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Self love and weight loss transformation student gives sessions to young adolescents

My teaching method works in various ways. This is what helps you bring out the best results for you. My whole world changed when I put trust in the process but I am here to guide and support you throughout your journey.

Box Hill South
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Music student teaching positive thinking in Box Hill South - mental health

I believe in spirituality and the use of crystals for healing, along with other alternatives such as the use of music and animals. I have 15 pets that can be utilised in the healing process, and have done an abundance of research in order to find the best methods to do this.

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A young but experience guide for your daily-life problems and how to deal with stress, love and lack of life motivation.

With whom who searching for real lessons, I start lessons with related problems and point out the solution, the way make you deal with life better. With whom who searching for advice, I prefer starting with a story of your own and we can talk more about the problem.

Brisbane City
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I am offering life coaching session in order to empower you and make you feel good

I help you to have a different vision about your current situation, we work on your value system, mindset and vision. Basically, we work on self esteem, goal achievement and productivity. I am asking you to talk to me about you, your concerns and I guide you through a life changing.

Saint Lucia
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Conflict resolution specialist wanting to work to support your personal and professional development, stress management, and help coach you through life's ups and downs

I prefer in person conversations but am happy to Skype or share emails back and forth. Lessons look more like shared dialogue and conversations, working together to help you move forward. It's important to be heard and shared your voice, and sometimes to have an ear, a third party, that is outside what you are living every day to help guide and support you.

Wheelers Hill
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Life coach motivating students of all ages to bring out their best every day and stay positive minded

I take one on one sessions and also online sessions via skype and google hangouts. Anyone willing to take can book sessions over the phone. I can also come to their home (travel cost extra). Sessions are divided into different modules and submodules and students are guided accordingly.

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A trained psychology consultant and trainer in personal development, social health and mental health.

My experience as a psychologist and trainer gives me the ability to simplify issues and ideas to the level that my audience and students are able to understand and benefit. Counseling psychology and training involves a lot of listening and questioning in an effort to understand and clarify client issues as they express themselves.

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Traveller that graduated in Industrial Product Design will teach you how to do Design Thinking to develop yourself.

I'll ask you what you want. You obviously want to know what Design Thinking is and how it can benefit you, like it did me. But to do that I'll need to know where you stand in this.

Brunswick East
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Creative Mentor, Get ready to break through to the other side ! East Brunswick area

I work in all fields that relate to creative expression. Breaking though the barriers to our creative life force is my gig.

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Traveler supports individuals with their personal growth through sharing her own experiences

I find the way people learn best is when their is an open line of communication between teacher and pupil. Both can listen, question and therefor understand from each other. It's also important to enjoy the learning process, if you're having fun you're more likely to succeed.

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I am a Transformational Life Coach & Holistic Wellness Counsellor. I Help people with life transitions and help them overcome stress and anxiety

I apply the dynamics of human behaviour and research-based in-demand tools, techniques, and frameworks, coupled with my quintessential coaching skills to create a positive life transformation for my clients. I use a combination of counselling, coaching, mentoring and training as appropriate.

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Integrative Coach gives lessons in personal development, stress, and time management from home.

My teaching method is to embrace each persons bio-individuality. Each person is unique in the ways that they learn and the areas they feel comfortable with. I aim to work with individuals and groups to assist people in feeling comfortable to address the areas they would like to grow. I offer a flexible approach where I can tailor programs to meet individual needs.

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Life and Love Coach with 15 years of experience gives private lessons on how to become a magnet for all you desire

My teaching method is catered for your specific needs as I develop a love yourself wellness plan from mindset to nutrition to fitness to relationships with self and others for your ultimate success in life! I take you on a journey to the heart where all your power resides.

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Versatile Inspiring Methods and Experience. Dubbo NSW. Accommodating Mental Health/Disabilities/All ages and levels

Ability and interest focused. Accountability and responsibility encouraged. Broad life experienced based communication made easy for connecting with majority of students needs and ambitions. I have an open mind so will not judge but rather respect peoples choices and cultures.

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Music Artist Development, established Sydney musician (mixing and mastering) engineer, bankstown

My teaching method is based on my students, I will always try my best to meet them where they are at as opposed to trying to give a template, artist development is not an easy thing to template for and as such should not be done.

