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20+ yrs Tutoring & Teaching experiences in Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry from Primary to Tertiary level. Can travel or host (in Bentley, Perth). Ex-Head of Department & ATAR/WACE Exam Marker. Profe

I like to empower snd facilitate students to acquire confidence in their subject areas by providing differentiated, exciting, well planned (but motivating) lessons that engage the student in tne learning process fully. Watch me- I have fun frequently fighting fictitious falsehoods facilitating fancy failing feats and facts like “...

East Victoria Park
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Professional Engineer with over 6 years industry experience offers practical tuition in Perth

I am an open and honest communicator. Let's work together to identify your specific goals and I will tailor your experience to meet your needs. We can work through the theory and apply real world examples to maximise your learning experience.

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1st year engineering student at UWA who has a passion for teaching and learning. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English

I prefer to organise my lessons with the student providing me material that needs attention and then working through the problem areas. I believe this is the most time effective method and where my help can be best used. Of course if the student has another preferred method i am more than happy to follow the style of learning they achieve best using.

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UWA Perth student teaches Maths and Science to all year levels. I live in Ellenbrook Perth and like to organize lesson via coming to your place or my place or via webcam

Each student has a different mindset and different understanding level. We can't apply same methods and strategies to everyone. Before starting a new topic, I like to recall basic concepts related to the topic. Practice makes a man perfect. I make students do lots of practice by means of worksheets and interesting activities.

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I am an engineering student at UWA with tutoring experience gives maths, physics, chemistry and French lessons to WACE students in Perth

My method of teaching is to get the students to do questions and practice what they have learnt in class so they can consolidate the information they need for their exams and later in life. Also help the students to study smarter not harder and to get the best marks they can get.

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ECU Engineering student giving maths lessons in Perth, Cockburn and Joondalup area.

While giving my students the theoretical knowledge required, I work more towards giving them more practical knowledge like doing problems, as I believe that you learn better through practice. Also, I help students to practice on their own and overcome all fears.

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Experienced Tutor teaching Chemistry and Physics, at primary school to highschool levels with past notes and exams

My teaching method depends on the student and studies they undertake. I am strict with pre reading and homework for progression of the students learning. Problem solving is a priority as well. However Im easy going person and flexible to accomodate.

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UWA Medical Science Student gives Year 11's and 12's lessons in Chemistry, Physics, English and Human Biology

Students can come with their textbooks/questions/notebooks and we can work on the problems they are struggling with and cover the course content in an intelligible manner. I have a wide range of notes, tests, worksheets and mock exams plus their answers and offer an easy, patient and comprehensive tutoring style so students can easily understand the course syllabus.

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8 years of seasoned professional & an electrical engineer - Proficient in Physics & maths

My teaching method is more of relating the studies to real life. I am sure we relate to things that we see daily than to things which we find virtual & read & see in the books. Lessons will be completed before time just to make you correlate what the lessons actually meant. I have tried implementing what i have learnt through my research jobs.

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Civil Engineer gives math lessons and school support to higschool students in Perth

I am civil engineer from Spain. I am 25 years old. Studing english in Perth so I don't have high level, in the other hand I have high level of maths knowledge. As a great student, I can teach about studies method.

Banksia Grove
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Post graduate student in mechanical engineering(ECU) imparting skills in the field of mathematics and physics

I am really enthusiastic about teaching skills and short-cuts to master the subjects of physics and mathematics. Having a good grasp of the basic concepts is really important to pursue a career in engineering science. Being a post-graduate student myself really gives me an advantage to have higher aptitude in the concerned field.

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- Graduated in Physics give maths and physics lessons to primary school, high school and uni students in Perth. - 4 years of teaching and tutoring experience. - In-home or local library tutoring sessi

My teaching method is understanding the concept of lessons and practices to find solutions in easy ways. I will create an outline for my student to help them get the concept of lessons and prepare for the next lessons. I can help in their homework.

Shenton Park
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UWA Engineering Graduate give maths lessons to high school and uni students in Perth

My teaching methodology varies with different students, however, the methodology applied is based on the student's course syllabus, personal academic goals, personal studying methodology, and strengths and weaknesses. I will come up with some possible study plans and students can choose their preferences based on their personal interests.

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Preservice teacher, Undergraduate in Organic Chemistry, looking to tutor in Highschool science

My teaching method revolves around building trust with my students. I personally believe that building mutual trust between student and teacher is pivotal in building a safe learning environment whereby the student feels safe to express themselves. In a classroom this might generally mean the student is able to answer questions, and feel safe enough to do so without 100% certainty of their answer.

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I have a very good background in Physics and Chemistry and have 10 years of experience.

