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Yoga, Fitness and Mindfulness instructor with Psychology, Nutrition and Food Science background. Food choices start in your head, and so will we.

Our experience together will be tailored to your needs. This could be a simple meals and shopping plan with habit homework and check-ins to develop a long lasting change. It could mean a longer interaction working toward breaking down the beliefs and patterns that are not serving you to be your healthiest self.

Burleigh Waters
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Accredited Practising Dietitian on the Gold Coast giving holistic, practical and personalised lessons in health and wellbeing

My 'more than food' approach encompasses not just the 'what' of eating, but the 'how', 'when', 'where' and 'why'. With so much information available on the internet, I can help you navigate and sort the myths from the facts.

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Plant Based Wellness using Food As Medicine - Leopold Victoria This class introduces the uninitiated to the world of plant based living and furthers the knowledge for those already on the path.

My teaching method is interactive , I encourage class attendees to share their experiences and goals around taking this class. All attendees will receive the following: This is a two hour class includes the following: 1.Class notes – handouts 2.Sample foods 3.

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General practitioner who gives medical-topics lessons to university students in Sydney or Online

I am a highly motivated and clinically competent general practitioner with an extensive training, learning and development knowledge and experience specifically in the education sector. I also have clinical experience in dealing with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds. For the past three years, I have been tutoring in both large classroom settings and 1:1.

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An University of Adelaide student available to make you learn about Food and Nutrition, Food Business studies, and Dietetics and Public Health in the Adelaide City. :)

I always love to make people learn by giving them a chance to indulge in interactive session. Sometimes, students do have the knowledge, but due to shyness or hesitation, they won’t disclose. To be honest, I like these sort of students. They are capable to think beyond concepts if they find themselves in a right environment.

Clyde North
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An experienced food science and Nutrition professional with enormous experience in health & nutrition, food and diet, diet and disease.

My teaching methods are based on practical scenarios where those scenarios can be linked into the theory and further, it will enhance students abilities to keep relevant information in an interesting manner. Graphical representation of nutritional or diet, disease related programs are also an effective way of teaching.

Sandy Bay
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Personalised Training and Diet plans for anyone wanting to improve their overall health and well being.

I believe that a true teacher is a person who makes their students independent and curious for more knowledge. So far, I have achieved good results by staying in touch with my clients and providing prompt solutions to their queries.

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Nutritional Medicine student offering guidance on foods options for a healthy lifestyle

I teach for the learning style of the student using diverse available teaching techniques. In general is a step by step learning, making sure there are no question without answers or doubts before going to the next subject or theme.

Edge Hill
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Hi I'm Karen and I currently manage my own business as a Registered Nutritionist. I'm qualified in Health Sciences, with majors including Health Promotion, Family Society and Health and Nutrition.

I apply the socratic method to teaching for critical thinking. I base my classes on preparation, and structure the beginning and ending of the sessions for to students improve in the most relevant areas.

Broadbeach Waters
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Imagine waking up Happier, with more Natural Energy and better overall Wellness?

I believe understanding the individual on a personal level, approaching their health, well-being and overall life from a holistic approach is highly effective to address their pain/problems and move forward in a positive way. Each meeting will be a 'lesson', you will learn strategies and life lessons to implement straight away for positive results.

Margaret River
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Quantum Energy Coach with 40 years experience in wellness and mentoring for addictive behaviours

I base my classes on facilitating learning around problems in the area of study, so that students research the theory and come together once a week to share their findings,Which can be done on Zoom if necessary. a fabulous way to integrate theory and practice.

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REACH YOUR GOALS! Qualified chef and nutritionist in Canberra available for weight loss and healthy living advice

It's all about your GOALS and what you NEED. If you are having trouble understanding nutrients, we can sit down and go through the basics. If you want to know how to get the best out of your supermarket shop, let's grab a trolley and get shopping. Or we can design your diet whether you want to lose weight or enhance your training.

Coolum Beach
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A Healthy Eating Tutor with Certified Health Coach on Sunshine Coast, Qld

As I am very passionate about health and fitness, I like to show my students the basics and first to help them build their own understanding of what health means to them. Usually these sessions are tailored around what is needed from the group or individual. These can be anything from cooking lessons, Shopping trips and pantry makeovers, family food mentoring and holistic alternatives for health.

Albany Creek
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Passionate Dietitian in Brisbane who can help / mentor future dietitians thrive.

I am a very approachable and friendly person. As a teacher, I will work and progress with you, ensuring you understand not only the individual concepts, but the whole picture.

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Hi there! I am a Circus performer and athlete, incredibly dedicated to understanding new data and studies on nutrition for gut biota, hormone balance, muscle gain, fat loss and mental clarity.

