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ACU Education student giving English tutoring to high school OR Primary students in Wyndham area.

Firstly I would help the students establish some goals, based on things they want to improve on in the upcoming topic, by targeting their weaknesses. Setting some objectives for the lesson so that the student knows what to expect and can feel fulfilled after completing the tasks.

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Tutoring in Ballarat focusing on English studies - literature, essay writing, oratory preparation and more.

My lessons are almost always tailored to meet the needs of my students. This only changes with regards to group learning, where individual needs are taken into account, but cannot be prioritised due to numbers. However, I like to encourage my students to enjoy their learning and remove the fear and shame from the learning process.

Green Valley
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Private Selective High School students gives English tuition for students in K-8

I believe that every child is unique hence the one size fits all method cannot be applied. I centre my lessons around the student themselves and operate within their strength zone but outside of their comfort zone. I believe in constant improvement hence my teaching method involves using their strengths to improve their weaknesses.

Allen francis
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UniSA Masters Student give English Lessons, for Essays, Oratory Presentations or language improvement

I base my approach on what is the objective. I build smaller goals based on that objective, and attain it one at a time. Though time is of the essence, I believe that when learning is concerned, it is best for it to take time. If an approach doesn't work, I don't force it. Instead, I try a different way.

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Experienced high school English teacher specialising in Literacy skills and essay construction.

My success is due to getting to know my student's strengths and weaknesses. I am able to customise a teaching/learning program that taps into the abilities of the student. I know the expectations of the education system and am able to guide students through it.

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Experienced Honours student giving personalised lessons to those wanting to improve the quality of their written and verbal communication.

I like to get to know my students and their learning style before deciding upon what teaching methodology to employ. I believe students know the way they learn are that tutoring is the process of teaching them how to use their knowledge of how they retain information in order to improve their overall academic performance.

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UQ graduate offering English (Primary, Highschool or equivalent) lessons in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs and Granite Belt either face to face or online.

My teaching methodology would be highly dependant on the students needs and learning style. However, in general my approach would be systematic with a combination of practical and theoretical lessons. I personally find a varied teaching experience more fullfilling for the majority of students. For example: use of a standard text, quizzes, painting, flash cards, cartoons, field trips, etc.. etc.

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Melbourne University student offering English tutoring to all levels of high school.

My teaching method is geared towards best preparing the student whether its for an upcoming assignment or to work on their essay and grammar skills. I aim to structure my lessons to fit the way my student may best learn.

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Bond University student gives test prep lessons to Grade 12s and other high school students in Gold Coast

I am a driven and intelligent person. This doesn't mean I didn't sometimes have issues with subjects, so I understand the need for a flexible teaching style geared toward the individual student's needs. I adapt my teaching plan to the type of learner - auditory, kinesthetic or visual.

Krishna kumar
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Writing, editing, translating, proof reading, web contents, jingles, songs, business blogs, research and everything in between… Language coaching and tutoring, public speaking, interview tips, counsel

My teach method is contextual. As per the context, I love to use participatory approach where the learner can grow and perform own his/her own with the guidelines of teachers. Students focused approach is what I generally use.

Clayton South
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99.95 IB graduate from MLC providing SL/HL Maths, SL/HL Chemistry, SL/HL Biology and SL Mandarin B tutoring at State Library and in Clayton.

Not only do I have a thorough understanding of the curriculum and assessments, I would love to share my highly-effective study and revision techniques. Our lessons will be supplemented by detailed notes and flashcards (Anki) that enable spaced repetition and active recall.

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Lawyer and political speech writer offering English lessons to high school and uni students in Canberra

My teaching style is very practical. I will ask you to nominate the areas you are having issues with and from the very start we will be doing exercises that teach you new skills and techniques to improve your reading and/or writing skills. My classes are light-hearted and open so that you feel comfortable asking any and all questions you have.

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TRAINED ESL teacher to help you with your English conversation, and all aspects of grammar.

I approach each student or group of students on their ability and work my classes accordingly using student centred, whole language and communicative methods. I usually choose a topic appropriate to the language and age levels of my students and run my class for around 45 minutes with a break and then have another lesson if the students are up for that.

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UTS Master's Business Student teaching English: Fluency, Grammar, Writing, Reading & Test Prep

I primarily work on fluency through practice. Constant practice is the best approach to learning any new skill, and I provide interesting and engaging ways for students to explore their vocabulary and speaking abilities. My lessons are usually 1.5-2 hours long, where I start with a presentation on any current topic of the student's interest in the style of a news program.

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Top Academic Student and Professional Public Speaker giving private English lessons to students in South-East Queensland.

Every student is unique, and comes to understand ideas differently. I am an enthusiastic, honest and supportive teacher who has a one-on-one focus with the student’s enjoyment and learning. I truly believe anyone can learn. Students (of all ages) are welcome to come to me with a question or problem, and I can provide educational support.

