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Mount Torrens
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Adelaide Health and Medical Science Advanced Student providing excellent in depth tutoring

I have tutored individuals in the past, and enjoy integrating knowledge into practical scenarios to help students understand content in more depth.

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A University of Melbourne Neuroscience and Physiology graduate based in Melbourne inner suburbs

I like to make sure that I know exactly what the person I am tutoring wants to get out of the lesson, I like solving problems and providing answers. I will make sure that there is a way to learn and understand the things that I teach and change my teaching method to suit my students.

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Overseas trained ENT surgeon ECFMG and AMC PORTFOLIO accredited can teach anatomy for students

Region wise. Clinical oriented. One to one care. Updated lectures and explain with diagrams and illustrations.

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Medical student tutoring anatomy, biology and how to ace standardized tests in Toronto

I believe that there is no one way to teach all students. Every student comes from a different learning background, and requires tutoring in a different way.

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A full-time MRes student at the University of Manchester giving lessons in Biology and genetics

1. Prior to the start of each lesson, the basic concepts of the subject will be handled to the student with the advice to go through it as much as possible. 2.

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Hi! I am PhD in landscape architecture and I am teaching biology in Kota (Rajasthan)

I try to make topics easier and understandable. I take tests frequently and provide notes as well. Believe in practical knowledge.

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Biomedical Science graduate offering help for GCSE Science - Biology in Swansea.

I'll be happy to teach the student in a way that best suits them. That may be aiding them with homework, going over a lesson they did in school, answering any questions they have and solidifying their understanding, or preparing a lesson.

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MBBS student, providing unique understanding and concepts in biology to school students

I teach by emphasising on the concept of the subject. giving unique mnemonics for things which needs to be memorised. making the subject understandable and intersting to everyone. will teach with patience and care. i emphasise on generating a love for the subject.

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MSc Science Student offering private lessons at A level/GCSE level in Nottingham!

I teach according to the student's weak points and teach the more difficult topics that they need help in! I like to help explain topics and concepts in a clear manner and break into manageable parts! I give lessons to GCSE and KS4 students primarily but am willing to teach A Level students also in areas of Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

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I have better work stories relatable to subject that i can make kids understand better

I approach topics with stories as they r the best way students can remember a lot.

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M.Pharm graduate from Manipal College of Pharmaceutical science gives tuitions in biology, pathophysiology and other pharma and science-related subjects for students from high school to college

My teaching method is explaining the subject orally and by showing videos, pictograms and charts for easier understanding of the subject. The subject will be taught very well from the exam point of view and also tips and skills needed will be explained to the students.

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You do not need concentration, you need love towards what you do...

my method of learning or teaching always a good basics of the particular subject. when i understand the roots its easy the grow the plant or tree, we just pore water its give the fruits, in the form of results or marks.

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5th Year Medical Student, offering online private lessons in Biology up to University Level

I am interested in teaching Biology - starting from the basics of human anatomy followed by cell biology and moving onto the body's physiology and pathophysiology.

(2 reviews)
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Get extraordinary biology tuitions with skilled medicine and allied science graduate student.

My teaching method is that I prefer general examples that can relate to theory with technical terms of specific subjects.

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PhD trained immunologist offering biology and/or chemistry lessons in the SF Bay Area

First and foremost, the student’s goals are key to how we approach the subject material. I encourage my students to understand the principles of their subject matter. Not only does this empower students, but solidifies a foundation such that they can confidently tackle any question thrown their way.

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Student Physical Therapist Assistant who wants to share knowledge of the intricacies of the human body.

I shape my teaching to fit my student rather than forcing my student to fit my teaching. No two people learn in the same way, so no one should be forced to conform to a standard of teaching. If a student does not understand a concept presented, then I find another way to present it that does make sense.

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Education Officer with PhD in cancer biology offering Science and English tutoring in Dundee

My background in science communication has allowed me to develop an engaging teaching approach which aims to make learning fun and memorable. I am eager to understand the interests of my students and use this to maximise their engagement.

Vineeth g
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MD in Pathology gives tutoring in Pathology to MBBS, BDS, BSc MLT, DMLT, BSc Nursing, MD Pathology, DCP students.

I believe in simplification of the subject - understanding core principles which can be integrated with other areas of medicine. I did my MD under Dr.

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Master of Science student with a passion for Biology, Anatomy and Physiology.

My methods are focused on hands on communicative learning. I like discussions and opening the floor to questions. Typical classes will have a power point and some activities. Grade 10 - 12 Biology specific.

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Biomedical science graduate with teaching experience offering tutoring from KS3-undergraduate (including GCSE and A-level) in Biology and Human biology.

A Newcastle University Biomedical Science graduate (2:1) living in the Cambridgeshire area. I am looking to tutor biology, human biology, physiology and anatomy to students at KS3, GCSE, A-level or undergraduate level. I will tailor my lessons to each individuals requirements, depending on their aspirations, challenges and current knowledge.

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A doctor(bsc mbbs md) by profession with passion of teaching..24×7online availability..biology simplified..!

To make understand the concept of related stuff as it exists in nature at very basic cellular level..biology simplified..so absorbed..

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A deep concentartion of 1hr on studies saves the rest of your day .

My teaching method will be not to irritate the student. If any topic is unclear we can later get back to it.

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Fourth year medical school student, Alpha Omega Alpha honor society member with B.S. in neuroscience

My teaching methodology is to first to a basic review to make sure we have a good framework to operate on.

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If physics can explain all the possibilities for the universe to exist, biology proves it right. Myself, a surgery student will make sure biology classes will be worth your time.

Teaching method is based upon getting basics right, then going up to getting the concept right and then onto application. If you cannot get the alphabets right, can you frame a sentence? I'll help with the alphabets then you an frame your own story and build high.

San Antonio
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Medical Student offering lessons in biomedical sciences with 4 years of experience

Blunt force memorization has never worked for me in school. I believe the best way to learn Science concepts is utilizing real-world applications and problem-based learning which I incorporate into my tutoring style.

New Delhi
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I am senior Research Scientist in pharma.... I can teach Biology and Chemistry in well shorts methods and using tricks with example in different ways.....

My methodologies contains short tricks and tips, topicwise notes . It is based on both academic and competitive ....

Dr. renuka
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Easy to learn and understand Anatomy and pathophysiology lectures with lecture notes which are helpful for quick revision..

My teaching method mainly includes-clarifying the basic concepts for better understanding of the students and making it easier for them to revise during exams....

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Final year medical student to cure and treat your science woes today

I try to tailor my approach to individual students so they can get most out of my lessons and benefit best.

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Post graduate in dentistry ready to tutor subjects including science and social science.

I prefer to teach students according to the textbook of the particular cirriculum. I make sure the student understands by participating the student in active discussions.

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