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Sports coach in Perpignan and its surroundings (fitness, cardio, performance, nutrition, mental).

-I offer fitness training, fitness, diet monitoring, advice of all kinds; waiting for my physics course in September! -My training method will adapt to each according to its objectives, a person wishing to lose weight will have a different training of a person wishing to gain muscle mass or strength -True and advice on diet that is an important part of the success of a sport program; a follow-up...

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Certified personnal trainer in sports and nutrition for home or online coaching. Possibility of explanatory course.

I start teaching you through the science of studies published by researchers by explaining all the possibilities and cases. However everyone is a special case and the theory must also go through a practice to discern what will be the optimal method for you.

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Fitness, Healthy Living and Nutrition Coaching from a Certified Personal Trainer in Mumbai

As a Biomechanics Specialist, I base the training programs on subjects like Kinesiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Psychology and Exercise Science as I take a more in-depth approach to training.

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Multidisciplinary coach offers to teach at home in Madrid.

I'll help you get fit, tone up, lose weight, if you do not have much time, I make an express training sessions fun, fully customized and do not forget that the first one is free.

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With more than 6 years of experience in Fitness training and other 10 as a professional rugby player I am the right choice for you to achieve your goals

My teaching is based on a step by step program. I will offer details about how to train what to eat and reasons why. I will take you from zero to hero as I was in the past. I know how it is to have no confidence with myself. We're gonna build your confidence ASAP.

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Physical Education and Fitness teacher with over 6 years of teaching in Calgary

My teaching methods are through games and drills. I use the TGFU model (teaching games for understanding) and the Sport Education model which can be really fun ways to learn in the gym.

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Sports & Games entertainment secession for Kids, Fitness & weight loss for everyone around Dubai, available anytime in weekdays & evening on weekdays.

Before I plan for a class I would understand the student physical ability, Mental flexibility, interest, skills and based on that I will start up and develop their physical fitness & skills slightly.

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Personal Calisthenics Trainer and Outdoor Exercise with 3 years of experience in Madrid (Getafe)

My classes are aimed at people between 14-25 years old and from any level. My method of training is outdoors and without touching any weight or gym (using your own body) and my way of training people to achieve their goals is fun, effective and motivating.

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PowerWave Muscle & HiiT Fitness Instructor for 1-2-1 & Group Sessions !

My teaching methodology is to understand what my client's capabilities both physically and mentally. Then to help each individual to reach and achieve their goals – coaching them in technique and quality of movement. A PowerWave session is 30 minutes in total. You will begin with 5 minutes basic warm up moves, getting the body ready for exercise.

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Decided to finally get in shape? Yes, it takes courage to transform your body, your health, and your look, by starting a fitness programme. I can help!

One-to-one sessions at your home, guiding through a complete sustainable programme of health and fitness development. Helping to shape your health and well-being. My approach can be adapted for everyone! I train people from all walks of life and with all levels of fitness, differing goals and specific needs.

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Fully qualified personal trainer giving health/fitness coaching lessons that really will make a difference.

I approach my coaching with trying to understand the person/people I am working with. That way I feel, I can really help them move forward and progress better, by trying to remove whatever barriers they may have in the way.

West Malling
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Professional fitness coaching for ladies who want to look, feel and perform better!

I believe everyone has a different reason to start exercising, so I like to find out your why's and then find the best method to help you fall in love with the process and not only the results.

Villa Nicolás Romero
Cesar gutierrez
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Law, History, English, Sports. Studying Law in CU UAEM VALLE DE MÉXICO.

I teach in a way in which the student can apply their knowledge in their daily life, in such a way that they learn it, assimilate it and practice it daily. I am a Tae kwon do practitioner. Law student. I worked 3 years in a legal office. I taught at an elementary school.

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Ph.d in sports diploma in sports coaching handball gym management course lecturer

i impart practical lessons as well as theory lessons. latest methods been used, simple to complex pedagogical steps been adapted. focus is on improvement to the optimum level of student. all performance factors been considered for top level of performance.

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Online personal training, nutrition coaching and mindset coaching. Helping you understand your body and mind, get stronger and find the right nutrition strategy for you.

My coaching is based around understanding how your body actually works. Training for strength and mobility, building a strong metabolism with a nutrition approach that works for you and overcoming those mindset challenges that hold you back so that you can get results that last.

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Personal trainer, at home or outdoors! Conditioning Coach for team sports and individual sports

Physical training, fitness, muscle strengthening, stretching, cardio training. I will adapt my sessions depending on your goals and your needs, and I will then make you a personalised program.

