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Allen francis
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UniSA Masters Student give English Lessons, for Essays, Oratory Presentations or language improvement

I base my approach on what is the objective. I build smaller goals based on that objective, and attain it one at a time. Though time is of the essence, I believe that when learning is concerned, it is best for it to take time. If an approach doesn't work, I don't force it. Instead, I try a different way.

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Experienced Honours student giving personalised lessons to those wanting to improve the quality of their written and verbal communication.

I like to get to know my students and their learning style before deciding upon what teaching methodology to employ. I believe students know the way they learn are that tutoring is the process of teaching them how to use their knowledge of how they retain information in order to improve their overall academic performance.

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Melbourne University student offering English tutoring to all levels of high school.

My teaching method is geared towards best preparing the student whether its for an upcoming assignment or to work on their essay and grammar skills. I aim to structure my lessons to fit the way my student may best learn.

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Tutoring in Ballarat focusing on English studies - literature, essay writing, oratory preparation and more.

My lessons are almost always tailored to meet the needs of my students. This only changes with regards to group learning, where individual needs are taken into account, but cannot be prioritised due to numbers. However, I like to encourage my students to enjoy their learning and remove the fear and shame from the learning process.

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TRAINED ESL teacher to help you with your English conversation, and all aspects of grammar.

I approach each student or group of students on their ability and work my classes accordingly using student centred, whole language and communicative methods. I usually choose a topic appropriate to the language and age levels of my students and run my class for around 45 minutes with a break and then have another lesson if the students are up for that.

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UTS Master's Business Student teaching English: Fluency, Grammar, Writing, Reading & Test Prep

I primarily work on fluency through practice. Constant practice is the best approach to learning any new skill, and I provide interesting and engaging ways for students to explore their vocabulary and speaking abilities. My lessons are usually 1.5-2 hours long, where I start with a presentation on any current topic of the student's interest in the style of a news program.

Petrie Terrace
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Brisbane final year Law Student tutoring English! Catering for inner-city Brisbane area.

My lessons are structured around what you need. My teaching method is flexible around the methods that work best for you. I want to focus on your areas of concern. Lessons will be based around content you would like to learn.

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Primary School Education student offering dedicated tutoring to primary students. Inner North West.

My teaching methodolgy is a hybrid, or blended style. It follows an integrated approach to teaching that blends the teacher’s personality and interests with students’ needs and curriculum-appropriate methods. I value inclusion. My method enables me to tailor styles to student needs and appropriate subject matter.

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Enthusiastic Curtin University Student completing Bachelor of Education Degree majoring in English!

If there is a learning area that needs a little bit of work, this is the option for you! I can sit down with you for a 1-2hr period where we will study and also practice studying techniques to help you develop ways to independently thrive. I will come to you, in a space you find comfortable and we will get to work using fun games and strategies I have learnt and devised.

Fitzroy North
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99.40 ATAR MacRob Graduate and Experienced Tutor (English for all years up to and inc. VCE) in Melbourne

• I want to leverage my passion for teaching to MAXIMISE YOUR/ YOUR CHILD'S POTENTIAL. • I am patient and empathetic: I understand that students are from a diverse range of backgrounds and empathise with the struggle some students face in learning new material.

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An educator by profession, an avid reader and writing enthusiast, willing to give English classes to school and college students

One-to-one teaching using presentations, relevant practice material and frequent tests to asess and improve performance. The class will be divided into equal sessions of actual audio-video teaching, practice sessions and tests along with brainstorming and discussion on topics to improve the fluency and oration.

San Diego
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TESL Certified English Tutor for everyone from anywhere for breaking down the language barriers !! :)

I have received a graduate diploma of National Oil Academy. Also, have numerous certificates of practical seminars, training courses which helped me to improve my professional skills. During my work, I use different methods and techniques for better understanding and high results of my students.

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Student of Medicine, graduated from the Liceo Classico Tasso, literature lover, in particular of the ancient world. I give lessons about the Italian, Greek and Latin literature, introducing the studen

My approach on the subject in general is free: for literature it is essential to start from the life of the author, as this making us understand his experience, can make us better approach his style and the understanding of his works. For English, beyond grammar I focus in particular on dialogue, which is often missing in ordinary schools.

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Professor of Philosophy with more than 4 years of experience in private classes PSU of Language. University of Chile. Group or customized classes in Valparaíso or surroundings.

My classes are based on a preparation with PSU logic. This means that the student will be prepared, so that he understands the logic of the questions - and the strongest distractors - of the dreaded PSU. This will prepare us basically in the reading comprehension of the student, the speed of this and the concentration that is required to perform this test.

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Professor of theatrical pedagogy offers to help you grow positively. Madrid. S

I am an actress and teacher. Through the theatrical pedagogy and its techniques one can become better and happier. It is not about "competing" it is about "being". To accept and from there grow in fullness. When we want we know each other.

