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A University of Melbourne Neuroscience and Physiology graduate based in Melbourne inner suburbs

I like to make sure that I know exactly what the person I am tutoring wants to get out of the lesson, I like solving problems and providing answers. I will make sure that there is a way to learn and understand the things that I teach and change my teaching method to suit my students.

Mount Torrens
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Adelaide Health and Medical Science Advanced Student providing excellent in depth tutoring

I have tutored individuals in the past, and enjoy integrating knowledge into practical scenarios to help students understand content in more depth.

Narre Warren
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Rookie Doctor interested to teach Biology, Psycology and medical subjects to Melbourne students.

I use a lot of visual cues in my teaching. As a student it’s helped me retain a lot of information this way. All my notes and teaching use different colours, diagrams, fonts and symbols in order to help students store more information in long term memory. I like to break up difficult concepts. I believe in order to undertand something very complicated, it is essential to learn the basics.

Kangaroo Point
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A biology fanatic teacher looking out for zealous high school students in Brisbane.

I firstly try to understand what works best for the student, as its highly important to know their grasping power. I believe in having fine conceptual knowledge about the subject. Knowing basics is the certitude for a science student and therefore I approach the teaching in that manner. I don't like to rush while giving lessons.

Muhammad noman
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Cellular and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Veterinary Pathology lessons for The school/University students

I gathered information from multiple resources, arrange from basic towards advance level. Present to the students in such a way that it can be easily memorable. I also involve the student in the class to keep them attentive towards lessons.

Kelvin Grove
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A Doctor from India, and a PhD at IHBI, QUT, in Regenerative Medicine addressing Human Bone Cancer, novel treatments and bone regeneration for such patients. Love teaching medical science concepts.

My philosophy about teaching is to always make the concepts clear enough to be able to visualize and picture them in mind. This is essential when learning about medical science subjects, where learning by rote never helps the student.

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I am a post graduate research student at UNSW Sydney. I give lecture on biology to the university and school students.

I will teach students using the flowchart of descriptive essays like information. Sometimes, its very tough to understand the things in paragraph manner. So I used to make concise notes +flowcharts before teaching and would like to explain things in diagrammatic manner. Moreover, I believe in practical activities during my teaching.

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Graduate High School Teacher, teachers Human Bio, Chem and Mathematics, and other sciences

My teaching method is, explaining a concept, breaking it down into digestible pieces of content, with appropriate examples and work until we progress onto understanding the whole concept. I aim to have my students learn the content, and understand it, over just memorising it.

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A Brisbane city Medical Doctor gives top class tutoring! Group or individual basis welcome!

My approach would suit striving and ambitious students. I try to empower the student by getting them to figure out answers to a dilemma, as i feel it helps to enhance cognition and helps with retention. I do expect you to work hard, but you can count on me for support academically.

Rockhampton City
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2011 Bachelor of Science graduate teaching Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Genetics, Physiology , Fitness and personal training , Chinese

I am enthusiastic and passionate about teaching. I love active students who come prepare with a list of questions to ask me. Please also email me the material you need help with before the class so I have time to prepare for it. I love to break down complex scientific ideas into simple terms which makes it easy to understand.

Glen Waverley
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Deakin University Student with 8 years of work experience in Pharmaceutical Industry with roles in marketing and training.

My teaching method is interactive and I try to mould the topics as per the understanding of the students. A regular class is structured as an interactive presentation. There is less to do for the students once the session is over as most of the concepts will be cleared in the class.

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Passionate Nursing Student Studying at ECU Perth, With long term goal in the medicine field

My main goal as a teacher is to promote understanding and not just passing for the sake of the grade. I believe when one doesn't understand something its mainly because of a missing link, i work with students to ensure that the flow is constant as sciences is all about joining the dots.

Blair Athol
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Flinders Paramedic Student tutoring high school & university level Biology, Anatomy physiology & Pathophysiology, 3 years experience

My teaching method is to first identify students aspirations then work towards structuring the lessons in a manner that enables students to achieve their goals in steps. Lessons will be dynamic and catered according to student needs and delivered in a fun educational manner.

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Masters of Speech Pathology student at UQ with a passion for teaching.

I like to structure my classes that suit the individual's learning style to ensure maximum success. I like interactive, creative strategies that help make learning fun and interesting. I like to use lots of visual aids to enhance my teaching.

West End
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Anatomy & Physiology for the Pre-hospital Providers Tutor in Townsville! I can meet you for coffee, go to a library, or you can come on over!

