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Physics and Mathematics classes by a Ph.D (Physics) professional in Halifax, NS

I teach using notes and examples through notebook/board writing. I use ipad and computer also to bring necessary notes and teaching material for students. I cover basics fundamentals to necessary curriculum meeting student understanding on subject. I personally make sure rise inconfidence of my students through my teaching methods.

Piraí do Sul
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PhD in Physics teaches Introductory and Advanced Physics, Calculus, Analytical Geometry, and Linear Algebra.

My teaching methodology relies on online classes with thoughtful content exposition and exercices resolutions. I often suggest my students to send me a list of topics he or she has more difficulty with, as well as the exercises that seem more confusing. In this way, a personalized class is prepared for each student.

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Engineering student offering Maths and Physics online lessons up to university level

I am going to have different approaches for different students, depending on the grade they are aiming for and the reason they study the subject.

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Student in an engineering college gives tuition to students up to 10th standard. I teach Mathematics, Science and English.

My teaching strategy is quite friendly. In my school days even I had a personal tutor who used to be very friendly and this is the reason I learnt to become a friend first and then a teacher. It makes learning fun.

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Electrical Engineering Student at Indian Institute of Engineering ,tutored mathematics and physics to friends and people around me and always got a positive feedback

my teaching method involves building concepts by solving problems so it becomes more interesting than just saying whats already there in the text book ,and then guiding to practice enough problems to ace every concept.

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Queens Engineering Student Tutor for Math and Science. Boost your final grades without breaking the bank.

I like to approach tutoring session with lots of flexibility, playing it by ear and assessing the areas where the student needs the most improvement. I believe the "secret sauce" to my tutoring is in how I transfer my own way of learning into teaching students. My focus on understanding in order to achieve great results.

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High school to 10+2 college level of physics and math also. I am completed B.Tech with ECE in 2014 from BPUT Rourkela Odisha.

My teaching method is that introducing the topic. Briefly describe the given topic which type to understand the student. My class room will arranged both boys & girls shitting away from one to another because various comments and disturbance created by non other itself class room student. My AIM to motivate towards right thought and right way to all students.

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Final Year Undergraduate Student in IIT Guwahati, Love to help student in understanding Mathematics, Physics and Programming. I have professional teaching experience of 6+ months

I'm a 20 years old kid living in IIT Guwahati. I like to read, travel a lot and would like to earn some pocket money by teaching. if you want to learn and have some fun while doing so, I am the right person for that. I prefer to start a topic by explaining the basic theory and basic concepts and tries to explain complicated concepts through problem-solving.

New Delhi
Shailesh kumar
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Iit/aieee 10th,9th, 8th, gov job home tutor for better future and excellent command.

I teach my student with both practical and theoretical knowledge.I prefer to teach only to the point and what is important and useful.I am very friendly while teaching so they not going to feel any pressure. I love to ake study entertaining so that my student won't get bored.

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London based Maths & Science GCSE tutor (with in school experience) Online & in-person

I believe in a developing a teaching style tailored for each student's particular needs... some pupils respond better to strict guidelines and prescribed homework, whilst others prefer a more informal discussion about the work and to tackle questions as they come up in the context of the coursework.

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Student in National Institute of Technology, Bhopal gives tuition in high school physics and maths.

My teaching methodology is mainly based on to develope "problem solving skills" , as I believe theoritical concepts can only be cleared by applying them at suitable situation.To make students think logically and efficiently about the subject without memorizing, other than some significant data, is my foremost concern as a teacher.

New Delhi
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Demo class is absolutely free of cost. Apart from the teaching I also do career counseling as it is required time to time because the outside world is not so easy to survive. I ll provide you all the

First I analyse the requirement of the student from where should I start. And mainly focus on the concept ,once it cleared nothing would remain.

Sulzbach am Main
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Math tuition in Aschaffenburg from industrial engineering student for grades 5 to 13, also high school diploma

My teaching methods are very structured and goal-oriented. Using manuals, I am simplifying Mathematical Procedures and giving guidance to my students individually. Since I was not the best at first, I know what the students lack for understanding and try to clarify this.

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Let's enjoy Thermodynamics from concept to application in an innovative learning Process

Concept building through interactive session that consists of key lectures,PPT/PPS presentation, Virtual Industry exposure. Inter mediate learning involves Case study of related industrial topic As a part of advance learning student can learn about roles and responsibily of thermodynamic engineer and skill required to become a professional in this subject.

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Engineering professional expertise in teaching chemistry, physics, and maths to high school students

I believe in interactive learning sessions and put my best efforts to enhance learning abilities of my students. I am able to put students at ease, make them comfortable, and teach complicated concepts in an easy manner. I work very hard to minimize student's weaknesses. I create learning exercises for each student and provide constructive feedback to students on a timely basis.

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Student in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Provide tuitions in Maths and Physics for School and 10+2 students.

My method of teaching simple. Go with the flow and solve them in the simplest way. Math is a subject that is day by day made simpler in comparison. I've learnt enough and I'm willing share all those methods to you.

