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Graduate Dental surgery from Gadjah mada University, Indonesia Currently staying in Brisbane

My teaching methodology would be peer to peer and I view myself as the same level of students in terms of curiosity for answers.

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Student D1 dentistry for over PACES (former tutor of the ATPC) pedagogy is excellence

I am a student in Clermont-Ferrand dental surgery. I can offer help in learning and achieving adhesives. My method is to just memorizing aids (mnemonics ...) also help with the calculations and speed. Of course, I train myself to be on top.

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Intern at a dental hospital, teaches dentistry and how to cope up with it, as in India it is most of the times never by choice.

As per my experience, teaching is a difficult job cause you have to see and understand from your pupils point of view, which most of us lack.

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I look forward to answer the smallest of your doubts, you can feel free I have an expertise in being a teacher not a judge.

I believe in cognitive learning . So my basic approach will be focused solely on concepts clearing and easy learning.

Dr. shikha
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Dental practitioner with over 4 years of clinical and one year of teaching experience gives secondary School Science and professional dental academic subjects with good career counseling lessons onlin

I inspire my students to strive towards excellence by keeping up with their individual grasping power. I always try to sort their doubts on time and I also counsel them for their future endeavors. My teaching method is a simple formula of Teach_discuss_test. I have won a lot of awards for my paper presentations at all India level which surely ensures the capability I endure.

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Professor in Prosthodontics with NBDE (USA) certificate conducts guidance classes in Ashok nagar near Himayathnagar, hyderabad

My teaching method mostly is centered on explaining through videos and pictures. Any one with doubts in prosthodontics at UG or PG level can benefit. I have been in academics in India and Abroad since 2008. I worked in academics in saudi arabia for 5 years.

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Private classes of Histology - Assistant FMED - UBA - Federal Capital

Theoretical - practical classes focused mainly on what should be recognized on each slide, with its respective theoretical correlate. Once the basic concepts are clear, we can organize to have a class dedicated entirely to the use of the microscope.

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Any BDS student who needs a push with academics, I will be more than delighted to prepare you to face exams and understand concepts.

Basically my teaching method is pictographic and makes u understand the concept, I used to memorize all the subjects with mnemonics and fun and will see to that you fall in love with the subject and have a good understanding of it

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Gain in-depth knowledge in each dental subject, tailored personally for each individual.

My teaching method is clinical oriented with emphasis given into the practical application and clinical significance of every topic involved. It is tailored to match the aptitude of each student and helps him/her gain knowledge with the ultimate goal of making everyone a better dentist.

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I can teach you English subject or I can make you speak it fluently.Moreover I can help students with dentistry as I am a BDS graduate

I clear the base and help the student reaching up to his level and then improve the student on a regular basis.

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A Professor, friendly guide to Perodontics for students of BDS and MDS.

My teaching method is easy to learn n remember pictorial reconstruction of the text. Learning can be via text book, research articles, discussions and doubt sharing. The classes are for BDS students and MDS in Periodontics.

Ricky pal
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Professional Dental Public Health specialist gives Public Health, Research methodology and Biostatistics lessons in Vancouver, BC

I prefer to teach using Microsoft Power Point, as it is more convincing then traditional lecturing. The lecture is followed by few MCQ's and feedback from the students to enhance the future classes. My typical class is with introduction to topic and humour to lighten the stressful atmosphere. Students from school, college or dental field can avail my services for their academic fulfilment.

Mayank kumar
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Students in their B.D.S degree contact for dental subjects of all 4 years

I graduated top of my class in Bachelors of Dental Surgery and topped 12 papers. I can help you with concepts of dental subjects especially for third and final year students. Either individual or a group setting preferably not more than 3.

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A committed and enthusiastic person, who enjoys helping others. A student who has one year experience as a private tutor in Bristol Studying medicine at Bristol university with all A* at GCSE and A-le

Online lessons will start with recap from last session. With mini quizzes to test your learning. Each session will teach something new, there will be videos to watch, I will write notes on the online whiteboard also. I am also ready to explain any doubts you may have. To measure progress tests will be set out and I will keep track of your results.