My teaching methods change. I like to have a feel for what my student(s) best learn with, whether that be power-points, flashcards, videos, notes, group discussions over skype, and more! If you have an idea of a method that you would like me to try, I will. The goal is to teach you and you can teach me! There's lots of room to learn.

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Overseas trained ENT surgeon ECFMG and AMC PORTFOLIO accredited can teach anatomy for students

Region wise. Clinical oriented. One to one care. Updated lectures and explain with diagrams and illustrations.

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James Cook University Med student offering tutoring for Biology and all things related

I prefer to teach on problem areas and then build on on the topics, while providing questions too, to ensure information is well retained.

Springvale South
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Melbourne Medical Science Student gives lesson to high school and uni student

Help students with their homework. Generate study notes as required. Identify weaknesses and strength to ultimately create a strategy to tackle their performance.

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Deakin Medical Student gives biology lessons to high school and uni students in Geelong and Melbourne

My approach to teaching is tailored to the specific needs of each individual student and involves one or more of the following methods. If the goal of the student is to gain a conceptual understanding of a topic, then I start by asking the student to explain their understanding of the topic and then I fill in the gaps using 'chunking and checking' techniques throughout.

Sippy Downs
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Female university student offers individual or group tutoring for all age groups

My approach is to first assess how a student learns to then best suit the session to their style. This way they get the best out of it. I am really flexible in the way I tutor and I have had 5 years experience to now be able to adapt my tutoring to any students.

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I am Nidhi panchal, teaching Biology to high school and University students in South East melbourne

I perpare notes for students which help them to understand the lessons in better way, give them important information and concepts which help them to understand and learn further lessons. During exams I prepare exam papers which help them to solve questions and help them to build confidence.

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Medical Student at UCL offering Biology/Chemistry Lessons in London up to A-level

I am Ollie and I am an enthusiastic teacher of Biology and Chemistry. I am passionate about giving people the opportunity to be able to study Medicine or other courses at the UK's top universities. I know what it takes to gain a place at UCL Medical School, and I want to share this information to help aspiring medics have the best chance possible.

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Pharmacology graduate- Offering a range of biology lessons up to university level!

I would like to give lessons to biology students from GCSE to Bachelor's degree level. I studied Pharmacology, which means I am extensively trained in a range of subjects including biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology and immunology, neurophysiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology.

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MSc Science Student offering private lessons at A level/GCSE level in Nottingham!

I teach according to the student's weak points and teach the more difficult topics that they need help in! I like to help explain topics and concepts in a clear manner and break into manageable parts! I give lessons to GCSE and KS4 students primarily but am willing to teach A Level students also in areas of Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

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Medical student tutoring anatomy, biology and how to ace standardized tests in Toronto

I believe that there is no one way to teach all students. Every student comes from a different learning background, and requires tutoring in a different way.

(3 reviews)
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Biology is an interesting subject , a subject which enables to understand what lies very within us .

My teaching method is very simple , biology is subject mostly consisting of facts and sometimes concepts revolving around it , so if there are facts I can show my students the method to organise the facts and if there are concepts I can make a nice story out of it .

(2 reviews)
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A student in dental school gives tuitions for all school subjects and science for college going students.

- I believe in learning the subject rather than just preparing for exams, in case you come to me for tuitions then please be ready to embark on the wonderful journey of 'learning'. - We will start the classes according to the suitability of the student and then take it from there (easy to difficult concepts or vice versa) - You can contact me at (concealed information) for further questions.

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Hi! I am PhD in landscape architecture and I am teaching biology in Kota (Rajasthan)

I try to make topics easier and understandable. I take tests frequently and provide notes as well. Believe in practical knowledge.

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Experienced Dental Surgeon giving classes in biology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, medical terminology and all aspects of dentistry to prospective students in healthcare, dental as

I love sharing my knowledge and building a good relationship with my students. My teaching style is based on discussions and giving personalized attention to each of my student's needs. I am open to giving classes to the students at all levels from high school to graduate.

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Biology and biomedical sciences tutor from high school to college level in Coimbatore and Pollachi

I usually tutor according to the students' preferences however I believe a visual presentation of the teaching material helps a long way! I am available on weekends and weekday evenings and we can work in the time that suits you. I would be happy to tutor you the topic of your interest or clarify any questions that you have. I am open to teach individual students and in groups.

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