My approach towards nutrition is incredibly subjectively, listening to individual objectives, goals and eating behaviours to construct clear meal plans and focus points. Considering a variety of different approaches and ideologies, we will construct an achievable work plan that correlate to current and proven food theories and ideologies.

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Sport Scientist providing health, wellness, exercise and diet advise to athletes or general public.

I approach my teaching from a structural level, students will also find flow within the lessons. Student can be assured that lessons will be catering to suite their current learning and understanding levels. I ensure a full comprehension of topics before moving onto others.

Mawson Lakes
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Masters of Public Health Student, recently completed Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) at Flinders University located in Adelaide.

My teaching method is based on a student centred approach. I base my classes on identifying my students needs, setting short term and long goals and approaching them with a style that suits them best for absorbing information most effectively. I like to encourage all students to engage in a way that will make their learning enjoyable and worthwhile.

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Healthy lifestyle, gives a wealthiness and helps to obtain your biggest objectives

I would like to talk about the life style of the person who I work with. How they feed everyday what activity they include in them dally life, If they have opportunity to eat differently. We also talk about them allergies.

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Sport Scientist & Personal Trainer to give lessons in nutrition, weight loss and exercise

Since graduating from University with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science, I have grown a career in the health and fitness industry for over 5 years. After many successes with clients, I am ready to deliver the knowledge I have developed to you.

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Nutritionist, Fitness Expert and Holistic Life Coach offering coaching services for females

I use a holistic approach and our sessions will focus on balancing every aspect of your life; including mind, body and spirit. My coaching method is very supportive, encouraging and educational. You will leave my sessions feeling empowered along with effective tools that you can use by yourself.

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Recent Master's of Dietetics graduate teaching Nutrition and Dietetics to uni students

The lessons will vary based on your year level. If you are in you early years of study (years 1 and 2) I can help you understand and memorise topics such as lifespan nutrition, sports nutrition and food chemistry. If you are in the later years of study and are undertaking placements then I can help you learn the Medical Nutrition Therapy for common diseases.

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Dietetics Masters Student teaching Nutrition and healthy eating behaviours to high school and Uni Students in Wollongong

My approach to education is personalised based on the individuals level of comprehension and areas of concern. I am able to adapt my teaching style and methods to suit any audience.

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Torrens Uni Nutritional Medicine graduate and Yoga / Meditation Teacher with 10 years + experience gives private lessons to high school students and first and second year University students. I will t

I like to understand my students needs before customising lesson structures. It is important to know the preferred method which each one of students prefers to support them in achieving their learning goals easily and confidently. I like to see my students thrive and motivated to learn and as a teacher I seek to create learning methods that are engaging and comprehensible for all.

West Hobart
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Qualified Naturopath with 15 years experience can provide comprehensive lessons online in regard to overall wellbeing.

The Health and Well-being education lesson can simulate a Naturopathic consultation, containing profiling your medical history, what you are eating, how you are living your life, and stress management through emotive techniques. In essence it will instruct on some tips on how to transform your current situation by means of nutrition, supplementation and vitamins, and relaxation capabilities.

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Reiki Master Coaching, Teaching and Treatments in the Gold Coast AVAILABLE NOW

I blend my enthusiasm for my practise with my skilled communication set to deliver a straight to the point, informative and personalised experience to each student. Understanding each individuals needs, areas of interest and delivering concise teaching to give the student the best learning experience possible.

Caulfield South
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A person who always seeks for healthy and enjoying lifestyle in Melbourne

My teaching method is to create a friendly conversations, to become real supporter with no stress.

Seacombe Gardens
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Flinders Dietetics Student gives maths, nutrition, biology, psychology and Cert 3 in fitness tutoring

Find what works for each individual- I will use a variety of methods and see which engages the student the most. I personally find videos and then having to explain the concepts the best way for me to personally learn, but everyone is different.

Smythes Creek
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Express yourself through visualizing and drawing what flows out, be YouNique, love Art, love you!

When I hear "I can't draw" it excites me to help bring out that creative side of everybody which we all do have! :) a unique way of expressing ourselves - no need for perfection, practice if anything makes perfect if that's what you want!

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Nutritionist with 10 years experience focusing on Education, based in Wollongong NSW.

I prefer to work in smaller groups or a one-on-one basis. My teaching method is on a needs basis where the focus is on understanding through education.

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Weight Loss Nutrition Coach based in Sydney (MSc, BSc, PN Cert, 10 years experience)

Each student is treated as an individual, there will not be any cookie cutter lessons! Weight loss is hard and requires an individualised approach...and this is what I deliver. Lessons are designed to condense complicated science processes into an easy to understand practical plan.

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