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UTS postgraduate engineering student give math lessons of any kind of any level.

I am specifically give lessons on mathematics only no matter what the topic is either its geometry, calculus or algebra etc. My methodology of teaching is to first teach basics of subject most importantly as strong building can only be built upon strong base.

Bondi Junction
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Physicist gives physics and math lessons to high school students in Sydney

Passionate and dedicated teacher. I believe that in order for you to have a strong and solid quantitative formation would help to have a guidance of someone that more than explain the subject can really understand and identify where the students confidence is low and where's their formation gaps needs to be fixed.

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Computer And Electronics Engineering graduate give maths lessons to high school and uni students

I always try to find students weak points on specific subjects and I teach them to make a win-win situation.

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Armidale based Engineer provides maths tutoring to High School and University Students

My teaching method comes from personal experience. Maths is a tool and like all skills if you do not use it you lose it. Many problems in maths requires previous knowledge. I identify weaknesses in either previous or current knowledge, helping you regain your skill.

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Astrophysics Masters graduate in Sydney teaching maths and physics. Patient, friendly and fun!

My sessions will be structured into three main parts to accommodate different learning styles. I will introduce the topic with some talking and conceptual examples, before moving onto worked examples. Then, the student(s) can try some related problems independently with me ready to answer questions, identify areas of weakness and go over anything again.

West Ryde
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Master in Computer security student at Charles Sturt University and studied in Curtin University

As I mentioned, I believe in practical and co-op model. I believe the intrinsic ideology of the education system should be inventive, innovative, integrative and ingenuitive. The lesson structure should be bottom - top approach rather than the random collection of subjective matters. The teacher should have a clear vision on how to deliver the subjective matter effectively.

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UNSW Mechanical Engineering Student and Academic prepares students for Maths and Physics.

My Lesson methodology is based on the background of the topic, structure, and logic of the topic, the importance of the topic, detailed explanation and then the examples of the topic in daily life and surroundings which students can easily relate to.

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Telecommunication Engineering student gives Maths, Physics and Programming lessons in Sydney. Native Spanish speaker.

In Physics and Maths, the usual form of exams is problem-solving based. My methodology is based on the fact that before trying to solve any problem, you must understand the theory. I would say my classes are 60% theory and 40% problem-solving.

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Patrician Brothers' College Fairfield (2018) student (first rank MX1 and MX2) offering maths lessons to high school students in Western Sydney suburbs

I can answer any questions that you have after learning at school, and provide tutorials to harder questions that require a more logical process and critical thinking. I provide questions if required and the lesson structure would be flexible each lesson to the students requirement. I can offer tutoring for both mathematics advanced, and extension 1.

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University of Wollongong student gives Maths and Science lessons to Individual and Group students having a Good experience in these fields.

Firstly, My teaching methodology is solely one-on-one. To understand the student behaviour and his way of learning i prefer to teach classroom based. I do not encourage online based teaching as it cannot develop interaction between instructor and learner. The learner cannot put few doubts forward to get them solved. In my experience, Classroom or offscreen teaching is the best teaching ever.

Spring Farm
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My name is Mina, Electrical Engineer gives Maths&Physics lessons to high school and uni students in Sydney

My teaching method changes from a student to another, if the student is: 1-Paying attention, we make the subject interesting, writing important notes together and discuss the most technical details used nowadays. 2-Moderate, we try to do great in the exams, focusing on laws and memorising them together.

Homebush West
Ron michael
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Civil Engineer giving mathematics tutorial sessions to high school and other interested students.

I base how I teach on how I was taught by my professors before but I will be giving emphasis on key points more thoroughly while making sure that fundamentals and basics are instilled in every student. I was a student that loved shortcuts but appreciated the fundamentals of every lesson. My classes will be focused on those areas of all topics discussed.

Bossley Park
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Physics/Chemistry HSC Tutor - Western Suburbs Sydney - 45 years experience - BSc(Ed)

I use my own notes and exercises - these are based on the current (2018) and the 2019 syllabus as a template for the notes - students work through the workbook with me as required - either individually or small group at your location or online

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Master in IT student gives maths and chemistry lesson to high school students

My teaching Methodology will be based on student active involvement in classroom. Following easy and creative way to explain each lesson and units . Understanding their basic difficulties in learning process. Giving assignment and project work, allowing for group discussion in classroom.

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Medical student with high rank in the university can teach all aspects of science, math and health. Experienced as secondary school tutor.