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Postgraduate in Oral Pathology and Microbiology, trained teacher in both classroom and digital platform. Helps to understand difficult concepts and make learning interesting and fun.

I believe that understanding the concepts of medicine is utmost important in gaining confidence as a doctor. I base my classes on explaining the key concepts to the students by correlating the same in day to day life, quoting various examples etc.

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Dental specialist with experience more than 25 years with zeal to teach

Problem based learning and case based learning. case scenarios which is dealt with help you in understanding the concept easily , which will help you to excel in the field, you will be confident to handle any given case with my way of teaching.

Dr purnima
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BDS Gold medalist faculty, experienced MDS staff, FOR ALL SUBJECTS, CLINICAL DEMOS on patients, NOTES AVAILABLE,

My teaching method is how to write in exams, representation of subject is key to success, written notes available smart work is better than hard work.

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Are u afraid of dental subjects? I wil teach in the language of ur choice

I approach your mind first and make my session interactive with students i belive in two way learning which should benefit the student

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are you a dentist planning your American dream! then you are at the right ad. and with the right person,

My teaching method first will explain how the exams are conducted.i can also guide you for documentation.then will take you over the subjects and topics of 4 different subjects and at last, can help you in solving some recent questions and answers for the exam.

Dr hemant
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1st lesson free !

Experienced post-graduate teacher in general medicine for undergraduate medical students and paramedical students based out of Ahmedabad,India

I believe in giving basic understanding of the subject. I make it simple and precise. I emphasize only on that information which is practical,relevant and essential. I am o.k. with personal as well as online training. Make learning fun.

Dr smitha
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Learn dentistry through practical experience to enhance craftsmanship of the oral cavity.

I am a dentist qualified in 2003, very passionate about the science. Passionate teacher complementing theory classes with practical exposures to enhance quality learning. A combination of audio, video aids used to impart the subjects assigned in dentistry. Classes shall be combined with practical and clinical exposure for better understanding and delivery.

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Dr Ashwin Devanarayanan. Learn Dentistry the right and easy way at Coimbatore

The methodology is always understanding the topic from its basics. In dentistry you need to be clear in your basics there by the foundation of knowledge is good. Bringing the material science of dentistry, practically teaching the subjects and application in patients with videos pictures.

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Londoner studying dentistry in Lodz, dabble in teaching English and dental-related subjects

When I teach English, I use the Callen method which allows student to truly engage with the material and make them think on their feet. However I understand that this method is not for everyone, so I always adapt to the need of the student whether they are more visual or kinesthetic learners.

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Second year medical student at university of glasgow looking to help others get into med school by tutoring for personal statement, ukcat and interviews (:

i'm a friendly and fun person and like to incorporate this into my teaching. I will get to know who i am working with so i can adapt my teaching to suit - this includes learning about which universities you are applying to; what voluntary and clinical experience you have had; your grades and expectations. I prefer working face to face however Skype/facetime call would work well too.

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A practicing doctor gives teaching in all dental subjects in BDS and biology from high school to +2

My teaching method is based on colourfull diagrams and helping to understand the subject by giving live examples and practically

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Can provide a strong platform in Basic Sciences and dental subjects with excellent fluency in English

I prefer to take classes with examples that students can relate to so that they can understand the concepts and retain them better. A introduction and synopsis into every topic will help students be better prepared for the class and periodic revision is key .

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Postgraduate in dentistry gives tution in biology,science,dentistry from high school to college

My teaching may include structured notes ,u can ask questions to me, will have a evaluation test to help you progress . weekely one or two classes. you are free to tell me however you want the class to be like.

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Dentistry in home. Bds ,all year. In Bangalore. I'm an intern in bds

I can teach you all subjects of bds . And give you notes too. I will make sure you understand each topic. You can reach me anytime , whenever you are comfortable .

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Science teacher interested in teaching curious students and help prepare their notes

hey there, the future scientists. How would you like to get a tutor with massive knowledge in biotechnology, that too in a manner you will learn the topic within no time, the simple way! Let's start this fascinating voyage today and aim for 100% with a technique I'll share with you to make your own notes.

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