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Condell Park
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UNSW Mathematics Student in the Bankstown area, able to tutor Maths (2-3u), English and Physics up to the HSC level.

My teaching philosophy is to affirm a solid understanding of core concepts within a topic, before exercising them in a range of abstract situations and applications, ensuring that the student is prepared for anything which they may encounter throughout their schooling career.

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Lesmurdie High School ATAR Graduate conducts engaging Science and Maths lessons in Forrestfield and Surrounds

I am a teacher that activates student engagement to achieve lasting desire to learn, research and discover. Many teaching institutions don't cater for physical learning styles (kinesthetic and visual); whereas I like to start my tutoring with a brief walk in nature to get the blood pumping followed by using diagrams to condense the writing and memorisation required by the student.

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I am currently living in Australia and completed my year 12 by the end of 2014. I have completed my bachelor in Mechanical Engineering & available for teaching without time restrictions. I am someone

My teaching method is based on the proverb that slow and steady wins the race . I am never in a hurry in teaching students & my top quality is I make him perceive the topics and help the students practice a lot my investing my valuable time.

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Experienced High School Physics teacher and Premier's Teachers Scholarship recipient available in Orange.

I believe that everyone can grasp and apply the concepts of Physics as we are all experienced in the day to day of it. I use everyday examples as the base of conversation and then build up the abstract complexity. Repetition, clarity and conversation summarises my approach to teaching.

Templestowe Lower
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Melbourne University Medical Student tutoring primary/high school maths / sciences and english

My teaching methods are tailored to each student to bring out the best in them (yes very generic). I build rapport within the first lesson to ensure that I can understand what areas they feel they need improvement and enquire the student to self evaluate their progress so i can see if they have acknowledged that they have areas that are lacking.

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Doctor in Organic Chemistry gives Science lessons to all student levels in Brisbane

I think it's important to be aware that different people may have different learning styles and it is crucial for a tutor to be able to adapt their lessons to the students. Knowing that, I found that what often works best is to go over the course material/notes and extract then explain the important notions. Once they are understood, these notions can be applied to exercises.

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Maths and Science degree holder teaches in a professional and friendly way.Aiming for proper understanding, the goal is to capture the students interest in the subject and making learning enjoyable a

My teaching method is aimed at proper understanding for the student. If someone understands well the principles being taught, then meaningful learning is achieved and this knowledge is then most helpful. Through patient teaching, helpful analogies and drawing the students interest, an enjoyable learning is achieved. This is my goal.

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Experienced Science (Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences), HaSS and Mathematics Tutor available for secondary students

My sessions are based on students' class work with relevant and related extension/catch-up background as necessary. I prefer to explain things with references to real world examples where possible, as I find this is particularly effective for helping students to not only learn, but also apply the knowledge.

Ocean Shores
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Engineering Graduate tutoring Maths and Science subjects for primary, middle school and high school levels

I have a bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, in the United States. I was always good at math and science so I think I can help others with these subjects. I tutored in high school and in college and worked with friends a lot on homeworks, projects etc.

West End
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University graduate in Mathematics and Physics with over 8 years of experience in tutoring

The courses I teach are based on the philosophy that after a decent explanation of a subject, students quite often have the knowledge to answer a question, but don't fully have the confidence and skills yet. Therefore, I mostly ask questions, which makes the students think about the problem in a new perspective, instead of explaining stuff over and over again.

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Engineer gives maths and physics lessons to high school and uni students in Sydney.

As Tutors I have a full university education with Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Teaching and in School Curriculum. With many years of experience in Tutoring in Mathematics, Physics and Portuguese. You will do a lot of exercises, solve and training again.

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Physics researcher, graduate 2:1 honours degree from The University of Edinburgh. Passionate Maths and Physics teacher for secondary school children

I will meet with my students first to find out their level and goals. I will then work based on these goals showing how to approach difficult questions, exam and studying techniques to get the highest grades possible. I will set work to be done for each session and will explain and go over all the concepts which the student had difficulty with to maximise the time that we have.

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University of Newcastle student teaching Maths to primary and high school students in Newcastle

I'm supportive, patient and encouraging. My lessons can be geared toward anyone and everyone wanting to learn Maths and Physics. My teaching method is that I go through the basic idea first, then introduce the formula, then any other helpful information.

Wiley Park
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An enthusiastic and motivated electrical engineer who can provide tutoring in maths and physics. You can be capable to get 100% in your studies with proper guideline.

You learn well you practice by yourself. This is the methodology I prefer in my teaching so student can benefit maximum. I provide them proper guideline with real life examples to enhance their exposure. I will provide you solution for all related problems.

Fairy Meadow
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Chemistry PhD gives chemistry lessons to high school and uni students in Wollongong

During my PhD study, I was well trained to give my ideas clearly via eye-catching PPT slides and effective presentations. These skills prepare me well in teaching, especially in explaining complex concepts with simple and vivid styles. I adopt distinct teaching strategies for different students based on their own learning habits.

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A business student at Swinburne University. I am a licensed teacher from the Philippines major in Mathematics with 6 years relevant experience as a Visiting Lecturer in a university teaching the Indus

As a visiting lecturer for the Industrial Engineering students. My teaching methodology back then was based on the syllabus provided by the university. Based on the syllabus, I prepare my lesson according to the different topics that must be discussed.