When I started teaching I was a student too. I find that teaching is also a kind of study. My class is more like an interactive kind than a normal lecture. I like to make my students get involved in all task I create for class activities rather than sitting and waiting for the time to end the class.

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I'm an professional engineer from Nepal having great fond of teaching subjects like physics and mathematics.

My teaching methodology is simple and student friendly. I go topic to topic relating with our daily activities so that the learner can get it easily and last for long tie. I think that everyone is an student and learning till we die.

Bass Hill
Philip chennakudy
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Western Sydney university Research student gives lessons to high school and university students in sydney

My teaching methodology is lecture and tutorials. I will give an in depth lecture of the concepts two to three times. To visualise the concept well i give application based lectures. This will be followed by tutorials to understand concepts.

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University of New South Wales Civil Engineering Student able to give math/physics/chemistry tuition to kids currently in school(primary to high school).Pay Negotiable.

I am not sure if I have a unique teaching style or not, however I do not allow my students to just learn their content. I make sure the student has understood said topic and is able to make other people understand this topic as well. This is when I know that the student has thoroughly understood as my student is able to replicate my teachings.

Erskine Park
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I am a Degree holder Major in General Science, teaching in various subjects

My teaching method depends on the child's interest. I can make use of the interactive method if the child wants more interaction and make use of other methods as possible. I base my lesson on the area that the child needs to improve. I approached the subject from simple to complex depending on the level of the child.

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Experienced tutor from Sydney University (Medical School) offering tuition in the Sciences & Maths.

-What makes me a great tutor? Graduated with an ATAR of 99.00 from James Ruse Agricultural High School. Band 6s in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics extension 1, English Advanced. I have always enjoyed that lightbulb moment others get when I explain some concepts to them.

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Sydney University Philosophy and Business Student, gives math lessons to students in Sydney

Mathematics I inspire confidence in my students by getting them to realize the powers of logic and reasoning they all innately possess. A lot of students I came across are intimidated by mathematics because they feel "math is not my thing". Fast paced classroom environment annihilates the possibility for student to appreciate the exciting and delicate process of problem solving.

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Graduate Aeronautical engineer giving Math lessons for hight school and university students. Math related lessons for uni students: ex, differential equations

My teaching method is student-centered approach where students play equally active role with me during learning process. My primary role is to coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material, and to measure student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment, like group projects, student portfolios, and class participation.

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Hay. I can teach you physics and mathematics of intermediate level in Ingleburn on daily bases at your home.

I can teach you at your home in a way that I will first make your basic strong and then go to the topic and will lecture it to you.

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Aiming to make the concepts easier for students to grab them and use in their exams and practical lives.

My teaching is to make learning more easier for students, in order to make concepts for science and mathematics simple with tricks to solve them with understanding what could else be done with that.

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UNSW mechatronic engineering student, gives lessons for Maths & Physics in Sydney

Hi there, this is Jay. I finished my HSC in 2017, in which I received band 6s in both Maths extension-1 and Maths extension-2, as well as an overall atar of 96.55.

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Mathematics and Physics lessons from a high achieving University of Wollongong student in and around Wollongong

As a current university student, it was not too long ago that I was completing high school myself. This allows me to have increased knowledge of how students in this position think and act. I believe the best way to learn is through questions and this will be the majority of any of my lessons.

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I'm a student of Networking(master) whose style of teaching Maths and Physics is simple but very enjoyable.

I don't believe in giving lecture. According to me interactive style of teaching is very productive and it makes any topic interesting. I would prefer to teach students who lag behind in their academics. My name is Sujan Giri.

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UTS Engineering Student gives maths lessons to middle school and high school

I follow Richard Feynman's method of 'teach to learn' and I would first instill a sense of confidence in the student because negativity in their answers makes them feel as though they are incompetent which would make their performance worse.

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I am currently enrolled in Medical School at the University of Wollongong. I have a passion for mathematics, learning, and teaching! :)

My teaching method will be based on the current curriculum that the student is enrolled in. I would look at the subject throughout the year, and gather and create a personalised study plan for the year, depending on what is covered in the course.

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MR. Ashimala Isaiah gives physics lessons in Kenya High School, Kenya. He uses expository or heuristic methods of instruction where applicable.

My teaching methodology is specifically student centered. I am always joyful when I experience my students discover scientific concepts on their own. I do topical teachings and give relevant assignments at the end of every lessons. I also do brief reviews at the beginning of every lesson to check the cognitive ability of my learner(s).

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