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Exercise Science student gives sport, exercise and fitness lessons to all levels as well as biology to secondary school pupils. Based in Manchester/Salford

Young professional who has completed a number of fitness achievements both personally and with teams. Give fitness and exercise lessons to all ages, individually or in groups. Prefer a hands-on approach and I tend to take part in the lesson in order to lead by example. Ambitious and always trying to push students to their maximum effort.

Gurujit singh
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1st lesson free !

Bulk Lean, Bulk Clean, Cut, However Lets Do It Now, Together Stronger

Students really must enjoy themselves, whilst learning and feeling good.

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I’m a Sports psychology student also a Herbalife Independent Distributor so basically my focus is to help people reach their full potential in the fitness industry.

I will be dealing with my student based on their potentials as we all not the same and I’ll be helping them individually so I can see what each and everyone of them is doing. I will be helping everyone stay fit and get healthier as they want to.

San Marcos
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Sports junkie, played most everything growing up. High school football and baseball, adult men's basketball league, recreational sports I'm well accustomed.

I find sports to be done for fun; however, working hard to achieve maximum results. I've always hustled to be the best I could, and found competition enjoyable. This brought out the best in me which gave me motivation to work harder.

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Personal trainer and Yogi offering individual and group online classes for all ages.

My teaching method is hands on, you will have to do everything yourself, try it yourself and i will be there to guide you.

East Dubuque
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Personal fitness coach with 15 years as a physical fitness leader and 10 years as a cardio / strength training coach

My teaching method is to take you to and through your limits to help you reach your fitness goals. Let me help you stay accountable to your workouts toward a better you.

Overland Park
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25 plus years coaching in both sports and business, in Kansas City area

My teaching methodology is based upon three principles. 1) Experience is the best teacher. I possess 25 plus years in my field. 2) The best teacher is not the one that knows the most but the one who is able to teach the subject in several different ways. I teach to the individual. 3) At some point education becomes self education.

New Malden
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Previous Dancer for George michael and circus performing contortionist in adverts for channel 4 ,giving personal training sessions in body weight strength,ultimate martial arts and dance flexibility,n

My teaching method is to go at pace of the student in detail,carefully repeating techniques so student can fully understand and make lasting progress

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Experienced Triathlete offering multi-sport training and conditioning to youth. I was the 2015 Sprint Triathlon Provincial Champion and Triathlon Ontario Triathlete of the Year.

"Hard work beats talent, unless talent works hard" As a coach and athlete, I know the importance of structured training. Building an athlete, or a healthy body, is about understanding how the different components of fitness contribute to the whole. My programs include a balance of strength (explosive/isometric), balance, flexibility, durability, and most importantly, mentality training.

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I am 5 years Certified Personal Trainer, online and 1 to 1 training. Houston

My teaching methodology, is helping you to find the best of your likes, applying the techniques, guiding you to exercise with joy and results.

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Instructor of Bodybuilding and Fitness, Personal Trainer and Sports Coach in Alicante

My teaching method is dynamic adapting to the needs of the client, without losing sight of the goal that is put as `` meta''. They can be individual and collective classes. It will be a very didactic method in which the client's objective is pursued within the parameters that are established in client-coach relationship.

Rk rawat
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Rk rawat full knowledge in any field gy ihg high de yes

*संतुष्ट जीवन* *सफल जीवन से* *सदैव श्रेष्ठ होता है* *क्योंकि* *सफलता का आंकलन सदैव* *दूसरों के द्वारा होता है* *जबकि संतुष्टि* *स्वयं के मन

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Train for a better and happier you. Healthy living and a happy soul

Supportive mentor and wellness authority helping clients feel their best through food & lifestyle changes by tailoring individualized wellness programs to meet their needs. Patience is my forte and helping clients have a happy and fulfilling life is my passion.

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Students who are keen to learn about basketball, and those who want to become fit and healthy can contact there

scientific knowledge and research only valid and interested candidates are welcome complete basketball drills diet plan how to hit different muscles by different exercises in the gym

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Personal Trainer Munir A former Olympic champion and certified sports trainer for body building and fitness will help you reach the dream body and develop your skill and athletic knowledge

You will get a sports program and a comprehensive diet program depending on your calorie needs, effort, training method, understanding of body types and how to develop them. You will get a sports program and a comprehensive diet program depending on your calorie needs, effort, training method, understanding of body types and how to develop them.

