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Eastern Heights
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Have a diploma in childcare, have hobbies in computer builds and projects

I have minimum experience teaching and yet to physically establish my method of teaching to paper. I have had it tough to step into the education industry, by this means, I do try to get as much experience from my time with the short time I'm given.

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Former IT specialist providing computer tutoring, applications, network setup, computer building, etc.

My teaching method is to take the student from very a basic levels, not needing to know anything about the subject, to a point where they can comfortably use computers to achieve their computing goals. I base my philosophy on if you want to feed a man for a day give him a fish. To feed a man for a lifetime, teach him to fish.

South Toowoomba
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Don't Fear, Rick the PC Tech is here in Toowoomba teaching Repair.

My Teaching is based on basic English and not Technical Jargon. First I will show you on how and then I will sit next to you and see how you do it. My Philosophy is KISS = Keep It Simple Silly.

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IT professional delivering courses and individual advice in all things blockchain and cryptocurrencies

I teach by presentation, and while there is a course subject that i intend to teach I urge all students to ask me questions and request topics to be covered.

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Griffith Aviation Student gives lessons on building computers to high school and uni students in Brisbane

Students will learn what to do and what not to do when building their own (or others) pc's.

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Bachelor of IT graduate available for basic computer skills classes in Canberra

My methodology is to work with each individual to their strengths. I take the time to watch and understand how they learn and structure my teaching style to match them. I am happy to work with students of all ages, abilities and nationalities.

Victoria Park
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Want to learn how to build and config your own PC , with custom parts , from scratch!

Demonstration and hand on lesson by using appropriate tech tools , step by step lesson by providing mentoring methods,explaining new topic by real time demonstration and theory and let the student comprehend the topic and start applying the received knowledge

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UTS Data Engineering Student teaches gaming PC Building & Benchmarking in Sydney City Area

I am always teaching myself new skills and a big believer in hands-on experiences and projects to better understand and apply the skills you learn. If you are the kind of student who struggles to learn within a typical class/tutor bases environment, then a direct hands-on project is what you need.

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UWA Computer Science student gives computer science and programming lessons to high school students in Perth

As I was mostly self taught (initally), I believe I can teach others the way I taught myself. I remember the order in which I taught myself things, the resources I used and which resources were more or less effective. I can also improve upon this by creating tests and quizzes, something which I lacked during my teaching.

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Physics and Chemistry exams up to grade 12 - Exam preparation - London

Pedagogical accompaniment with the aim of improving the learning process, optimization of memorization, study organization and time management with focus on the success of the student working to understand where the student's problems are in a global way, giving them the tools they need.

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IT Professional with over 20 years experience, ready to assist in your learning in Chicago

I am a self taught professional, so I believe the best method of learning is hands on. Not just picking up a book, but actually getting your hands on systems and software to use. I like to show and have others follow along and do what it is I am doing.

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Approaching computing is not that difficult, I teach you what you should know.

My classes are based on practice (80%) without leaving aside the theory that is very necessary in this field. The courses are aimed at anyone interested in initiating or improving their knowledge in the area but it is not for experts. It is important that you have your own equipment to perform exercises.

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Anyone Who Wants to Learn About Computer Basics,Hardware n Networking Basics etc.

I teach my students with a very high level of dedication and Professionalism and make use of latest available technology and always try to improve my teaching methodology. I teach the students of lower,intermediate and Degree level.I also help the students in their final and minor projects.

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Computer and Hardware engineer with experience can share/teach practical experience at home

My teaching method is very practical.Will explain the nature of problem ,cause and remedy. You can ask one to one teaching,problem solving on various day today issues in any of the above fields. This is open for all computer/laptop users over the community.

New Delhi
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Student who want to learn about computer and internet they can contact me.

My teaching methods is i want to clear each and every point about the topic which someone discuss with me in the class then i'll start the next topic i like to teach how the people want to understand in their own words with the examples.

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Medical Student with 5 years IT career experience offering Computing Lessons, Swansea.