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Imaginative creative writer wants to help you with ideas and write creatively.

I believe students should always have fun while learning to write, or in learning any new skill. Entertained students will better enjoy and remember what they learn, and be more willing to continue practicing new skills in the future.

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Former Assistant Professor of English with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing: Fiction

The most important ideas I present to my students on the first day of class is how incredibly difficult good writing is and that I, too, am just a dedicated student trying to master this art form. Essays and stories are not speeches written down, I tell them, and good writing is not the product of some innate, mysterious talent given to the few among us. No. Writing is hard, mindful work.

(11 reviews)
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Outstanding Mother with Drama, Secondary English and 10 Years Primary Reading and Writing experience

Assess individual needs and tailor sessions which enable the pupil to achieve their goal with confidence and enjoyment. I have taught secondary pupils up to the age of 18 and children as young as babies. I work with you to help you.

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Communication Specialist available for your academic needs from Algebra to English Grammar!

My teaching method is eclectic and focused on the material required for comprehension as well as the skilled delivery needed. I am a student-centered educator owing to the classic work of Carl Rogers--the client/student determines the specific needs to be met and methodology required by faithfully representing how much they know and how much they want to know.

West Windsor Township
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Civil rights attorney in Princeton, New Jersey offering English reading, writing, and speaking lessons

I tailor my approach to each individual's needs by gauging their strengths and weaknesses and by understanding their goals. I focus on helping people improve their fundamentals without requiring them to learn dogmatic rules. The goal is to create a foundation that you can build upon to achieve confidence, clarity, and efficiency in your writing, reading, and public speaking.

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Learn English. understand it. speak it. read it. write it. train others too.

I am confident with teaching English, specially Grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency. English has been my most favourite subject always. I am currently a manager in an MNC and can share knowledge about Business requirements too. Have helped many people learning and getting benefits in their jobs.

Shediac Bridge
(1 review)
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"Become a Confident Speaker" Learn to speak with confidence, clarity and enthusiasm today!

I prefer a more personal and relaxed style when I teach. I just like to be myself and let my students be themselves as well. Effective learning can be fun and interesting without the formalities of traditional classroom settings.

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A former government officer gives tutions in English in Hisar as he has a great passion for it.

My primary aim is to make my student understand the issue / topic /lesson in all its prospective. The basic requirement to study or learn a language is to know the meaning of each and every word and its appropriate usage so as to make the resultant sentence easily communicable.

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UBC Scholarship Student Giving English Lessons to all ages in Vancouver and Online

I would like to teach students from any age (preferably 4 onwards) and level (including ESL). I am flexible, supportive, and understanding. For children, especially if they are in ESL, I like to start off with conversations, songs, and books. I like them to repeat after what I'm saying, as they can absorb my accent (I'm a Native speaker). I like to work on phonetics.

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Ancient Philosophy MA student / teaching assistant, tutor for Essay Writing and Latin

My tutoring style involves a balance between giving constructive criticism while also providing encouragement to students. Rather than simply pointing out specific flaws in writing, I strive to figure out the broader issues students are having in achieving their full potential and to give them tips so that they write a great essay and avoid poor writing habits in the future.

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Journalism and Social communication student / I speak French and English / I teach in these languages ​​and everything related to the Spanish language and expressing in public

I do not have a rigid structure to teach because I know that everyone learns in a different way, I adapt to the needs and aptitudes of each student. My classes are aimed at all those who want to learn in a different way.

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Ancient Greek/Latin with KCL teaching fellow in London (with UCL PhD in Classics)

I have successfully taught Greek and Latin language, literature and civilization at University College London, King’s College London (KCL), and at a secondary school. At KCL (2017-18), I am teaching ancient Greek to undergraduates using Reading Greek.

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Youth Reading Tutor with over 40 years experience in Portland, OR...Give me 1 month and waah-Laa

My online teaching method is via Hangout, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope . You may witness some examples on Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live and Periscope. My methodology can witnessed on any Social Media if you type in mzjanis or theWORDreader.

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Newton once said I have picked a pebble from the shore of knowledge. I am willing to reach out to my students with the little I know. I have always believed in student comfort and psychological wellne

I believe in connecting to my students to learn them better. Its a two way process. Where I give my knowledge in return of great experience. I believe physical, emotional and social aspects are required to be developed with the power of knowledge and analysis to evolve as a better and equipped person in today's world and this all about my class would comprise of.

Charles City
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Joe Hill tried and true tutoring for elementary school students 5 through 13, Let's do this together.

I have an Associates Degree in Early childhood education and 8 years in the classroom as a Para educator and Teachers Aid. my experience is tried and true and backed by my personal and professional experience and have earned my wings in the classrooms as well as academically.

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