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Lecturer at university with more than 7 years experience in academic area and skilled in English and Persian speaking and writing.

I encourage my students to work collectively and cooperatively. I often provide Democratic atmosphere in the class. So the pupils can express themselves fully without any fear of the teachers. Also I am alert and active all the time to see that the project is running in its right line.

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Persian language is the most beautiful language in the world. It is also very easy to grasp! Join me and learn to speak basic Persian within 3 weeks!

My method of teaching is very practical. I want to start with introducing to you the very basic conversation skills you will need in order to have the first experience of the language. From there on, we will learn different verbs and the nuances of the language. At every step of the way I will be there to guide you with probounciation and vocabulary.

Cranbourne West
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Native Persian girl who can teach Persian easily and enjoyably to all age group of people

My teaching methodology is start with alphabet and short and easy words and sentence and continue to long and complex sentences . exactly the way i learned at school. I will also start speaking with little words and focusing on repeat and using those words on my conversation.

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Native Persian give Persian lessons for beginners and advanced students-Simple and smooth

First I will test your ability in learning this beautiful language Then according to your abilities in different skills, I will work on your weakest skills along with the skills you are good at simultaneosly.

Brisbane City
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Final year Business and IT student at the University of Queensland (UQ) teaching Farsi Languages to high school and university students

In planning about what teaching method to use, I firstly see the subject from the perspective of new student with no prior knowledge of the subject and I then develop a teaching method by understand what points need more emphasis.

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ANU student with experience in handling language difficulties. I moved here from Iran, where I learnt English and conversational French pretty much on my own. More than happy to share my methods with

My method of teaching (after getting down all the basics like alphabet, basic greetings etc.) is to make sure a student is comfortable in the holy trinity of learning. Comprehension, communication and analysis. Therefore, my method is more suited for adults and young adults. I wont lie and say that I can effectively teach children, but I wouldn't decline an offer either.

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An Environmental Science PhD holder providing academic, high school, primary school and private tutoring in Adelaide in person, and globally via video chat

My teaching method is to mix learning with fun. I am a big fan of nurturing analytical, creative and out of the box thinking style and developing thought-provoking conversation during lessons. Resilience is what I studied during my PhD and I think the aim of the education system should be on enhancing resilience capacity in individuals.

Box Hill
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I am a persian student in a highschool in Melbourne and I like to be a tutor .

I try to explain generally about the language ( History and origin ) after that I starts with basic words and greetings and teach the grammar

Malvern East
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Queen of Persia, can teach you Farsi/Persian the way it’s like your mother tongue!

Mostly by visual aids, such as videos, films series and etc.

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If you are looking to learn persian langugae its the time.satart with professionals.

my methode is face to face learning with lots of different books to experience everything in the best way for you.

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I was born and raised in Iran and studied Persian for 13 years. I’m willing to help with the pronunciation, dictation, exercises, writing, and communication.

Roberto Nevilis invented homework in 1905 as a punishment for his students so I don’t give homework but instead want my students to practice what they’ve learnt everyday. I will do my best to make the lessons as helpful and fun as I can for you.

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A Melbourne-based and a native Persian-speaker, who takes you in to Persian language and literature.

I will teach you based on the text books of the most recent Persian language learning methods .

Weld Range
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Bashir, educated from physics major and I teaches Physics at high school

Solving problems, group works, experience in laboratory, lecture and ...

Lyon 7e
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Language courses in Lyon: Persian (Persan, Parsi, Farsi) by native - -

Currently a law PHD student in Lyon, I give private Persian lessons to all those who wish to learn this rich and sweet language, either for familial reasons, professional, cultural or scholar ones. I have an excellent personal method, fruit of my native knowledge and the compilation of the best methods in Persian, which will be personalized to the needs of the apprentices.

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English teacher with 13 years of experience gives english class at home and online.

My name is Sally. I'm an English teacher. My classes are fun and I try to teach English grammar by playing games and having conversations. The classes are based on watching tv shows, conversations and some interesting exercises. online and at home.

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PhD student in Classical Persian Language O 'gives courses in "Persian foreign language", "Sufi and spiritual poetry" and "Iranian culture and civilization".

