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Nursing Student available to give lessons in Healthcare, Wellbeing, Science and English.

My teaching methods are flexible. I adjust my techniques according to my students. I believe every student is unique in it's own way so I prefer keeping my techniques wide and flexible.

Sandy Bay
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Senior university student gives as much support/advice for mental health and wellbeing

My method is more towards counselling, mental support and coming up with ways to overcome it. A constant reminder to myself is that mistakes shouldn't make anyone feel small as they are lessons to help you grow and feel bigger.

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Tracy Burton is a highly experienced public speaker with 20 years experience as a Drama teacher and Professional Broadcaster.

Clear, confident delivery methods where individuals develop their unique style and confidence. Be able to present engaging content to capture the audience is essential when delivering information, selling a product or trying to motivate others in your field. The ability to get an audience's attention and keep it involves a suite of skills I would like to share.

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UQ Politics, Philosophy & Economics student gives a crash course in public speaking

My teaching methods are entirely dependent on the learning style of the student. I understand that every student learns best using different techniques. In this way I will ensure that you are working at your best level and understanding the lesson content.

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Macquarie Psychology and Education student provides Positive Thinking lessons to all students in Sydney.

I believe every student is capable of achieving success at school if they are taught the right way. My teaching methodologies include striking to motivate and engage all students in a particular topic of interest/subject thought a captivating title or introduction. On the other hand, students should be catered through differentiation from all levels e.g.

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Elia has been a Holistic Counsellor, specialized in stress management for the last 5 years. She found a way to heal and now she just want to pass on wonderful tools

My methodology of teaching is customized, according to each client's needs and interest. I have the knowledge but the way the student learns depends on the students. How I will deliver the class depends on each student's uniqueness as each human being has different strengths and talent.

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Energetic Canadian with 10 years of International teaching experience in Asia. Living on in Gold Coast Australia with her family she is currently running a home business and relief teaching with EQ.

Teaching methodology is student centred inquiry based learning. Students discover, explore, create and innovate based on their interests. The teacher provide resources, guidance and facilitates learning. ESL activities are fun, interactive and can be differentiate to meet the needs and abilities for all learners.

Castle Hill
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Psychology and Law Student provides flexible Public Speaking and Personal Development Lessons

I am aware that everyone learns differently and needs an approach that suits this. This is why I found my teaching methodology on support, and commit to teaching in a manner that suits each individual. I start my lessons with a brief chat to assess where you're at, what you're wanting to get out of the lesson and setting future goals.

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Health is the key to Happiness, let's improve our health and improve our lives.

My teaching method is holistic. Each student is different, there are many learning techniques in which not one suits all. I am aware of this and begin with a few styles of teaching to see how an individual best learns.

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Greatness coach and author giving personal development courses to students and adults

This course is directed to students and adults and teaches participants all the rules for building an outstanding life and become the best that they can be. It encompasses authentic leadership, effective communication, knowledge management and positive thinking.

Heidelberg Heights
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RMIT education student happy to help students learn how to de-stress and study positively in Melbourne

I prefer personalised attention to detail and script classroom plans with visual details and audio clues. Once the student has grasped the concepts I provide feedback only when the student has attempted the learning curve by themselves.

Surry Hills
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Private Yoga power Vinyasa, full body workout, intense breathing session and meditation

Intense breathing session inspired by Wim Hoff. Full Vinyassa yoga 360° session working on your grounding, strengthening, fat burning and flexibility. Deep stretch exercices Taken from French Ballet technique. And final meditation with headphones and 3D music.

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Offering stress management and organisation tips for high schoolers from a recent graduate

I believe in approaching each person with an open mind and adapting my teaching methodology to suit each invidual person

Tweed Heads West
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Personal Development and Mindfulness by a Counsellor in Tweed Heads Ballina area

1 I take an interactive positive approach towards any individual who is ready to change and improve on current circumstances in their life. Lesson structure is based on what the individual presents as a challenge and takes place in an experiential safe and supported learning environment either face to face one on one or in groups.

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University Of Newcastle Honours Graduate offering help for Primary or Secondary school students in the area of Health and Physical Education

I’m a young, enthusiastic teacher, ready to help you achieve your goals. I am able to individualise my lessons to suit your learning needs.

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Reiki Master and Counsellor. Be support and guided into creating and instigating powerful personal pathways to the best versions of your individual life story’s.

I base my sessions on Guided Visulisation and Reiki Distance Healing Counselling aimed at empowering you to make courageous choices and take proactive actions aimed at creating your most inspired life story.

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Occupational Therapy Student now available for wellbeing, mindfulness and stress management sessions

After a get to know you session, I will implement strategies to work towards achieving your goals.

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Im Ruku and I'm a Child Educator Diploma student, do life counselling and life coaching of positivity

I base my classes on the difficult issues kids face in life. I explain its effects, ways to improve it. Activities are given where students are assessed on their progress.

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USQ student offering tutoring sessions in well-being, stress management and goal setting

My teaching method is adjusted individually to each student's requirements.

Daw Park
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Personal coaching is a positive step up to put you on an even playing field

My teaching is based around the person's style of learning, and not setting boundaries around the right answer, but rather encouraging the student the take calculated risks - exploring an answer with courage and not be restricted by thinking they must get the answer correct first time

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Bachelor of Arts in Public Health with expertise in conflict resolution, facilitation 101, stress management, positive thinking, reflective writing, mindfulness and public speaking.

My teaching method varies depending on content area. I am very client centered, meaning I can easily adjust and adapt. Instilling confidence and trust in my students is key. Hence, I teach using a honor system. I believe testing is essential but doesn't get the full scope and thus implement a variety of assessments in my lesson design to ensure my clients success.

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Life Coaching tailored for you. Build self-confidence and motivation. Build excellent emotional intelligence , self-awareness, self-management, empathy and relationship-building.

Create positive outcomes through eliminating negative influences. Create the space in your mind to think clearly during the day and sleep well at night. Training materials to teach my students self-confidence. I will teach you how to adopt a growth mindset when it comes to your health and well being and develop a path to follow to achieve amazing results.

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Holistic Counsellor to guide your emotional and intelligence wellbeing to its potential. Located in Sydney.

To lead from within. To guide. To inspire. To express. To be authentic. To be mindful and conscious through the teaching and learning process.

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I am Gerlie from Adelaide and I aim to perpetuate knowledge and inspire learning...

My teaching method is very casual and in a comfortable manner in order to achieve proper and ease learning

Palmerston City
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Port Macquarie
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Primary School Qualified Health and EducationTeacher in Port Macquarie NSW AUS 2444

Amor Kok 26 years old Fluent in Afrikaans and English I love working with my students. I aim to cater for the needs of each student as an individual as I know each and every student learns in a different way.

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Ready to help you out with any kind of physical goal. Weight loss, weight gain,Muscle gain ,nutrition or any other kind of area you need some coaching in.

My teaching method is based 70 percent on science and 30 percent on experience which has been working great for me till date.All my knowledge is from the best coaches and teachers.I can share some transformation results if you wish to see them.

Crows Nest
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Personal hollistic developpment living the slow life and enjoying fun outdoor activities

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To become physically fit we should become mentally healthy. When our mind will be free from stress we can think creatively. So stress management is the major topic to discuss in any child care.

My teaching methodology is student center approach to learning. My strategy is to make student understand the things rather than finishing my duty.

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I would like to enhance my students abilities towards thinking positive and spreading vibrant energy

Stress management, personality development, self motivation, getting rid of all the negative vibes in life, cultivation of positive habits and nature

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