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Reedy Creek
1st lesson free !

Self taught artist shares her experiences and lessons and teaches art and maths in Gold Coast.

My teaching methodology is based and derived from my own experiences. I value the one on one lessons as it allows me to see each students as their own individual selves and helps me expand their knowledge at their pace.

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Business student love tranform simple paper to amazing surprise gift to person you love

I love to explain the meaning of each work how it cans translation your feeling and your intention.

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Creative UoW student looking to help kids struggling with Maths and English!

I prefer to teach through experimentation and exploration rather than through standardised structure.

Caroline m
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DIY: from Zen Knitting, lingerie sewing, random sewing, crochet, origami, parts printed on a 3D printer, to recycling and reuse of materials.

I love to make things. Create, say to my friends "I made that". I'm picky and like things tailored to my body, my needs. I do not like consumerism or produce waste. I avoid disposable things. I Love REUSE. Professionally working with mathematical abstractions and then I feel a need to have a hobby "to make things", to "thinking with my hands.

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Origami as a tool to promote and increase creativity, and as a tool to manage stress. Madrid.

My methodology is 20% theoretical and 80% practical, through the different models of origami, compositions and structures that are explored to promote creative thinking and the creative discipline. Through origami, creative, cultural and social aspects are transmitted. Always based on the concept that progress is achieved with perseverance, patience and work.

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Students with interest in origami can scale their interest at a new level and at the end a trick to make money from your skills

My teaching method is by showing and helping them the areas from where they find difficulty and they can get a good knowledge. My method is practicle so that the student understands it better and can create many models on his own after my guidance.

1st lesson free !

Interesting Origami teaching for small kids in school for fun by a young enthusiast who loves teaching. :)

My teaching method is simple and straightforward and unique in a way for complete understanding of each interested kid.

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An artist. All kind of paper design. Involved in this feild from past 5 years.

My craft sharing method is through chat and pic and videos sharing. Every step would be clearly instructed on texts along with necessary pictures and videos.

1st lesson free !

Hey...with me you origami and other craft will fun for you..let's start

My teaching method is learn by fun..any time any where we can create something creative with our art craft passion...

1st lesson free !

Intern , upcoming dentist with distinction wants to teach biology and origami to help the little souls.

I like to teach a chapter, give homeworks on it, take exams on it then move to the second chapter and during the course I continue revisions.

1st lesson free !

Learn the most loveable and entertaining craft. Spend the quality time spreading positivity

My teaching method is full of practical sessions with few notes..

New Delhi
1st lesson free !

Turn your imagination into reality. Lets explore a new world with me

I will give skype classes and a will also send a picture explaining all the process .

1st lesson free !

Architect and interior designer, been working with paper and fabrics since childhood.

Learn to fold paper to make beautiful objects and stunning gifts, easy for any age group. Can be customised according to your requirements. Teaching method will be repeating step by step after a demonstration.

1st lesson free !

Origami is just an art of paper folding which is super easy and quick

Step by step teaching with slow and steady approach and pauses and breaks for the student to grasp in the thing which is being taught

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Professional fashion designer caters handy work classes related to handcrafts to both school and college students as well as housewives or anybody.

My teaching methods are practical and easy and also create interest among students based on brainstorming and ideas. I start creating things from very basic concepts so that they may clear about products and materials. Handwork classes involves surface ornamentation, garments styling, arts and home decor things, paperwork and create products out of waste.

1st lesson free !

Craft camp Let you inner artist explore Fun creative teaching you all will love

My teaching method is very creative !! Kids would actually love the work tgat they would do along with me !

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

Student of archaeology who loves to play with paper and spread creativity

My teaching method is explaining each step patiently and repeating so that everybody can learn even if they are slow learner

1st lesson free !

Fine art major looking to tutor in the arts! Drawing, ceramics and DIY

I approach each topic as i go along, answering questions and teaching basics first before going bigger into other arts

1st lesson free !

Origami artist offers courses, workshops and performance in the Lyon region

I propose an origami approach as a bridge between mathematics and art. Origami is for all those who wish to address the spatial geometry by touch.

(1 review)
1st lesson free !

I love origami and I'd make you love it too! Learn the art of paper folding!

I'd teach you over a video call/skype, and I can help you start off folding from the basics to intermediary complex models.

1st lesson free !

Come on people,let's learn some origami,i bet this would be fun

I plan to teach origami.so i plan to teach from the basics and then deal with complex ones. I will provide detailed descriptions and make the session easy.

1st lesson free !

Origami fun with a Japanese mom ;) Helps with focus, fine motor skills, and releasing stress.

If you have tried origami on your own and following the instructions wasn't clear enough, please let me help! I will sit with you and guide you through step by step at your pace. You are welcome to bring an Origami book of your choice or you can look at the books I have. Origami papers will be provided.

1st lesson free !

All Craft lovers from primary school to senior citizens can avail the benefit of learning at home - paper craft, textiles, paintings, mix media, scrapbooking etc...

My teaching method depends on the student and its capacity as I believe that every person is unique and requires its way of learning. So my teaching method varies from person to person.

1st lesson free !

Can communicate over number of paper craft and diy things and many more

Can teach at home directly or online classes my materials are of completely waste items news papers and some stationary things

1st lesson free !

I am an enthusiastic origami tutor who loves to teach and enjoys learning with my students.

I would start with a recap quiz to see how much of the lesson previous you understood. I would then set a list of aims for us to meet in the start of the lesson. I would then meet those aims throughout the lesson, using a PowerPoint, quizzes and interactive techniques. I will then state the aims again so we can see what we have done and what to continue onto next lesson.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

I have done nptt nd I am tutor of maths till class 8 and art and craft

My teaching method depends on the type of student.

1st lesson free !

Best handmade paper crafts and gifts like scrapbook, explosion box now can be made with your hands

Step by step procedure so that you can understand the art of folding and cutting papers. Where to cut and where to join explained by photos and videos. If needed classes can be taught directly. Even a kid can do crafts with my teaching.

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