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Enginnering Graduate gives Tution for Physics from high School to 12, and NEET / JEE training

Incorporated various methods of teaching, ensuring students were actively engaged namely; Discussion Method with students, encouraging students to speak.

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University Science Student Gives Maths and Physics Lessons for Grades 4-12 in Winnipeg

My teaching methods will vary based on how the student learns, but I believe learning how to solve problems is more important than just memorizing. I will try to give both a theoretical and a practical explanation for topics to better explain them. I will focus on the topics students need for school but I can explain more advanced topics for students with an interest in maths and physics.

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A scholar in IISER Bhopal; I give Math, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science(C and C++) lessons to students of class 9th to 12th and undergraduates.

I believe in understanding things rather than cramming them, it always helps in further studies. My Teaching Methodology is quite simple. First of all, I introduce the subject, different topics involved in it and then I explain the concepts following with examples. I always try to clear doubts as much as possible and explain things again if needed.

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Completed b.tech in 2018 and wants to teach science and maths to senior secondary level. I have good communication and teaching skills

My teaching method is very easy and efficient that any students can learn from me to any topic. I'll teach in best way. I will ptovide notes to every topic I'll going to teach.

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Physicist specialized in the area of ​​High Energy Physics, prepare classes of Physics and Mathematics

My methodology consists of guiding the student to different problem resolution methods, through the resolution of a work sheet with the student. Each problem is solved in steps, making more understandable and suitable for the student. Personally, I am very flexible to changes to situations that may occur in the learning procces, so do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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An engineer with practical vision. Good at maths and physics. More interested in poor students.

My focus is on practical applications of concepts. One must visualise things happening. From very basics day to day examples to advance level by practising. Love to groom who really struggle in subjects. English and Hindi language is preferred only.

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McGill student gives math and programming classes for high school students in Montreal

I am very outgoing and easygoing so my teaching method is not exactly teaching, but helping students individually. I normally base on textbooks and specific topics initially, and then move on to practice questions. I believe that practice makes perfect.

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Engineering graduate holds command over various subjects like maths and physics from home

My teaching methodology is based on 'zero' level basics. I like to start from basics and then teach to the level of expertise.I like to teach my students from basic level and does not expect my student to know anything about the topic,leave everything to my responsible shoulders.

New Delhi
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I am an electrical engineer and I have been Tutoring online for 2 years and is well versed in the way of communicating with the students so that they are better able to understand the concept.

I started tutoring in school only teaching kids in III and IV grade that time while preparing for boards simultaneously.I have been Tutoring online for 2 years and is well versed in the way of communicating with the students so that they are better able to understand the concept. My emphasis is always on explaining the concept thoroughly and guiding the students to solve the problem by himself.

Bahía Blanca
Rodrigo sebastián
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Electrical technician and Engineering student offers classes in physics and mathematics secondary level (ages: 12 to 17 years), simple british english

I dedicate myself to the approach of doubts in the branch Physics, Mathematics and technical matters of the Electromechanical area in the secondary levels. I also prepare for the change from secondary school to university / tertiary level in technical and engineering specialties. The methodology to use is free, where you can bring your doubts and from there, start to reinforce knowledge.

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High School student of engineering gives course in maths / physics any level

I base my courses on my skills first and of course on the textbooks of my students to adapt to their needs, my courses alternate between theoretical part (course), and part of application (exercises) , in order to test their improvements .

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Once you see my teaching skills you will see how to i teach.

my teaching is based on practical question and daily life. i used daily use examples. An enthusiastic with highly motivated and leadership skills having bachelors of engineering degree in Electronics & communication Engineering. Expert in implementation of each step of project.

New Delhi
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School student who gives tuition in physics to primary school students from grade 5 to grade 10

I start teaching at the very basic level. Then, I slowly increase the difficulty level based on the learning capability of the student. I am very friendly and great as a tutor. I also welcome any doubts that the student might have and try to answer it to the best of my knowledge.

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Ph.D. Scholar taking classes for physics and maths for high school students

Since I am always interested in sharing my knowledge and teaching passion, I am able to teach students at different levels according. Depending upon their understanding level I use board-chalk initially, PPT presentation and since being engineering graduate I can provide an exposure to different applications to the topic I teach.

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Perfect! Jacob is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with mathematics. Prior to lessons, Jacob has looked and worked through the content I am doing at school. This is so he could prepare modelling and problems solving...

Anna-rose, Student
3 weeks ago
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Physics is the study of of the entire universe down to its smallest form. From atoms to the interaction of protons, neutrons and electrons, all of life is made up of these items. Of course, it is far more complicated than this, and for many students, it is complicated to the point of simply not understanding the subject matter. That is why using the help of private teachers with physics private lessons is such a good idea. With the help of these private lessons, any student, no matter how much they are struggling, is going to receive specific, tailor crafted lessons and plans to help them understand the subject and give them the tools to move forward in the class.

Not all students learn the same way, so going in and hiring physics private teachers is such an important option. With the help of these electricity private lessons and the engineering private teachers, it is possible for any student, regardless of how they learn, to finally grasp the set topic. Learning these topics is not always going to be easy, but the private teachers are there to discover how a child might learn and what is the best way for them to understand the subject.