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Eastern Heights
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Have a diploma in childcare, have hobbies in computer builds and projects

I have minimum experience teaching and yet to physically establish my method of teaching to paper. I have had it tough to step into the education industry, by this means, I do try to get as much experience from my time with the short time I'm given.

South Toowoomba
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Don't Fear, Rick the PC Tech is here in Toowoomba teaching Repair.

My Teaching is based on basic English and not Technical Jargon. First I will show you on how and then I will sit next to you and see how you do it. My Philosophy is KISS = Keep It Simple Silly.

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UWA Computer Science student gives computer science and programming lessons to high school students in Perth

As I was mostly self taught (initally), I believe I can teach others the way I taught myself. I remember the order in which I taught myself things, the resources I used and which resources were more or less effective. I can also improve upon this by creating tests and quizzes, something which I lacked during my teaching.

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Bachelor of IT graduate available for basic computer skills classes in Canberra

My methodology is to work with each individual to their strengths. I take the time to watch and understand how they learn and structure my teaching style to match them. I am happy to work with students of all ages, abilities and nationalities.

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Griffith Aviation Student gives lessons on building computers to high school and uni students in Brisbane

Students will learn what to do and what not to do when building their own (or others) pc's.

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Computer science tutoring directly from a soon-to-be PhD from Karlsruhe. For all ages and classes up to freshman level. On the web, worldwide!

I build my teaching methods specifically around your needs! Just give me your assignments and/or your teaching material, and we will work together towards your understanding of the topic! I usually prefer sketches, drawings and diagrams and try to be as tangible as possible with many examples from the real world.

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Physics and Chemistry exams up to grade 12 - Exam preparation - London

Pedagogical accompaniment with the aim of improving the learning process, optimization of memorization, study organization and time management with focus on the success of the student working to understand where the student's problems are in a global way, giving them the tools they need.

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Best tutor for Engineering subjects micro-controller , Arduino , c++ , physics , electronics ,electrical and Matlab with 5 years of experience in teaching and practical work

My major duties are to work on hardware and software of all departmental projects and students projects. Arrange hands on practical workshop trainings for faculty and students. physics and all electronic and electrical subjects are based on presentation. the major trainings are on • PLC • SCADA industrial software . • Microcontroller. • IOT devices .

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IT Professional with over 20 years experience, ready to assist in your learning in Chicago

I am a self taught professional, so I believe the best method of learning is hands on. Not just picking up a book, but actually getting your hands on systems and software to use. I like to show and have others follow along and do what it is I am doing.

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Programming technician. Office Management (Word, Excel, etc.), computer repair and software creation in Celaya, Guanajuato.

I like to adapt to the needs of the student in terms of topics as well as prepare in advance the classes for a better use of time. Review of both; theoretical and practical part for a better understanding of the subject in question. Classes for people from 5 years old and up with any level of knowledge.

Mount Prospect
(3 reviews)
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Experienced Tutor with Cisco certification and extensive IT background; hands-on PC/gaming build help

Every person is different with how they approach material, so I try to find the best way for the information to stick. I find the best thing is to find the most direct method that yields results, or patterns in the material that will allow the student to quickly come to an understanding.

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Approaching computing is not that difficult, I teach you what you should know.

My classes are based on practice (80%) without leaving aside the theory that is very necessary in this field. The courses are aimed at anyone interested in initiating or improving their knowledge in the area but it is not for experts. It is important that you have your own equipment to perform exercises.

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Graduate in new technologies and computer enthusiast, patient and geek ;) !

My methodology: - First, I evaluate your level of knowledge and what you can do - In function, we determine the purpose of the courses and therefore the goal you want to achieve - I obviously provide course materials if you want some. - And depending on how quickly you learn, we'll go up a level faster - It's mostly a permanent dialogue between you and me that will move you forward.

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BCOM graduate and IT service business owner offering IT tutorials within Wiltshire

My teaching method is quite straight forward using a lot of hands on and practical exercise. I believe in case studies scenarios type of teaching where students are taught concepts relating to real life situations that any IT Support personnel would encounter on a normal day at work.

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I.T. Specialist with 20 Years experience, ready to Teach the next generation

Practical and coaching lessons methodology, with plenty of repetition and guides concentrating on your weak points developing your confidence, I will go over any topic needed and will be able to walk you through real world applications of those skills.

