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Lecturer. PhD Researcher. Teacher. LifeCoach. Mentor. with 15 years experience gives private personal development coaching online or face to face

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and not sure how to cope with the pressures of life? Are you struggling to get motivated, feel inspired or find purpose? Do you feel like you stuck in a rut? Do you need help to gain control back in different areas of your life?... It's ok...

Darling Heights
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Experienced and qualified counsellor provides coaching online and in Toowoomba so you can achieve your goals.

I am passionate about supporting you to make the changes in your life that you want to make. You'll walk away feeling heard and understood, with simple, clear action steps to move forward. Together we will set goals for what you want to achieve.

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Life Coaching and Creating balance: helping you to become more you (based in Brisbane)

My teaching method is entirely dependant on each individual's preferred channel of learning. I have varied experience; from mentoring individuals from interns into permanent roles, influencing progression and goal attainment of small teams, and leading large teams of 60 and above to achieve larger scale goals. My passion is you and what you want to achieve.

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Help in Rockhampton for personal development tutoring and counselling including mainstream and alternative

Relaxed atmosphere in my home, easy going individual approach. Each person is different so my approach is different based on your needs.

Pin Gin Hill
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A trilingual speaker (Cantonese/English/Mandarin) gives lessons to people who want to learn another language

My approach to teaching focusses on engaging students with the material at hand, and hopefully exciting them about the subject. I try to teach not only course material but also to encourage students to develop thought patterns. Students are undertaking their own learning, while I am present to guide and facilitate their journey.

Mountain Creek
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1st lesson free !

Highly experienced business woman with 8+ years of international experience gives Personal Growth Lessons

My teaching method starts with identifying the real issue to maximise the investment made. It is STRICTLY INDIVIDUAL with every student in order to benefit them. I am very careful, straight forward and my lessons are not to give students a theory a let them go. My main goal is for them to unleash their knowledge and work it with me during the lesson.

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Current Bachelor of Counselling student, who knows the struggle. Let me help.

I am dedicated to helping others actualize themselves. I practice what I preach, and I constantly try to improve upon myself and be the best I can be. Although, at the same time, I try to be aware of the fact that we are only human and therefore, we sometimes cannot perform life to the efficient of say...a robot (AKA: flawlessly).

Tannum Sands
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For an easy life lesson on stress management, students can feel at ease and relaxed

My teaching method is to get to know my student/s and to learn about who they are and why they are stressed. I can understand their stress and try to help the best I can. I may not be the best teacher, but i can always try.

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Studying Gold Coast Health Coach offering lessons in making positive life changes!

I offer lessons catered to towards promoting positive life changes through a combination of mindset and natural nutrition. Previously in my personal life i have struggled through anxiety holding me back from my health & career potential, so enjoy taking on clients that are looking for personal development in these areas.

Bracken Ridge
Jiza mae
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Individual Support support student with a Nursing Bachelor Degree in the Philippines teaching about Positive thinking to Uni students in Brisbane.

I base my classes on the degree that I earned, as well as my personal experiences. I approach my topic in a gentle and student-friendly way, where there is no pressure towards the student, and the student as the freedom to air out suggestions and questions as well.

Bowen Hills
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Graduate with Master of Social Work degree looking to assist student and graduates reach full academic, emotional, physical potential and reduce life stressors.

I am a recent Master of Social Work graduate who works part time as a disability support worker for people who have multiple sclerosis. Sessions are adapted to each individuals needs and goals. As a practitioner, I work closely with individuals to plan and reach life goals that are important to the individual. No goal is too big or small.

Cairns North
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Personal and professional coaching services to give you confidence, motivation and success tips to reach your goals!

I like to tailor my sessions to each individual- especially when working on personal goals. In our first interaction we set up the expectations of how the course will run for you, and what will work best to your schedule and preferred learning style.

Little Mountain
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Experienced Public Speaker on the Sunshine Coast in QLD, 4551 - Face to Face Sessions

I believe in a pragmatic teaching approach, rather than just telling students about the science or tips behind public speaking, I like to actively engage students to help them gain a hands on approach to speaking, while also understanding why they are employing specific techniques.

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A young entrepreneur starting own successful business while on government benefits and with $50

I aspire to inspire you! Most of us think that our dreams are just dreams.. I want to make you realise that anyone can make dreams a reality. You won't be able to do this overnight however with lots of work, motivation and a buddy mentoring you to success.

