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Bligh Park
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Graduate Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety with a Safety Science minor

Ideally the best WHS practices is a wholistic approach which focuses on all aspects of the individual, by promoting a home life / work life balance as stated by the World Health Organisation "Health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

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I am highly experienced in Science Education (Basics to Advanced level), School to University level tips and tricks which are helpful in better understanding.

Lesson's are based on students way of learning, Learning environment is when student is comfortable to learn something new very quickly. Tips and tricks helps to learn easily without stress and practice makes life perfect. Listening and making notes makes life easier and help to understand quickly.

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James Ruse Graduate, Unsw dual degree Advanced Mathematics/ chemical engineering, 3+ years academic tutoring experience

I teach concept based classes and focus on a step-by-step explanation of key areas.

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Outpacing mathematics and the basic sciences with a professional tutor in Sydney

Having come across an array of students, I have learnt to tailor the specific needs of each student to ensure they thrive in learning and understanding.

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Experienced High School Physics teacher and Premier's Teachers Scholarship recipient available in Orange.

I believe that everyone can grasp and apply the concepts of Physics as we are all experienced in the day to day of it. I use everyday examples as the base of conversation and then build up the abstract complexity. Repetition, clarity and conversation summarises my approach to teaching.

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Engineer gives maths and physics lessons to high school and uni students in Sydney.

As Tutors I have a full university education with Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Teaching and in School Curriculum. With many years of experience in Tutoring in Mathematics, Physics and Portuguese. You will do a lot of exercises, solve and training again.

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Postgraduate Maths, Physics and Science experienced tutor available for year 7 to H.SC

I am Postgraduate experience tutor, can help up to unit 3 HSC Maths and Physics, I try to clear and strengthen concepts and make sure that it develops interests for students.

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Sydney graduate student offering science lessons to high school and university students

Generally, I offer two kinds of lesson structure, depending on what my students prefer. The first is that I run through the lecture content to reteach the subject. This is usually the case for students who have a lot of difficulties trying to understand and follow the lectures.

North Richmond
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HSC Physics teacher with over 20 years experience, to tutor Physics and Junior Science in the Hawkesbury area, Sydney, NSW.

My principal aim as a teacher is to foster in students a desire for, and achievement in, learning. I believe that learning is strengthened by using a wide range of teaching strategies and that students require direction and guidance in order to achieve their full potential.

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Civil engineering student giving maths lessons to high school students in Sydney

I cater each student according to their individual understanding of the course and if required go through the basics which will help students get a good grasp of the subject. The lesson structure is simple and efficient and aimed to target the specific topics which the student lacks a understanding of.

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Double degree graduate with 7 years of tutoring experience working privately and with company.

My teaching method is to focus on the weakness to improve it while enhancing the strengths. I am a heavy believer of practice makes perfect thus I tend to provide homework as well as assist students with their school homework.

Harris Park
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Western Sydney University engineering student gives lesson for physics and relevant subjects to students of all levels

get familiar with student mental level, develop timetable and study burden accordingly, friendly environment and relation. research base approach, provide guideline and then give them chances to ignite their own analytical skills and creativity.

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University of Sydney graduate and a Masters of Pharmacy Student offering tuition for Chemistry, Biology and English

My teaching method is structured around each individual student to suit their understanding and knowledge they have on the subject. I will be focusing more on past papers that will give the students much needed exam practice.

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Science/ PDHPE tutor around parramatta area. Currently studying to be a science teacher

I am a friendly individual with a passion of teaching others my knowledge. My teaching approach is to describe concepts in a basic way, using diagrams, drawings and videos until the student has understood the foundations of the concept then elaborating.

Bass Hill
Philip chennakudy
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Western Sydney university Research student gives lessons to high school and university students in sydney

My teaching methodology is lecture and tutorials. I will give an in depth lecture of the concepts two to three times. To visualise the concept well i give application based lectures. This will be followed by tutorials to understand concepts.

