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A focus on reducing stress and anxiety and incorporating mindful meditation for overall health. A good understanding of Hatha yoga and the styles of Vinyasa, Yin or Restorative.

My teaching methodology is about the student. I teach from what is needed for the students. I teach at a level that is safe and appropriate with room to develop the mind, body, and spirit. I am interested in teaching a full class that incorporates the breath (pranayama), the postures (asanas) and the mind.

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A Fitness Specialist with 10 years of experience in Fitness Industry teaches Yoga and Pilates to Fitness students.

My teaching method is a combination of theory and practical. However the nature of my lessons are more practical and hands on lessons. I take my students through a full fitness session depends on what their specific interest is. This takes for 1 hour of training so the students fully underestand how other clients feel in their body when performing the movements.

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Relaxation to Remedial, Safe and therapeutic, Gentle to Challenging - Yoga lessons always inspiring

Camille offers a Hatha Yoga style of teaching based on Siddha yoga, Anusara Yoga, Astanga and Iyengar training. She is also a Remedial massage therapist and a Massage trainer and assessor.  She continues to develop and specialize in her fields through experience, extensive research, colleagues, students and immeasurably intricate and 'mostly' good natured clients.

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Experienced Yoga Teacher and Bodywork Therapist offering grounding, uplifting and nurturing classes

Being a bodywork therapist I have a strong emphasis on correct alignment and posture. My speciality is restorative yoga for chronic conditions and help manage stress, anxiety and depression. I can adapt my classes to any level and needs and love my flow yoga as much as my relaxation.

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Your Yoga by Fran Pappalardo boasting several decades of experience and passion for holistic mind, body and spirit health and wellbeing

In my class, I emphasize to my students to pay particular attention to their breathing. In fact, should the occasion arise, I say to them: "If in doubt....BREATH". The experience is one of nurturing and I cater for all age brackets.

Port Kennedy
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Spiritual Dancer & Le'ocean Local Photographer with qualified professional diploma, captures life as timeless pieces of art from a raw & earthy perspective

My teaching methods include mindful stretching, movement patterns that flow through transitions, yoga practice- specializing in contraction & extension, deep stretching, routines, spiritual dance, movement mentality, soul flow & meditation. As well as reconnecting to the Earth and mother Gaia, through healing the mind, body, soul & spirit.

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RYT200 Hatha yoga instructor, can build unique Yoga practice for every individual

Yoga instructor at Aathmik yoga, we build and teach yoga sessions for every individual person according to their lifestyle and requirements. Therapy for Diseases and disorders are handled with special attention. Kids yoga is a separate section added to develop concentration.

Luca matteo
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Yoga Integral Yogarmony Base lessons with Pranayama home-based concepts for everybody !!

I want to make the Yoga practice discover in a very simple, harmonious and engaging way. My is an open integration system, which I have also collected from disciplines such as Dance Contact Improvisation, Tai Chi Martial Arts and Motorial Sciences, where biomechanical and kinetic aspects are being studied more and more closely. Together we will study them with practice.

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I am Yoga Enthusiast , I wish to share and spread my knowledge,

My Teaching method is that we discuss life style and dietary habits and then we chart a future course of action. Step by step, we will try to improve the fitness level by making small changes in diets and exercise.

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Yoga teacher graduated from the International Atman Federation, I offer private lessons at home with individual method. Bologna area. € 30, first free lesson.

I offer lessons of an hour and a half, individual or in small groups, beginners, intermediate, advanced. Yoga is a real science that gives universal results that can be experienced by anyone. To regain or maintain physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual balance.

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Registered yoga teacher (CYT) at Trieste (Italy) offers hatha flow yoga classes.

I am Yoga Alliance International certified yoga teacher. I am teaching hatha yoga flow. I get know the student with techniques of Yoga, relax and interact with the different levels of the experience of oneself: physical, energetic, mental, psychic and spiritual.

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Yoga teacher offering lessons in your own London home with 6 years of experience teaching adults and children

My name is Amy. I teach many different styles of Yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Anusara, pre and post-natal and children's. I can teach to all levels and abilities and specialise in treating injuries.

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Amanda specializes in Hatha and Prenatal Yoga and is also a Yoga Therapist

My yoga teachings focus around breath and body awareness, balancing and self-care. I patiently take the time to adapt all yoga postures as necessary to enhance the experience of the yoga practice for each one of my students. I have a peaceful and playful presence that will allow you to be guided into relaxation, to release any stress and refresh.

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Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor in Bakersfield, CA with 6+ years experience for Families, Children, and Adults.

I teach within the Iyengar Yoga Method. We focus on preciseness and learning about the body within the pose. In my classes you will learn the basic standing, seated, inverted, and back bend poses for level 1 and level 2 students. I teach how to go into a pose, what to do in a pose and how to come out of a pose.

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I teach Yoga Kundalini and Meditation, Relaxation and Stress Management in Bologna

Kundalini Yoga is for everyone and meets the needs of the person through classes dedicated to the specific psycho-physical situation and age, from birth onwards: Physical activity, relaxation, breathing exercises and meditation are practiced in each lesson. I believe in a smiling way of teaching.

