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Mechanical Engineering student teaches mathematics and physics classes for high school and below

I base my methodology in the same way I see in university classrooms, a brief theoretical explanation of the content followed by a great deal of exercise, since the best way to learn and understand the exact sciences is through repetition.

Fort Myers
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College professor and former high school teacher with a decade of experience.

I begin by having a conversation and self-assessment of what the student feels is hindering their progress or causing confusion (if anything). If there are roadblocks I look to see what foundational concepts that relate to those topics that may be holding the student back.

Carlos adrian
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Electronics Engineer, teaches mathematics, physics and spanish courses. In a particular way, precensual and online.

My teaching methodology is the understanding of the level of the student, looking for the flaws of learning. To correct them and improve performance. Where excellent communication with students is sought, leaving fear aside. In addition, self-employment and good mood in the classroom is imperative.

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Student of Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and an Engineer in ECE

My teaching method involves real time examples so as to make students understand the concepts better and their practical implications where ever possible.

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Personalized learning of science in chennai by simple methods by abhirami vinoth


West Palm Beach
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B.S. Chem Engineer gives tutoring in all HS math & sciences (6 yr exp)

My method is "practice, practice, practice!" After the concert is taught properly, practical experience brings proficiency. The lessons need to be structured to read, listen and ask questions, presentation of the subject (misconceptions gone), and practice solving problems. Then, we practice test on higher order thinking test questions that EOC, ACT/SAT, AP/IB tests require.

New Delhi
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Passed out engineer gives Special coaching for Maths and Physics from X to XII

I focus on basics of the student. I prefer to keep the class size small. Helps the students to understand the base of any problem even if we have to go to lower level. Then I make the student practice his base so that he can learn it and can solve even difficult problems.

Sai savithaa
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Engineer + Teacher gives tuitions in all subjects upto middle school in Chennai

My teaching methods involve Inquiry-based modelling and Responsive Classroom style of teaching, which focus on inspiring creativity and critical thinking. My students will be required to voice out their opinions regularly and choose the best method for them to improve, with constant reflection on their progress.

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University Physics Student offering Maths and Physics lessons up to A-level in Maidstone

I will give lessons to any students who are taking any level of Maths or Physics up to and including A-Level. My teaching method is to focus on answering exam style questions in order to prepare students for that particular style of question.

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Engineering aspirant knows the struggle and have a solution for each problem you face ;)

I mix audio and visual effects and try to be as simple as the concept can be.

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If you want to see the Magic of maths then call me

My teaching skills is different from others because I give deep knowledge to my students and I don't follow ratta fication method.

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Current Oxford engineering student looking to teach GCSE/A level Maths, Further Maths and Physics.

I like to tailor my approach to suit the needs of every individual. It is entirely up to the student to pick a topic that he/she needs help with and I will make sure we go through problem sets until sufficient understanding is obtained. I do not prepare teaching material.

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Aeronautical Engineering Student based in Kota, teaches English, Mathematics, Chemistry with an Experience of 4 years

As a tutor I do not take bulk students but very few at a time. I prefer giving individual attention to every to my students and understand the areas they face problems in. Being a student of the modern education system I blend in easily with my students and easily interact with them encouraging them to do better.

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Math and other lessons. Primary, high school and DUT courses. Exam preparation.

With me, no fuss, we go to the essential without wasting time so that the course is clear and effective. I hate to waste time and I really like infusing knowledge. I am a good pedagogue as my colleagues can attest. Session theory, exercises and test subjects to prepare well :) See you soon! Do not hesitate to contact me (concealed information).

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Computer Engineer gives tuitions in maths, physics and algorithms from high school to college students in Delhi-NCR and online.

My teaching methodology is simple, start from very basics and keep on concentrating on them until they are clear, rest is just a jumbled up mixture of those basics. Teaching Methodology : 1. Main emphasis on learning rather than cramming. 2. Demonstration class. 3. Discussions about the doubts and latest technology. 4. Brainstorming by giving small tasks and real life problems. 5.

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Aeronautical Engineer delivering easy to learn lessons in Maths and Physics in Glasgow

I'm Daniel and I provide theory and practical lessons such as lectures and tutorials. I have easy methods to remember crucial information and perform calculations. I taught my sister during her schooling and she passed maths (of which she was not keen on) with flying colours.