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Strength & Conditioning Coach and Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist giving lessons in South Holland

I recognize that every individual is different; no one person responds the same to training. You can achieve optimal health and performance. I have a strong background in exercise physiology and rehabilitation science, and am still active as a contributing researcher on projects related to rehabilitation for lung disease and back pain.

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Experienced Tennis Player and Certified Fitness Coach helps people achieve their fitness and sport-specific goals.

My teaching method is multi-faceted and scientific and not based on facts. I believe that to be a better version of ourselves, it is imperative that we train in different forms of exercise.

West Palm Beach
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Exercise Science student offering math, reading, writing, tutoring and life motivation skills

My teaching methodology consists of a gradual step by step guideline, we look at the material and set out things we may not understand vs. things we already know and get a bases for where each student is. Once we've established a baseline where each student is in that particular subject, then we can begin to design a program and pace for the material.

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Fitness Instructor offering body toning excercises DC or will come to you

My teaching method is tailored to your toning goals. Whether you are trying to tone up, shed a few pounds or just be active on a flexible basis I've got you covered. I can travel to you or you can come to me.

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I am an ambitious student in the University of Aberdeen in my 4th year with Molecular Biology and Sport and Health science. Qualified Gym instructor that is seeking to provide knowledge on training, e

**Training/Fitness** I approach every person entirely independent. I always have an introduction with the person so to understand more about themselves and their goals/needs. I always give lectures and explanations on variety of topics concerning training with actual demonstrations either 1to1 or videos and teaching points for certain exercises.

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Let’s practice and enjoy some basic training, most importantly have a great fun with it :)

Initially I’d like to get to know who’s the person I’m working with and this can be by having a coffee togetherand I’ll be most happy to share my story of how I become to love fitness and how it changed me as an individual, then I will be breaking down what will we be doing, staring by giving you my knowledge of nutritins and working out routines etc.

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Fitness is looking after your inner and outer body. It all starts with self-believe, motivated and determination. Must important never give up.

I provides time for participants to practice movement so instructor can provide individualised feedback for each participant. Advantages include allowing the instructor to interact with participants and give them the opportunity to select their own level of difficulty, thus creating a nurtured feeling for participants.

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Exercise Science Student Offering Health, Fitness and Strength and Conditioning Lessons Online

The services I offer include: - Lectures/discussions on strength, hypertrophy, nutrition and sports performance (can be altered to your specific needs) - Coaching and personal training - Resistance training exercise form checks (barbells, dumbbells etc) - Fitness program design and guidance - Nutrition advice and guidance - Can provide additional services if suitable

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What is life with no Goal for personal achievement and wellbeing. Train & become You

My teaching methods is so easy to understand .... Even a 10 year old can surpass his own expectations I have over 1000 different types of body training and Many just for you.

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Health/ Fitness, Minneapolis Minnesota, Bachelors Degree in Public Health from the University of St. Thomas

My teaching method focuses on both verbal and visual materials. I make sure to understand what the student would like to learn that week and incorporate into my lessons. My goal is to provide reliable and helpful information to my clients.

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Personal trainer with experience in power-lifting, ultra-running elite military. Online and Preston

low equipment methods such as circuit training and running are my speciality. I design flexible programmes which can fit around your demands. I aim to educate everyone to the point where they no longer need a trainer. You will always know why you are doing what you are doing and should come away having learnt something.

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Plant based personal trainer offering online and mobile sessions in and around Manchester

I have a huge passion for fitness, health and wellbeing and I enjoy finding new and innovative ways to train. I live for seeing how the body can change after undergoing exercise and proper nutrition.

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I am 22and a soon to be graduate of USI in Evansville where I will have a degree in Sports Management. I have experience in sports and have been playing since I was young including basketball, softbal

I played basketball from age 5 until freshman year of high school. I started golf when I was a freshman in high school and received a golf scholarship to my first college. And have played softball since I was 5 and all the way through high school.

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Personal Training And Diet Plans Available For All Age Groups (Men & Women)

I'll be providing Diet Plans and Exercise Plans according to BMI & goals of an individual. People of all age group can get the benefits including both men & women. For individuals trying to get into body building will also be guided with proper supplementation.

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Perfect! Sarah has been really amazing. My daughter (who is 9 and having private gymnastics lessons) just loves her and really looks forward to her lesson every Saturday. I thoroughly recommend Sarah. My daughter has progressed really well under her...

Nicole, Student
6 months ago

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