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Maths lessons from International UniMelb Economics Student. (UK MATHS Trust Bronze Certificate (2016))

QUESTİONS... We will be solving a lot of those. Based on what I have seen after years of studying Maths, the best and the only way to get the top grades is solving as many questions as you can. I will be giving homework and practice questions weekly and I will also expect you to email them if you don't understand.

Palm Cove
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James Cook 3rd Year Dental Student teaching Chemistry, Math, Physics, Biology, and all other Sciences in Cairns

I focus on providing a comprehensive view of the material presented, oriented towards achieving confident and excellent understanding of the curriculum. Each lesson plan includes a specific goal of understanding a certain concept for that session, coupled with a mixture of challenging and exam representative questions.

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James Cook University Medical student who can tutor in maths, chemistry, physics and English.

I prefer for my students to bring me the work they are struggling with so that I can explain, step through the problems with them and then provide practice problems for them to work through. I am a visual and active learner myself so my teaching style will definitely benefit those who are also visual and active learners themselves.

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A friendly ANU Student with curly hair wants you to do great at Math!

Clear explanations are the only foundation for building your knowledge and confidence. This is what you will get from me. I did extraordinarilly well in Y12, but I had trouble early on. In year 7, I didn't even know my times tables. However, I got the support I needed and some great teachers put me at the top of the state by year 12. I want the same for you.

Macquarie Fields
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Ph.D. graduate, an expert at science and engineering, and well-experienced in making high school studies interesting

I believe it is important to make the students understand the applications of the concepts to make them more relatable. Hence, I tend to use a lot of day to day examples to teach the basic concepts of science. For mathematics, I rely on developing quick mental maths, through practice and Vedic mathematics.

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Retired Charles Sturt University physics lecturer (33 years teaching experience) gives physics tutorials to HSC and university physics students in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

I have always enjoyed passing on my passion for physics to my students. I use a tutorial style during my teaching, asking questions as I proceed to see whether students are following my arguments. I discuss the concepts involved and then do tutorial examples to consolidate student understanding.

South Brisbane
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UQ Engineering student tutoring maths/physics for high school students South Brisbane

Maths is about learning and applying - not memorising. Not only can I provide the necessary knowledge, I focus on developing problem solving abilities, critical thinking and alternate approaches to a broad range of mathematical topics.

Queens Park
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Edith Cowan University Master of Education Student Providing Physics Classes up to Secondary level in Perth

I am neither lenient nor strict as teacher. I like to teach students in friendly manner. I usually use story telling method and demonstration method for teaching. My lesson structure are not usually planned they are totally according to the student level and progress. "Practice" is the key to success is the basic thing that i like to follow and make student to follow for Best results.

Peppermint Grove Beach
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Experienced mathematics teacher in Capel area, calculus a specialty. I have a M.A., as well as a Bachelor of Mathematics.

It is based on the conceptual change theory (Posner et al 1982). Firstly, students need to be dissatisfied with their current knowledge in tackling a new problem. This gives them a motivation to learn a new method. Secondly, what they learn should be understandable, using the KISS principle (keep it simple). Thirdly, it should be believable, otherwise students will not accept new ideas.

Kelvin Grove
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OP1 graduate providing tailored maths, physics and chemistry tutoring up to a grade 12 standard in North Brisbane

I base my lessons on what the student would like to work and improve upon. I like to look at their overall course outline to effectively build upon and progress the student in line with the timeline that their school follows to keep them on top of their work. I believe that each student has the ability to achieve success and it is my goal to support them in doing so.

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Master Construction Management student offers Maths and Drawing lessons to students in Geelong

My teaching method is student centered and collaborative. I am flexible with teaching area/environment as long as it is good and safe for the student. I enjoy giving students questions that tests their understanding of the subject and assisting them in solving problems.

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Maths and Science Tutor with over 25 years of teaching experience !

I structure my classes according my student's needs and I prefer to have one-to-one lessons. This ensures each class is tailored to address areas that my student is struggling with. I have an extended collection of textbooks and exam paper which I use to guide my classes.

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HSC Physics Private Home Tutoring - In person, Group and Online Available Now

Once I get to know the student, I create sample problems that are tailored to the students' weaknesses. The problems start with the basics, ensuring that the student has good fundamentals. Once the fundamentals are covered, we will move to harder problems.

Stafford Heights
Romulo jr
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Business Economics graduate gives Math lessons to High School students in Brisbane

The most important thing a tutor can do for a student is being able to be creative and innovative in teaching so that they will learn in the most effective way. A tutor should also go extra mile in teaching, doing more than what the student needs. Lastly, a tutor should be a good friend to the student.

Taylors Hill
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Deakin Engineering student providing physics and math lesson for high school and first-year uni students

• I am a very social and approachable person, therefore, I love to make my classes interesting and engaging. • I don’t believe in the conventional approach followed in schools going one chapter after the other. My lesson structure is tuned to cater to the needs of the student. • Students learn a lot of information in the classroom at school.

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Friendly and helpful medical uni student experienced with the latest ATAR subjects

I base my teaching on the curriculum and using the up to date text books. I like to go through lesson structures on topics that students find difficult and source the right theory and practice questions. I also can hep with study tips and efficient note taking. Approach me with any questions and I will endeavour to help you find and understand the answers so you can smash your ATAR subjects.

