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Mill Park
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University of Melbourne Master of Teaching student provides English lessons in Melbourne

I adapt each lesson to the particular needs of the student. I am able to find their weakness and build their confidence and skills in English, to improve and advance their grades. I understand that students can find literacy and English difficult, and am able to recognise if we need to go back a few steps (e.g. Grammar and Syntax) in order to progress in their writing.

Highgate Hill
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Learning Support Teacher's Aide tutoring English to primary and high school students in Brisbane

Each student learns differently and I acknowledge this with different learning techniques to mature working memory, trigger recall, fill gaps in content knowledge and understand new concepts. I approach lessons with patience and work with each student to set a goal that they would like to achieve by the end of our session.

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Qualified English/Humanities Teacher in Canberra, with recent experience teaching in rural Tasmania

When teaching, I focus on three key things in every lesson: establishing a growth mindset, effectively differentiating for each student, and ensuring my students feel valued. A growth mindset is when a student moves from saying "I can't" to saying "I can't yet". I work with every student to ensure they feel capable of improving, even if it's their least favourite subject.

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Notre Dame Arts student offers tutoring support to primary and high school students

I approach tutoring by taking my students seriously as people with genuine interests, skills and abilities and not simply treating them as children. Lessons are tailored to the students needs and interests, and will involve a variety of mediums, both practical and intellectual, (via hands-on, discussion-based, written, creative, etc), any methods which best assists them.

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Brisbane-based Law and Psychology Student available to tutor school age students in English

My specialties in English include (but are not limited to) creative and essay writing, public speaking, vocabulary and grammar. Once you and I have established what it is you want to achieve through our sessions, the following structure is an example of a typical two-hour session that focuses on a standard high school English essay: 1.

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UQ Honours student giving private one-on-one tutoring to students looking to improve their performance in Social Science subjects, English or Drama.

I am a firm believer that students each have their own learning style and that the role of a tutor is to develop personalised strategies to ensure they maximise their learning potential.

Tweed Heads South
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Improve your English Online (reading, writing, resumes) - 30 plus years in administration

Students learn best when the lessons are suited to their learning style. I work on the visual, auditory, kinesthetic system - that is do you learn best by watching, listening or doing. By understanding the student's style of learning, the ability for the student to increase their skills and knowledge is possible.

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Canberra Humanities & Arts uni student, down-to-earth essay/writing/english tutoring, willing to come to you!

My teaching methods are discussion-based. Together, we work through the problem from the simplest point, unraveling complex essay questions or getting started on that giant pile of exam revision. I prefer to get to know my students, and adapt to what they need. I can work with anyone from Year 4 on wards. Simply put, I ask the right questions so they can come to the conclusion themselves.

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Fun, creative and enthusiastic learning aid in English and writing, located in Warradale

I have a very active and energetic teaching methodology. For me it isn't about what you're teaching but who you are teaching, believing that each individual learns and interacts differently depending on their best ability to learn. I am quite a visual learner myself, so my teaching will reflect this. However, I like to get to know an individual before deciding what is best for their learning.

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Reading and writing teacher of Western Sydney who has worked in Oxford with skills in teaching struggling readers and writers (especially boys!) who also writes her own text books.

My lessons are really simple: Reading texts, comprehending them, then answering questions and writing about them. Nice and basic lessons to build the most important skills of English, literature, reading and writing. I also build confidence and self-esteem in my students.

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10 years of practical experience offering online tutoring of reading, and writing.

My teaching method is to see where the student is up to and go from there. I work on a topic until student is comfortable before moving on. My best method of teaching is online whether it is by video(Skype) or they want to write me an email. I am comfortable with that. I want the student to be confident and have gained skills needed to move forward.

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Qualified Secondary English Teacher gives high quality tutoring to school students in the Perth area.

I am a patient and caring teacher who spends time building a strong relationship with my students so I can better understand their learning styles. I believe in the power of early success as a motivation for students to work harder and achieve their goals, this means finding ways for them to feel good about what they are learning and how they are working.

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Published writer, poet, and performer teaches writing & public speaking to all ages in Melbourne (or online)

I love creating a warm, open environment for learning, where my students feel free to be creative and express themselves. I am very flexible and can adjust my instruction according to my students' specific needs. I will meet you exactly where you're at and listen to you and find out what skills you are lacking and help you get there with compassion and efficiency.

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University of Queensland Secondary Education student gives English lessons to students of all ages in Brisbane.

My friends, teachers and employers have always described me as a "bright and effervescent" person, which aids me in developing a positive mentoring relationship with any student whether introverted or extroverted. Additionally, when teaching I employ a "never give up" approach.

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Current Master of Social Science and University Adelaide of English Honours student teaches essay writing and referencing skills to individual/groups.