I base my courses for beginners on an interactive methodology with a focus on speaking and listening. For students with intermediate and advanced levels, the course will be planned according to their needs by detecting, during the first courses, the linguistic competence which must improve.

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Teaching Italian language in Grenoble - 13 years of experience (1 year of teaching at Harvard)

BA in Italian language and literature. Certification of advanced Italian: CILS Quattro (C2). Two certificates of "Distinction in Teaching" from University of Harvard 2013 and 2014. Language Assistant of Coordinator of Italian language program at Harvard University.

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Persian Language, Efficient way of learning with a 18 years experience professor

The pleasure of learning the language of poetry Persian Cultural Association Course reasonable price Franco-Persian HAMRAHI 078 74 39 934

Paris 5e
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Speak the Persian of today

We learn languages ​​through a context and as a coach I am here to create with you the environment that will allow you to open to learning this beautiful language. Our experience show that we learn by doing and that's what we propose in our language classes. Hands on and customized courses designed for you.

Paris 4e
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Learn Persian / Intensive Courses at Home or at Your Office / Paris & île-de-France

Hello, It will be a pleasure, for me, to be able to share, as a teacher of Persian (Farsi), my knowledge and my experiences to help you progress in this language as well in oral comprehension-production as in written.

Lyon 2e
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Enjoy learning Farsi with a certified native Persian speaker from one of the top universities in this field

I got my master degree in teaching foreign language in Iran, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. My thesis was about a linkage between the new methods of teaching and Persian as a foreign language. I started teaching Persian to non-Persian's speakers in 2012. before that, I gave French institutes in Iran and Armenia.

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Professor of Persian at Valenciennes (cheaper) license plastic arts , 20 years old

Hello I am an Iranian student of Fine Arts at Valenciennes. I can help you to learn the Persian language in the best way. Learning the language can very easily with a teacher who communicates well and try to teach the language with music. But it's your NIOHC we can learn the Persian language with the poem, book, music, conversation and movie .... Do not hesitate to contact me .

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I can teach how to write and read in Persian to individuals or group of people

Basically it start with essential information and after that through book. Reading,writing,speaking and watching movies. It’s important to be able to use words when you learn them.

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Recent graduate offers lessons in Arts, Maths and Persian with high quality

I am known to be very patient and kind. I usually put myself in the shoes of the student and try to understand how they would feel when I am saying something. I make sure they learn very accurately with no misunderstandings.

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Teacher Motherlanguage Persian (Be فارسی), Milan Lambrate Area, Persian teacher; Persian language and literature. Specialized Degree in Graphics,

My methodology for teaching Persian language is a complete path to learning the standard Persian currently written and spoken in Iran. This course can be useful by anyone who decides to undertake the study of this language, or for university students.

San Francisco
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Doctorate degree gives Persian language lessons to all educational levels in San Francisco

To explore the Persian empire, learning the beautiful language of "Farsi" is the key. As an experienced academic mentor, I would assist you in this journey through an interactive method and provide interesting subjects about Persian culture, history, and art.

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PhD candidate in French and Comparative Literature at the Sorbonne, with 5 years of experience in the field of the ELF, and a passion for languages, I teach FRENCH, ENGLISH, PERSIAN.

I am kind and flexible. I focus on the problems of the student to decide of the method. For example if it has difficulty in reading, we will not waste time; we begin with the rules and reading secrets. I had a lot of students; That's why I understand, just at the beginning of the first course, needs and everything a student looks for in a particular course.

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The person who wants to learn Persian Language well to speak. I live in France and can teach you online in English. به امید دیدار

I am flexible and have difference teaching methods which is based on the students conditions and levels, but generally, prefer to use The Direct Method, Grammar-translation, Community Language Learning and Communicative language teaching. I base my class on Skype or Whatsapp or any other internet based communication ways.

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Learn Farsi : starting from basic till higher level according to you want to..

My teaching method is based on Knowledge of subject matter, Adaptability ,Communication Skills . I think first of all the following subject matter to be discussed should be completely understood by the student which is need for him/her.

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