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Physics and chemistry course all levels in the canton of Geneva .

Currently a part-time CERN engineer I dedicate part of my time to helping students and students in the area in physics. I did part of my training in Switzerland, as well as in Germany. I only answer serious requests .

Paris 12e
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Engineering student gives classes in Maths, Physics and Chemistry high school and high school in Paris

After two years of preparatory classes (Maths-Physics) and three years at Ecole Centrale de Lyon (Top french Engineering school), I offer to give Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry classes, for students in middle school or high school. I want to make sure that the students understand deeply the course and the methods while making sure that they know how to perform classical exercises.

Paris 13e
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Generalist Engineer, 24, holds a math Bac S specialty and engineering sciences with honors and European mention, I followed two years of preparatory science graduate and special mathematics classes MPSI / MP Pierre Fermat High School (Toulouse). I then joined the Ecole Centrale de Nantes (general engineering school).

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U of T Computer Engineering grad teaches math and physics in Toronto

I teach high school math and physics. My method is to teach these subjects as a philosophy. I don't just tell them how to do a certain problem. I teach them to think why they have to do it that certain way. I try to make students think for themselves so that they can become more independent.

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Learn and approved by individualized and fully adapted to your previous level classes.

Explain the matter has not yet managed to set so that they can soon be part of your analysis techniques. To do similar exercises simulating exam situations that could be repeated. It is very important to ensure the involvement of students to improve much faster.

Paris 15e
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BAC + 5 engineer gives lessons in science subjects - Level College / High School

Hello, Engineer graduated from an engineering school (BAC +5), I propose to give private tuition in mathematics and other science subjects.

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Dr Phil of Technology - helping students understand the world of STEM

Matt practiced network design, security, management, compliance and performance optimization for over twenty-five years. Our specialties include wireless, any flavor, networking, information security, ITIL/ITSM, IoT, business continuity/disaster recovery, and project management, even for software development. Matt has extensive experience in STEM fields and pedagogy.

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Electrical and electronic engineering student offering maths and physics lessons in Middlesbrough and Stockton

According to my two years experience, I made a difference to: • Each student’s achievement in mathematics • Each student’s experience of learning mathematics. This includes feelings of satisfaction with meeting challenges, being valued as a person, learning things that have meaning in your life and getting rewards for making significant efforts.

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Physics and Mathematics Tutor in Plano, TX (B. Tech. from I.I.T. India)

My method of teaching is to build a foundation from the basic fundamentals and then supplement it with substantial problem solving. This helps in retaining the concepts as well as improving the speed. I am a certified Vedic Math trainer and have been helping students preparing for Aptitude Tests with some special Vedic Math techniques to enhance problem solving speed and mental agility.

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Teacher for 10 years in all sciences, BAC, quick refresher, immediate results.

Dear I prepare students to the terminal for more than ten years. With many references, my results on the average of the student are always positive. Methodology and techniques work for me are essential for the success of my students. I give particular attention to the monitoring of the work requested by the professor and offers more types exercises for exams in year court.

East Riding of Yorkshire
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I am a Medical student offering tutoring in Physics and Maths at GCSE or A-Level

I give lessons to students studying science or mathematics topics at GCSE or A-level. I like to use an adaptive approach to teaching which involves identifying the areas a student is struggling with and focusing on them by breaking them down into easy to understand concepts and developing the skills the student needs to tackle these concepts independently in their exams.

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Aerospace Engineer recovers your desperate situation or enhances your skills in Mathematics and Physics - even remotely!

Math & Phys by problems, concrete (I'm an engineer); together we find a way to solve them starting from what you already know, building rules that will come naturally. If you need also in English or Spanish, to prepare to study abroad.

Paris 17e
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PhD in Physics, passionate about the world of education, gives courses in physics, math and programming.

Hello future brilliant graduates! As the title of my ad indicates, teaching is my passion! I am here to help you overcome quickly and effectively the various obstacles you can potentially encounter during your years of study. I offer math and physics courses. My courses are also aimed at those who follow scientific university courses (maths and physics) as well as engineering schools.

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PhD students in Physics and numerical modeling gives lessons Individual Mathematics - Physics Chemistry

Enthusiast Mathematics and Physics, I offer private lessons in Nice and its surrounding area (saint jean cap shoed, Cagnes sur Mer, Villeneuve Loubet, Cannes ...) to students from 6th to Terminale (S / ES / L / TI2D / BTS / PREPA ...). Explanation of the course and exercises. I use exercises on paper or computer and software to make them more concrete concepts.

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Online and onsite Math and Physics tutoring (Eastern, Southern and Central Regions)

High school and college tutoring in maths and physics. Knowledge validation, comprehension verification, repetitions and resolution of problems with increasing complexity ensure an efficient and lasting improvement while providing the student with the necessary confidence to progressively become autonomous and successful.

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Graduated with honors in engineering with a PhD in Statistical and Actuarial Science

Teaching areas: Faculty of Economics / Statistics (general mathematics, statistics, econometrics, mathematics for economics, microeconomics, business economics, R computing) , engineering (analysis, rational mechanics, numerical analysis, Matlab, fluid dynamic simulations) , scientific/technical high schools.

