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Music Theory, Composition and Trumpet - study with a PhD candidate (composition) Whiz in Melbourne

My teaching approach always considers the specific needs and experience of the student. From the basics in music theory and composition to more advanced subjects, I'll always make sure learning is structured and paced appropriately. You'll learn many of the theoretical aspects of theory/composition as well as growing your own unique approach to learning about and writing music.

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Alfredo Lopes is an Educator/Researcher/Musician/Composer. He is at Queensland Conservatorium of Music working on a Doctorate of Musical Arts.

Flexible and creative learning with a focus on intuitive and intellectual process in problem finding/problem solving, developing personal practice strategies in self and group learning contexts.

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Singing lessons, Adelaide - Performing, professional musician. All ages, all levels, most styles.

My teaching method is fluid based on the individual's learning style and desired outcome. I ask all students to decide on their goals and time frame and we work together to achieve this. I believe that music is a joy and aim to foster that joy in others.

Golden Grove
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Jazz Pianist teaching AMEB level Music Theory in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs

I prefer to learn what kind of learner my student is as soon as possible, so I can tailor the teaching towards what works best for them.

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Pre-service music/drama teacher willing to assist primary and/or high school students with music theory

My teaching methodology places the student as the centre of importance. Whether learning takes place in a private or group tutoring session, I believe that musical learning should always have the student in focus.

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Grace: Arts and Education student who specialises in music as well as history

I try to ensure that my students are happy while learning. This makes the learning environment easier to be in and encourages learning outside of lessons. I believe it is vital that the student understands what they are learning in tutoring sessions and do not believe in doing their assignments for them.

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The University of Queensland student gives a flute lesson to prep-year12 students

I love to communicate with students and engaging students with a full heart and joy. I seek to equip students with the performance and theoretical skills that will see them excel no matter which path they take in the music. An engaged and determined teacher, I thrive teaching both one-on-one and in group scenarios. I teach students confidently and positively.

Belmont North
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Want to learn to write a song? Accomplished Newcastle Musician will mentor you

My songwriting classes are always aimed at providing the students with the understanding, confidence and tools they need to become great writers. I listen to the goals that the student wants to achieved, and together, we work towards achieving their aspirations.

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Music: A Gift for Life. Experienced music educator offers clarinet lessons on the Mornington Peninsula

I believe that Music is a wonderful life gift, a way to express oneself and unleash creativity and also a means through which to connect with learning. Therefore my lessons are always focused on the interests and individual learning needs of my students.

Alexander Heights
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Drummer of 7 years experience offering Drum Lessons for kids who live in Perth

I teach you the basics of drums, how to play along to your favourite tunes, how to read drum sheet music, and everything there is need to know about the coolest instrument on the earth! The main thing is my lessons are enjoyable and fun :)

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University of Melbourne music student giving help in all aspects of music

I am happy to help any students wanting help with high school music or theory exams. I tailor my teaching to helping individuals with any problems they are facing in their work and will help them make their work stand out from the crowd.

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Study Music Theory in Sydney from the Composition & Music Production student!

I like to think that music is a universal language. We'll base our classes depending on your needs. Do you need to learn how to read notation? We'll start with basic notation systems! Do you want to develop your aural skills? We'll be listening to a lot of intervals and chords.

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Australian Institute of Music Post-Graduate student offers voice, music theory and musicianship lessons in Sydney

I use a combination of methods in my practice, depending on the genre I am teaching. These include elements of the Estill school- especially in music theatre and contemporary styles, with Accent Method and traditional Bel Canto techniques geared towards classical students. I encourage students to sing in a variety of styles and learn to adapt their techniques to become versatile performers.

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Friendly music teacher providing lessons in music theory in Leura, Blue Mountains

My teaching method is to try and demystify the confusion often arising from the study of music theory by giving students opportunity to directly apply it to their craft, whether as instrumentalists or composers. At it's heart, music is a common language, and the learning of it should be accessible to everyone.