Surrey Downs
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Smart, experienced, patient, kind English teacher with international experience at your service!

Interactive. Logical. Tailored to student needs. Based on the humanistic educational principles of Dane Nikolaj Frederik Severin Grundtvig.

Petrie Terrace
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Brisbane final year Law Student tutoring English! Catering for inner-city Brisbane area.

My lessons are structured around what you need. My teaching method is flexible around the methods that work best for you. I want to focus on your areas of concern. Lessons will be based around content you would like to learn.

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Primary and Lower High School Years - fun loving English teacher available now!

As a current high school student, I understand that school is not always fun and everyone learns in different ways, but, aim is to provide fun, simple and interesting lessons which can be geared to suit individual learning styles.

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Primary School Education student offering dedicated tutoring to primary students. Inner North West.

My teaching methodolgy is a hybrid, or blended style. It follows an integrated approach to teaching that blends the teacher’s personality and interests with students’ needs and curriculum-appropriate methods. I value inclusion. My method enables me to tailor styles to student needs and appropriate subject matter.

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Enthusiastic Curtin University Student completing Bachelor of Education Degree majoring in English!

If there is a learning area that needs a little bit of work, this is the option for you! I can sit down with you for a 1-2hr period where we will study and also practice studying techniques to help you develop ways to independently thrive. I will come to you, in a space you find comfortable and we will get to work using fun games and strategies I have learnt and devised.

Alton Downs
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Experienced Senior Teacher in Rockhampton offers tutoring to Middle School, Senior students, TAFE and University Undergraduates.

My teaching method is centred around students outcomes, incorporating practices that foster the holistic development of a students full potential.

Fitzroy North
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99.40 ATAR MacRob Graduate and Experienced Tutor (English for all years up to and inc. VCE) in Melbourne

• I want to leverage my passion for teaching to MAXIMISE YOUR/ YOUR CHILD'S POTENTIAL. • I am patient and empathetic: I understand that students are from a diverse range of backgrounds and empathise with the struggle some students face in learning new material.

Lyon 5e
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Professional actor for 20 years, graduated from Political Science (IEP) , I will help you, always with kindness to talk to an audience. It will become a pleasure.

Professional actor for 20 years, graduated from the IEP and text lover, I will help you with kindness so that you gain confidence in yourself (fluency) and become effective: capture an audience, convince it, interpret a speech, prepare an exam. A few sessions may be enough.

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TEFL English Tutor with over 5 years of experience based in North London.

I think the most essential part of learning a new language is to be able to speak it and communicate efficiently with native speakers, which is why I like to base most my lessons on practical exercises that are then applied to written work. I usually aim to give a test or revision of what we've covered every few topics and tend to feed off the group with difficulty level variations.

Paris 15e
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Student at SciencesPo Paris, I teach students in distress as the French baccalaureate approaches

My teaching method is similar to the English method: where the French model requires the student to comply with the expectations we have of him, I prefer to adapt to the case by case according to the sensibilities of my students to help them progress better without discouraging them or making them confident in their abilities.

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Professional with extensive experience in Institutional Relations helps you to improve your abilities to express yourself in public (defenses of works before court, speeches, presentations, entrevist

Teacher of courses to speak in public where I help to improve the capacities to express themselves in public: defenses of work before court, speeches, public presentations, interviews, meetings, customer service, etc. The different areas that influence the quality of communication are worked on. Classes are merely practical to facilitate learning.

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NIFT Graduate, Can help in ENGLISH, Student-teacher realtionship is more important, Student's learning is primary! No fees if the student doesn't seek improvement

I believe in highly interactive sessions. I have my ways of teaching but it's mostly flexible as per the student's needs. There shouldn't be any hesistance to approach your teacher, otherwise it defies the purpose of teaching, hence I believe the better the communication between the two, the easier it is to help in the growth.

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Highly experienced teacher available for exam, essay writing and oratory skills Manchester

Understand the needs of individual learners and tailor resources to suit. Use creative and engaging methods to make learning enjoyable and rewarding. Use exemplars to advance students understanding and structured lessons to build their skills to highest level achievable.

Gloucester Road
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Victor - EVERYWHERE ONLINE (BY SKYPE) - Writing of Dissertation and Thesis and Other Manuscripts

Improve the English of your dissertation or presentation online through Skype in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office in any country, city or village in the world. I am accustomed to working with both students and professionals from the pre-college to the post-doctoral levels and also with business and professional people from every sector and industry.

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Professional teacher with more than 8 years experience in tutoring primary children both in school and online .

My teaching method is Both face to face and online through clarification of concepts and regular assessments for overall grooming

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