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Passionate teacher and yogi lover with a desire to share breath and flow

I have background in mostly Baptiste based vinyasa yoga Moksha Yoga has been an integral part of my yoga training, along with other ashtanga practices. I also have done training in deep stretching and yin based work.

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Certified Yoga Instructor inspiring beginner and experienced Yoga students classes in Markham

Experience to learn, grow by inspiring. Yoga is very meaningful to me and I have learned a lot about myself through my own practice. To me, there is no better way to learn than when you are passionate towards what you are learning. Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

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Good experience(8+ yrs) of teaching Fusion of different styles of yoga like Classical, Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Yin, Thai and Partner yoga in combination with other holistic techniques like Ayurveda, Ma

• Good experience of studying and teaching different styles of yoga like Classical, Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Yin, Thai and Partner yoga in combination with other holistic techniques like Ayurveda, Massage, Acupressure to a wide variety of students in a group and private classes • Designed and implemented specialized private & group lessons and programs according to individual & group needs

New Delhi
Acharya ravishankar
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Yoga for weight loss, PCOS/PCOD, spondylosis, hormonal imbalance, psychosomatic and non-communicable diseases

I use IAYT (Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy), which the most scientific way of healing any kind of cases through combination of Yoga therapy, Naturopathy and Ayurveda. The whole methodology is focused to rebuilt and rehabilitate the sufferer to normal.

Hye yeon
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I’ll show you an easy and approachable way to learn yoga for all levels. Experience life change through yoga with me! I’ve been guiding people over 3 years and I have my studio at home.

Vinyasa style yoga for all levels. Follow me on Instagram(loveyogalee, pagodayoga) and facebook(Hye Yeon Lee, Pagodayoga). Yoga is for everyone and every "body.” It doesn’t matter, what kind of shape you are in or how old you are. Any age and any body shape can do yoga.

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1-1 yoga classes in Alicante; Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Pregnancy, Mums and Babies at your own home

I am a yoga instructor and I teach all levels. In my classes, I incorporate movement and breathing through the asanas (postures). I teach Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Flow, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, pregnancy yoga, mums and babies and Eye Yoga classes. During the sessions, you will move, develop strength, flexibility and body awareness.

New Delhi
Kastur yogi
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Transform your life ,live quality life and feel good. Asana, pranayama , meditation, relaxation.

My teaching method is on client's condition basis, it may medical conditions , their need(like weight loose) or stress relief.

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Integral Yoga teacher with 8 years of experience gives classes on nature in Lisbon and surroundings

My classes are aimed at people of all ages and physical conditions, being tailored to the specific needs of each practitioner. Each class is a synthesis of various methods and styles of yoga, which includes exercises of breathing (pranayama), postures (asana) and relaxation (sama yoga).

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Yoga teacher give private and group lessons in Vini-Yoga (Gers/Tarn et Garonne)

German, yoga teacher, gives classes in Vini-Yoga (a form of Hatha-Yoga adapted) in French, German and English. You will learn to move properly without discomfort, to breathe and to relax your whole body. Little by little you will get more flexible and conscious of yourself without having to take too much effort.

Sa Vileta-Son Rapinya
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YOGA FOR YOU. Formed in dance, music, singing, social theater, yoga and other disciplines ... with all this we will use the tools necessary to achieve your objective (calming the mind, strengthen body

We will work on Hata Yoga techniques as the basis of the class (breaths, mudras, bands, postures, mantras, guided relaxation ...). Depending on the type of student, a more technical or more creative class, physical, relaxed, emotional, spiritual ...

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Vinyasa yoga and yoga instructor offers lessons to increase flexibility, strength and concentration in yona Como and the province

I am a well-trained yoga student with a Yoga Alliance certificate (200 hours YTT). The yoga I propose is called vinyasa flow, that is, a series of asanas succession (yoga positions) that are performed in coordination with breathing, creating a dynamic flow that increases strength, muscle tone, concentration flexibility and respiratory efficiency.

Ciudad de México
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Certified Yoga and meditation instructor. CDMX (Hatha, Vinyasa, Prenatal and Yoga Mom with Baby, Yoga kids)

Certified instructor in Hatha yoga and Vinyasa, prenatal yoga, yoga mom with baby, yoga kids. In addition to certified guide in Samasatti meditation. Focused on working alignment from the beginning to avoid future injuries and easy and loving progress of practice.

Santa Iria de Azoia
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Yoga in Lisbon ( Adults, Mummies and Babies, Children and Families )

Yoga Teacher since 2012 with specialization in Adults, Moms, Infants, Children (SEN) and Families Formation as Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor and Female Therapist I teach Hatha Yoga classes and Meditation adapted to each student health conditions and goals who seeks to work with me

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Yoga for all levels and different styles (hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, for children) in Alicante

These classes are for anyone who is interested in enjoying the practice of yoga. These classes are a great way to improve self-confidence, strength, felicity, balance and more. All in one class! Meditation techniques and pranamaya (breathing techniques) will be used to have a complete experience in the practice of yoga.

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Teaching the Art of Creation of a Holy Family through Prenatal Yoga

I teach intuitively and guide each class toward the needs of the individual participants. It is so fun to meet the babies of a prenatal or baby and me class, as even years later as they remember my voice and smile exuberantly when we meet.

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