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JCU Psychology Student located in Townsville Who Tutors in Humanities and social sciences

Believing that students are the solution and have the answers that others seek rather than a problem that needs to be addressed is the main foundation in the way I would tutor.

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High school graduate with Certificate of Excellence in Philosophy gives philosophy lessons in Melbourne online

I recently graduated high school with four separate certificates awarded to me for my knowledge and dedication to philosophy. I am looking for students who need a little help in learning philosophy and are willing to put in the effort to further their knowledge.

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Psychology graduate Adelaide University giving psychology lessons to high school students Adelaide

My name's Nam and I'm currently studying a masters in teaching. My curriculum for each student would vary due to the fact that not every student seeks a tutor for the same reason. For students looking to improve their knowledge, I would provide extracurricular tasks as well as revise their current workload with them.

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3rd Year Macquarie Philosophy Student and Cert III in Theology. Given lessons in many relevant subjects.

I like to engage my students with the purpose of why they are learning that particular material foremost in mind. They are brought to their own conclusions in a way that gives them an understanding of the whole, as opposed to just the facts.

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History and Political Science Major with a degree - Bachelor of Arts - Offering Lessons in History and Politics.

My teaching method varies from student to student. Each of us learn in different ways, wether it be visual, auditory or by doing - I am able to adapt my style of teaching to ensure maximum productivity and learning. I am a friendly person and enjoy seeing people succeed and becoming the best version of themselves.

Redland Bay
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Philosophy and Gender Studies Student Turned Tutor Giving Classes on High School and Uni Level Gender Studies and Philosophy Subjects

As a student of philosophy and people lover, I change my teaching method for each and every one of my students! Building a strong communicative bond with my students is the BEST way to make sure lessons are both productive and enjoyable for the both of us.

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Years 11 & 12 Philosophy Tutor - Canberra - Understanding Concepts, Reading Texts, Writing Essays

True exemplary performance in examinations is achieved through two principles - understanding of the course content, and understanding of what the examination requires. In my lessons I will focus upon supplementing your learning in school with more focused and detailed explanations of ideas, thinkers, and texts that are not available in a classroom environment.

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(Masters degree) Giving lessons on logic/philosophy/History/film productions near Perth/Mandurah/Online (With 10 years of experience)

I am currently 53 years old, so often I like to just get into the point. I can't guarantee you'll be a billionaire by the end of my lessons, but if you pay attention, you will flourish. I know learning can be hard sometimes, so I hope to do my best in making you do the best of your abilities.

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WACE ATAR Philosophy and Ethics Tutor - Second Year Philosophy Student at UWA

I will be able to help you review past assessments to determine your strengths and weaknesses, and help you work on what needs improving. I can also help you analyse, interpret and plan for upcoming assessments. Additionally, I can work with you to improve your argument construction, analysis and critiquing skills, as well as develop clear and concise writing skills.

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University of Edinburgh Graduate based in the Gold Coast. Am passionate, hard working and very easy to work with. I am flexible to your needs and truly believe in the potential of youth

I base my teaching on a collaborative approach in order to meet your individual needs. I will thoroughly prepare prior to the class and any specific needs will be met.

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Honours Philosophy graduate from the UK offering Philosophy tutoring to high school and uni students in Melbourne.

With experience in running seminars for philosophy students and a 2:1 Honours degree in Philosophy, I can offer one to one online sessions up to an hour long where we can pick apart and discuss key topics you are studying (though travel may be possible in some cases if you would prefer).

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Student in philosophy in Nice, provides courses in philosophy in Nice and around.

Hi, Currently studying philosophy at the Nice Faculty of Letters, I provide philosophy courses. However, having basic knowledge in all subjects, it is possible for me to help all types of homework. Great lover of books, help with reading and / or writing (spelling, grammar ...) are as much a part of my ability.

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Doctor of Philosophy - 10 years of experience in higher education - individual courses in philosophy, methodology or logic

Doctor of Philosophy, I taught at the university (Bachelor, Master) from 2007 to 2017. My private lessons are for high school students (preparation for the bac, methodology of the discipline), students (preparation for competitions and examinations), or adults wishing to discover philosophy (and the grandiose notions of world, spirit, self, etc.) it mobilizes.

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Experienced philosophy lecturer can help you with undergraduate/postgraduate and high school philosophy.

My approach is 'Socratic' - I teach by questioning. And this is not just quoting an ancient philosopher --- it really works! Socrates likened himself to a midwife- a philosophical midwife to help people give birth to their ideas. The assumption behind this is that- you already know and understand, you just need someone to awaken you a little to find the answer in your head.

