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Experienced and Qualified, Australian, Native English Teacher. Here to assist with all your English learning Needs.

I am patient and I understand the difficulty learning a second language. I will help you with each step of the learning process and you will feel comfortable talking with me. I will motivate and encourage you to do your best and enjoy achieving your goals.

Unley Park
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English speaking teacher with 9 years experience. I have taught children from 4 to 9 years of age. I am passionate, fun and engaging.

Lessons are ideal for children aged 4-12. Lessons are prepared according to individual's level, so can be easier and more simple and build in difficulty as necessary. I start with vocabulary, including greetings, colours, animals & early conversation. We then move on to simple sentences, phrases and question/answer type work.

Gulfview Heights
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High School Teacher-to-be ready to help with high school students with English/essay writing in Adelaide

I love learning. I aim to assist with current homework from school. Sometimes it is helpful to have someone to discuss topics and ideas with when doing essential assignments (research project is a big one!) and essays for any class. I can also help go over topics, create personalised study plans and ways to benefit studies.

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"No, I won't give you the answer." This is probably the most common phrase I use these days. While I might not give you the answer, I will make it my mission to help you find it for yourself. Your suc

My teaching method mainly involves giving the student the tools and skill to find the answer to the question they are asking. I strive to provide a safe and comfortable space to learn, without pressure or fear of failure. I do this by creating an equal playing field - this means that I am no better than you.

Happy Valley
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English Literature Major provides english lessons, assignment drafting /editing and proof reading

My real strength is my engaging personality and flexible teaching style. I pride myself on my reputation for making complicated concepts and ideas easily comprehensible. When I assist a student on a topic they are struggling with, I ensure that they understand it, inside and out.

Katherine man yin
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University of Adelaide Student gives extensive English lessons to high school students in Adelaide

I believe the best method of teaching is to first understand the basics of a topic, then slowly grasp an understanding of more complex ideas while linking it back to the basics. With the help of metaphors and anecdotes, an individual may relate a certain concept to a real life scenario, and that makes it a whole lot easier to understand a topic.

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Teaching english, as fun as it gets, you get better at it every day!

My teaching method is first understanding the learning style of the student. There are going to be difficulties along the way but it will a team effort journey, where the students' success is also an achievement and basically a way for me to learn from them as well.

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Improve your English skills through private lessons with an experienced ESL teacher

It's much easier to learn something if you enjoy it. In their one-on-one lessons, my students can expect to be challenged by a range of exercises that make learning English fun. My lessons are full of practical examples of how we use English everyday.

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Adelaide University student studying Education looking to teach English to Adelaide students

I approach my topics with an open and relatable topic, as someone who's young relating to the younger community is a must through references to video games e.g fortnite and technology. A lesson structure includes a quiz and discussion period. Half theory half practical.

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ESl tutor and IELTS tutor in Adelaide, 4 years experience teaching ESl

I tailor my lessons to the individual student, this is what makes me different! My approach is friendly and caring, I find this is the best way to get the best results for my students, I have always found this works.

Aberfoyle Park
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Flinders University Student teaches English to high school and uni students in Adelaide :)

I'm Codie, I'm passionate about learning and would love to teach my primary language to others. A lesson with me would be personal, rewarding, and interactive.

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Highschool student offering English lessons to those in need of assistance in Adelaide

I base my classes depending on the students in the classroom, as I am a student myself, I sue methods which I believe are effective and have helped me learn to assist the all need of those in my classes

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English native giving English lessons or practicing English to anyone interested online

Online method - Can use Skype, Zoom, WeChat, Whatsapp and open to any other method Likes to use interactive methods or even games! Tailored to what the person's needs Willing to help all levels If you have any more questions, more than happy to talk with you

Para Hills West
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Need to improve your English and feel empowered within your local community - contact me!!

I can teach all ages from 5 onwards and each class is designed on each individuals' needs and can be completed either face to face or online via video stream eg. Skype, Whats app! etc. Practice exercises and take home materials will also be provided for every lesson.

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Fully qualified high school teacher, History and English from Yr 7 to 12 in Adelaide

Flinders Uni graduate Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts. Able to teach History and English up to Yr 12. Committed to student's success and willing to work with students of all levels and abilities to achieve their academic goals. Lessons can be formal or informal and will result in each students progressing with their skills and confidence.

Westbourne Park
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Master's graduate seeks to teach ESL students of any kind in Adelaide!

My teaching method is based on using interesting and relevant examples for students to better relate to. Often times teachers are too harsh, whereas my approach is to encourage people to focus on their strengths and not feel overwhelmed by their weaknesses. Learning a new language is difficult, but with the right attitude, learning English could be fun and rewarding.

