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Paris 14e
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Young engineer offers math, physics and English class in Paris 14 during the week.

Recent graduate in Engineering I teach mathematics, physics and English (several years of experience). My method is based on practice. Revision of lectures, exercises, help with homework, preparation of tests. Tips to learn. Conversational English at all levels, with new themes addressed in each lesson.

Paris 14e
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Engineer offering private tutoring Maths/Physics for all levels.

Mechanical/Process Engineer (Bac +6) with a Masters from UPMC Paris 6. I have more than 5 years of experience in home tutoring. I offer courses in Maths/Physics for all levels. My objective is to provide my students with the right methodology of studying, and to motivate them to work. Do not hesitate to contact me for more info.

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Graduated Engineer of the Ecole Centrale de Lille proposes to teach Math and/or Physic

I am just graduated of the Ecole Centrale de Lille and prepares a trip to New Zealand (starting January 2016). Meanwhile, I am giving some courses in mathematics and / or physics. The method of the courses depends on the needs of the pupil or student. The idea is to work initially on understanding concepts (explain the concept / exercises).

Paris 19e
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Collège and middle school teacher

- Strengthening of Mathematics databases. - Practical ways to better understand the exams / competitions. - Development of autonomy and self-confidence. - Acquisition of the mathematical sense and scientific intuition. I regularly give homework surcharge, whose difficulty and length are relevant.

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Young engineer teaches mathematics, Physics and Autocad

Young civil engineer, graduated from the EIVP in Paris, I try to share my expertisse and knowledge. With a scientific background (preparotory classes and engineering school), my teaching is about scientific rigor and to constructive exchanges.

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Tutor in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science (2nd, 1st, Tle) in Antony

The course is designed for high school students (from "2nd" to "Tle") all specialties. Sessions include: revisions of key concepts, targeted exercises and helps to "DM". I'm pretty patient and know detect the origin of the difficulties to better diagnosis. Which facilitates progression thereafter.

Marseille 8e
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Computer engineer gives lessons any level Maths, English (bilingual), or support for youth

Graduated with a Masters in Computer Science at ecole centrale of Marseille in 2004, I worked in IT consulting . I really enjoy the teaching effort to adapt to any level in a frendly and effective way. I worked six years abroad in the US, and hence can also teach english. I am available to train on the long-term.

Paris 5e
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Student Mines ParisTech: mathematics, physics, chemistry and German at Paris

Pupil of the engineering school of Mines in Paris, having obtained the dual German and French pan (Abibac), I offer home tutoring in math, physics and German. Living in the Latin Quarter and is available weeknights for college or high school students, I have excellent working methods for the preparatory class and am patient and efficient in my work.

Paris 18e
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Mathematics tutoring CPGE, or bachelor level.

I propose to give private lessons in maths, bac + 1, bac + 2 or bac +3. These courses can be done regularly or not. I can move to your place or at mine.

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Student in final year of engineering school (Bac +5) gives private lessons in science, English and other high school to college level in Juvisy

- Courses addressed to college level students (all subjects) / school (science, English) / IUT (science, English) + Office if necessary - Numerous training on software such as AutoCAD, CATIA / Solidworks, classic open office office - Courses unfolds with some methodology, theoretical and a practical part with large sample exercises and anal controls and plug-corrected method to proceed in stages...

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Independent Professor, Doctor of Earth Sciences, provides math, physics, chemistry and Biology in Strasbourg

Tom courses, independent Professor, Doctor of Earth Sciences offers courses Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences and Earth to Strasbourg college (and vicinity). Authorized for Personal Services, I take my clients to a tax reduction (or tax credit) of 50% on the cost of my services. I accept the payments service employment checks (CESU) Prices: 25 € / h (12.

Paris 1er
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I am an international student, I have finished my studies in physics and mathematics in Russia, now I studied at Polytechnic

My classes are for the people who want to study the Russian language with native speakers. I know the physics and mathematics as well.

Paris 14e
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Particular courses in maths and physics for all levels to bac+1

The courses are offered for all levels and all sectors to bac+ 1 with an adaptation for both the student's pace and his/her assimilation capacities.

Paris 14e
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PhD student in engineering gives tutoring nonlinear dynamical systems, automatic, robust control, math, English, and physical preparation for the engineering school contest. To prefer

Courses for expats, foreigner Students, french Students Who want to prepare for the "contest for engineering school" and for the exams of Such masters. I use a method Rigorous since I give courses at university as Ph.D.

(2 reviews)

French engineer in chemistry tutoring maths, chemistry, physics, french on the Internet

I'm 24 and I graduated from the School of Engineering Chemistry of Lille. I now work as a materials engineer. I am patient, methodical and friendly. I like to help and share my knowledge with others. I give Maths, physics, chemistry, french, at all levels.