My approach to learning and teaching is student-centred. My goal is to empower students to be life-long learners with the skills and knowledge to work in a complex world. I am an advocate of the active and inquiry-based approach to learning which includes project-based learning and problem-based learning. I sincerely believe this teaching method encourages students to be independent learners.

Fortitude Valley
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University student gives one on one English lessons and preparation skills at home

My teaching methods are based on what my students are currently working on, or desire to work on. From their, I will develop a program that will best benefit the student in learning all things necessary for their school work or general learning objectives.

Mangrove Mountain
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Macquarie University student can give lessons on understanding texts and analysing meaning and writing essays. Perfect for high school students.

The basis of my teaching method revolves around dissecting the question and applying the rubric to your advantage. I find that in this way marks can be maximised, while also allowing you to develop your lateral thinking skills. Lesson structure will be catered to your needs, where we will focus on what you want to achieve in both the short term and the long term.

White Gum Valley
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Successful Year 12 tutor provides support for short answer and essay writing.

I deliver individual and small group lessons. I do some on-line sessions. I focus on assisting students to pass examinations where they have the basic skills in literacy but cannot demonstrate this in the assessments. I offer a structured one-on-one program that has some independent study included.

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Griffith university law student tutoring English subjects and legal studies in Gold Coast: year 7 - 12

My teaching method is for students to feel they are having fun, as well as learning. I give out poems and readings, analysis them with students. I will make scenarios with them and give relating topics in order for my students to be confident in debating and having an argument. My goal in my teaching methodology is make students feel confident in their reading and their writing.

Primrose Sands
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Master of Teaching Graduate offering all areas of English Tutoring Hobart Area.

I always begin with a short assessment so I know where my students are based at. I work from where they are and build on from there. Each part of the lesson is individually designed, so as to maximise student learning potential.

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Experienced Teacher Available for Tutoring in English, Writing and Reading- All Brisbane

With over ten years experience as a primary teacher, I'm able to provide targeted tutoring to meet your specific needs and goals. I view each student as an individual and cater for their preferred learning style through practical teaching of concepts based on my initial assessment of their areas of need.

Wantirna South
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Deakin Public Relations Student gives English Lessons to High School and Uni Students.

As I have taught Arts related subjects like English, history, political science etc., for 4 years, I have realised that students learn and remember things better in two ways; first) when they explore a subject themselves and in-depth or second) when they are asked to re-write the given study material in their own lingo that will help them memorise it.

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Experienced teacher, trainer and facilitator (Brisbane, MEd, CELTA, BBsc), 14 years university experience (undergrad & postgrad): Korea

My methodology is situational: depends on your learning needs and goals. Basically, I use interactive communication techniques (e.g. simulations, role plays, small group, 1 on 1 discussions) and blended learning and scaffolded activities (i + 1 expansions).

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Experienced in educating both adults and children. Hold degree in Psychology. Based in Nunawading and surrounding areas. Passionate in bringing the best of others. Learning can be enjoyable and produc

I have a wholistic teaching approach where I match my student's personality to a suitable teaching style. I believe education is not about stuffing new information in but bringing out the joy and curiosity of students so they become self-motivated life learners.

1st lesson free !

Roderick Gillis, UWA Commerce Graduate that teaches high schoolers the necessity of learning.

I grew up with ADD, undiagnosed, so I had to take what was taught to me and translate it to something I would understand. Nothing came easy to me academically, I had to learn and teach myself. I believe most students in high school need help, not because of intellect, but because someone has not given them the time to know how they think. That is my specialty.

Brunswick West
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Current RMIT student gives English lessons in person or via webcam, learn how to get a 40+ ATAR

I base my classes around open ended questions that can lead to discussion and in turn critical analysis. I feel that the best way to learn and improve is to discuss first, create a plan with objectives and goals, and then seek to improve through further study.

Collaroy Plateau
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English as a Second Language Specialist: English Language Exam Preparation; Pronunciation; Reading, Writing & Comprehension.

My teaching method is based mostly on my students' needs and of course lots of exam practise to get my students comfortable and confident when they finally sit for their exams.

1st lesson free !

Edith Cowan University student giving English lessons to primary and high school students in Perth

I love talking to students and learning what they like and don’t like about English. I also like understanding what they’re already good at and using these skills to help them improve in areas where they may be weaker.

1st lesson free !

Teacher of English as an Additional Language - students from kindergarten to adult

I strive to develop a working rapport with all my students to ensure they are engaged in the process of learning. I initially ascertain the current level of knowledge that all students possess and work towards developing that knowledge further.

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Qualified, enthusiastic Primary School teacher in Perth available for tutoring in all subjects

I adjust my teaching style and approach based on the individual student's requirements. I have a positive approach to education, and I enjoy helping students achieve to the best of their ability. I am happy to plan thorough lessons to help students with their learning goals, or follow a plan devised with parents and students.

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