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Biggera Waters
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Teaching Essential English to foreigners interested in learning how to speak/write in proper English.

This is my first ever attempt in teaching English online, so basically this are some of the topics that I maybe able to cover in my teaching. English words. Parts of speech. Sentences. Statements, questions, commands. Verbs, finite forms, action. Verb tenses. Pronouns: why and when used; objects, subjects; potential errors; position and meaning in sentences.

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Qualified, Native English Language Teacher provides lessons to build confidence in English.

I believe that most people learn in an environment that makes them feel comfortable. I do my best to create a comfortable learning environment for my students. I also work hard to create lessons around the needs and learning styles of my students.

Henley Beach South
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Native Englishman offers online conversation practice. Adelaide-based English tutor offers conversational English practice, and Business English lessons.

My teaching method is relaxed, fluid and flexible. I prepare syllabus/topics based on students preferences and interests. Format can be formal or free talk.

Suffolk Park
1st lesson free !

Learn English by the beach at Byron Bay - in a fun, creative, environmental way!!

My teaching will be based on the basic English language, incorporatd with the Byron Bay surrounds and helpful tips and hints for those who are visiting or for new residents. I am a fabulous listener and communicator, and my teaching style is full of humour, fun and variety.

The Gap
1st lesson free !

Science and nursing graduate available to teach English as a second language in Brisbane . I have completed the CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults).

I will adapt my teaching skills to the individual needs of the learner. I will use my CELTA lesson planning skills to improve students' proficiency in reading, listening, speaking and writing.

1st lesson free !

Native Australian English Teacher offers private classes in Mackay. 16 years experience teaching English in Argentina. Excellent knowledge of Grammar and varied activities for dynamic classes.

I am a Native Australian Teacher. Due to the fact that I have been teaching English since 2003 to a wide range of students, I have a broad range of activities. from analysing grammatical structures in a text book to practising these structures verbally, via games, songs, short videos and interesting conversation.

Bossley Park
1st lesson free !

Experienced tutor in English studies, provides engaging personalised help to students in Sydney

- My teaching method is simple: - Introduction to topic - Comprehensive overview and discussion - Q&A with student - Revise subject until students understand I enjoy establishing connections with my students, which enables them to feel more comfortable in learning and also allows them to transfer what they have learnt into their everyday life.

Clifton Springs
1st lesson free !

German High School Teacher with VIT registration teaching English as a foreign language.

My teaching method depends on the student. Trying to cater to the students needs, I adapt and prepare my material to their needs to achieve the best outcome possible.

1st lesson free !

English for ESL students will be gradually introduced in Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation.

My teaching method with a grammar tense topic; for example: Past Continuous and past simple will be in accordance to an introduction of Presentation, Practice and Plenary, while ensuring the context is followed with the aim, form and pronunciation(M.F.P) practice as expected.

Noosa Heads
1st lesson free !

English skills and comprehension tutoring by university student on the Sunshine Coast

My teaching method is based upon what you feel as though you are lacking. I can teach anyone anything as long as they wish to learn. The lesson structure is dependent on what you want to learn and improve upon.

1st lesson free !

Retired patient and understanding English teacher interested in coaching students or migrants from overseas.

I spend some time talking with the student as to his/her background before I take on a student for coaching. The coaching does not start until then. I then discuss what method would suit the student. I like to know whether it is grammatical or oral English that is preferred. Method of coaching depends on what purpose the student wishes to achieve by learning the subject.

Varsity Lakes
1st lesson free !

Proud Australian would welcome the opportunity to share cultural language exchange with people who want to learn english

If you are here to learn English in a respectful, fun atmosphere then this course is for you.

1st lesson free !

Qualified ESL/EAL teacher providing individual and small group tuition online or near you

I use teaching methods that are adapted to individual student needs. I use methods that empower the student. If lessons are not geared toward a course, content can be tailored to student needs. Motivated and interested students are more than welcome. University students seeking help with academic writing are most welcome.

Malvern East
1st lesson free !

Medical Student student from Monash Uni provides English tutoring to primary and high school students in Melbourne

I graduated from The MacRobertson Girls’ High School in 2015 with an ATAR score of 99.10 and a study score of 48 in English and I want to provide you with the skills that will help you maximise your performance in this subject. I’m currently studying a Doctor of Medicine/Bachelor of Medical Science and I have been passionate about medicine for a long time.

1st lesson free !

Learn and speak English at a comfortable pace with a patient teacher!

Lesson plan based on level of student. Focus on repetition and confidence building in spoken and written English. Examples and audio - visual based learning. Goal based on what the student wishes to achieve.

1st lesson free !

Bond Architecture student gives English and Maths lessons on the Gold Coast

My teaching philosophy is to help all students achieve success. I do this by minimising and approaching the content in a way that simplifies it by reducing the information to allow the student to have a better ability to retain all the knowledge required. I have a minimalistic approach to my teaching, to refrain from students being overwhelmed.

Heidelberg West
1st lesson free !

Early Childhood Education and Care Student previously an elementary teacher teaching English

My teaching method is based on the status of the student as to what kind of students they are because i believe that students easily learn if the teacher was able to identify their learners (visual,auditory and kinesthetic). I am a learner centered teacher as well.

