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Greater London
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Student specialising in personal training for anyone of any age at beginner - advanced level (fully flexible)

If you're struggling and need help at any level i am the person to help you change your lives.Give lessons to people with the right characteristics to learn and are ready to change their lifestyle My techniques are lesson structure and demonstration through presentations and documents, my characteristics as tutor is methodology.

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I am Fitness Athlete, Bodybuilding Competitor, Team Leader, Go Getter and Motivational Speaker

I am Fitness Athlete and i am willing to train and teach the beginners and the intermediate Clients and the athlete who want to achieve their fitness goals. At the same time i will be glad to do counseling to the people who are depressed or demotivated to to do the things or having tough times in their life.

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Gym as I like and let go. Inside and outside. Paris and nearby West Suburbs

Graduated since 1996 in fitness but also in zumba and nordic walking. The '' being good '' is essential to me, I love dancing and nature. I will make you share my universe for a letting go.

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I offer the lessons in Gmnastics as for small children, also for adults. I live in Krefeld and can also operate in Dusseldorf or Cologne. I was a Rhythmic gymnast for more than 10 years and have a mas

I have worked for 5 years with children. A lesson lasts at the beginning 1hour. We start with standing and sitting warming-up, then doing some jumps. There is a small game for children and then some stretching. At the end, there are some exercises for the abdominal muscles and etc.

Owen Sound
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Pro active young male spreading his knowledge and career-filled experience in high pressure sports situations and life.

I get to know my client and work from there, to help achieve goals and overcome fears and obstacles in both our lives.

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Hey I am badminton coach and sports coach, Pune. Contact me if you need any help related to sports training. Fitness or etc

To give as much as services anf satisfaction. Related to sports, psychology and training aspects. To make customers satisfied with results.

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Young & passionate sportsman gives professional training to all those interested to take up a career in sports !

My method is based on both theory & practical . But first I would like to take the beginners to the class instead of taking them to the ground . Taking them to the class means giving them enough knowledge about how they act on the field without any mistakes .

Abhimanyu singh
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Learn the way to live in today's healthy world . Learn how to free yourself from different body locks for self defence.

I used to prefer a ground work for my profession. Ground works depends on the student if he wishes to do it but by speciality will not be useful for you without any comfort area for such requirments.

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Professional pole fitness in Cozumel offering training in fitness and dance in your own home or hotel, power legs, power abs, power arms, twerking, stretching, cardio circuit, sexy dance, cho

Personalized training, listening to the needs and working on them, in a comfortable and fun environment, sometimes it is difficult to go to the gym due to lack of time, I can go to the place where you are to support you in your training, I'll bring materials to work according to about what you want to do, or your needs I have modalities of weekly routines or random class.

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Helo friends my self sangeeta and i want do something is different

My mothord is very i do some activey on the ground with i give the sms indrictly good habbets children

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Subject: sports, state level volleyball player, marathons, cross country race Place: Jamshedpur

Being a soprts trainer you have to motivate a particular student in that field by giving a particular example that encourages the student and he or she can perform well in particular sports activities

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Student looking for friendly coach so join me hurry up now .

My teaching method is i don't believe in any special technique for me the better technique is who gives the results

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Good at this. I can teach u PE and sports and fitness

My methodology is to teach from basics to skilled level because basic things are most important and beneficial for us

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Different people with same souls come together to learn some sports. To a learner from a learner!

My teaching method will be videos and physical teaching in my area as sports is not just about videos but one needs to be physically present for physical activities.

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I'm a basketball coach residing in Bangalore Want to share my knowledge with new members

My teaching methods has mediation..... Fitness..... For beginners from basic and to advance level.... Hope to look forward...

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Take the enjoy with teaching and games both put together let's start

My playing methodology to first fit the body with excersise because fitness always your game in every parameter accordingly my

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1st lesson free !

Private and group coaching for Rugby, Athletes, yoga, gym and fitness.

Leaders Don't Create Followers, They Create More Leaders. . . . . . . . . . . .

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I can train you in developing your running and make you a prefect athelete

I can teach you by giving you some workouts for example, continues run can increase you endurance and develope your stamina

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I am volleyball player that game full of any doubt to be cleared

My teaching methods is various of others. I will teach of the game skills are very advanced and very cutable..

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A beautifully designed, individual or group Table Tennis Coaching Session, Tailor-made just for You.

I believe in providing each player with the best pathway for success. Through my passion of learning, I constantly find new ways of making you a better table tennis player. You can work together with me to develop your table tennis game regardless of age, level or ability. Your future in the sport is important to me which is why I have developed a holistic coaching system.

Lake Wales
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Colligiate Ball player, Semi-Pro, Player, President and CEO Baseball Academy and Baseball Trainer

Every day life situations related to the educational goal. My students love to apply what their learning to their every day lives.

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Cricket is a bast playing game in India. It make your body fitness.

My teaching methods is unique. And my mind. Hjgdfkligddaehuj. Hhfdjkfsgkgf. Gfgjkifegljg. Vdhlgfjkh. Gluon can,,,,. Jfdkkffh,,,,. Hggklouy, Vjodadlhc,. Gfgjkifegljg.......... Fnhzkkdslolplh.

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If you want advance and updated technique then you can contact me.

My training style would be different first i need to check the ability of the students how much they can do Then I train them

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I like sports .I gives tips to more sports activates.also help to

My teaching methods. More theory and practical tips .

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Everything surrounding a particular sport: Understanding, finance, legality, management, development, scope, structure, followers, etc.

Practical knowledge or examples.. help students reason out why things work in a particular way and spread knowledge..

Collado Villalba
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Degree in science of physical activity and sport, a resident of Madrid (Collado Villalba), specializing in personal training, sports and multiple high level of English (forward)

He ended up finishing my college degree and I will take the master of secondary education I possess high level of English or possibility of giving classes in that language.

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Paris Sports coach at home and outdoors - Paris and Ile de France

Hello I am Lionel Fundéré, Coach Sportif high level (formerly Pro Basketball player) and Serial entrepreneur with the creation of the company ROOFminute. I mastery motivation, surpassing oneself, the desire to complete a project, a goal. I will tell you that everything is even possible to get the body you've always dreamed of and it in 4 steps ...

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Current teacher in the Charlotte area tutoring and mentoring youth through recreation, education, & community engagement

I enjoy being able to teach students based on how they retain and grasp information. Some students learn better through reading, or audiovisual practices. I believe that with a mixture of styles of teaching students can gain a better understanding for new material that is presented to them.

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Lifelong experience in multiple sports; mainly soccer and basketball. I also do personal training at gyms or at home/outside! Over 20 years experience in soccer and over 10 in basketball

I believe everyone is unique and each individual needs specific types of motivation and different teachings methods. There has to be a passion and love for fitness or sports and that’s where I start.

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Perfect! Sarah has been really amazing. My daughter (who is 9 and having private gymnastics lessons) just loves her and really looks forward to her lesson every Saturday. I thoroughly recommend Sarah. My daughter has progressed really well under her...

Nicole, Student
7 months ago

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