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Level 3 Personal Trainer in Swansea (Wales). Improve your health and fitness, train for an event or try fun outdoor activities!

My style is friendly, confident and encouraging. This helps my clients to get the most out of our sessions, and progress quickly towards their goals, whilst also having a lot of fun. I am currently training clients ranging from people who have not exercised for 20 years to people practising sports to an advanced level.

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Qualified Sports Student Offering students Fitness Lessons - ONLY MOTIVATED AND DETERMINED PARTICIPANTS

My lessons are accessable to anyone who is studying Sport at any level, preferably at GCSE level. Or even if your just intrested in fitness overall. Every student that I teach has the potenial to achieve their desired grades and aims as all is needed is hardwork.

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USA/Collegiate Sprint Coach and Crossfit Coach in Arizona with over 20 years experience

My training is focused on getting each individual to perform to the best of physical ability. We are all limited by genetics but I strive to reach your maximal potential. We will discuss your strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to capitalize on your current strengths while turning your weakness in to strengths. Each individual has and will train at their appropriate training age.

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Affordable Masters & Bachelors Degree interventions / Sport & Psychological Performance / General Fitness & Well Being / Individualized programming

Synergistic & Holistic approach to reach human potential Worked in a variety of setting from high performance amateur athletes, professional athletes and military personnel Background in sport psychology with amateur high performance athletes of all ages.

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Graduated in Physical Education, specializing in Functional Training and Pilates. Minister private lessons or in small groups.

All classes are held in accordance with the student's objectives. First, I take an approach to identify the particularities of the student and what their goals are. After that, I elaborate the training planning and discuss with the student possible changes, so that the same approve and stay motivated during the period.

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Get fitness lessons from a certified fitness trainer and change your body

I have my very own methodology in training a person for providing the results which they desire in their body or improve their performance in any sports or fitness activity and they are simple & adpotable for any kind of person of whatever age, gender or from any field.

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Personal trainer for bodybuilding and physical fitness in Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Mainz and Wiesbaden.

I am Ashraf Shatat from Jordan, I am looking for athletes who need a personal trainer to get a nice and healthy body, My work is in the gym and in the outside, by giving a schedule of exercises and a complete diet schedule.

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Active college student with 15+ years of multiple sports, leagues, and travel teams.

My teaching method solely depends on the students and their needs. How will they succeed and what will I do to get them there? The ultimate goal is to have the student succeed and my learning methods are constructed and molded based on those ideas.

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I’m a professional athlete and I believe fitness is the key to sound health.

I approach each and every individual in periodical transformation and it also depends on the individual goals set in mind. As each individual has different mind sets so it denpends where the student stands in his/her mind and what they see ahead as an obstacle.

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You want to lose weight or build great muscles? I stand you as a personal trainer from Wolfsburg, also online strong available!

Tailor-made solutions, which are worked out individually on the customer's request. No automation or programs are used. Each person is individual and therefore requires a detailed consultation, which results only through experience, a good education and an ambitious personality. I help you with pure fat loss and show you what it really matters.

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I am a personal trainer, sport massage therapist, BSc Sport Science,MSc Psychology of Sport & Exercise. Tutoring in West Yorkshire.

I am a humanistic teacher. Each individual possesses the unique qualities to become their best self. Knowledge is at the centre to prosperity. I pride myself in the ability of my students, aiming to inspire you to achieve greatness. My lessons entail structure, in line with your assessment guidelines.

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All you need to get in great shape is your own body!

My name is Yuri, I am a certified fitness professional/coach seeking to help people accomplish their exercise goals. My training philosophy is based on personal participation in multiple sports, various skills acquisition and enjoyment aspect of exercise.

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Sports Tutor (Coaching, Fitness, Training) Bsc Sports - Level 3 Personal Trainer

Lessons are available to all abilities Stuck on your uni work, need help with your personal training course, want to learn more about how to be successful in the fitness industry? Lessons are easy to follow, and can be designed to suit your needs, and how best you work/study.

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Muscle Gains, Fitenss Goals, Beach Body In Scotland,UK. I am very expearicened.

Talking to my clients asking what they want from this experience. I would be keeping in touch with my clients daily/every few days with select workouts for my clients to be doing in the gym. I would give them my phone number to get direct contact with me.

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Perfect! Sarah has been really amazing. My daughter (who is 9 and having private gymnastics lessons) just loves her and really looks forward to her lesson every Saturday. I thoroughly recommend Sarah. My daughter has progressed really well under her...

Nicole, Student
6 months ago

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