I always try to become friendly with my students. I always try to give example with the relative topics and try to give more information about those topics. I also try to give the information which is important to understand the topics.

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Dual Masters and curtin student , giving Maths, Science, and English lessons in Perth to school, high school, uni students

I believe that demonstrating and collaboration are the most effective teaching methods at the secondary school. The side benefit is the development of communication skills and teamwork. However, I have experience with all main teaching methods, including explanation, demonstration, learning by teaching, as well as some unorthodox methods, for example learning by playing.

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Mathematics and physics tutoring at all levels taught by a passionate PhD

Students explain their difficulties to some particular problems, and we then have a discussion on solving them. I also can supply some problems based on their needs or their upcoming test. And change the atmosphere when the students get bored.

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Perth Math + physics student teaching student from primary to high school (all ages)

My teaching method is person to person based. Patience and communication is the key to learning anything new or understanding old practice. Being an "outside the box" thinker, I am able to show people different ways to approach different challenges, and will find away to make sure they understand. Anyone can learn math.

Victoria Park
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Curtin University student, tutoring Maths in Victoria Park and surrounds. Earned 96.95 ATAR in public school and High distinctions in Engineering Maths. Strong fundamentals are key to true learning

I'm a very relaxed person, someone who would rather work together through a few initial questions, then step back to let students try for themselves. When problems arise I'm able to step back in and break down solutions into smaller segments, which can be easier to understand.

Wattle Grove
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Qualified and registered high school science teacher with the ability to teach a broad range of science subjects up to ATAR level

My teaching style is underpinned by the concept of a "relational classroom" where the the student feels comfortable in taking academic risks and making their voice heard. I want my students to understand that I am there to help them, not to judge them or ‘force’ them to learn.

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Experienced PhD Physicist provides Physics and Maths tutorial service in Perth WA

My teaching is based on getting to know exactly where each of my students are at when I first encounter them and then working patiently and thoughtfully with them towards their desired goals.

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(will be) a high school graduate who looks forward to sharing his own understanding with new learners

I'd like to teach the students who are passionate, however, struggling with receiving high achievements. I am very confident that I can help you. And this is my target of being a tutor. -If it is a new topic, I will cover the content at a fast pace and then interact with the students, to show their understanding and enquiries.

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High Achieving BSc Graduate gives math lessons at any level up to university

Since I have a very broad knowledge of mathematics, I can give lessons in all areas of mathematics, from algebra to geometry, trigonometry to statistics.

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Extroverted UWA Civil Engineering Student with a mind for numbers. Are you struggling with math or physics?

I am a math and physics guy, these are what I love and what I'm good at. I am a quick learner and know all their is to know about math and specialist math in high school to level 1 Uni Math.

South Perth
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Exchange student at UWA studying maths, law and social sciences! I can help with maths, physics, biology and French until High School level

I do believe that when it comes to studying, the teacher (or tutor) must listen to what are the strengths of his student, how best his student thinks he can remember and work on his subjects. Some people are better with listening, other with reading. I don't believe there is only one way of teaching someone, we always have to adapt.

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Hi, I have achieved 98 ATAR in WACE and currently studying in Curtin University, Perth WA. I am confident to provide tutoring in Maths Methods, Physics and Chemistry in Year 11 and 12.

I am currently studying radiation therapy in Curtin University in WA. My lessons are mostly for Year 11 and 12 students that are preparing for their university entry exam (WACE). During lesson, students can come to me with questions they are confused about or request me to explain in a particular topic that they are not familiar with.

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Graduate Aerospace Engineer from the UK, is enthusiastically looking forward to tutor you for Maths & Physics !

Short & sweet lessons will be delivered at your home, fast and easy methods of learning will be introduced.

Tuart Hill
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ECU Master of engineering student with teaching experience as a lecturer at Bunbury campus

I am a 36 years old man with a master's degree in Civil/Geotechnical Engineering. My confidence and amiable speaking style allows me to establish trust and assist in building a positive relationship. I have the ability to convey information simply and effectively.

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Learn mathematics from the best – A UWA’s Masters Graduate Civil Engineer.

I am a recent Civil Graduate from UWA. To complete such a course requires excellent maths skills - fortunately, I do. The structure of the lessons will be similar to how I studied through school and Uni - 50minutes study then 10minutes break and continue.

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I am a recently graduated student from Rossmoyne Senior Highschool and I am teaching all primary school maths and science as well as highschool maths and physics.

I teach all my students in a way that fosters understanding rather than learning by rote. When I explain a concept, the people I tutor are almost amazed that they didn't come to the same conclusion themselves due to my explanations being clear, simple and logical.

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