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ANU Physics Researcher give Physics and Math lessons to high school and Uni students

For physics and Math lessons I usually introduce the idea or concept to the student, mostly I relate the application it has in their day to day life. Then the student is introduced to problem solving techniques in that particular topic.

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IT Project Manager with a Master's degree gives Math, Physics and IT lessons in Melbourne

As I studied Science from secondary school to my last year of my Master's degree, I've always thought that some concepts are really hard to understand if you can't make it yours. Practical and common examples of some Math methods or Physics laws can make the difference to understand them.

Trinity Gardens
Sisuru sandamal bandara
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University of Adelaide Electronics Engineering Student Teaching Maths to High School Students

My teaching method consists of teaching the relevant concept first, then solving an example problem which involves the previously mentioned concepts, such that students will understand how to apply what they have learned.

Wiley Park
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Maths Tuitions with Uni student studying Education in the field. Explore different styles of learning and find what suits you which will be helpful throughout your learning experiences.

I am a product of the new age. I am good at all types of technology and I am willing to explore different platforms whether it be Skype, Canvas or any other you prefer. We will begin the lesson with a small quiz to test your knowledge so that we can focus on your weakness. The majority of the lecture will contain a lesson with sample exercise I will walk you through.

Potts Point
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Graduated Electrical Engineer gives math lessons to high school and uni students in Sydney

My teaching method depends on each students according to what they need. I have had many different experiences. I usually send homework since I believe it is hard to improve just by what I can offer, therefore there has to be some work on the side.

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QUT Engineering student providing extensive insight into his methodology for all students.

I mainly focus on tutoring the mathematical and concept based engineering courses and also the mathematics and physics courses in high school for year 11 and 12. My methodology will focus on refining the complexity of these courses.

Eschol Park
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Student of University of Technology Sydney who is undergoing Masters in Information Technology and has previous tutoring experience in physics ,chemistry , basic mathematics and cognitive thinking .

My teaching methodology starts with basic introduction to concepts and by presenting powerpoint sessions with videos explaining the mechanisms and process . I include problem solving questions in between for the student to get familiarised with the kind of questions asked in the respective examinations.

(4 reviews)
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MONASH Science postgraduate student helping you beat high school Maths in Melbourne

My main philosophy in teaching is to strengthen one's fundamentals and make students have a clear understanding of the basic concepts, be it maths or physics or even chemistry. I am aware that every student has a different learning curve and capacity.

Dandenong North
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Science student bringing personalized tutoring to high school students in Clayton and surrounding suburbs

from the usual method, I adapt to many different methods based on my students. If everyone was to learn from the same method, then a classroom teacher would suffice. the usual method would be to break down a subject in several parts, introducing a student to these parts and then connecting these parts together, like a puzzle. though this approach is mostly used for science subjects.

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Mechanical Engineering Graduate to Give Mathematics Lessons to Any Students in Brisbane

Personally, from previous experience during my own school time and with the teaching I have completed already, I have found that truely understanding the fundamentals of any subject are the core to success in that area.

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Chemistry and Mathematics graduate teaches Maths, Physics and Chemistry near Tahmoor, NSW

Many people are intimidated by mathematics and science, because they do not have the correct foundations. I will help you to discover what you already know. I will teach you to build from what you already know, to what you do not yet know. Mathematics and science should never feel mysterious. There is always a reason! I will help you to understand *why* things work the way they do.

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QUT Education Student give private maths lessons to primary and secondary students on the Gold Coast.

My method of teaching is very flexible. Through my private tuition I can assist my students with their school work, assignments and prepare them for their exams. I have been teaching students with mathematics for several years now so I can easily gauge their level of understanding and adapt to their learning style.

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Experienced Science, Physics and Mathematics Teacher available to teach in Port Stephens, NSW

I am an approachable and friendly teacher who makes connections with people easily. I work with students to identify their strengths and help them to improve on areas of weakness. I will go through the chosen topic area with students to assess where they are struggling, then focus on those areas.

(2 reviews)
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Physics student at UOW - Highly experienced and dedicated to tutoring Physics and Math

Each student needs a different teaching style. For all cases, I do what Elon Musk always talks about: It's best to break things down to their fundamental truths and reason up from first principles. Additionally, I firmly believe that "nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough." I see teaching Maths and Sciences much like what we'd do if we were to (say) go fishing.

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Perfect! I am glad that I found Mr. Jatinder Pal Singh as a tutor for me. I really enjoyed my lessons from him. He is really awesome teacher who could very easily take me to the roots of the concept and soon I could realised myself enjoying the topics. He...

Harry, Student
3 months ago
Jatinder pal singh
(18 reviews)

Perfect! Lakshmi is a perfectionist. She masters her skill. She's an excellent teacher. I am blessed and grateful to have Lakshmi as my son's tutor. Thank youuu so much. We appreciate your help.

Kavitha, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Ami has tutored our 11 yr old son for maths for three weeks. Lessons are going great, our son is actually enjoying maths for the first time and looks forward to Ami coming. She is on time, enthusiastic and efficient and our son is getting through...

Domenic, Student
9 months ago
(1 review)

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