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Kangaroo Point
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Yoga and Natural Medicine are my passions and I wish to share my knowledge with you along with inspiring you to join the ocean sport community in Central Queensland!

When it's time for yoga, I just begin the class without taking up too much time talking! I believe the lessons learnt are felt, heard and taken in by experience through movement and breath.

Edge Hill
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Hi I'm Karen and I currently manage my own business as a Registered Nutritionist. I'm qualified in Health Sciences, with majors including Health Promotion, Family Society and Health and Nutrition.

I apply the socratic method to teaching for critical thinking. I base my classes on preparation, and structure the beginning and ending of the sessions for to students improve in the most relevant areas.

West Hobart
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Qualified Naturopath with 15 years experience can provide comprehensive lessons online in regard to overall wellbeing.

The Health and Well-being education lesson can simulate a Naturopathic consultation, containing profiling your medical history, what you are eating, how you are living your life, and stress management through emotive techniques. In essence it will instruct on some tips on how to transform your current situation by means of nutrition, supplementation and vitamins, and relaxation capabilities.

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A graduate in Ayurveda and public health offering lessons on better health outcomes.

My teaching methodology is an individualised approach depending on the interest area. I am flexible for both in class and online teaching. I respect the preferable teaching demands by my potential students and very flexible to teach in a way that yields maximum outcomes.

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In order to maintain health balance diet is as important as doing the physical exercise

The methodology of teaching is based on conceptual understanding of the subject, Basic knowledge sharing,Interactive session,Descriptive session on subjects which includes video presentation,detailing,practical supportive sessions followed by question & answers. There is a conclusive session wherein there is a recap & review session.

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Naturopathic Doctor teaches Naturopathy classes for HS and university students in Toronto

My classes are meant for anyone who is interested in pursuing holistic health careers or who wants to expand their knowledge on the natural medicine world. I teach the foundations of health first, meaning I always refer back to basic care: sleep, nutrition, physical activity, normal physiology. Then I dive in to the principles of treatment.

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A certificated Naturopath , specialised in Phytotherapy, Homeopathy, Facial diagnostic and Developing of Mental Skills offering lessons

I'm offering theoretical lessons supported with practical examples of Holistic Natural Medicine to all interested, whether they are students, healthcare professionals or life style conscious individuals, who choose to integrate and follow the holistic approach of physical and psychological well-being and want to improve health and life quality of a person considering body,emotions,mind and...

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Professional doctor giving lessons on nutrition and diet at home or online

I prefer to teach one on one to my students for maximum output. But as in today's world of modern technological advances, distance is not a barrier so I provide online classes too for those who reside far off places.

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Naturopathy - therapeutic yoga- therapeutic diet- therapeutic massage- sujok acupressure- detoxification- psychological counselling treating through flower medicines and tissue salts remedy


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Acupuncturist for the past 12 years, specialized in Indian Acupuncture and Tamil Herbs

My teaching method will be approaching the topic with day-to-day life activities and comparing with the mother nature. Then how to deal with illness without any harmful drugs that are highly prescribed in our modern life. Will teach about the "Way of life.

Hem bahadur
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Friends Prevention is better than cure n it's only possible by Ayurveda

As it's the first time I m approaching to public so just Wana give suggestions about how to prevent life style diseases as 80% diseases r life style diseases. Also I m member of Keva Ayurveda whose products can cure cancer kidney problems n diabetes too.

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Holistic Health Practitioner teaches in areas of Nutrition, Weight Loss, Eat well, Reversing Diabetes (T2DM), Reversing Autoimmune Disease, Reversing Allergies...

My teaching methods are systematic. I base my classes on knowledge, experience and skills. I approach a subject with structure and flexibility. My classes are useful for anyone who wants to live disease free and wants to take good care of his family or relatives. My classes are also meant for students taking nutrition course, naturopathy course, alternative medicine.

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Feeling lonely,not active on socially,mood swings,insomnia and it will come a long list. life style and Nutrition the perfect solution.

My teaching method is first explaining the purpose of the content we teach fallowed by how the solution will work on particular problem with advantages and disadvantages. then we teach the lesson so the listener have high attention on the content.

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PhD in Naturopathy Graduate offering weight loss support to individuals in Waterloo, Ontario

My approach to health is all-encompassing and therefore my classes are all-encompassing. You can expect to learn about human anatomy and physiology, exercise, nutrition, and everything else related to achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits and long-term weight loss strategies.

New Delhi
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A medico guiding about issues from teaching, health matters, lifestyle, nutrition, sleep to life science.

I teach on rigorous evaluation of the student by finding his\ her strength\ weaknesses, covering more text material than the given one, I am known as a great teacher amongst my students.