Caulfield North
1st lesson free !

University of Melbourne Architecture postgraduate and Creative Writing Graduate Diploma holder offering English/ ESL lessons to adults.

I teach ESL through guided discovery where I use activities and questions that will prompt students to pick up a topic of grammar and usage organically and naturally so that lessons are more engaging and stay with the learner. As opposed to rote or lecture style learning.

1st lesson free !

Experienced and qualified (Secondary English Teacher) conversational English tutor, specialising in Australian English.

My tutorials are fun and interesting, I like to tailor each lesson to individual's needs. I specialise in conversational Australian English and Australian culture within the context of the local area. I am equally happy to help with your written or spoken English, especially at a University level.

1st lesson free !

Experienced ESL teacher offering face-to-face lessons, online lessons and assistance with university assignments.

I strive to ensure that my students get the most out of their sessions which means that I develop curriculum based on the individual. I use a variety of textbooks, websites and workbooks while creating lessons for my students and always provide copies of these.

1st lesson free !

Perth Modern High School Graduate giving English lessons to Primary or Secondary Students in Perth

I enjoy teaching by starting from the fundamentals and making sure that all results are organic. I also have very strong interpersonal skills and am quite good at expressing ideas and thoughts orally, so many a times, we may be able to learn together through conversation and speaking practices.

Canning Vale
1st lesson free !

Honours Student with Bilingual Fluency in English and Mandarin Providing English Language Tutoring to High School and University Students in Perth ​​

An integrated approach is usually adopted and tutoring sessions are comparatively student-centric. Striving for a comfortable learning environment tailored to individual needs. Tutoring commonly constitutes a combination of guided discovery, inquiry-based learning, and demonstration, depending on student preferences. The lesson structure may be discussed and planned in advance.

South Brisbane
1st lesson free !

ESL Teacher with Masters Degree in English Language and Literature and CELTA Certificate, living in Brisbane.

I use several teaching methodologies, depending on the students age and origin. I prefer the traditional grammatical approach for students who natively speak a language with a dramatically different set of grammar rules from English. For children, I use the aural approach which is by hearing it.

Rochedale South
1st lesson free !

Graduate Architectural Drafts person from Australia. I teach all levels of English online.

I am a kind and patient teacher who is willing to work with my students at whatever pace is required. I can teach all levels of English, and help my students with virtually anything English related. I particularly specialise in improving the writing skills of my students. I can proof read papers and give general feedback on all types of written work.

Sandy Bay
1st lesson free !

ENGLISH! 1 on 1 TUTORING HELP From an AMERICAN! Let's Talk and Practice ENGLISH Together! Have FUN Speaking, Listening and Writing English!

Learning a new language can seem very hard because there is so much to learn, but when you learn a language, you don't need to spend time studying soooooo many things if you only need to use a little. For example, you don't need to learn all the names of flowers if you just want to talk about movies. So my idea is, that you first need to know where and when you want to use English most.

1st lesson free !

Taiwanese university student (Master of Teaching) give English lesson/English tutoring to ESL students

My teaching method is to communicate using only English. I believe that the only way to improve a language skill is to constantly use it. During class, students can bring their assessment draft from school and we can fix it together.

1st lesson free !

Hobart Masters of Teaching Student giving English tutoring sessions to primary, high and college students

The most important aspect of teaching, in my eyes, is that you )the educator) develops a strong rapport with the student. My lesson/tutoring will focus largely on the particular topics that the student is currently struggling with or would like assistance to further improve their abilities.

1st lesson free !

UQ student living in taringa providing french, english ,psychology,business lessons to all students

First, i like to have a idea about the knowledge that the student has on the subject and proceed ahead with a study plan according to the requirement of student and according to what i feel would best suit the student

1st lesson free !

TESOL certificated mature tutor teach those with English as a second language.New immigrants welcomed.

i approach topic's by your needs at the time. where possible a combination of picture and word practice. we start with a goal according to your needs of the day, then plan the steps that we will work through to achieve the outcomes you desire.

1st lesson free !

Curtin University student gives English lessons to high school and university students. Also teaches Japanese to university level.

Teaching method 1. Read through topic. 2. Pull apart main grammar points/vocabulary. 3. Apply grammar/vocabulary to real life circumstances. 4. Make serious/fun sentences. 5. Role play. 6. Have fun with the language.

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Perfect! Lisa is such as lovely teacher and is nice to me and my son! She is very helpful and considerate. I'm glad I had her as a teacher!

Tori, Student
2 months ago

Perfect! I love Kerry and I'm glad I contacted her! She is so knowledgeably helpful. Her comments on how I could improve my writings and her corrections were certainly a great help. Her flexibility with the time we could work on things is also one of the...

Wirya, Student
5 months ago

Perfect! I only had one class with Lee, it was friendly and helpful.

Tony, Student
5 months ago

Perfect! Dana is a great teacher! Really friendly, motivating and helpful. He helped me with my IELTS test for few weeks and I passed ;). He takes time to break down your mistakes and make sure you understand what you need to work on to improve you English....

Tony, Student
5 months ago

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