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Health and Manual handler trainer happy to give groups or individuals lessons/ presentations in these fields. Working in the Albury/ Wodonga region.

My teaching methodology is keeping the subject matter relevant and interesting. I also teach to the level of the group. I always make the sessions interactive and enjoyable.

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Melbourne Based Vedic Counselling Master provides effective, natural and time-tested solutions for life's day-to-day problems.

Hi, my name is Vim and I a Vedic Counsellor and a Life and Health Coach. I provide one-on-one lessons and counselling to people with problems with their career, finance, health, relationships, etc. The lessons that I provide will be tailored to your specific problem/s and its strategic solutions.

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Tracy Burton is a highly experienced public speaker with 20 years experience as a Drama teacher and Professional Broadcaster.

Clear, confident delivery methods where individuals develop their unique style and confidence. Be able to present engaging content to capture the audience is essential when delivering information, selling a product or trying to motivate others in your field. The ability to get an audience's attention and keep it involves a suite of skills I would like to share.

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UQ Politics, Philosophy & Economics student gives a crash course in public speaking

My teaching methods are entirely dependent on the learning style of the student. I understand that every student learns best using different techniques. In this way I will ensure that you are working at your best level and understanding the lesson content.

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Macquarie Psychology and Education student provides Positive Thinking lessons to all students in Sydney.

I believe every student is capable of achieving success at school if they are taught the right way. My teaching methodologies include striking to motivate and engage all students in a particular topic of interest/subject thought a captivating title or introduction. On the other hand, students should be catered through differentiation from all levels e.g.

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Elia has been a Holistic Counsellor, specialized in stress management for the last 5 years. She found a way to heal and now she just want to pass on wonderful tools

My methodology of teaching is customized, according to each client's needs and interest. I have the knowledge but the way the student learns depends on the students. How I will deliver the class depends on each student's uniqueness as each human being has different strengths and talent.

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Energetic Canadian with 10 years of International teaching experience in Asia. Living on in Gold Coast Australia with her family she is currently running a home business and relief teaching with EQ.

Teaching methodology is student centred inquiry based learning. Students discover, explore, create and innovate based on their interests. The teacher provide resources, guidance and facilitates learning. ESL activities are fun, interactive and can be differentiate to meet the needs and abilities for all learners.

Castle Hill
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Psychology and Law Student provides flexible Public Speaking and Personal Development Lessons

I am aware that everyone learns differently and needs an approach that suits this. This is why I found my teaching methodology on support, and commit to teaching in a manner that suits each individual. I start my lessons with a brief chat to assess where you're at, what you're wanting to get out of the lesson and setting future goals.

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Health is the key to Happiness, let's improve our health and improve our lives.

My teaching method is holistic. Each student is different, there are many learning techniques in which not one suits all. I am aware of this and begin with a few styles of teaching to see how an individual best learns.

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Greatness coach and author giving personal development courses to students and adults

This course is directed to students and adults and teaches participants all the rules for building an outstanding life and become the best that they can be. It encompasses authentic leadership, effective communication, knowledge management and positive thinking.

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Offering stress management and organisation tips for high schoolers from a recent graduate

I believe in approaching each person with an open mind and adapting my teaching methodology to suit each invidual person

Tweed Heads West
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Personal Development and Mindfulness by a Counsellor in Tweed Heads Ballina area

1 I take an interactive positive approach towards any individual who is ready to change and improve on current circumstances in their life. Lesson structure is based on what the individual presents as a challenge and takes place in an experiential safe and supported learning environment either face to face one on one or in groups.

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University Of Newcastle Honours Graduate offering help for Primary or Secondary school students in the area of Health and Physical Education

I’m a young, enthusiastic teacher, ready to help you achieve your goals. I am able to individualise my lessons to suit your learning needs.

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Reiki Master and Counsellor. Be support and guided into creating and instigating powerful personal pathways to the best versions of your individual life story’s.

I base my sessions on Guided Visulisation and Reiki Distance Healing Counselling aimed at empowering you to make courageous choices and take proactive actions aimed at creating your most inspired life story.

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USQ student offering tutoring sessions in well-being, stress management and goal setting

My teaching method is adjusted individually to each student's requirements.

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