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Egyptian Master's of Education Student at Deakin Giving Arabic Lessons to Help Comprehension

I aim to keep my students engaged throughout classes. Using Arabic for comprehension and reading can be so much fun, and I would make sure the students are gaining the most out of the classes. Especially if they are learning the language for specific reasons.

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Syrian girls studying International relations at the University of Wollongong, who have passion to learn and teach languages.

I like to teach any one on the topics they want to strenght themselves and practise. Happy to teach how to pronounce correctly. I like to meet outside or at my place to start lessons.

Point Cook
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Fun native Iraqi speaker tutoring all dialects of Arabic language in Melbourne

All abilities of Arabic speaking students are welcome as I tailor my lessons based on my student's abilities and their preferred learning style. We will explore speaking, writing and reading comprehension to increase each student's ability. My lesson plans are flexible to ensure my students are getting the most from every session.

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Learn Arabic, German and Hebrew + Intercultural Management with Samir L. Iranee,MBA & University Lecturer Online via Skype

Teaching Approach: I focus on communication and use authentic material (internet, tv & radio as Aljazeera & Alarabiya, newspapers, books, songs and kids stories) to help students not just learn how to write and read Arabic, but also to communicate with native Arabic speakers, in a natural practical context.

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Native Arabic speaker can teach you the standard Arabic and different accents.

I tailor my class to each person goals and needs.I always make sure that you make a progress after each lesson.I will divide my plan into steps to make sure you will be a confident Arabic speaker after a short time.

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Arabic Consultant and teachers training training in an educational academy gives lessons to high school and uni students, or children & adults, also make training for Arabic teachers . Teaching the sk

I like to teach Arabic as second language through the skills ( listening, speaking, reading, writing) I like to teach Arabic through the communicational approach.

Fitzroy North
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Native Arab academic/ actor provides structured, previously tested, Arabic lessons in Melbourne

I have an interesting approach, that is constantly tailored to suit the student's aim of learning the language. Even though I follow an accredited curriculum from the United Arab Emirates that was specifically designed for non-Arab individuals, I keep plenty of flexible space to adjust to the student's specific goals, as well as unique preferred style of learning.

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I can teach Arabic and Egyptian dialogue and I am based in Brisbane

A teaching method comprises the principles and methods used by teachers to enable student learning. These strategies are determined partly on subject matter to be taught and partly by the nature of the learner, And Encourage is the key for any student.

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I am a current third-year uni student teaches Arabic lessons in Adelaide

As students' interests expand and diversify, so do the teaching techniques and styles. I usually start my classes with mind warm-up method so students can learn better when engaged. I also use technology in teaching to engage students, as I am able to go beyond the paper, pencil and textbook and connect with students on an authentic level.

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An experienced and qualified Arabic native teacher online only via zoom or skype.

My experience has brought me into contact with many different types of people. I am experienced in being able to help you by setting your goals and then to help you achieve them. My Experience is 4 years. I have worked as a teacher face to face & online.

Sunnybank Hills
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My native language is the Arabic. I have a PhD degree in Science.

My name is Aead M Abdelnabi Muhmed (preferred name: Ayad Masry) with my details as: phone no, (concealed information), email: (concealed information) My teaching method depends on traditional and low tech to learning. The lessons have been chosen from modern and valuable sources.

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Do you want to sail with sendbad?! You want to fly with Alaa Eddeen?! Or maybe you want to say that magical words, OPEN SESAME, to enter the cave with Ali Baba!! Do you want to talk with them?!!

Arabic language is a nice kind of music you can sing it, not just talk it, It moves like a light breeze, if you felt it you will fly like a colorful kite and you will discover a magical world.

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Arabic Native Speaker interested in teaching Arabic for everyone as well as culture

My teaching method based in different learning styles such as kinesthetic learning , visual learning and manipulate items. i believe that all these three different learning style should be available to meet all different student traits. Making a flowchart for each lesson.

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A native Arabic speaking Engineer, Graduated from Cairo University Faculty of Engineering in Egypt

My teaching method is by making students learn the basic concepts of the Arabic language and from there they will be able to practice more of the language with me and with their colleagues in class depending on how fast they will get the basics.

