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Master in IT student gives maths and chemistry lesson to high school students

My teaching Methodology will be based on student active involvement in classroom. Following easy and creative way to explain each lesson and units . Understanding their basic difficulties in learning process. Giving assignment and project work, allowing for group discussion in classroom.

Saint Lucia
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Top 1% of state (year 12 achievement) graduate offering high-school math A/B/C, Physics, Chemistry and English tutoring for all levels and learning abilities including extension and advanced areas

Hello, my name is Owen and I am a first-year engineering/maths double degree university student living in Brisbane. I am extremely passionate in the areas of teaching and learning, especially in the areas of mathematics and science.

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Arithmetic, Physics and Astronomy. Get ready for experiencing the new reality(How, What, When[time] and Where) by knowing them. And I give you bricks to build your own. Ready to share my knowledge at

(1)Topic => (2)Brief explanation => (3)Working and figuring out by yourself on that topic for some time => (4)Clarifying and explaining the new theories and concepts on the running topic => (5)Understanding the topic into deep by watching documentaries, reading books and research on your own as gaining awareness of the practical world.

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University of Canberra Medical Science student. Im offering physics tutoring with the Canberra area. I'm able to cater to your indervidual learning style. Looking forward to working with you!

I'll make use of many analogies and visual representation as well as any practical demonstrations I'm within my ability to do. And not to ignore the more mathematical or theory parts of physics, I'll be providing sample questions that I'll go through with You.

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Deakin Engineering student gives maths, physics and chemistry lessons to high school and uni students in Glenroy, Coburg, Melbourne regions.

I am a person who motivates every student whoever brighter or below average to utilize their hidden potentials to succeed in their career. I am friendly and comfortable with students which will also help me to learn from them too each day. My teaching method is simple and very comfortable for students to understand.

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Medical student with high rank in the university can teach all aspects of science, math and health. Experienced as secondary school tutor.

When I started teaching I was a student too. I find that teaching is also a kind of study. My class is more like an interactive kind than a normal lecture. I like to make my students get involved in all task I create for class activities rather than sitting and waiting for the time to end the class.

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Electronic Engineer giving physics and maths lessons to high school and uni students on the Gold Coast

My lessons are generally geared towards students who are trying to improve their marks at high school or University. I try to understand what my students needs are, from studying for an exam or doing an assignment. My lessons are flexible and I try to cover as much as I can in the lesson.

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An individual to help explore the world of Physics with interest and creativity

My lectures are based on examples that we see in day to day life ,relevant to the topic for a better understanding and knowledge of the subject

South Brisbane
(3 reviews)

QUT Bachelor of Mathematics/ Bachelor of Science (Physics) student offering mathematics (A, B, C) and physics tutoring to Brisbane high school students

I am a first year university student studying both mathematics and physics and am inspired to help others gain an understanding in this field. I will make the effort to simplify (broad) mathematics in a manner easily understood to someone new to the content and challenges.

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RMIT Engineering graduate with over 8 years of tutoring experience in IB and VCE

I have a wide experience in tutoring, from year 5 all the way to university students and even adults. I am adaptable to the learning style that suits you and am happy to openly discuss what works and doesn't work with your learning style.

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Student of economics in Brisbane, with a proficiency in Math, Business and Science.

I like to teach from the ground up. I think that a firm grasp on the fundamentals the the trick to understanding more difficult problems. Practice makes perfect; after topics are understood at a conceptual level it helps to walk people through examples.

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James Cook University student gives chemistry lessons to high school students in townsville

I have completed most of my schooling in townsville, I was a high achiever in high school with dux in chemistry and also received high marks for my performance in biology, maths and physics.

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Australian National University Engineering Student gives physics and Maths lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

I always make sure to Increase the individuals understanding of the concept, rather similar to how I learn. even though it takes a little more time to Increase our Understandings of basic concepts significantly, believe me, its worth the time. and the other method which complements this is lots of problems solving.

Hassan ali
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University of Manchester Aerospace Engineering graduate gives Maths, Science(Physics/Chemistry/Biology) lectures to grade 1-12 students in Perth WA.

My teaching methodology varies from student to student. I aim to make student(s) understand the concepts thoroughly and emphasises on understanding of concepts, efficient and effective application of the knowledge and theory.

Morphett Vale
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Specialised in Biomedical Nanotechnology (hons), currently working as a Science tutor at Flinders University. 5-6 years of experience in tutoring middle school to university level students to achieve

My teaching methodology depends on each individual student. During my first lesson, I observe the student's behaviour and understand their capabilities of learning before applying any methods. I give a lot of feedback after every session so the student can understand what they did well, what needs improving and how we can improve in that particular area.

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Deakin Engineering student with strong International Baccalaureate programme background giving math and science lessons to high school students

I teach for students to see the bigger picture and try to make them visualize what is happening on the problems rather than memorizing the solutions of the problems. I try to use as much as real life examples that they can relate when explaining the topics. I try to make the classes fun and enjoyable.