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Professor of Philosophy in Goiânia, focus on High School, pre-college and ENEM

Philosophy classes for high school students and/or pre-university entrance examination/ENEM. Lectures with reading of works of Philosophy and History of Philosophy, besides auxiliary texts and commentaries on the fundamental points of each author studied, with more focus on related authors in evaluations, vestibular and ENEM.

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I am Law graduate, interested in teaching GCSE Philosophy, based in London.

I will go through the basics of Logic, the philosophical method. After which we can progress to syllogisms, symbolic logic, Western Philosophy and ethics. The approch will be simplified so the student connects with the subject matter, much like Maths.

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The Future of Environmental studies lies in knowledge of Geography in the world today!

My teaching methods give clarity problems with online base approach, give evaluation and assessment to future enhance understanding. I like to teach others because of my ability to impact knowledge, and the passion to do so. Classes are meant for grade entry 12 and university level one. Audience ready to gain knowledge to save the future planet.

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Experienced lecturer and author offers classes in Religion and Philosophy in Liverpool

My approach to teaching is to enable students to engage with the material intellectually and think about it from the inside. I do this by using a variety of thought experiments, real world examples, and probing questions. This enables students to appreciate the real value of ideas and world-views which are complicated and often not obvious.

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Philosophy and History lessons for all levels of education in the province of Rimini

I start from the needs, difficulties and shortcomings of the student and build an ad hoc path to help him achieve the desired level of preparation. The lessons are dialogued, the student learns asking questions and responding to the teacher's observations: the goal is that the student himself wants to learn.

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Recent graduate of technical GIS program eager to share planning theory in Canada

My methods encourage 'human-centred design' as a style of considering the end user of any product, idea, or process required. This is valuable for geography when considering the context of how and why world events impact the global community politically, socially, creatively, and economically.

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Experienced philosophy tutor (PhD) offering online help with philosophy, English, and writing projects

I work to make sure my students have a thorough understanding of the material through a variety of different learning techniques: short written responses; question and answer sessions; creating new examples to explore difficult concepts. It is important to me to understand the different obstacles to understanding faced by different students and to work through those together.

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Students in Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy), teaches in Lausanne and close cities

A relatively flexible method of teaching, I create my courses according to the student's requests, interests or difficulties, using numerous reference books and philosophy books (the student has no obligation of purchase, I possess a pretty wide collection of books).

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Senior Assistant Psychologist tutoring Psychology from GCSE to University level in Wiltshire

I tutor using a variety of methods: discussion, presentation, video and analysis of case-reports. I typically tutor on a 1:1 basis but am open to tutoring 2 people at a time. I tutor at your home unless a neutral location is preferred.

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Recent PhD gives writing and logic tutoring. Especially good for LSAT prep!

My teaching methods vary with the subject being taught and the student(s) who I am teaching. I do not believe that there is anything like a one-size-fits-all approach that can be successful when teaching.

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Help and tutoring with humanities, reading-writing and languages ​​(Spanish, English). In person or online.

The methodology is personalized depending on the needs of the students. I emphasize reading and writing and the way in which complex texts can be interpreted. In the teaching of languages, I try to make the sessions dynamic making sure that the theory is learned through immersion and practice.

Xalapa Enríquez
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Bachelor of Philosophy to answer questions about the history of Philosophy and Logic

I like to teach from everyday examples or references to popular culture, since Philosophy has permeated social life since its genesis. When I had the opportunity to teach, I tried to recommend a reading on the subject and a movie, video game or novel that could work as an example on the thought that is exposed, in this way we have a more accessible understanding.

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Learning philosophical reasoning for university students and graduates of any profesional discipline

I am a lecturer in Philosophy currently on my PhD at Lancaster University. From my wealth of experience as a lecturer for more than four years, am sure my student will have the best story to tell in their chosen career.

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Philosopher with nearly twenty years expertise gives online tutoring in any area of philosophy!

I teach using an alternation between the Socratic method of asking questions and inspiring inquiry, on the one hand, and Nietzschean aphorism and assertion on the other, which provokes critical engagement and independent development of perspective.

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Critical thinking: verbal reasoning and analytic writing. On Switzerland. Theoretical and practical training.

Skills in verbal reasoning and analytical writing are essential to succeed in studies, career and for social life. These skills can be trained. As lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Geneva I have developed a unique theoretical and practical training in verbal reasoning and analytical writing skills for my students.

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Birmingham - Philosophy Undergrad offering Introductory Philosophy tutoring, and University-level Philosophy Assistance

As a Hellenistic period purist, I would prefer to teach sitting outside in the courts of the Agora - in the style of Socrates - but these are very different times! I feel philosophy is best explored, not dictated, so my methods normally involve open-floor discussions and thought experiments.

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