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IT provides students a unique way of learning computers and indulging in their beauty.

My teaching methodology would be based on live examples where they will learn how to troubleshoot and solve problems and discovering new things.

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Bachelor of Networking student, providing help to the Microsoft and MAC platform users

You will find me motivated to assist others with their technical references with patience,guidance and support. You will see in my resume that I have had a passion for technology from an early age and therefore furthered my study’s regarding this subject and shall complete the Bachelor of Networking Degree in June 2018.

Cranbourne West
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La Trobe university graduate gives lessons to Java, SQL, React, JavaScript, database design.

I teach in such a way that students understand with demos and well explained methodologies. For example a class in java is explained With attributes and its methods which will be demonstrated with an object of class “Car” which has attributes like color, size, seat capacity and methods likes acceleration, lights, braking.

Mawson Lakes
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UniSA mechatronics engineering student to tutor school students in Math and sciences

Instead of going by the textbook and its order of chapters, I will start with chapters that are important, that you are weak in.

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University of Queensland student from India to teach computer and technology in Brisbane

I am a student at University of Queensland, coming from India, and have inclination towards business and technology. My lessons would be of practical based approach with a bit of theory. I would highly recommend you to have access to a laptop or computer with Microsoft Office installed in it and then you shall be good to go.

Saint Albans
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Computer science course for the students from high school to university level.

My teaching methodology includes both theory and practical based on the course design. I use to guide my students with the concept of the course with the objective to study and its application in real life situations. I prefer the students to carry a laptop them and we then can start our course.

Seven Hills
Denesh kumar
(6 reviews)
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Avid Teacher | People person | Real life context perspective in teaching

I'm an enthusiastic teacher and a qualified tutor. Try taking tutorials as a trial and you will never regret your decision. I assure you the best possible learning experience you have ever got in any subject so far. Message me on +(concealed information) for the more details .

São Paulo
(82 reviews)

Excel Classes/Consulting for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. If you are interested in getting started or using more advanced features I can help you!

* Do you need to set up a spreadsheet and have difficulties? I can help you. * Whether through a class or consulting where I help you create that more complex spreadsheet that your boss has asked for now. * Classes for users of all ages and all levels.

(9 reviews)

Patient maths tutor helping non specialist undergrads pass their maths related units.

I use the questions you have to answer to find ways to help you answer similar questions. I will explain the background maths only as far as they can stand it. My main interest is in putting things in a way that you can take away with you and apply in the exam.

São Paulo
(8 reviews)
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I give Excel classes to individuals and legal entities. From basic to advanced.

If you or your company need help with Excel, if you need to create or understand spreadsheets among others, you can count on me. Many students and companies help in developing or understanding formulas, dynamic tables or graphs that are very common in their work environment. Be it through a class or consulting. Classes for students of all levels.

Dalsingh Sarai
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Software professional ( corporate experience more than 10 years) knowledge sharing session.

My teaching method is based on various corporate world case studies . Planning and consistency are key ingredients to get you high in real life growth. These courses are specific to technology loving folks . It doesn't mean only engineers can do it .....you may be the next....

Brij raj
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I am a software engineer moved to teach programming and skills required for IT Industry as well as competitive programming with maths.

I use a bottom up approach in my teaching methodology. Understanding the simpler problem first and if large problem is given, breakdown into simpler and then solve it. My methodology in programming is simply - "If you can't program it, you don't understand it".

Silver Springs
Muhammad salman
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Ms excel is a very important tool for professional life and without it we can’t present our report and can’t move towards progress


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Student studying btech cse in pathanamthitta c,ds are some of my forte. I can teach so that you would become good at what you study

My teaching techniques are helping the students to link their newly learned knowledge with previous knowledge, since that's how learning works. I try to teach humility, shortcuts and applications. The structure of my class is flexible. If you want it can be according to your choice or according to the structure of the book which we will refer.

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Ex Teacher gives tuition for primary and middle levels school kids of Bilaspur

As a tutor I focus on improving the concepts of the students I follow five days teaching and one day test in a week. It is for school level students teaching. I follow revision rule after completion of a chapter.

