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Mont Albert
1st lesson free !

Music student gives drum lessons to the music enthusiasts in Mont Albert

We will focus on coordination, music reading, side reading and basic rhythms for improve your groove a beat. Also we can work on specific songs that you might want to learn and play and we will learn a bit of music theory.

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International student at UTAS with 6 years' performing experience giving Chinese Flute lessons

I prefer to let the students explore themselves, make themselves comfortable and keep calm. Music is all about how it feels.

Jah tung
(1 review)
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J.T's Guitar, Vocal & Song Writing Tuition - Specialising in Reggae & Hip Hop (Western Sydney)

When I was learning instruments as a youth, scales and sheet music only took me so far before I longed to improvise beyond that or learn to play by ear or to compose something unique that simply FELT right. This is the reason I strive to embrace the direction the student wants to take the art, although I can also help with scales and notation/tablature etc if required.

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An experienced acoustic musician teaching folk, jazz, bluegrass, Irish guitar, theory, practical

I use textbooks for beginners and have an extensive library of my own transcriptions, as well as my own Chord Dictionary(2,100 chord shapes). I usually teach one on one although I conduct many workshops at various folk and bluegrass festivals.

Paris 6e
(11 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Guitar lessons in Paris left bank, all levels, by passionate multi-instrumentalist

My classes are electric or acoustic for all levels in the styles pop-rock-funk-metal-world. My teaching is reflected in learning the pure technique, with particular emphasis on the work of the ear and rhythm, the ability for the student to choose his songs, improvisation. I adapt easily to the level and to the tastes of each student so that education is always a good time.

(6 reviews)
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Oud classes in Barcelona, ​​by an expreienced professional teacher from Jerusalem, clear and accesible approach

I'm from Israel. I am a graduate of music from the University of Jerusalem. I have studied the Oud and the theory of Maqam with several masters in my country. I perform with several groups of Arab and Jewish music in Europe and Israel.

Paris 16e
(5 reviews)

Electric and acoustic guitar lessons in Paris, all levels, all styles, newbies as experts welcome

Guitarist, 36 years old (25 years of practice, including 15 teaching), offers courses for all guitar styles (rock, metal, blues, fingerstyle, funk, classical, jazz ...) in Paris. The approach will suit everyone but will include the first of harmony (theory, scales, enrichments of agreements, rhythm ...

(6 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Intensive or regular clarinet / saxophone lessons - achieve your full potential!

I can offer intensive (or regular) courses adapted to your specific needs and interests, no matter what your level. Perhaps weekly lessons are not convenient for you and you would like a crash-course to get started, or you would like to establish a method that could allow you to be a self-sufficient learner.

San Francisco Coacalco
(6 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Prof. Moses Rodriguez. private lessons of music: theory, guitar, singing, violin and piano

Professor Moses Rodriguez. I took my musical studies at the School of Bellas Artes, along with a degree in pedagogy at UNAM, certified teacher skills of the SEP. I offer private lessons and home delivery for those who want to start or improve their musical hobby or academic and professional studies need. My teaching the student looking to test their acquired knowledge immediately.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Experienced professional musician gives over traditional percussion in Nice (06. Alpes Maritimes)

Course pace West African (Djembe, dununs, Karignan), Afro-Brazilian (atabaques, Agogo etc. ..) Afro-Caribbean (congas, claves, bells etc ...) Oriental (Darbuka). Pedagogy adapted to the European public but based on African and Caribbean bases. Authentic work polyrhythms & Malinke songs and Yoruba. Working from first principles. Work of improvisation. Training from beginner to professional.

(4 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Private tutoring at home (or by webcam) - Piano and Conducting Class

Concerning Piano Classes: - The classes are designed to complement the training of the interested parties, are between the ages of 6 and 60, whether they are beginners in the field or not, and the study materials are adapted to the student's needs ( Student, Worker, etc.

(10 reviews)
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Vocal / vocal coaching. Singer of various musical genres and graduated in flamenco cante by the ESEM Taller de Músics, is offered for private lessons and

Do you want to learn to sing or just improve your vocal technique? Do you have insecurities in your performance or are you embarrassed to sing in public? I invite you to try my technique! Thanks to my varied musical training, my years of travel and my parallel training as a therapist; my sessions are designed from a variety of pedagogical sources.

(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Professional musician ocarinist/pianist gives music lessons and/or ocarina lessons, Lorient and around

My name is Tristan and I am a professional musician. I'm a big fan of music, especially the very complicated music. I work as a professional musician for an American company that sells ocarinas. I co-wrote a methodology book both in French and English. I never learned music in School of Music. I learned music theory, like a foreigner who learns a language on his own.

Chalfont Saint Peter
1st lesson free !

Qualified and Experienced teacher, musician, enthusiastic and positive approach, wide variety of styles

My approach is to start with good technique and focus on musicality, developing a good ear, developing musical knowledge and understanding of music theory. I am enthusiastic and positive. I like to use a flexible approach based on music that students enjoy and goals that students set.

