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JCU Exercise Physiology Graduate/Masters Students gives biology lessons to high school students in Townsville

I base my lessons on the content that students believe they are most struggling with. Once they have a better understanding of this, I also like to ensure we've reviewed the rest of the content and then completed a few practice exams.

Englorie Park
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Medical student offering anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology lessons for undergrad/diploma students

The way I teach is largely based on the way students learn. Before we start I'd like to know where in particular the student needs help with. Usually I start off by explaining to the student concepts (with visual aid when possible), and I like to ask them to explain it back to me or quiz them afterwards just so they really understand the topic.

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University of Queensland Masters student in Molecular Biology. Studied for four years in New York doing an Undergrad in BioMed.

My teaching method to learn by association, finding ways in which a student can understand the material based on their likes and their current strengths. I find that student learn better when they are able to relate what they are learning with their current talents/interest. For example I taught a musician friend of mine harmonics in Physics using guitar string references.

Varsity Lakes
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Biology lessons from primary up to high school in and around Varsity Lakes

I really enjoy helping students to improve and achieve the best they can whether it is through some guidance on how to study, organisation or going through content and questions. I understand that every student has different needs and ways of learning and I am happy to cater for that.

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Experienced uni lecturer with medical back ground teaching biology, patho-physiology, anatomy, cell and molecular biology

I am a motivated and passionate educator and researcher in the field of medical and biomedical science. I believe I am a teacher as well as a learner. My ultimate teaching goal is to assist my students reach their goal by helping them to understand course content through active learning session, hands on activity, brain storming and mock assessments. BRAINSTORMING. .

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A doctor from India interested to give lessons in Anatomy and Physiology

I am doctor, graduated MBBS and MD ( Physiology) from India. I am passionate to teach students Human Anatomy and Physiology concepts in the simplest way possible. I follow breaking down complex topics into simpler subtopics so that students can digest it well.

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University of Queensland Medical Student offering Physiology teaching in Adelaide (undergraduate degree in physiology)

I like to engage students as much as possible and avoid lecturing. This helps make lessons more interesting, lets the students guide what they want to learn most and helps me check their understanding of the content as we go. I aim to build the students' confidence in whatever subject area we are covering, as I firmly believe confidence is one of the best motivators for learning.

Narre Warren
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Rookie Doctor interested to teach Biology, Psycology and medical subjects to Melbourne students.

I use a lot of visual cues in my teaching. As a student it’s helped me retain a lot of information this way. All my notes and teaching use different colours, diagrams, fonts and symbols in order to help students store more information in long term memory. I like to break up difficult concepts. I believe in order to undertand something very complicated, it is essential to learn the basics.

Kangaroo Point
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A biology fanatic teacher looking out for zealous high school students in Brisbane.

I firstly try to understand what works best for the student, as its highly important to know their grasping power. I believe in having fine conceptual knowledge about the subject. Knowing basics is the certitude for a science student and therefore I approach the teaching in that manner. I don't like to rush while giving lessons.

Kelvin Grove
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A Doctor from India, and a PhD at IHBI, QUT, in Regenerative Medicine addressing Human Bone Cancer, novel treatments and bone regeneration for such patients. Love teaching medical science concepts.

My philosophy about teaching is to always make the concepts clear enough to be able to visualize and picture them in mind. This is essential when learning about medical science subjects, where learning by rote never helps the student.

Geelong West
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Deakin University Medical student with a Bachelors degree in Biomedical Science. Located in Geelong West, Happy to travel

I strive to provide a base knowledge of a topic/concept and discuss this until we can move forward and discuss more specific queries.

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University of Tasmania Ph.D. student with eight years of University teaching and research experience, gives biology, cell biology, pathophysiology, genetics and microbiology lessons to high school and

I use blended teaching strategies to engage and actively involve students in their own learning. Apart from taking conventional lecture, I encourage students to develop a conceptual framework to develop problem-solving skills by journalling, followed by task cards and digital application based quiz format.

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Anatomy, Cellar Biology, Physiology, Pathophysiology teaching in Sandringham, Melbourne, I'm a pharmacist with good teaching skills.

First understand to be understood in a relaxed chatting mode. Starting from the student's point of view, his / her current grasp of the subject as well as the emotional connection and motivation towards mastering it.

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Excellent IB Chemistry/ Biology Tutor around Kensington with years of experience in teaching.

My teaching methods are systematic, effective and robust. Lessons are structured using learning objectives that tailor with students' needs and knowledge. I use visual aids and diagrams to help improve understanding of basic science knowledge. On-the-spot quizzes and tests are essential as part of teaching methods to ensure excellent understanding and maximum retention.

Canning Vale
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University of Western Australia Student giving Human Biology related lessons to high school students

I believe that every person has a different way of learning various subjects, for example I found that I was very much a visual learner when it came to Human Biology so I made my notes into posters with diagrams. I think every person has their own way of learning and my first step is to figure out what that is and teach accordingly from there.