Melrose Park
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UNO Engineering student from United States. Ready to tutor online most areas of Mathematics, Basic Computer and Physics. Over 2 years experience of teaching high school and undergraduate students.

I have taught all kinds of students who had serious trouble in school to average students who wanna do best in their school work. I believe learning should involve less pressure and more engagement into the subject. I teach students one thing at a time starting from simple to tough instead of throwing everything at once.

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I'm an professional engineer from Nepal having great fond of teaching subjects like physics and mathematics.

My teaching methodology is simple and student friendly. I go topic to topic relating with our daily activities so that the learner can get it easily and last for long tie. I think that everyone is an student and learning till we die.

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Tafe southbank student giving english,maths,science lessons to students from year 1 to year 10

I will be giving lessons to students who need a little more help in the subject areas. I follow very friendy teaching methods. Which includes assessments turned into fun games. My lessons will be delivered in a super interesting and simple manner so that every student can grab the subject content.

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Private instruction to individual or small groups of students to improve academic performance in all subject areas

I am a very engaging, hands on teacher. I believe it is very important to establish how a student learns and build a lesson plan around their learning style i.e. visual learner. My lessons will be geared towards practical learning, with theory to build upon what is learnt practically.

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ANU Master of "Energy Change" student, previously studied Mechanical Engineering with High School teaching experience in Nigeria.

Teaching students from first principle and application of principles which involve problem (exercises) solving (calculations). My teaching strategies include the review and solving of questions from past examination questions with students after having introduced basic foundation about the topics.

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Monash Pre-Service Teacher available to tutor in Mathematics, Groups or Individual Lessons

My teaching method begins with understanding the students' interests and hobbies so I can tailor lessons and make subjects more relatable. I believe that a great teacher must also have the desire to want to help and assist children both within class time and externally when needed.

Khan mohammed sazzadur
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University of Western Australia, Perth. Masters student can teach high school sciences programs.

I usually prefer teaching one student at a time as it helps me actually clear any doubts and concern of the student. I base my classes on real examples. Sometimes prefer to take short quizzes to make sure the student is following up and having benefits from the tutoring.

Bass Hill
Philip chennakudy
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Western Sydney university Research student gives lessons to high school and university students in sydney

My teaching methodology is lecture and tutorials. I will give an in depth lecture of the concepts two to three times. To visualise the concept well i give application based lectures. This will be followed by tutorials to understand concepts.

Piara Waters
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Masters student at Curtin can give valuable lessons to school and university students

My methodology depends on the student and the ability of the student to understand and comprehend. Basically each person has his/her skill sets which need to be understood clearly in order to get the best out of them. So I work with their strengths.

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Science teacher in Melbourne with 3 years of experience and a Masters degree

My lessons are geared towards all levels of learners. My pedagogy incorporates differentiation methods to fit the needs of all levels of learners. On going assessments throughout the lesson will indicate the understanding each child has of the skill or topic assessed.

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Phsics Phd gives maths or physics lessons to primary and high school students in Perth

I have strong science knowledge in academia and industry, and I enjoy in sharing my knowledge and experience with others. My teaching focuses on building solid knowledge, and encourage students think and research. I provide tutor based on individual needs, and improve them problem solving skills.

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PhD physical scientist tutors Maths, Physics and Chemistry subjects to year 12.

My teaching method is geared to the students needs in the subject they are finding difficult. Understanding and elucidating these needs is the initial stage of the tutoring. Understanding the material used by the student in their own academic environment and following through with it allows the student to better relate and understand their own education subject context.

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UOW(Wollongong) engineering student gives Maths lessons to high school students in Wollongong and Sydney.

My teaching method is based on each specific student, I can quickly understand the potential of a student. If the student is not having proper base then I start from building the base for the student. Without base there is no meaning in teaching. Regular exercise solving (mostly in class) and home works.

Bridgeman Downs
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Griffith Accounting student give maths lessons to primary or high school students in Northside of Brisbane

My teaching lesson methods will be exceedingly descriptive so that the student can clearly understand the topics there are lacking in maths; and how maths is needed in our daily lives. I base my class on private one-on-one help to students who looking for assistance in maths. I am willing to drive to people's homes if required.

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Perfect! My son's first lesson went really well, Peggy was fabulous. We have booked a heap of lessons until the end of the year.

Sally, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Ami has tutored our 11 yr old son for maths for three weeks. Lessons are going great, our son is actually enjoying maths for the first time and looks forward to Ami coming. She is on time, enthusiastic and efficient and our son is getting through...

Domenic, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Jacob is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with mathematics. Prior to lessons, Jacob has looked and worked through the content I am doing at school. This is so he could prepare modelling and problems solving...

Anna-rose, Student
6 months ago
(3 reviews)

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