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Senior Adelaide English lecturer (MBA, TESOL, B.ed, BA) gives lessons to ESL and school students

Methodology: I utilise the “Constructivist approach” and provide a variety of interactive activities to enhance student learning. I try and make learning relevant, interesting and fun and understand choice theory and apply it in my teaching practice.

North Plympton
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Professional university trained English as Second Language teacher at your Adelaide doorstep

I believe that the best way to master the language is build your vocabulary and have lots of practice listening and speaking the language. I also believe that people learn better when they feel they are understood by their teacher. I have various methods to communicate to the most basic English speaker and use a range of tools to help with language acquisition.

West Beach
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Master's Degree holder give Private ESL lessons to different age groups from diverse backgrounds in Adelaide.

My teaching methodology is the discussion method because it involves two-way communication where I carefully listen to your needs and provide assistance as needed. I base each session on the level of understanding of each individual. My lessons are for both young and old.

Noarlunga Downs
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BA (Majors in English and history) student providing ESL lessons in Adelaide

For ESL students, my methodology will be totally flexible and dependant upon the current skill level of each individual student. I will assess each student and develop lesson plans to suit their needs and help them reach their goals. In this way, my lesson plans will be tailored for each individual.

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CELTA graduate with years of English Language teaching experiences gives lesson in IELTS preparation or General English.

I prefer to let students find their motivation for learning and be inspired to acquire new knowledge. I prefer a relaxed environment during lessons. I believe each individual or learner is unique, therefore my teaching method will be customised according to students' need.

Gawler South
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Passionate English tutor with experience in teaching english in a foreign country. I have a love for language learning and communication. I am a native english speaker and I also speak and learn Frenc

As a language learner myself I focus my lessons on what I think are the most effective ways of learning a foreign language... Conversation and communication. I prefer my lessons to take place in a relaxed and friendly manner and I believe that giving advice and inspiration about my own language learning journey helps my students to attain their own goals.

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Psychology and philosophy post graduate qualified to help students in Adelaide with English, writing, essays, research.

Firstly I believe in lifelong learning and I am constantly educating myself through reading and writing and keeping abreast of new technology, politics, economics, culture, philosophy and religion, for example. My tutoring relationship with a student would be based on this philosophy.

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PhD student providing English, History, Politics and Society and Culture tutoring in Adelaide

My personal tuition style is blended (learner-centred) with a strong thrust in facilitative or inquiry based learning. I understand that different students require different tutoring styles, which makes me highly adaptable and versatile. I am inclusive in nature and tend to tailor learning to students’ needs without losing focus on the appropriate subject matter.

Aberfoyle Park
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Native English speaker (also dabbles in Old English, German & Esperanto) offering English help in person (Adelaide, South Australia) and on-line.

I take education very seriously which means, as far as I am concerned, that it should be fun - or at least an enjoyable experience for all. Real learning is near impossible if the learner gets no enjoyment from the process.

Minakshi {meenu}
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Intervention programmes specialist in primary school, with 10 years of experience, believes in understanding is the key.

I am not a believer of one methodology, I set my methods, resources and techniques of teaching according to the student's/group's need/needs. I am a strong believer of understanding is the key, so that's why, I would like to use student's prior knowledge and any connections with the subject to get most of their involvement towards the topic.

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University of Adelaide PostGraduate Student giving lessons in English, Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy subjects!

I believe in being fully present with my students and encouraging them to realize their potential. I do have a focus on futuristic and practical goals, so the teaching I provide can aid in opening opportunities for future career pathways. I like to work with my students collaboratively so we can achieve goals important to them.

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English As A Second Language - Adelaide South Australia - Native English Tutor

I am a native English speaker that can relate to anyone regardless of their age, education or cultural background. I will create suitable lessons that match your personal goals. Lessons will be fun and guaranteed to actively stimulate your learning.

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Arts graduate studying conveyancing has skills to suit SACE stage 1 in all subjects

Depends on the student! I've had little to do with education from the teaching side of things, but I have great education of my own (see below) & have empathy. I see myself as an assistant to the school's teaching.

Hardwicke Bay
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TESOL graduate teaching English. Tutoring online, for learners any age, any time!

I follow a student-centered approach, where I seek to understand my student's learning needs, their strengths and weaknesses and I like to choose topics that are relevant and interesting to the learner so that our lessons can be enjoyable and something to look forward to! If you're in need of tutoring after school, casual communication practice to develop your vocabulary, new to the country and...

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Perfect! Lisa is such as lovely teacher and is nice to me and my son! She is very helpful and considerate. I'm glad I had her as a teacher!

Tori, Student
6 days ago

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