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Graduate High School Teacher, teachers Human Bio, Chem and Mathematics, and other sciences

My teaching method is, explaining a concept, breaking it down into digestible pieces of content, with appropriate examples and work until we progress onto understanding the whole concept. I aim to have my students learn the content, and understand it, over just memorising it.

North Adelaide
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Adelaide University medical student teaching biology to high school students in central Adelaide

I am a university medical student, looking to tutor all levels of biology. I have experience with students of all capabilities and will change lesson structure based on individual student needs. Usually each lesson will involve explanation of different concepts, as well as plenty of practice questions and solutions.

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HI, my name is Zachary Patelis! I love medicine and the human body and i'm sure you do too and that's why your here!! I am aimed at students wanting to pursue medicine ! I teach all ages!!! Learning structure: (at your own pace) -chemistry -biology -physiology (+ extra) -anatomy (+ extra) -pathophysiology (+ extra) -pharmacology (+extra) you can contact me at (concealed information)

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Hardwork and Success Biology teaching for students willing to gain and share knowledge

My teaching method is to clear the base of the topic for students,make them understand the particular topic in a way individual student can understand.I like students making notes of what is taught to them so that they try to make their own answers for the studied topic.

Surfers Paradise
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Bond university medicine student giving biology in everything lessons to high school student

My teaching method is based more on an interactive style of learning - more like a conversation with the student(s) whilst explaining concepts. A regular content-based lesson starts off as explaining concepts and then ends with me giving questions to do, and asking to apply the knowledge learned during the day and providing extra resources to read/refer to in your own time.

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A 3rd Year University of Wollongong medical student, former world record holder (highest number of subjects taken in Cambridge International O levels)

Considering my vast experiences in academics, co curricular and sports, I believe I have developed really good leadership and management skills. I have been tutoring my school, college and university students since a while now. The feedback i receive from them is more than excellent.

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BSN Graduate with ongoing BS Paramedical Science course, willing to help students on Anatomy and Physiology, and Pathophysiology

First, I need to know my students, their learning style (example: are they visual learners?), their readiness to learn, and how relevant the topic is to them. I teach by facilitating learning, and I also use both inductive and deductive methods.

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A Nurse and a Professional Teacher combined, with 9 years of teaching experience.

I am not a strict teacher, I explain the subject matter wherein I can relate it as much as possible to the student's experience or personal knowledge. Helping them love the subject and eventually make it easy for them.

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3rd year Pathology and Laboratory Medicine student at UWA providing anatomy, pathology and microbiology tutoring one on one

I tackle each concept not as a whole, but in smaller pieces to allow my students to fully grasp the details, hence making it easier to understand the concept in the big picture. I teach in a casual and non intimidating manner allowing my students to feel comfortable.

Bonnet Hill
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Lecturer/research scientist (PhD) with 25 years experience available for teaching physiology/pathophysiology to high school through to science and medical students. Particular expertise in cardiovascu

Experienced in delivering tradition lectures and in Problem Based Learning, having extensively taught undergraduate, graduate and post graduate Science, Biomedical and Medical students. In addition to my inherent determination to always perform to my maximum potential, I believe that my single greatest strength lies in my ability to see the “big picture”.

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Passionate Nursing Student Studying at ECU Perth, With long term goal in the medicine field

My main goal as a teacher is to promote understanding and not just passing for the sake of the grade. I believe when one doesn't understand something its mainly because of a missing link, i work with students to ensure that the flow is constant as sciences is all about joining the dots.

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JCU medical student, who has previously completed the International Baccalaureatte Diploma Program. Able to mentor and tutor student in Townsville studying English, Maths, or Science - Chemistry (HL),

My style of teaching varies according to the needs of the student, as I believe that each child learns differently. The aim of my teaching is to prepare the student for success by teaching them the skills that are required to do well in the subject.

West Richmond
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Flinders final year medical student gives lessons on pathophysiology and all things living

I like to have an agenda for the class. I am quite a visual learner so my methods involve drawing pictures and visualising things through textbooks and videos.

Mermaid Beach
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OP1 Veterinary Science Student wanting to boost your success - any subject!

I like to base my lessons around current topics you are learning, upcoming assignments and assess areas of your learning that need extra attention. Using interactive practicing techniques I like to tailor my lessons to best suit my students. I also draft assignments and give ample feedback and ongoing support to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Masters of Speech Pathology student at UQ with a passion for teaching.

I like to structure my classes that suit the individual's learning style to ensure maximum success. I like interactive, creative strategies that help make learning fun and interesting. I like to use lots of visual aids to enhance my teaching.

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Perfect! How amazing to have my daughter come back after just one hour even with Hafeez, and say "Oh my goodness I am actually NOT dumb at Chemistry.... it's just that no-one ever explained it to me like this before!" I am so happy to continue entrusting...

Lisa, Student
3 months ago
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