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Studying Bachelor of Science majoring in physics and chemistry, Willing to teach Mathematics and HSC physics and chemistry

My style of Teaching is fun, flexible and enthusiastic, I love sharing my love of Maths and science with people, and love to help people understand tricky concepts I would structure my lessons by starting with Last weeks homework, or what I assigned for the student to study, then go on to what they learnt this week, and then assign them work to do for next week's lesson.

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Algebra is awesome. Let me show you how easy it can be. Qualified Mathematics Teacher offering extra tutoring.

I like to go over any issues or assessments where there are issues then simplify the subject as best as possible. Go back to the basics so you can understand before moving on. Working through past papers for Exam preparation.

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Learn science the effective way with a Macquarie University Post Graduate Student.

My teaching approach varies from student to student. I create a bond with my students so they do not feel shy to admit which topics they are weak in. I go through the syllabus chapter wise but put extra emphasis on the topics they need assistance with.

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The engineering and economics graduate from National Taiwan University. Want to teach math and physics on hourly basis.

I usually teach from the concept, then ask the students to finish the question and review with them on every steps to find out the problem and discuss together. Sometimes I will also play student's role to ask my students to know whether they really understand the concept.

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UQ Mathematics Student provides mathematics tutoring to high school students in Brisbane.

I believe that when students seek out a tutor, the tutor should be beside them, providing guidance on their subject of interest. This may involve revision, homework or assessment items. Working with me, students should feel that the process of approaching a new problem or concept is streamlined and efficient.

Stuart Park
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Students of Hubei Engineering university(undergraduate) can teach Chinese and mathematics in Darwin. with 2 years of private math tutoring experience

I was a student of Hubei University of Engineering. I got my undergraduate degree in June, but I finished all my credits ahead of time, so I didn't have to stay at school and come to gap year, Australia, to experience a different life.

Malvern East
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Deakin university student gives support for high school students in their studies .

As am studying my masters now currently, I can think in student perspective very easily & I can deliver good tips and tricks as a tutor & I can clear all basic doubts what a normal student has, which can elevate a student knowledge to the appropriate level.

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Monash Engineering Student in Clayton with previous tutoring experience helps to foster Maths and Science skills up to year 12.

Science and Maths are simple if you think simple. My strategy is simple and it works. I always ask simple but interesting questions before teaching a chapter. For example: 'Why are we walking on the earth but not flying?', ask this question when I teach 'Gravity' or 'Why does our mother earth get angry and shake us (an earthquake)?', ask when dealing with natural science.

Dinesh srikar
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PhD student at University of Melbourne would like to teach mathematics, chemistry and physics. Had experience teaching at University level in India as faculty. I can attend around preston and coburg a

My teaching strategy is that I teach right from the basics of the subject for a good foundation and helping the student to self-improve over the time period of the tutoring classes. I would like to help students to think creatively so that they can deal with any other topics they come across in future.

Oaklands Park
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4th Year Mechanical Engineering Student, happy to help with high school maths!

I am slightly old fashioned as I find learning from textbook questions and practice questions is the best way to learn. When it comes to maths, practice really does make perfect! I also like to study smarter, not harder by outlining what is most likely to be in the test or exam and focusing on that.

Saint Albans
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An Electronics Engineer gives Mathematics and Physics lessons to high school students.

My teaching method is very simple. I would first make sure the student is very good at basics of the concept i'm about to teach. I always believe relating mathematics and physics concepts to the day to day scenarios which the student is familiar with and making him understand how things work is the best way of teaching.

Lenah Valley
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Math, Science and more. Experienced tutor; graduate in science; masters in marine biology.

I teach through engagement, inclusiveness of students and acceptance of their questions and ideas. We learn much better when we are having fun and asking our own questions. Hone the basics! Many of us have difficulty with math, science or English, because we haven't nailed the basics. Identifying gaps in basics, and warming up with basics for each lesson gives immediate and long term benefits.

St Clair
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4th Year Aerospace Engineering Student that will tutor year 11/12 Maths and Physics

I'm a fourth year undergraduate aerospace engineer with experience in the engineering industry. I graduated high school with an ATAR of 99.45 (99.95 with BP) studying Specialist Maths, Physics (Merit), English, Croatian, Religion Studies (Merit), Research Project (Merit) and I completed Maths studies in year 11.

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La Trobe postgraduate student who loves to teach Maths and English for school kids.

My method of teaching is very simple and I always make sure to give enough time to their own thought process.Instead of learning from lectures, I usually prefer learning through practice. I believe lectures are just the building blocks of their creativity.

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Perfect! Jacob is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with mathematics. Prior to lessons, Jacob has looked and worked through the content I am doing at school. This is so he could prepare modelling and problems solving...

Anna-rose, Student
3 weeks ago
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Physics is the study of of the entire universe down to its smallest form. From atoms to the interaction of protons, neutrons and electrons, all of life is made up of these items. Of course, it is far more complicated than this, and for many students, it is complicated to the point of simply not understanding the subject matter. That is why using the help of private teachers with physics private lessons is such a good idea. With the help of these private lessons, any student, no matter how much they are struggling, is going to receive specific, tailor crafted lessons and plans to help them understand the subject and give them the tools to move forward in the class.

Not all students learn the same way, so going in and hiring physics private teachers is such an important option. With the help of these electricity private lessons and the engineering private teachers, it is possible for any student, regardless of how they learn, to finally grasp the set topic. Learning these topics is not always going to be easy, but the private teachers are there to discover how a child might learn and what is the best way for them to understand the subject.