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Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer teaches anatomy, biomechanics, training, rehabilitation and nutrition basics.

Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer, both theorical and practical classes in English or Spanish depending of the purpose of each person. The teaching method varies depending on the capabilities of each student, where they can start from the basics to more advanced excercises.

Vila Gumercindo
(7 reviews)
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Physical Education Professional with specialization in Military Training. Total dedication to the student, without deceit and miracle promises!

I do not promise miracles, but 100% dedication and attention to you, my dear student. I believe that each student is different, and soon needs different care. The classes are designed for all those who want to improve their quality of life. No student begins classes before going through a functional physical assessment in order to correct deviations and maximize training.

Le Bouscat
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Coach sports diploma of state in fitness / bodybuilding with a specialization in cross training gives courses at home or outside to individuals or companies sector Bordeaux

Your coach in Bordeaux CUB ! Sports coach with a diploma of state I am at your side, solo or in group (family, friends, ...), to assure you a practice and a follow-up adapted, effective and always in the security and the good humor! I am present to guide you towards your goals (fitness, weight loss, weight gain, performance, physical preparation, ...).

Paris 12e
(5 reviews)

Former professional basketball player gives private lessons fitness, bodybuilding and physical preparation extéreur or at home in Paris.

Former professional basketball player, I kept the passion of sport and particularly that of physical preparation. Also holds a Certificate of State coach, I take care of youth basketball teams. With my high level of experience and sports coach, I can adapt to all audiences.

(9 reviews)

Coach Sportif specializing in weight loss, Boxing and running, gives courses for beginners or competitor

- Courses for beginner, advanced or competitor, the level will be adapted to your needs and physical condition: the goal is to develop your weaknesses to improve.

(6 reviews)

Pure krav maga israeli official member of the aekm-around with over 15 active sections

Krav Maga, unlike other martial arts, is intended for all audiences: men, women and children 6 to 60 and over.

Jorge isaac
(1 review)
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FORGET DIETS. Combining fitness technology and more than 14 years of experience in training and nutrition, we have created a method to transform the body and life of our clients. I work

RESULT FOR ALWAYS. Using the latest research in Fit-Tech, science of health and nutrition, we created a method to teach people how to achieve results forever. Personal trainers, nutritionist, coaching and psychologists to focus on the transformation of the body and the well-being of people.

(3 reviews)
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SPORTS COACH and versatile allowing you to pursue your individual goals

Dilpomé teaching of sports activities for 4 years now, I offer my skills for different purposes: - weight loss (overall, thigh gap, ...) - fitness - initiation or specialization in a physical activity courses will be at your home or at a public place, with your own equipment or that I bring as needed.

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State-certified sports coach (BPJEPS AF / LEVEL1 CROSSFIT / Former High Level Athlete) From Menton to Antibes Courses at home / outside / hall / company.

Physical Preparation, Crossfit, Muscle Building, Fitness, Bodybuilding (weight gain) Weight Loss, Wellness, Fitness, Weightlifting, Boxing, Running. Dietetics (advice and tips for a healthy and balanced diet), CAF (Thigh, Abdo, Buttocks), Stretching, Preparations contests (BPJEPS AF, Firefighters, Army, police .....

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Sports Coach graduated Masters 2 Canadian experience: pros amateur sportsmen actors models

Hello, I am new to the area. Based on Nice, I am available between Cannes and Monaco holds a Master's degree in Kinanthropology the University of Quebec in Montreal, my training philosophy is' Learn and master the good models of movements allow the progress. '' trainings are planned and always adapt according to customer needs.

(6 reviews)
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Experienced and graduate trainer offers individual and group classes in Paris and 92

My method is based on the mood and work to ensure sustainable support and satisfactory results. I had the chance to see work of experienced coaches and build my own ideas and methods made of rigor and good humor. I come from a family of athletes and I bathed in it forever with in particular a pole vaulter uncle who participated in two Olympic Games.

(5 reviews)
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Personal coach to help you meet your goals with a lot of desire to work

My method of teaching is based on each person, since not everyone needs the same things to improve then I think it is appropriate to have a different methodology for each subject, since we are not all the same and we do not like the same things

Darius knight
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Darius Knight Table Tennis Coaching Alert |London | Do not miss out!

We strongly believe that coaching should also include a fun factor to each lesson. It is the best way to learn & memorise moves & spins of this intricate yet fascinating sport. Our lessons are structured individually to meet everyone's needs, whether it is a group or one to one session.

(4 reviews)

Private coaching in kickboxing and physical preparation with a personal trainer and competitor

Different teachings: - specific courses for boxing and kickboxing (overheating, flexibility, technique, power ...). - General physical preparation with joint determination of goals (weight loss, emotional release, fitness ...). - Physical and mental preparation for competition (combat sports but also other individual and team sports).

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
(5 reviews)
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TAFAD and Student of TS Dietetica, experience of more than 5 years of trainer

My methodology is based on the person, the first thing is to know the goal, meet the person, see what sports or training styles he/she prefers, etc... After the initial interview we go to the physical assessment, doing several mobility exercises , technique of the sport to be treated (exercises in the case of strength), elasticity, etc...

South Nutfield
(3 reviews)
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Student of Phisical Education with more than 5 years of experience training in a gym

My teaching method is about my own experience because I have a real experience training in the gym. I tasted more than 50 differents types of exercises and I can help you with my experience.

