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HSC Physics Private Home Tutoring - In person, Group and Online Available Now

Once I get to know the student, I create sample problems that are tailored to the students' weaknesses. The problems start with the basics, ensuring that the student has good fundamentals. Once the fundamentals are covered, we will move to harder problems.

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Physics student at UOW - Highly experienced and dedicated to tutoring Physics and Math

Each student needs a different teaching style. For all cases, I do what Elon Musk always talks about: It's best to break things down to their fundamental truths and reason up from first principles. Additionally, I firmly believe that "nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough." I see teaching Maths and Sciences much like what we'd do if we were to (say) go fishing.

Wiley Park
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A post graduate engineer from University of Salford United Kingdom, teaching tution at school level

I am friendly. Adopt different procedures to make any topic understandable for students. Able to study the psychology of students and then adopt procedure accordingly.

Gawler East
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Experiences math and physics tutor, Live in Gawler but is willing to travel. I only aim to find which teaching method works best for each student and help them achieve their personal best!

I understand that no two students learn the same. As a tutor, i love to give the students an opportunity to learn via a range of methods, including: direct instruction, open discussion, visual images, videos, writing etc. After a few sessions, i usually am about to gauge which method works best for each student, and will try to impliment that method as much as possible.

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Masters of Physics graduate ready to enlighten physics students at school, university level

I enjoy introducing new concepts of physics based on the chapters with an open-ended question ,and examples to ensure students are aware of the fact that science exists in our day to day life,and is essential to know how they function.

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PhD in Physics gives Physics lessons to primary and high school students in Melbourne

People usually ask me how I studied Physics all my life as its considered one of the toughest subject. Its actually because of a very good teacher in my secondary school who encouraged and instilled the love for Physics in me.

Mill Park
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I am Post Graduate in Electrical Engineering and have 12 years of teaching experince in Engg College in India.I can teach Physics and maths with Perfection.

My teaching method depends on the student.There are few studentsa who do not understand on smart board so i prefer to teach them with notebooK. And there are few students who grasp easily i would teach them with notes.In Fact i believe notes should be provided to students.

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Numan, Experienced Engineering graduate give physics lessons to high school in Canterbury

I remain very frank to the students throughout the class so that they do not hesitate to ask any question, At the same time I maintain the decorum of the class to deliver my knowledge at my best level.

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Master of Engineering holder give Physics and Math lessons to High School and University Students in Bendigo.

My teaching method is very simple that all level of students can understand it better.I can explain the concepts as many times asked by the student without any problem.I will do my best to make my students excel in their studies and career.

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I can teach science subjects including maths, physics, chemistry upto level 8.

My teaching methodology is teaching in the friendly environment. In mathematics, I prefer to practice and in theoretical subjects, I prefer conceptual studies. I always encourage students to ask more questions in their weak areas. I happy to answer difficult questions.

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Medical imaging student with a background in Bio medical science specialising in Chemistry and Anatomy

My teaching method is very hands on, I endeavour to be as thorough as possible at a pace best suited to the student, teaching the most up to date material of interest utilising textbook material and images. Agreed times will be strictly adhered to cancelation or late notice is available 30 min prior to lesson. Lesson charges begin at the agreed time.

Oak Park
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An Engineering student doing Masters in Engineering in Swinburne University of Technology

My teaching method can vary according to the requirement of the student. I will make sure that the student understands the topic very well by giving real life examples to problems and solutions or term. Giving students enough time to grasp what the subject is all about.

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I love Chemistry and seeing people appreciate the subject. Based in Sydney. Studied Medicinal Chemistry at university.

I understand that each individual is unique and requires learning at their own pace. My teaching style is one that seeks to employ creative techniques and visual aids to help students understand concepts. I will want to find the key areas a student requires help with.

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Experienced High School Physics teacher and Premier's Teachers Scholarship recipient available in Orange.

I believe that everyone can grasp and apply the concepts of Physics as we are all experienced in the day to day of it. I use everyday examples as the base of conversation and then build up the abstract complexity. Repetition, clarity and conversation summarises my approach to teaching.

Carina Heights
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Any Year 8-12 and Physics or Science Assistance. Any learning needs will be considered in teaching methods

I believe in the philosophy that to learn with the most efficiency and effectiveness, you must have a passion or desire to learn for the sake of curiosity. Therefore, I make every lesson a balanced fun/work dynamic that makes learning interesting and valuable to any individual who learns from me.