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Break free of constraints and negative blocks and step into a life of positivity and prosperity

The search for happiness could be endless until you realise the answer is within YOU! You are the master to your own reality. You have the power to hold which blessings enter and with my help we can help you unlock your true potential.

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Personal growth/ development, accountability, positive mind coach, online or in person, sunshine coast

I am able to help guide and support anyone who is ready to grow, ready to take action on their words, wants and desires. Everyone is different, so i personalise each session to you! Whether you want 1 session, 3 sessions or 6months commitment to yourself. Its your call. If we work well together, I am here to support you and help you reap the benefits you deserve.

Surfers Paradise
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Be your best you and a confident public speaker learning from the experienced

My main focus is to establish a structure and strategy at increasing self-confidence, irrespective of the number of people listening. Also explaining body language and gestures that makes you come across as a confident and credible public speaker.

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MD, health promotion specialist, and PhD Scholar give lessons about a how to live a healthy and meaningful life.

Brief lectures, deep conversation and workshops. Proposed program of lectures - discussions 1- Assumptions about health and determinants of health. 2- Science, knowledge and humbleness. 3- Reality, sensation, perception and action. 4- Uncertainty, and risk. 5- Complexity, variance, error and suffering.

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If we learn to understand what makes us tick, we learn the fundamental rules to happiness.

My way of coaching is to make sure that you get something out of each session, something which can carry you forward in a big way. One thing that is important to know is You Are Always At Choice. I have learned many methods of coaching in order to find the best way to get results quickly and efficiently.

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A Certified RTT Therapist, giving lessons to empower high school and uni students in public speaking and to build their self-confidence. Based on the Gold Coast.

My teaching methods are to empower my students through the use of rapid transformational hypnotherapy, to get them to not just give a speech but rather a conversation from the heart and to be able to share their passion authentically.

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Holistic lifestyle and wellness coach providing services on personal development, fitness, nutrition, intuitive guidance and emotional healing modalities.

My sessions are customized to suit your goals. In a typical session I may incorporate different healing and coaching modalities depending on what we need to work on. I believe in a holistic approach and my philosophy is to help you achieve wellness in all areas of your life including mind, body and soul.

Rochedale South
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Communication Major offers Public Speaking lessons in Brisbane to high school and UNI students

I like to have a fun comfortable environment. Public Speaking is a very nervous and uncomfortable subject, and I like to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable going up and presenting in front of different crowds. Each lesson plan is different but always caters to mastering the art of Communication.

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Self love and weight loss transformation student gives sessions to young adolescents

My teaching method works in various ways. This is what helps you bring out the best results for you. My whole world changed when I put trust in the process but I am here to guide and support you throughout your journey.

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A young but experience guide for your daily-life problems and how to deal with stress, love and lack of life motivation.

With whom who searching for real lessons, I start lessons with related problems and point out the solution, the way make you deal with life better. With whom who searching for advice, I prefer starting with a story of your own and we can talk more about the problem.

Brisbane City
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I am offering life coaching session in order to empower you and make you feel good

I help you to have a different vision about your current situation, we work on your value system, mindset and vision. Basically, we work on self esteem, goal achievement and productivity. I am asking you to talk to me about you, your concerns and I guide you through a life changing.

Saint Lucia
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Conflict resolution specialist wanting to work to support your personal and professional development, stress management, and help coach you through life's ups and downs

I prefer in person conversations but am happy to Skype or share emails back and forth. Lessons look more like shared dialogue and conversations, working together to help you move forward. It's important to be heard and shared your voice, and sometimes to have an ear, a third party, that is outside what you are living every day to help guide and support you.

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Wonderful Teacher Who Can Help with Your Life Issues for Love & Happiness

I listen deeply, use intuition, talk through possibilities. I understand that we all have different values and beliefs. I totally respect that and talk to find out what your needs are and how together, you can get there.

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Integrative Coach gives lessons in personal development, stress, and time management from home.

My teaching method is to embrace each persons bio-individuality. Each person is unique in the ways that they learn and the areas they feel comfortable with. I aim to work with individuals and groups to assist people in feeling comfortable to address the areas they would like to grow. I offer a flexible approach where I can tailor programs to meet individual needs.

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UQ Politics, Philosophy & Economics student gives a crash course in public speaking

My teaching methods are entirely dependent on the learning style of the student. I understand that every student learns best using different techniques. In this way I will ensure that you are working at your best level and understanding the lesson content.

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