I teach by example, with my experience, and the best way out of many options to proceed. I also have successfully navigated the difficult task of being a freelance contractor in an industry of big players. Not only will i comprehensively teach the skills and understanding needed to work in the industry, I will also go over how to approach clients, and how to build trust.

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I.T. Specialist with 20 Years experience, ready to Teach the next generation

Practical and coaching lessons methodology, with plenty of repetition and guides concentrating on your weak points developing your confidence, I will go over any topic needed and will be able to walk you through real world applications of those skills.

Torre de Benagalbón
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Professional of the computer science and new technologies with + of 15 years of experience


Leamington Spa
Efrain roberto
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IT Engineer offering help to improve your IT skills(Excel, programming, SQL,Visual Basic.net),

My method of teaching is the TBL(thinking-based learning), it consists of teaching students to contextualize, analyze, relate, argue, convert information into knowledge and develop thinking skills beyond memorization. The advantage of TBL over more traditional methods is that it allows students to focus on real communication before doing any serious language analysis.

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Highschool Student With PC Pro + IT Fundamentals In Carbondale. Am Always Learning.

I found that physically working with what you're learning, and finding ways to look at things differently is the best way to learn something new. Anyone who knows little to nothing about how computers work would benefit greatly from my tutoring.

Las Vegas
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Licensed K-Adult instructor in Las Vegas with a passion for teaching and learning. I am very student-centered and flexible with my approach to teaching!

I have a Hands approach to learning with an emphasis on real-world, vocational application. Hands on learning with an emphasis on real-world, vocational application. All people learn differently and I belief it is most important to work at a pace that is both challenging, yet enjoyable and most importantly; accomplishes the learners goals.

Shyam sundar
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Hi I'm Shyam Sundar from Chennai and will share the knowledge of system related informations.

I usually teach the subject practically with live examples. My teaching method always relies on the person and the level of understanding. I share my knowledge of system administration, desktop troubleshooting and some networking concepts and all with live examples.

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Online computing tutor all online available now for you all levels uk

Hi im john and i can help you pass your course in computing or ict , i am very able to assist with any questions or queries that you have , i can also go over topics that you are not understanding or can start from scratch and help you build up the knowledge that you want all the way from beginner to expert i can help .

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Learn Computer Hardware Networking from a 12 years experienced Employee of Videocon Industries, Aditya Birla, Zee Network...ETC

I would like to start from Basic Level, like command Prompt, with strong verbal communication, easy to understand method, practical experience will help me to make you understand easier than any other way....

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Entreprenuer in IT Business giving Computer Hardware & Software Training & Classes in Delhi/NCR

My best teaching method is the one that my students respond to. A master teacher adjusts his or her methods and strategies in response to his or her students' ability to learn the material being presented. I can propose that direct instruction is best used when working with students below grade level.

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Software and hardware management. learn the basics of owning a personal computer.

My patient easy going manner puts the students at ease which in turn obtains the best possible performance and results to the best of their individual abilities. Without financial constraints, I would like to obtain a nationally recognised qualification so I might be able to use my experience and knowledge on a more full time and permanent basis to assist others.

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Software developer offering computer engineering lessons, basic IT, and security in Manchester

To understand how a student learns, and to show them the best way to achieve a solution. There is no better way, every individual has a unique way of learning, and some ways may be better than another persons ways.

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PC/Mac/UNIX/Linux/iOS/Android specialist with over 30 years experience an effective teacher of technology, computing, networking, graphic design, & page layout.

From word processing to spreadsheets, from virus removal to network security, from page layout to computer graphics, or trouble-shooting why something is not working the way it should on a desktop, laptop or mobile device, when teaching computer skills one must be able to create an eager desire in the student for the course knowledge.

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Doctoral student offer classes in Computer Science, Languages, Social Sciences and Humanities to adults and children

Classes suitable for children and adults The structure depends on whether it is a particular class or group, having clear levels of people or the person attending the class, will try to meet the objectives set in depth in the areas that the student wants, always thinking about fulfilling the final / general objective of the level.

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