so they can enjoy the learning process.

Stafford Heights
Romulo jr
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Business Economics graduate gives Math lessons to High School students in Brisbane

The most important thing a tutor can do for a student is being able to be creative and innovative in teaching so that they will learn in the most effective way. A tutor should also go extra mile in teaching, doing more than what the student needs. Lastly, a tutor should be a good friend to the student.

Varsity Lakes
(4 reviews)
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Mechanical Engineering student helping high school students overcome aversion to math and science courses.

My methodology is mainly tailored towards the learning style and pace of the student. In advance of tutoring a student, I generally conduct some tests and determine the student's strengths and weaknesses, and well as the areas where they struggle the most. I tailor sessions to these factors.

(10 reviews)
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University of Queensland Science/Arts student with teaching experience gives private/group, personal/online Science support.

During my years in Buenos Aires, I worked as an English teacher at the prestigious Holistic Institute of English, based in Buenos Aires. There, not only I learned how to teach but also how to do it with holistic, creative, learning activities. Moreover, I'm a music and art enthusiast and I usually include these as teaching tools.

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QUT Engineering student providing extensive insight into his methodology for all students.

I mainly focus on tutoring the mathematical and concept based engineering courses and also the mathematics and physics courses in high school for year 11 and 12. My methodology will focus on refining the complexity of these courses.

(5 reviews)
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QUT Education Student give private maths lessons to primary and secondary students on the Gold Coast.

My method of teaching is very flexible. Through my private tuition I can assist my students with their school work, assignments and prepare them for their exams. I have been teaching students with mathematics for several years now so I can easily gauge their level of understanding and adapt to their learning style.

Syed usman ghani
(3 reviews)
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Griffith university Student studying Psychology who has studied Physics, chemistry and Biology in CAIE A Level's gives tution in Gold coast

My teaching methodology completely depends on the student, I give lessons according to the caliber of the student after assessing the mindset and grip of the student on a particular subject. however, weekly quizzes are something that are must in my classes.

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High School Mathematics Tutor studying at QUT with an excellent academic record.

Math is easy. In math the basics are important. Students often struggle in Maths because they are not quite exposed to the basics! How can you run without learning how to walk? How can you play the guitar without learning the chords? The basics allow you to link concepts together which is what is required in Mathematics. Without this Math will be confusing and Math periods will be boring.

Brisbane City
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UQ engineering student gives classes to kids and adults students (Spanish native)

My teaching method is that practice is all. It is necessary to know all the theory first and then apply it and put it practice in order to memorise all the theory acquire previously. And about language speaking and listening are the clue to learn fast.

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PhD from UniSA gives math and science lessons to kids and students in Brisbane area

1.Know the material. I only teach materials that I have a through knowledge about know the and student is expected to be proficient in. 2.Relate math skills to everyday life. Many students struggle with math because they don’t understand the practical applications of it. When I put the material in the context of their lives, they are more likely to understand and learn it. 3.

Eight Mile Plains
(2 reviews)
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What is fun and interesting? Maths taught by a BGGS highschool student.

I am very enthusiastic, friendly and humorous. I really love working with primary school students because they are so curious about everything and I absolutely love that attitude when it comes to learning new things. When it comes to tutoring my friends, I always find out what they don't understand and need help on. I then teach them that topic to improve their understanding.

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Engineering research student give tuition to year 7-10 students for Maths with experience of 5 years teaching

My class is mostly based on making complicated things to understand into practical approach with examples. I also rely on giving concept based problems to make them understand better. Fortnightly short test to evaluate the understanding and regular home works are my top most priority.

Paradise Point
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6 Years teaching Mathematics in Secondary schools up to year 12 Maths C. Based on the Gold Coast.

My lessons are based around finding out exactly what you know and what you don't. I also intend to unravel misconceptions and thoroughly analyse the thought processes students have to avoid repeated misconceptions. I like to ensure lots of practice takes place too. Excellence is a habit, not a one-off event.

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Master of Science Engineer give mathe and physic lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane

Thanks to my intuitive and empathic intelligence, I can invite students with the right questions to inspire them. I can show the relationship between theory and practical examples. That's a base to create circumstances, where students are able to learn out of itself.

St Lucia
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I am a Engineer with 8 years teaching and tutoring experience (grade 6 -grade 12)

I am Silvia Chowdhury. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) and have recently completed my study leading to the degree of Master of Science in Mechatronics Engineering from International Islamic University Malaysia. I have 8 years teaching and tutoring experience as a physics, maths, chemistry and biology tutor in Malaysia and Bangladesh.

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QUT Science Student offering tutoring and further teaching to high school students in Central Brisbane.

