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Masters in Chemistry and PhD in Geology along with working knowledge of Environmental Science

My first meeting with students is about his needs for the subject. A problem can be solved with more than one method. I encourage students to suggest the possible solutions and then explain why the particular approach is the best to address the issue. I am always open to teach the subject either chapter wise or by the random selection of topics depending on the requirement of student.

North Melbourne
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3rd Year Medicinal Chemistry Major at Melbourne University; tutoring high school and first year uni students (Chem and Bio)

Tutoring, for me, is more than just educating students, it's about really making a connection so that they truly care about what they're learning. I make this a reality by combining my knowledge with my out going and confident nature to really form this genuine connection.

Hampton Park
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Monash Uni Science and Arts students would love to supports students in science subjects

I am very passionate about helping students, my teaching methodology is very easy and always very understanding. I always go with a plan and am very organized. I review topics very carefully and make a clear explanation to help students understand very well.

Sai srinivas kashyap
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Swinburne masters student give maths lessons to high school students in melbourne.

Hey, i always loved teaching high school students during my free time. I am a merit student in my bachelors and during my school. I will first try to understand the capacity of student and teach accordingly. I will make sure he has strong basics in every lesson and make him do more number of examples. I will guide him till he masters the topic.

Pascoe Vale
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Dual Masters degree holder gives Science, Physics and Math lessons to School and University Students.

I have am an Electrical Engineering Graduate and I have completed two Masters degrees (MBA and Master of Technology in data science). I love learning and sharing knowledge. Teaching and sharing knowledge is my passion. I believe every student is brilliant but needs a different level of mentoring and practice to master complex subjects.

Templestowe Lower
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Melbourne University Medical Student tutoring primary/high school maths / sciences and english

My teaching methods are tailored to each student to bring out the best in them (yes very generic). I build rapport within the first lesson to ensure that I can understand what areas they feel they need improvement and enquire the student to self evaluate their progress so i can see if they have acknowledged that they have areas that are lacking.

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A business student at Swinburne University. I am a licensed teacher from the Philippines major in Mathematics with 6 years relevant experience as a Visiting Lecturer in a university teaching the Indus

As a visiting lecturer for the Industrial Engineering students. My teaching methodology back then was based on the syllabus provided by the university. Based on the syllabus, I prepare my lesson according to the different topics that must be discussed.

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Monash Engineering Student in Clayton with previous tutoring experience helps to foster Maths and Science skills up to year 12.

Science and Maths are simple if you think simple. My strategy is simple and it works. I always ask simple but interesting questions before teaching a chapter. For example: 'Why are we walking on the earth but not flying?', ask this question when I teach 'Gravity' or 'Why does our mother earth get angry and shake us (an earthquake)?', ask when dealing with natural science.

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Graduate, current PhD student gives Maths and Science lessons for Uni and School Students

My teaching approach for maths will be Q&A based, with the questions I will be covering the lesson. For science it will be lesson based and when necessary with Q&A. I will provide guidance to make your short notes to make you understand the basic concepts and remember everything taught. Basic concepts are the key.

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Environmental Engineering Graduate Teaches Chemistry, Science, and Math to High School Students

I have always enjoyed science and math and recently received my bachelors in Environmental Engineering. I am happy to help out middle and high school students, to help you reach you reach your academic goals. We'll work through your homework and other practice problems to get a better understanding of the material.

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A PhD (Engineering) and Master’s graduate who had been a lecturer and tutor at a university

I did laboratory demonstrations and supported students effectively solve problems through tutorials. In the roles I did prepare lecture and presented my Lectures to up to 300 students at Deakin University. As a trainer at Ozford college, I did training to International students enrolled for the Diploma of Information Technology from 2009-2010.

Wyndham Vale
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Hold PhD in medicinal/organic chemistry and gives lectures in chemistry to students

Hi, I am Sarah and I hold a PhD in chemistry. My chemistry lessons would be most helpful to first or second year uni students who need help in general or organic chemistry. I have no expectation of what level you are at. I would work to take you from whatever level to the level where you are meant to be.

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I am currently a Monash Engineering student, I'm giving math and science lessons to primary and high school student.

My teaching method is giving students to have their own thoughts on the topic and lead them to the right path on the study on that subject. I prepare well before giving any lesson and I'm very passionate about my job.

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Third Year Monash Science and Education student providing Secondary and VCE Tuition

My teaching method involves keeping the students motivated, and genuinely interested in what they are learning. I will try to provide as many real-world examples and relate the theories to everyday life where possible, showing the students how the content they are learning is actually relevant.