Ciudad de México
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Mathematics, physics, AutoCAD, Flexibility online, quality regularization results in a better results

Learn mathematics is not repeat. That is the method used, when you know where it comes from what you study and learning is facilitated applications. The method should include practice because that is what makes the teacher.

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Mathematics Graduate, University of Toronto gives Math tutoring sessions in downtown Toronto

I approach my tutoring sessions with structure. I look at the questions the student has difficulty with and I provide examples similar to those questions with step by step explanations of how to solve them. I am a good communicator, am patient and use different approaches to make sure concepts are understood.

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Mathematics - Physics, any level, in Liege, given by a student in Master 2 Civil Engineer

Actually student in Master 2 in aerospace civil engineering, I would help any student (from primary school to university) which has difficulties in mathematics and / or physics. I could also help to prepare the exams or the entrance at the university. Organization, work and perseverance are the keys of my education system.

(6 reviews)

Professor High School provides tutoring math, physics, engineering sciences (secondary and university)

The course is aimed at secondary and tertiary levels (short and long).

Paris 7e
(4 reviews)

BIO CHEMISTRY MATH PHY ENGLISH AND FRENCH Higher Education, University, BTS, Competition, High School, College,

Hello, 'I offer you my help and support at all levels: academic to school with your homework and exams for any scientific matter such as MATHEMATICS, BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS and the ENGLISH. - For students in higher education: I offer BIOLOGY also courses in the specialties: cell biology, animal physiology, embryology etc.

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A Post-graduate Petroleum engineer who knows what students want and need help in

My teaching method would be to interact with the student and ask what they already know and help them further to understand and teach them what they need.

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Lecturer in Engineering Science and Technology: I am very experienced in the field of tutoring, I am able to help students in high school to college as in domain

I have extensive experience in the field of education and training in science subjects (mathematics, physics and chemistry) and electrical engineering (electronics, electrical and automatic). I can easily adapt myself to the level of the student because I know and control all programs and levels of education from secondary to higher. I am a teacher and very patient.

Cerdanyola del Vallès
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Researcher of Physics for private classes of Physics, Mathematics, Science and Preparation of scientific exams for school and university

I recommend lessons of at least an hour and a half, the minimum time necessary to organize the work and complete it completely. My method of approach depends on the person and their teaching problems, sometimes I prefer the more "practical" classes, while others, when the person is well prepared, also focus on the theoretical part (which is always present).

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Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and Social Sciences, Human Resources, Geometry, Algebra, calculus

If you are looking for a proactive, extroverted, competent and committed person with your job, that is me. I am characterized by always giving the best and trying to achieve excellence in any area, work and activity in which I participate.

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Maths and physics courses by a third year student in Graduate School of Engineering

I am now a third year student at Arts et Métiers Engineering School after two years of intensive course to prepare for competitive entrance exams to highly selective Graduate Schools of Engineering at Lycée Sainte Geneviève in Versailles. My courses are for middle school and high school students. I am patient, comprehensive and I will try to make my students gain confidence.

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Physicist of the UNAM gives consultancies of Physics, Mathematics and Programming from secondary to University. (CDMX)

About us? We are a platform that connects highly trained consultants, with students who require personalized help at home or online. Because we? QUALITY Since we are a company dedicated to the recruitment and evaluation of highly qualified consultants, the only thing you will have to worry about is learning.

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Engineer Financial risk gives private lessons in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry IdF

Having Obtained a Masters in Engineering risks, Rigorous and educator with a spirit and a 5-year experience in tutoring, I offer tutoring services: assistance to special duties and courses, class 6 th to Terminale (all sectors). Known by my methodology and a sense of organization that will allow me to convey a fairly fluidly my skills in science.

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Homework Help & Classes during Homework Help Chemistry Mathematics Physics Computer Initiation in Valbonne

Group of students from the Polytechnic School of Sophia Antipolis, specialty electronics and biological engineering offers tutoring and homework help.

Ciudad de México
Daniel alejandro
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Chemistry classes, mathematics, computer science, programming, English, I live in the state of Veracruz, I am a Chemical Engineer.

I have just graduated as a Chemical Engineer, I like to teach the subjects of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and programming from High School level to a university level in the first semesters of Engineering. Because I am a professional of a new generation, I consider that I can explain your doubts with simple examples and using technological tools in cell phones and computers.

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Perfect! Jacob is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with mathematics. Prior to lessons, Jacob has looked and worked through the content I am doing at school. This is so he could prepare modelling and problems solving...

Anna-rose, Student
3 weeks ago
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Physics is the study of of the entire universe down to its smallest form. From atoms to the interaction of protons, neutrons and electrons, all of life is made up of these items. Of course, it is far more complicated than this, and for many students, it is complicated to the point of simply not understanding the subject matter. That is why using the help of private teachers with physics private lessons is such a good idea. With the help of these private lessons, any student, no matter how much they are struggling, is going to receive specific, tailor crafted lessons and plans to help them understand the subject and give them the tools to move forward in the class.

Not all students learn the same way, so going in and hiring physics private teachers is such an important option. With the help of these electricity private lessons and the engineering private teachers, it is possible for any student, regardless of how they learn, to finally grasp the set topic. Learning these topics is not always going to be easy, but the private teachers are there to discover how a child might learn and what is the best way for them to understand the subject.