I believe that students should have a fundamental understanding of how and why something works the way it does instead of training their brain to answer questions they may forget 5 minutes after leaving their exams, which is why I prefer when the students come to their own conclusions rather than me showing them an answer they won't understand.

Prahaasan reddeppa reddy
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Mechanical Engineering student gives science lessons , explaining theories and to help in with research to students in Brisbane

I have a degree in psychology too so my teaching technique is far different from others.I start lesson with awe struck question related to lecture i have to deliver ! i will start probing students then ill get their whole concentration in hat time ill jump into the core of subject by making an interactive session and end with practical examples .

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The Best Maths and Physics Tutor with Engineering degree you can find!

My teaching methodology depends on the student I am teaching. If the student has the ability to grasp quickly I don't waste time but at the same time, I am ready to answer N number of queries without getting frustrated.

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Engineering student, giving Math, Physics and Chemistry lessons to secondary students at Gold coast

I teach mostly math, with focuses on mainly the fundamentals of math, such as algebra and trigonometry. I place practice first, but I also believe that practice is worthless without the understanding. So I try to make the student understand the concept deeply and thus follow through the methods of the problems with ease.

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JCU Veterinary Science Student providing successful Physics tutoring to high school students Townsville

My teaching method is structured around active learning. This is where I teach the content and then ask my students to recall the information in interesting and creative ways. I have found this method to be the most successful as it requires the student to break down the content being taught and then explain it in their own words.

West End
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Young graduated astrophysicist provides private math and physics lesson at home in Brisbane.

During the first lesson, we ll go through the topic to see what are the difficulties encountered. The following session are based on hands on exercice. The student will be ask to be actif and to perform short homework based on reviewed topic that had been dispensed.

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UQ Science student provides physics and maths tuition to students in and around Brisbane.

My method starts with finding out where a student sits, and what level of knowledge/aptitude they need to reach in order to succeed in a subject. Next, I tailor a learning plan based on the students knowledge-set and confidence, with a focus on addressing any fundamentals that a student is struggling with or not understanding perfectly. The reason for focusing on fundamentals is two-fold.

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4th Year Mechatronics Engineering student gives maths lessons to junior - high school students in Brisbane and Gold Coast

I tailor my teaching style dependent on the student, normally after assessing their understanding of topics and work ethic over the period of a term. In general, I aim to be at least 1 week ahead of what is being taught in class, so the actual school class is a refresher of the content we learn in the tutoring lesson.

West End
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10 years’ experience offering General Mathematics Engineering Mathematics and Physics Electrical Circuit Analysis Electrical Power Engineering Signals and Systems Analogue and Digital Electronics Cont

focus on desired learning outcomes for students, in the form of knowledge, understanding, skill and attitudes; assist students to form broad conceptual understandings while gaining depth of knowledge; encourage the informed and critical questioning of accepted theories and views; develop an awareness of the limited and provisional nature of much of the current knowledge in all fields; see how...

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Physics and Maths tutoring - Conducted by a PhD student of QUT, Brisbane

I am passionate about teaching high school students who require guidance in Mathematics (Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra, Algorithms, Arithmatics etc. ) and Physics. Moreover, all the Civil Engineering related subjects to Engineering undergraduates in the Universities. Additionally, I am willing to extend my support for assignments and tutorials too.

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Physics lesson for high school students in Brisbane. An approach with and without math.

I try to adapt different topics to students' needs. I usually try to perform some experiments whenever possible. Otherwise, I create an imaginary experiment and I try to make the student understand it, focusing on the most important consequences of the concepts being studied. Also, I generally attempt to translate mathematical concepts, making it easier to apply them in physics' exercises.

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Krishma, an MBA gives lessons in Maths and Physics to high school students, English language help also available :)

My teaching method is based on understanding what you require to achieve and how can I help you achieve proper learning and understanding to give a strong base to your learning for smooth and successful progression. It will add value for your learning.

Brisbane City
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QUT Maths/IT Student teaches high school students in Brisbane, maths and programming.

I am a firm believer in understanding concepts rather than the monkey-see, monkey-do approach to learning which a lot of maths teachers employ in school. By understanding the fundamental ideas behind mathematics, I have achieved A+ grades throughout Maths B/C in high school and now in university l have received High Distinctions for all units.

Brisbane City
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Media Technology Bachelor of Engineering who loves kids wants to teach your children (Maths, Physics)

My philosophy is that learning and playing are synonyms of each other. Therefore I am always eager to create a light working atmorsphere and involve hobbies of my students into the lessons to make the subjects more interesting. If my student for example likes to play rugby, I am going to integrate examples with which the student can identify him- or herself.

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