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Elite level athlete gives sports nutrition or holistic nutrition lessons online or from home

My main goal is to teach you how to implement and utilize sports nutrition in your daily life, or in the life of your clients. Starting with the basics such as how many calories an individual needs based on their activity levels, then breaking those calories down to specific macro-nutrient needs.

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Traditional Thai Massage Course taught by Certified Teacher. Our teaching method is the WatPo massage style. Ancient method of Thai origin.

My methodology gathers the techniques of 3 disciplines of traditional treatment: -Amasamiento of the muscles. -Manipulation of the skeleton or chiropractic (osteopathy). -Digitopuntura, pressing on certain points of acupuncture or energy lines.

Prince Albert
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Vibrant Healthy Doctor and acupuncturist that believe we can change the world through understanding nutrition, function, physiology and spirituality

Practical advice to meat you where you are at and guide you to your optimal life through easy, obtainable and sustainable transformation, thinking and habits.

Dr siddhartha
1st lesson free !

Teach about How to diagnosis the disease &Homeopathy treatment procedure in kolkata & globally

I am interested to teach Medical or NonMedical student for basic sound knowledge how to diagnosed the the disease & Treatment approach by Homeopathy Medicine & Research Procedure through various Media like mail FB Online Whatsapp internationally etc

El Paso
1st lesson free !

Medical Doctor With Great Knowledge in the Mind Techniques, Nutrition and Natural Therapies.

I will explain to you step by step with great patience in everything and how to improve your life in every aspect with a lot of many mind techniques. I was a teacher in two Medical School for several years and I love to teach.

1st lesson free !

Live a good life being fit with important old age health information

I, Abhijit Mitra, a long time Health enthusiast, mainly for advanced age, when many complications come beyond our imagination. Being a Health enthusiast, I spent long time to study about advance age health conditions and complications and search its' answer in Ayurvedic and natural way means dieting, daily living style and must avoid bad habits.

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I am a qualified nutritional therapist and artist with a passion to share my knowledge on both

I use a creative approach I also use up to date current well researched nutrition. I also offer diagnostic testing and tools that enable you to take the knowledge and use it first hand. I have a BA Hons in Fine Art and a diploma in naturopathic nutrition as well as a master in mindfulness, I have over 10 years experience in the arts and wellbeing.

Campinas (São Paulo)
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Lessons in traditional Chinese medicine. 10 years experience. Presencial, or virtual plataform.

10 years of experience in the field. Scholar of ancient Chinese culture. Intended for those interested in topics such as Feng Shui, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Astrology and IChing. Apostilled method, which follows the 5 Chinese metaphysical arts: Medicine: 医 (Yi), Mountain 山 (Sha), Divination 卜 (Bu), Destiny 命 (Ming), and Fisiognomonia 相 (Xiang).

1st lesson free !

Everything you see outside is a small reflection of the whole universe inside.

Hello there.,My name is Abhishek,I am from muzaffarpur city of Bihar.I have potential to explain and communicate properly,for example I can teach marketing and management papers as I learnt well during my MBA.,SIMILARLY, I have a good health,I can teach exercises, I have a good knowledge of Homeopathy,I can also help there.

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Usui / Holy Fire II Reiki sessions with Reiki master - it will be a pleasure to welcome you!

I am a Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master practitioner and trained in London. I offer Reiki sessions as well as courses in Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki. I also organise group events - please see my website for more details. Holy Fire Reiki is a new form of Reiki that was introduced about three years ago by the ICRT.

Mira Bhayandar
Dr. bushra huda
1st lesson free !

Did Bachelor in Physiotherapy PG .Dip in Naturopathy and Yogic science and Dip in Dietetics and Nutrition and try helping student in same

My teaching method is mostly like discussion method, I want my student ti get involved in subject as these are practical subjects

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Medical professional from Delhi giving an insight to good health and well-being

Hi guys, As we know health is wealth, my classes will focus on health and fitness through various articles. Feel free to ask anything about mental and physical health and I am here to help. Cheers to good life.

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Medical Herbalist in Bradford can help you to find out about the medicinal properties of plants and herbs and a healthy diet.

I have a degree in medical herbalism and I want to help peop,e of all ages to find out how to improve their health naturally. My lessons are always interactive and focus on what each person wants to learn.

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Bring optimism, harmony, balance and calmness in your life with Brainwave Counselling Services

I'm a professional psychologist. I help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and make optimum use of the best in you. Want to reduce your stress and feel empowered?? Come take 5 sessions with me and experience unconditional joy and happiness.

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Young Naturopath in In-Depth Training wants to help those who want to learn about self-healing and healthy eating.

My teaching method consists first of all of a vitality assessment that you will help me to make by answering various questions. Then after analysis, I will explain the various techniques and peculiarities of plant medicine.

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