(4 reviews)
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Personal Trainer in Levallois and Paris

It's time for you to move your body and live a life full of positive energy! I listen to your needs and offer you a suitable training (s) and we will arrive together to achieve your objectives. We increase the intensity of the sessions according to your rhythm. HIIT Training, Pilates, Core, Running, Stretching. I offer high quality training in groups or customized.

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Sport Coach Sport prevention health; Nutrition coaching; thinning, XBODY coach; posturalball; Pilates

Coach in personalized fitness for over 15 years; I created my coaching studio in 2010. Studio Pleine Forme in Pau. I develop your program according to your level and objectives. Toning, refining ... gaining strength or flexibility ... Program over-measuring 1,2 or 3 people.Innovative methods: Posturalball, Kinesis, Hiit, Powerplate ...

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Dynamic Fitness Professional seeks motivated clients interested in Real Results and lifestyle changes.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist who has worked with all ages and fitness levels. I love making fitness fun and use a lot of variety in my programs. I use direct and concise instructions and demonstrations. My degree is in Communications, so I am a big fan of questions and feedback.

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Prof DE and STAPS (professional card and RC insurance) in Paris region and 92

I have been a teacher and sports coach for more than 10 years. I am a graduate and trainer in many disciplines: - Boxing thai, Kick-boxing, Full-Contact - Wrestling, jiu-jitsu, judo - Fitness and strength gymnastics - Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting - Aquatic activities I intervene as well for communities, individuals or even state services (police, army).

San Diego
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Experienced Private Trainer offers Custom Coaching to Help You Reach Your Goals

In addition to being a certified personal trainer through multiple organizations, I also hold certifications in fitness nutrition, exercise rehab, biomechanics, bodybuilding, and yoga.

Port Elizabeth
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Biokinitics, personal trainer student, fitness enthusiast with years of experience in the fitness industry offering tuition

I am a fitness enthusiast who is passionate about coaching people In fitness. I believe fitness is related to many aspects in life and contributes to living life to your fullest. My goal is to equip people with the appropriate fitness knowledge so that we can achieve our goals and live healthier.. I believe in finding the simplest way to achieve one's goals.

(5 reviews)
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Kin student with 10+ years of experience gives Fitness and Muay Thai Lessons in Mississauga, Ontario

My style is both evidence based as well as the realization that everyone is built differently and should not is trained and coached the same exact way. I use methods that have been proven time and time again to be the most effective and efficient based on your specific personal goals.

New Delhi
(17 reviews)
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A sound body helps in build a bright future, but for that brightness you have to work with your discipline tightness...

Basically I preferred practical methods with my clients and children as their need and demand of sports... I can coach them in classroom with relevant books and articles as well as good examples with their respective topic... Athletics, Weight training, Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition is my strength.

(10 reviews)
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Hi, I´m Cordoba expert in martial arts and in physical activity and sports, I can prepare you physically and psychologically for both routine training and competition. THERE IS NO BENEFIT WITHOUT SACR

My method is based on the union of body and mind, with an iron base of discipline and sacrifice, inculcating the values of traditional martial arts and ancient oriental philosophy. I like to correct every failure I see in my students at the moment, so that they learn without mistakes, which later is more difficult to correct.

(3 reviews)
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Athlete in judo / weightlifting and sports coach gives lessons at home sport

The approach that I adopt is first of all that of listening and observation. I can not be helpful if I do not understand your requests. Subsequently, I find it more fun and enjoyable to work dynamically using space and mobility. I do not hesitate to be creative in the construction of my sessions or exercises. Adaptability is a master word in my methodology.

(3 reviews)
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Personalized and Progressive Sports Coaching, Sports Nutrition advising and dietary balance. NICE!!!

My philosophy Being Coach Sportif is to love find solutions to compensate for all the problems. I analyze the goals I established a food balance, I study energy expenditure and assesses the flexibility and ease of each. By nature I am against dieting, I advise a balanced diet suitable for all lifestyles without much frustration, I urge to listen to our bodies.

(5 reviews)
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Sports coaching, fitness, activity recovery, muscle building, weight loss, correspondence or face to face on besançon

Sports accompaniment on Besançon. Strong of my Training (License STAPS) and my multiple sporting experiences (rugby 7 and 15, bodybuilding, cross-training, climbing, swimming, VTT, obstacle course ...

(3 reviews)
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Sport and Exercise Science Undergraduate, Personal Trainer with national diploma and Food Educator Wabba, follows online or at home for programs of: weight loss, muscle mass increase and tonification

I always try to leave or teach something to the client, in order to broaden his vision on the subject and improve his quality of life. Each of my single program or dietary advice plan is totally personalized taking into account who you are, what you do, how much time you have, what you have available etc .. So it makes everything fit perfectly into your daily routine.

Lyon 8e
(5 reviews)
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Certified sports coach and passionate practitioner, I teach in Lyon Calisthencis, acroyoga, Handbalancing... and how to reach your long term goals safely ;)

I do not have a strict methodology. I fully adapt to you, your goals, and your unique way of responding to stimulations. Nevertheless, in general, I propose soft coaching based on a careful listening. I will challenge you but always paying attention to your body. I bet on the long term, so I try to guide you to master your own training.

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Perfect! Sarah has been really amazing. My daughter (who is 9 and having private gymnastics lessons) just loves her and really looks forward to her lesson every Saturday. I thoroughly recommend Sarah. My daughter has progressed really well under her...

Nicole, Student
6 months ago

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