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Hi everybody and welcome , I can teach Arabic and French in funny ways

I like teach or learn in a funny ways using different activities and communication skills, so i hope you will enjoy my classes

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Learn Arabic the fun way with a friendly and creative Arabic tutor.

I apply current situations and relate to scenario or topics dear to students for easy remembrance. Repetition using various styles such as writing, speaking, acting and games allow better remembrance and increase understanding. I use pictures and demonstrations for understanding.

South Perth
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A native Arabic speaker with high academic background provides Arabic lessons for all levels

I used to work as a university lecturer for about 4 years. Although my field of teaching was not related to the Arabic language, I have the ability to deliver the information easily and the passion to do my job perfectly.

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Assistant Professor, 20 years experience gives Arabic lessons all over the world

My teaching method is based on standards derived from functional linguistics. I believe that language is a source of making meanings in order to achieve certain functions used in real life situations. I also use ICT effectively in my teaching.

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Sana 25 years old Tunisian giving arabic and french lessons lessons to everyone that's interested

my teaching method is based on creating a good bondes with my student and to consider them as friends and family members i try to simplify the notions as much as i can i give real exempels for every thing

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Arabic and Islamic teacher for non Arabic speaker. 22 yrs experience Sydney Australia

I have a new teaching strategies to teach the language to the best of my student's interesting. Arabic language needs a lot of experience and preparation. I like to cover reading, comprehension, speaking and writing skills. Also I teach the proper Arabic with correct grammar and vocabularies.

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Year 12 Rossmoyne Senior High School student with Arabic as his first language gives Arabic lessons to anyone from any age in Perth.

I base my classes on helping my students by teaching them the language where it originally comes from. I love meeting new people as well as teaching others the wonders of the Arabic language. I teach people by helping them spell the word, write it, and by teaching people how to read it properly. I also help with reading the Quran.

Airport West
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As an Arabic speaker, I had always the passion to teach this language to other people because it is one of the most adorable languages in the world.

practicing language through listening, talking and writing is the best way to master the language but the first step is to gain the way of think of the language itself, we need to understand the language to be able to speak and write in a decent way.

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Halimah Omoloja gives Arabic and Quran memorization lessons to young and old individually or in group

My teaching method is to teach children the rudimentary of Arabic alphabets, pronunciations and take a lot of examples from the quran to aid memorization. I teach tajweed along with teaching the quran because there must be proper pronunciations and fluency.

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Western Sydney University student gives lessons to university and high school students

My teaching method is teaching the essentials of the language first to ensure a strong foundation is built and then I base my lessons on the language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking so that students' personal lessons are catered for fully.

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A PhD researcher is An Arabic language tutor with different accents experience .

My teaching method focuses in activities and promoting students to talk. Activities helps students to learn languages. I keep diversifying activities to maximize students acquisition of knowledge.

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Jihad Saffouri Arabic-English Teacher for more than 30 years of teaching online and in schools in many countries

• Interpersonal and written communication • Self-motivated • Report writing • Strong verbal communication • Methodology implementation • Extremely organized • Clerical support • Data entry • Worked with administrators on behavioral issues to support the needs of all students. • Led interesting and diverse group activities to engage students in the material.

Wagga Wagga
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I can teach Arabic language , oral and writing , it is my language

I can teach the most needed sentences in order to be able to communicate in Arabic with others. Sentences that you need if you go to Arabic countries as tourist, what to ask for to reach any place, how to deal with people in Arabic to do any merchandises, how to communicate with people in the store. All what a person need to be able to communicate in Arabic languages.

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Native Arabic Speaker give lessons to high school, uni students, or anyone!

My teaching method depends on what every student wants to learn. As Arabic is a relatively difficult language and every student is at a different level, I am flexible with what each student requires help with.

Mount Waverley
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Multiingual Student who studied Arabic in University for Three Years offering Beginner to Intermediate level tutoring in Arabic Language (Modern Standard)

My teaching method is based upon adapting to the need of the student, in first assessing their level and then working from there to increase fluency and language proficiency, as well as confidence boosting exercises.

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Nadir, ready to teach Arabic language for non Arab speakers or for any one who wants to learn Arabic

The methodology used allows the learning of the Arabic language in a progressive and logical manner without the need for translation. The method is suitable for both young and adult beginners who have never learned the Arabic Alphabet.

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