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Student in physics and mathematics provides tutoring math and physics.

Hello there! My name is Gerard and I am a fourth year student in physics and mathematics. I can offer you physics and maths classes at any level (I have taught to boys and girls aged 8 to 20 years). I can also offer Spanish and English classes.

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TOULOUSE - Great tutoring in Mathematics High School - University with real improvement for students

Summer vacation may be the best time to review its foundation in math. Schoolboy terminal S motivated and experienced in tutoring math, I prefer a return to the main points of the program followed kinds of exercise sessions. During the past two years, I took students for exams Diplôme National du Brevet (DNB) and the Junior Cert (Brevet Irish) who all achieved their exams.

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A College student studying bpharm give physics,bio , chemistry and math lessons

I usually give classes to students belonging to secondary level.

São Paulo
(1 review)
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MSc in Astronomy (USP) teaches Physics for elementary and middle school students.

Graduation in Astronomy and currently in the Master program in Astronomy at USP. I give private physics classes (individual or group) for elementary, middle and high school students. I attend the place of choice. Focus on the specific needs of the student.

Sonu kumar
1st lesson free !

Where there is will there is a way.. start your preparation and have a great life ahead

I'm Er Sonu Singh For any teacher teaching is not the purpose of earning money but to make a better society Teachers are the back bone of society I can also teach those who is too dumb students who are interested or not interested in study everyone can come

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Student engineering school provides tutoring math and physics at Toulouse for all levels

I am a student at Supaéro and I did two years of preparatory class MP (math and physics). I offer math, physics and chemistry for college level students, high school or Bac + 1. I'm openminded and I adapt easily to my student to propose customized courses according to their needs, whether for understanding courses or solving exercises.

Santo André
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Student of engineering and mathematics, and professor of mathematics at pre university course

my method is to find out the difficulty of the student, and from there to set up a particular syllabus, based on resolution of exercises with progression of difficulty, in addition to monitoring and reviewing the theoretical subject that is the basis of the subject.

New Delhi
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Students of science (physics) can ask the queries and i'll solve these queries

i am a teacher and i am teaching from my graduation. i am post graduate with physics. my teaching method is simple and easily understandable. you can trust me and i'll promise that i'll give you satisfactory solutions.

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Learn physics with the real feel, understanding, and concept at Bhopal city.

I start with basic of the topic and take the topic in depth. your doubt clearing is the first approach to my teaching method.No matter how long you take to cover a topic but your understanding the topic is my next move.

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Put your first step, rest will be unimaginably easy. Science is really easy. Senior teacher for teaching Physics, Chemistry, Maths with 25 years teaching experience.

I start ab initio. In science it is absolutely necessary to understand the basic concepts. Mere memorizing without understanding is very harmful in science and it never works, so I make the students understand conceptually each and every topic. Guiding how to study, is my additional priority. For the rest, students of average caliber can do very well.

1st lesson free !

No student is weak , its the teaching style which differentiate the Student.

you may misunderstood that I teach any student,but in correct word I help students to teach them self.My very first and last motive is to not let the student dependent on anyone,even not on me.Guys I will only help you to help yourself,If you do so.

West Windsor Township
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Admitted Princeton University Engineering student offering physics and math lessons in Mercer Country, New Jersey

I am a graduating high school student attending Princeton University in the fall of 2018 focused on teaching students, ranging from middle school to the junior year of high school, math and physics. My lessons focus on understanding the content and I regularly question the student on their interpretation of the material to reinforce what I have taught.

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Engineering student offering maths and physics lessons in Los Angeles with one year of experience

I teach up to Calculus BC. First I start teaching through examples. After the students get the idea of what's going on I teach them the proper definition or method to help generalize the examples. In addition, I help the students step by step on how to do the problems. Asking questions on whether the approach is valid.

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A university student, ready to tutor in Maths and Sciences in NW London or Durham

All throughout my school life I have believed that understanding the subject is the most important thing, not memorising or learning from markschemes! I teach through explaining the underlying concepts so that everything starts to make logical sense.

La Conner
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Physics graduate student offering man and physics lessons online or in Skagit

I find that in classes like math and physics and strong understanding of core concepts and the ability to relate a new problem to one you've already worked with are the most important. We'll work on what you find hardest.

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Perfect! Jacob is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with mathematics. Prior to lessons, Jacob has looked and worked through the content I am doing at school. This is so he could prepare modelling and problems solving...

Anna-rose, Student
2 months ago
(3 reviews)

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