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Robotic Engineering student offering maths, further maths and physics lessons in Leeds

I appreciate that all students learn differently and so I like to adapt my style for each learner. My main foundations however are making the topics interesting and engaging through relevant examples and also ensuring a firm understanding of the core subject matter so that it can be built upon later.

New Delhi
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A teacher currently taking Science classes at intermediate level (Also an aspiring Bureaucrat)

I try to learn the concept as if i have to make someone understand it, then, ask different questions to myself and try to reach to a simple logical explanation. Then, using a creative day to day life approach, i explain the concepts to the student.

New Delhi
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Mechanical Engineering graduate with solid knowledge of Science, Mathematics and English in Delhi

I assess the weak points in a student and work on them. My approach is friendly yet professional at the same time. I teach from the basics and cover every topic in depth. I do not go by the clock and do not mind giving in extra time.

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Graduated in Electrical Engineering teaches mathematics for high school students in Campinas

My teaching method is based on the individuality of each student, since each presents a way with which he feels more comfortable. This approach makes the learning level high and ensures better results. In addition, I always rely on continued efforts - build a solid foundation for the student to solve and reflect on countless exercises.

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Everything around us encapsulates the concept of Physics. Henceforth, it has always been a subject of interest to me. Get detailed tutorials on physics. -Alumnus of NIT Jalandhar

Approach to my Turorials:Theory for basic understanding and practical examples for better understanding. Only knowing is not enough, getting it anchored in frontal lobe is what matters the most. It is of much importance to have a strong grip over every subject for a hurdle free educational journey.

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Physics for 11th, 12th, JEE Mains and Advance and other competitive Exams.

To explain the concepts we will take help of flash animations made by me, some important youtube video links will be provided to elaborate on the topic. Plenty of solved examples will be used to show the application part of the concept.

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Class to learn in better way upto 10th student join me for fast learning

I did my schooling with full scholarship in JNV-CBSE board by qualifying government exam. Did college from best Science College in city. MBA from ICFAI university. I use best practices of teaching while teaching a student, first clearing the basics then took him in position to solve the problem by their own.

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Don't just learn. Be your own teacher with me. With me it will be a group study. You and me. I want to teach math, algebra, and trigonometry

Teaching is shearing. Like our body's cell. With me you can be your own teacher. Just follow your passion. If you are right great obstacles will come. How much you complete you obstacles is your success rate.

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An experienced Qualified Engineering PhD holder with experience and skill to bring excellence in you.

The best way of my teaching is to teach student how to learn. I do believe each and every student has talent, potential, energy and an erg to learn and excel. Interest in subject in a motivating force for teaching. I do create that. Find out learning difficulties in each and every student.

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To enhance the skills you already have in an easy way possible

I use my own approach of teaching that will not stress the student on their mind. I will ensure that the teaching is always smooth with proper two way communication so that the student feels free to ask doubts. I am a very friendly person with strict teaching method to implant the skills in right way into students.

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A-level Mathematics Student looking to teach GCSE Maths and science in Tendring

I am a high-achieving A-level student aiming to help others get the GCSE grades I did.

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An engineer graduate can able to tech the technical classes of the pre schooling and 12 th standard level of subjects

my teaching method based up on the latest techniques which are made to understand and keep remember for an student became ease. there is no structure of the class i can handle upto 15 students per class ,since the 15 students i suggest them to understand very easily . i can teach for graduate level of engineering mechanics particularly for thermodynamics & strngth of materials.

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Student Engineering gives classes in Mathematics and Physics, face-to-face classes and webcam

It is based on a practical and objective way of teaching, with demonstrations and examples of practical applications. I have materials that I have used in math and physics content, based on my old teachers, to be able to have a better foundation in the passage of knowledge. I will pass videos-classes of channels that I know for a better understanding.

João Pessoa
Filype anastácio
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Electrical Engineer teaches math and physics classes for elementary and junior high school in Joao Pessoa.

My methodology is based on the review of the theory seen in the classroom, resolution of exercises to fix the content and application of small tests to accompany the student's learning. This enables your main needs to be identified and healed.

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Perfect! Jacob is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with mathematics. Prior to lessons, Jacob has looked and worked through the content I am doing at school. This is so he could prepare modelling and problems solving...

Anna-rose, Student
2 months ago
(3 reviews)

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