Torre de Benagalbón
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Professional of the computer science and new technologies with + of 15 years of experience


San José del Cabo
Erick enrico
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IT Manager in SJD Airport, Network Classes, Telecommunications, IT Administration and Basic and General Informatics, any other related item is reviewed. Ask

My classes are based on professional practice, once the subject that is going to be attacked is defined, problems and procedures applied in the real world that can be found in the performance of their activities as professionals are raised, so that they have the necessary bases to move forward any situation that may arise.

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IT Technician and Mobile Technology Specialist in North York will teach how to use Mac OS, iOS, Android and MS Windows

I've been working in IT and Mobile Technology for 8 years. I offer classes focused on using Mac OS, iOS, Android, MS Windows and computer repair. I also offer training in basic elementary and high school subjects. My teaching methodology focuses on using technology for personalized learning. The training I offer will be focused on the students specific educational goal.

Shyam sundar
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Hi I'm Shyam Sundar from Chennai and will share the knowledge of system related informations.

I usually teach the subject practically with live examples. My teaching method always relies on the person and the level of understanding. I share my knowledge of system administration, desktop troubleshooting and some networking concepts and all with live examples.

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Come Learn How To Use Programs Such As Word, Excel, And Powerpoint That Will Immensely Assist You In Your Job Search In Wyoming Michigan

Through the power of Skype and a few other programs, I, Brandon Schleh, will assist you in learning how to use Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel as well as, if you're interested, in how to build a computer. I'm laid back and around your age so it will definitely be an adventure! No textbooks needed, no special programs needed.

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Online computing tutor all online available now for you all levels uk

Hi im john and i can help you pass your course in computing or ict , i am very able to assist with any questions or queries that you have , i can also go over topics that you are not understanding or can start from scratch and help you build up the knowledge that you want all the way from beginner to expert i can help .

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Love helping, making things simple is the best way to understand it.

simplicity is the best way of teaching, Downloadable pre-recorded lectures Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with or without voice-over Forums and discussion boards Email communication Google Drive and similar collaborative tools practicing on solving issue Engage With Your Learners Online Provide Ongoing Feedback Create A Supportive Learning Environment

San Angelo
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IT Technician of 20+ Years Experience Offering Intro, and Higher Levels of Support in San Angelo, TX.

Every lesson is not just one for the student but one for me, as someone new may arise we will have to tackle together. I do not believe information is key to only certain individuals, instead I work to make sure the student understands and actually has a grasp trough (if possible) hands on experience.

West Terre Haute
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Information Technology student that wishes to share knowledge in the field of Computer Technology

The method for teaching would depend on the subject that you wish to learn. I would go over the basics of each subject and slowly develop your skills into a more practical application. Potential Lessons: Basic Computing and getting experience with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

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Certified CCNA, love to share my knowledge in Computer networking and linux

Hands on training is must, when to do something you really learn. I personally love giving students practical scenarios and make then learn from those, after they have to apply some day practically into this world. This class is for those who wants in depth computer networks knowledge.

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IT Specialist with many years of IT experience. Have taught IT to many students with successful outcomes.

My teaching method is solving the problem one step at a time. Each step has a reason and once each step is resolved, the overall understanding has an outstanding impact on the persons' knowledge. I give classes/information to anyone who is willing to take the time to learn the subject.

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For success just needs Well beginning, that's why someone says, Well beginning means half work done.

Every time i use different method to teach same kind of things. if can't try diff approach then, you stuck to those old and outdated tech,to solve or see the problem from the same or unique perspective. i will Try out new teaching ads for finding easy and quick solution in less time.

Ionut catalin
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Teaching other people how to build and repair computers in very short time

In the first lesson i'll present you all the parts of computer,after that i will explain each part,starting with the keyboard, ram memory,hard disk,video controller,power suply,case,mouse,video cable,power cable,pieace by peace i will learn you how the computer is built and teach you how to do it.


IT developer since my 14 years, I manage a Web development company, I have more than twenty PC editing to my credit.

I do not teach, I transmit. It is very important for me. I'm not here to simply teach you how to do things, but I'm here to share what I have received myself. No need to take the lead, the courses are simple and suitable for the student. I always ask at the beginning of my class: What do you want to do today? I base my course on the realization of projects.

1st lesson free !

Patient, proven and skilled IT professional ready to help. All ages welcome!

I am pleased to offer tutoring to anyone who is in need. All ages and skill sets are welcome. I currently work with people daily in training on various IT topics and I believe that patience and friendliness are the best tools to have when teaching.

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