Ruvo di Puglia
Walter antonio
(4 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Bouzouki and Mandolin lessons: Irish Folk made easy for a guitar player

I give lessons of Irish music, with the typical stringed instruments (bouzouki, mandolin and banjo). Comping and solo language. From scales to chords in open position, passing through the performance of songs taken from the Irish tradition. 5-hour package for basic knowledge (tuning, scales and chords), or 10-hour package for basic knowlegde + two tracks of your choice.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Lessons of Music Theory, Saxophone, Piano. Degree in Musical Composition and Saxophone.

I try to base the classes on the level of each student. I study each case in particular to decide which is the most productive way to achieve goals so that it improves in what you need most, whether you know it or not.

North Bay
(8 reviews)
1st lesson free !

The ability to read music is as valuable as the ability to read words. It gives you power and freedom.

In our first meeting, (which by the way is free), we will decide what your immediate concerns and goals are and come up with an achievable game plan that suits your daily routine. Inspiration and motivation comes from success, and vice versa. You will develop a deeper sense of discipline and use it for your own self improvement.

1st lesson free !

Expert Tabla player and vocalist gives tuition's in Tabla and Indian vocals

My approach is simple, innovative and easy to learn making complex techniques easier in music My students enjoy learning from me. I teach students abroad in US and UAE I take online as well as home tuitions Its fun learning from me...

1st lesson free !

Experienced, friendly and approachable teacher offers lessons in Music, English and Dyslexia

I give lessons from beginner up to A Level/Grade 8. I structure my lessons to accommodate each student's learning requirements and devising an individual lesson plan. I am calm and encouraging, with an approachable, friendly manner and a sense of humour.

1st lesson free !
(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

A graduate of the Paris Conservatoire (CNSM) teaches and coaches: composition, writing, analysis, music history ...

Conductor and composer, graduated from the National Conservatory of Paris (CNSM), I offers courses in composition, writing, music culture, ear training, orchestration ... Two possibilities: -you want to prepare a exam or audition, initiate or improve in one of these disciplines; together we will define a program to suit your needs with a course of an hour or two hours per week.

(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Highly qualified concert harpist provides private harp lessons (beginner to professional) in Berlin Germany

(automatic translation) Since more than 15 years I have been teaching various harp students, from beginners to professionals, from young to old. The teaching method is personally tailored according to your level and personal desires. The harp is very suitable as an initial instrument because there are fixed-tuned sounds like the piano.

Sebastian brenner
(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Tutor Guitar and Bass initial level in Murcia(Chord,Scales,Rhythn,Rock,Soul,Kids Songs,Sing) (All Ages/Car home)

Learning enjoying the music and classes is the goal principal.Ademas transcend the technicalities to get where the student / a musical.Confluir wants to guide its development in a space where inteaccion intrumental motivation and ilucion engines are the drivers of the lessons.

1st lesson free !

Learn Indian Classical/Folk Instruemental Music Like Sarod/Rabab/Dotara for make yourself as a proffessional musician and to refresh your mind and soul by music thearapy.

My teaching method is to give the phylosophical and technical training of Indian Classical/Folk music in both theoritical and practical training by group/ individual class basis.Also teach the method to make the student as a professional music thearapist.

New Delhi
1st lesson free !

Want peace of mind and soul, learn Classical music! Feel it, live it!!!

I base my class on Teaching the basics first very clearly and then slowly moving into the advanced topics, the more the basics are clear, the easier it is to grab on the advanced lessons. Practise is the key, so I give a lot of emphasis on efficient practising.

1st lesson free !

Multi-instrumentalist with 10 years of experience giving beginner to intermediate Guitar lessons in Vancouver

I'm very flexible in my approach since I don't believe one size fits all when it comes to education and I aim to cater each lesson to the needs of the student. Though I'm primarily focused on songwriting and composition, I'm open to diving into whatever you're hoping to learn.

(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Music student with experience in delivering class teaches musical initiation, music theory, percussion, music theory, music history and harmony

I am Ivan music student and teacher of percussion and musical language in different music schools. Graduate degree in order award. I extend my classes to anyone interested in learning music or perfecting different aspects related to the music world. No matter age. My methodology is divided into two areas.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
Balwant singh
1st lesson free !

I m balwant singh . my 12 years of experience gives music classes at home .

As a tutor when i start teaching first of all i will check the previous knowledge of students about topic and then give introduction of my topic in the class i share a specific knowledge about topic with the help of simple method and tried to satisfy them. *It is depend upon teaching opportunity *Teaching is the best way of learning and modification of behaviour thats i love it .

1st lesson free !

Jazz vibraphone/piano lessons focusing on improvisation, sight reading, harmony, repertoire and composition.

I hold a Master of Music in jazz performance, major on jazz vibraphone, from University of the Arts in Philadelphia (USA). I lsao have a bachelor in music education from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) and a percussion diploma, more than 8 years studies of piano and harmony/counterpoint and fugue degrees.

1st lesson free !

Theatre and Scenography University Student offering music theory and beginners singing lessons in Aberystwyth

My teaching method is very collaborative with my students, establishing where they are at and what they need to improve on, if this means spending longer on a certain topic then that is possible. I like to tailor my teaching methods to my students as if a more practical approach works or more theoretical approach then I can help aid them through whichever way the student learns.

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