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Home Tutor with a proven success record in IT software packages, as well as Maths in Northampton - over 12 years experience

My name is Trish Caswell and I currently teach adults IT Software. Previously, I have also taught many other subjects, including English, ESOL and Maths and have taught children and adults alike. I structure my lessons around the learners by first assessing their previous knowledge and finding ways to make the lessons interesting and individual.

New Delhi
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8 Yrs Business Consulting Expert Teaches MS Excel & Powerpoint in a Way That Will Matter in Your Career

My teaching methodology & techniques vary with the age, skill level and use-case. The course content is suited for students just about to leave school, university or are in the first few years of their professional careers. My classes includes in-depth coaching of tools like MS Excel, Powerpoint but from technical standpoint.

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Expert in introduction and advanced excel and power point application and use

I prefer one to one sessions for better follow up. I teach with an application of the concept always in mind to improve the urge to know more. I have vast experience in using and teaching excel introduction and application in data analysis and data mining.

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A level student that achieved L2D* in IT- Teaching how to operate on Microsoft Excel

I am a hardworking and tenacious individual who is organised, highly motivated and quality focused. I am an excellent planner and able to organise my time to maximise efficiency. Able to work on own initiative and an excellent communicator. I am numerically advanced, with more than 4 years of experience in excelling mathematically.

(2 reviews)
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Experienced civil engineer teach Microsoft Project classes for beginners and advanced students

Hello! my name is Hector and I have taught Microsoft Project for more than 5 years for both, university students and professionals from multiple majors. Generally when I am hired, the student is delivering a project. At the beginning of my classes I will offer you a curriculum that focuses on making continuous improvements to your project to make it a successful project.

(1 review)
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I am a Software Professional working in this area for 10 years.Worked on real time projects which handles Excel.

Worked in real time projects for 10 years.And my teaching will involve more of practical knowledge by providing examples. My teaching would start from basics and the hierarchy would be from simple scenarios to adding more complex examples to make understand.

(1 review)
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Devi naveen kumar
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BECOME A processor, HARDDISK To store, try to hava mini computer in your mind

based on the student personality methods of teaching will be changed basic methods will be follow for all the students with lectures, assignments , some research programms, find out the history, make to give seminars, Test and how to implement in practical

(3 reviews)
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Private or group classes of Excel and VBA in Porto, for all levels.

- Classes assembled according to the student's knowledge / need. - Classes oriented to the practical use of the tool, with main applications and use in the day to day, using for this a series of exercises. - Flexible classroom location, which can be suggested by the teacher or by the student.

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Basic computer , ms.word , ms. PowerPoint , programming language , html

Profession , work of a teacher, ideas orprinciples taught by an authority. Teaching is the process of attending to people’s needs, experiences and feelings, and making specific interventions to help them learn particular things. In much modern usage, the words ‘teaching’ and ‘teacher’ are wrapped up with schooling and schools.

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Software developer working in renewable energy sector from the past four years

My teaching method is to first identify the pace at which student can catch up and give interesting assignments.

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Full time accountant in Edmonton who loves Excel and wants to help pass on some knowledge.

I am very hands on, learn by doing. I would be most comfortable tutoring people with zero to intermediate knowledge of Excel or Pages.

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An African Engineering student tends to continue as computer engineer lives in rwanda

my teaching method is to know where is the failure of learner so I can recover it for him or her getting in the same way with others. I promote one teacher one student or vise verse . I tend to give a lesson to the all kind of people because I have an experience of teaching.

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Microsoft Office (Excel, Word and Powerpoint) Tutor for Beginners with 10 years of experience

I have 15 years of extensive experience working on Microsoft office suites ( 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 suite). My proficiencies include: Excel - Formulas, Macros, Pivot Tables Powerpoint - Slide Modelling, Storyboarding, Animations Word - Documenting, Typing, Formatting and Indentation My coursework includes a mix of live teaching, small assignment and assessments.

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Experienced ICT Tutor for all your IT educational needs, Medway Towns, MSc qualified

Secondary School teacher of over 15years experience OCR GCSE ICT BTEC Level 3 Basic skills in all Mac and Microsoft packages Scratch Programming - basic programming skills for 11-12 yr olds Computer Science - theory ECDL tutor for 3 years Basic to advanced ICT for adults

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