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99.90 ATAR Maths Tutor | Chancellor's Scholar at the University of Melbourne Parkville Campus

For me, doing well in year 12 came from not only hard work, but also a very solid understanding of the foundations of a subject. On top of that, I tried to understand concepts from multiple angles, even going beyond the syllabus in extension programs, before applying it through rigorous practice. If you just want help with your subjects, I can do that.

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Physics, Math, Biology lessons from PhD graduate in Melbourne from school to University level.

I can simplify difficult concepts and encourage students to ask questions and make them understand subject matter in depth. I have studied in various countries including Australia so I have quite a bit of academic experience. I can also put in extra efforts at no cost to students.

Hawthorn East
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Swinburne University student and an electrical engineering graduate willing to give physics and maths lessons.

I am studying Master of Professional Engineering program at Swinburne University. I have done my bachelor degree in the electrical engineering discipline and I have a great passion for teaching subjects like physics, maths, and more. I am willing to do part-time/casual teaching work.

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Melbourne University's Doctor of Medicine student would like to teach Chemistry and Biochemistry in Melbourne and Inner East suburbs

I shall base on the students' textbook and what is taught at school in the week to explain and give exercises further on any difficult and important concepts for the students. The lesson is nothing more than just a conversation. Listening to students is vital.

St Albans
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Melbourne University Biomedicine student gives maths lessons to high school and VCE students

Hey there! My name is Winnie and i am a friendly and incredibly enthusiastic tutor, with the desire to help you reach your full potential and attain your academic goals. I graduated VCE in 2017 as the College DUX with an ATAR of 98.80, ranking 1st in Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology (2016). Currently, i study Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne.

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Kanwarpal give science lessons to primary school and secondary school in melbourne.

My name is Kanwarpal. I have done my masters in Physics. I teaches by easy and scintific methods. I use Problem solving methods and inductive-deductive methods in my teaching. If I spread my knowledge among students then it is my pleasure.

Taylors Lakes
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Chemistry graduate gives science and math lessons to students in Melbourne area

I structure lessons based on the learning style of the student, everyone learns differently and it is important to understand this and structure lessons based on the students individual needs.

Saint Albans
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Offering Maths Lessons to High School Students in Melbourne CBD or Western Suburbs

The most important thing a tutor can do for a student is to provide support and encouragement. Not all aspects of education and learning are easy and every student understands this.Therefore as a tutor, I will not give away an answer, I will show students where it is so they can find it themselves.

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High-performing VCE graduate provides maths lessons to motivated students from years 3-12.

My teaching philosophy is that students require an understanding of the content and concepts they learn in order to remember and succeed in their assessments. My number one goal is to ensure that students understand what they learn, which additionally engages them in the subject of mathematics.

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Bayside Senior Aviation Engineer will give Physics tutoring to high school students

I have been in Aviation for a long time and have been in daily contact with the physics of flight. I like the Socratic teaching technique where I pose an idea to the student and we discuss how it relates to an aspect of daily life. Like Why does the Laundry door slam when I open my bedroom window.

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Monash Education and Science Student gives Chemistry/ Biology / Science lessons to high school students.

Offering free first lesson trial I am passionate about teaching and willing to utilise my skills taught in my education degree to optimise learning and to teach topics effectively. I am aware of the Australian Curriculum and plan to design my lessons around this guideline.

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Monash Pharmacy student (Honours+Masters) teaching Math, English or Science Western Suburb

My teaching method is based on visual learning. In order to fully understand a concept, it needs to be visualised in the right way, this way a student is not only 'remembering' the concept but can affectively use it by understanding the detail behind it.

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Food and nutrition graduate in monash area giving lessons to food chemistry and nutrition students.

I am food and nutrition graduate who can provide lessons to university students related to chemistry,diet and disease, nutrition and health promotion.I can also teach basic computer skills like Microsoft word,excel and internet to people of all ages.I can teach to primary students in English, science.

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International aerospace engineer give maths/phisics/other sciences lessons from school to university level in Melbourne

As an engineer, my field of study are the scientific subjects: math, physics, chemistry, technical drawing, and so on. Lessons are completely flexible in terms of duration, location (student's house, university,...), and schedule. Students organize the most appropriate days based on their responsibilities, activities, ... and with many options to change the schedule in case of necessary.

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RMIT Engineering student teaches physcs to high school students in CBD and inner suburbs

Hi! I'm a first year uni student who has just completed VCE in 2017 with an atar of 95.90. I teach physics mostly, but also chemisrty and mathematics to high school students who need a bit of extra help in class or have a focus on improving their study techniques in order to achieve high results.

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