Erskine Park
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I am a Degree holder Major in General Science, teaching in various subjects

My teaching method depends on the child's interest. I can make use of the interactive method if the child wants more interaction and make use of other methods as possible. I base my lesson on the area that the child needs to improve. I approached the subject from simple to complex depending on the level of the child.

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Experienced tutor from Sydney University (Medical School) offering tuition in the Sciences & Maths.

-What makes me a great tutor? Graduated with an ATAR of 99.00 from James Ruse Agricultural High School. Band 6s in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics extension 1, English Advanced. I have always enjoyed that lightbulb moment others get when I explain some concepts to them.

Baulkham Hills
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Currently pursuing a Masters of Engineering at Macquarie University and looking to support students academically.

My teaching methodology is practice and patience. We will start from the basics and then move onto higher topics. I intend to make learnings fun and enjoyable. I believe that things we learn today should always stay in our minds.

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To those who find it difficult to understand..mathematics is simplified for you

My teaching method is based on practilaty and visualization of problems with everyday life and simplifications of lessons by breaking into parts. Every details shall be understood by the students. Students can ask me question even after the tuition.

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Masters In Chemical Engineering gives lessons in various chemical engineering/chemistry courses to Uni students and High school Students

My aim is not to solve your problems for you but rather to teach you how to effectively problem solve. How to break the problem down to what is given and come up with the solution on your own.

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Biotecnologist shrishti nair from Macquarie university will give biology lessons to stu dents in sydney new south wales

I am shrishti nair. I have done bachelor’s in Biotechnology and now I am pursuing my masters in biotechnology and business from Macquarie university . I like teaching and sharing knowledge and loves to interact with students and answer there curious questions . I have been a tutor since 5 years thus I love giving lectures and helping students gain knowledge and understand concepts.

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Engineering student gives simplified physics lesson on physics and math in Sydney.

I completed my bachelor degree in electronics and communication engineering and therefore more inclined towards physics and calculations. Rather than trying to memorise every facts and formula, i like generating simple maps that helps to remember. Also i like to relate my study to daily life observation for better understanding.

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2018 HSC graduate gives maths lessons to primary and high school students in the Sutherland shire

I like to approach my tutoring sessions with what they are being taught in class and I directly apply the syllabus with each session so they don't miss anything.

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Medicine graduate gives tutoring in all medical subjects as well as year 12 study

Syllabus focused, trying to achieve maximum marks, can drive to wherever required.

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Been a tutor ever since I was a child, helping my friends with the ideas that many teachers failed to deliver or clarify. Until I read the saying: "if you're good at something don't do it for free". S

I believe that a teacher can learn from his students as much as he can teach them, and only through compassion and understanding a teacher can reach to his students' minds.

The Ponds
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I give the home tution every day to the students in the ponds.

I give brief description to the students and when they understand it properly, after that ask question to them. i give questions for the homework regularly and take tests to find out their improvement in the specific subject.

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Masters Students from University of Wollongong give tutions to school students in Sydney.

My teaching method is I observe the students first then provide my lecturs according to their needs in the meantime I follow the class lectures and take exam after every lesson.

Bardwell Valley
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Robotics Champion teaching his skills, certified in STEM education and using robotics as a teaching tool

I like to use audio visual methodology since every student learn in different ways, in case of Maths and science I like to explain with practical scenarios in order to answer the most common questions "Why should I learn this? and what is this for?"

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Ph.D. Graduate in biomedical engineering and nanomedicine, gives lessons to high school and university students in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry

My teaching is usually in a systematic manner which begins by setting a clear lesson goal where I plan and prepare myself on what I want my students to learn during each lesson. Then I start my lessons by telling/sharing information and knowledge while showing them relevant pictures and videos which I believe gives a greater impact.

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Experienced Chemistry Teacher catering to Science and HSC students throughout western Sydney region

Teacher with extensive experience in assisting students to achieve results above their expectations and prior experience. Lessons differentiated for visual, auditory & kinaesthetic learners. Lessons begin with prior learning review to determine strengths, weaknesses. This is used to build on as new concepts and ideas are introduced.

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