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Civil Engineering student offering lessons in Maths and Physics.(Both subject includes all the topics and sub topics) For eg: Nuclear physics,Thermodynamics,Optics,Wave optics,Trigonometry,Algebra,Cal

My teaching methodology is same for all kinds of students. I take every student/friend (no matter how much they know or don't know) through the basics because being an Civil Engineering i know that foundation is the key to success. So, we'll go through a journey from the beginning which'll make you know the key concepts and true beauty of Physics and Math.

Cockatoo Valley
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SA based UniSA graduate (Education & Applied Physics), currently consulting & training in specialising in Radiation Safety

I enjoy finding ways to teach complex topics in the simplest way - by engaging students with real world examples and stories. I use many teaching styles, depending on the needs of my students. I prefer lessons to be more organic, with plenty of back and forth discussion rather than a regimented lecture.

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VCE graduate with 95+ sac average in PHYSICS. PHYSICS tutoring AVAILABLE for YEAR 11's and 12's

Due to the complexity of the subject, only the most important and useful information will be directed to the student. A personal study plan will be created with the student to only look at the weak areas. Will be preparing student for the questions often asked by VCE.

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University of Adelaide-Bachelor of Science, second year student, gives lesson to middle and high school students in Maths, Physics and Chemistry

I would love to teach anyone who is struggling with Maths, Physics or Chemistry as I am very passionate about these subjects. I truly believe that to be good in something you must be passionate, and seek to ignite that passion in my students.

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Learn physics and math more tactfully than you think by me and online. I have thought physics for 19 years.

My teaching method is different as regards the subject. I'm helping to make fascinating trivia and film shows and sometimes related games. I believe that the teacher must be creative and at first he must be able to communicate with the student.

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Lessons all about science offered by current student from university of melbourne

My name is Yuhan Gai, an undergraduate student in UOM doing bachelor of science. Gaining an ATAR of 98.80 in VCE and 52 for MME. And I'm a pretty active and motivated teacher. I enjoy the process of teaching, and I won't just tell students the tedious lectures they've already tired of.

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Nuclear Engineering Professional Giving Physics And Maths Lessons At Your Convenience Anytime

I believe in a very simple method of teaching. I make my classes as interactive as possible with working out problems together and let the students take the lead. I like to work on the concepts of the students rather than making them mug up solutions to the problems.

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Sydney University PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics looking to teach all kinds of physics!

My focus is on developing physical concepts and then their connection to the fundamental mathematical descriptions - where all the interesting physics manifests itself.

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Offer Safety in Design training for continued professional development in SE Queensland

Sharing extensive experience in the field and base tuition on 1. Needs Analysis of the individual 2. Demonstration of concepts thru customised application 3. Practical implementation - use of design examples provided by the student 4.

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Physics Lecturer/Tutor with more than 7 years experience in the reputed University

As a lecturer I deliver my lectures first and the reach each student individually to make them understand more about the subject matters that I have been delivering. This consists of Practical sessions in the Physics lab. I believe that every one has their own way of perceiving things so its my duty and my ethics to make them understand better.

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Melbourne University Science Student teaching Biology and Physics to years 7 - 12 in Melbourne and Bayside area.

I am a young enthusiastic guy looking to tutor years 7-12. For your learning, we would tackle problems from previous exams which were particularly difficult and ones that you may currently be struggling with, on top of that, I would always be available to you if you have a nagging question that just cannot wait.

Sunil kumar
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Science expert delivering lessons to high school and uni students in Darwin

My teaching methodology is unique. I catch up the weaker students and propose many daily life examples among students to make the subject easier for them. My students always remember me for making the subject simple. The intelligent students also enjoy a lot in my class to face many challenging questions and problems. I solve all the queries of students at the same time.

Canning Vale
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Year 11&12 WACE Tutoring in Perth ( Physics | Chemistry | Methods | Spec )

Alpha Education offers personalized tutoring and mentoring services with the ultimate goal of helping students get into their desired university course. Unfortunately even the best classroom teachers cannot calibrate their lessons to provide students the attention they deserve.

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A Passionate Physicist with more than 4 year of tutoring experience....!!!!! ( Method speaks more than words )

Physics and Science is about asking fundamental questions and trying to answer them by observing and experimenting. So , i prefer to explain the topics experimentally and then relate the results with theory. For mathematics problems, use some tricks and real life examples to solve them easily.

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UOW science education student offering tutoring in high school Maths and Science

I teach by using real world examples and applications. I keep very organised and colourful notes and diagrams to engage students that may have trouble understanding from their teachers. A typical lesson may start with background knowledge, moving into applications, and then answering some practice questions.

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