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Master of Music, Bachelor of Music(Honorary), Fellow of Royal Schools of Music, Licentiate of Trinity College London with Distinction

My main focus while teaching in London, Dresden and my hometown Foshan/Guangzhou in China is the student who wants to participate exams, such as ABRSM and TCL, of course when I settle down in Sydney, I became more familiar with AMEB syllabus as well, especially from Grade 5-8 and AMus/CMus diploma.

Manly West
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Qualified Teacher in Brisbane tutoring high school students in music and maths

My teaching methodology is to make sure my students really understand the concepts they are learning and why they work. I want my students to be able to apply their knowledge in different contexts, not just reproduce information. As a qualified teacher I have experience working with students with different learning styles and I am able to cater my lessons towards those students.

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Music tutoring from a Bachelor of Education undergraduate in south east Brisbane

Hi, my name is Hannah and I am studying to be a high school music teacher. I have a passion for music and hope I can help you find your passion for it if you haven't already. I am happy to teach anyone from beginners who have never learned music before through to high school music students that just need a little extra help.

The Oaks
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UOW Music Student offering violin, high school music Tutoring from home for all ages

Passionate, patient and friendly, with lessons geared towards making the student feel comfortable and work with the student to achieve there goals in a fun and relaxed environment. Each lesson will be modified based on the students abilities and how they are progressing.

Ning hui
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Concert Pianist and Experienced Teacher giving piano and theory lessons in London. Masters of Music graduate from the Royal College of Music.

Vision: I believe that everyone who is interested in music should give it a go and learn at their own pace, with the aim for enjoyment and progress. I value good communication with students and their parents. I believe music has the power to enrich our lives and inspire us to improve ourselves, while providing a good outlet for releasing stress from our daily lives.

São Bernardo do Campo
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Bachelor in Conduction teaches performance and theory classes at ABC Paulista (SBC)

Graduated in Bachelor's Degree in Music-Conduction by Unesp, he uses theoretical / historical / analytical musical concepts with a focus on performance. With experience in private lessons or preparatory course for entrance exams in music. The classes usually address various subjects (composition, analysis, history, technique, improvisation).

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You want to enjoy studying music? I invite you to discover the musical world through my classes

I am entitled in conducting, composition, music theory and theory, piano, DEA in musicology, postgraduate studies in composition and doing doctoral thesis in Education I offer both group lessons (hangout) and individual (face and online) at all levels. Accompany the student's learning as tutor and adapt to their possible targets (access to higher, postgraduate courses, etc.

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Young professional composer offering lessons in music theory and composition in South-East London

My approach to teaching composition depends entirely on the student’s aims and interests, so the lessons can be tailored around whatever the student wants to focus on. For example, composition lessons can involve doing creative and technical exercises, listening and analysis or working on a particular piece.

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Online Music Tuition by Professional Composer | IB Music | Theory | Composition | Analysis | History | & More

My belief is that to be a well-rounded musician, and indeed a proper man or woman in general (let's face it, not all who study music would become professional musicians), one should not limit one's vision within just a subject of knowledge.

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Let's talk about music! Musical language, harmony, history, music and society, debates and commented readings.

My methods are dynamic and with greater tendency to the development of the ear and musicality. I avoid methods that focus development through continuous reading of scores without memorizing, listening or understanding what and why it is being done. The reading must suppose a support to the musicality, not the center of the instrumental learning.

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Manchester-based Oxford graduate, studying at RNCM. Offering tuition in music theory, history, analysis etc.

My background being in both academia and performance, I am able to offer tuition in a variety of musical disciplines, up to and including degree level. I favour a flexible approach, catering to the ambitions, needs and abilities of the individual student.

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Professional piano teacher in Barcelona. 20 years of experience. I also teach Music Theory and History and can help you with your ear training. English, Spanish and Catalan.

I teach at all levels and ages. I adapt to your needs, so the class can be by webcam or at my home, with a Grand Piano. As a beginner, how many times have you been offered this opportunity? ;-) I can help you prepare different piano pieces, exams or reinforce the subject taught at the school or conservatory.

North Berwick
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Musical Theory: Enthusiastic Tutor with nearly 2 decades of musicianship. Online lessons for all ability levels.

I teach by creating a low-stress environment where the student has complete control over the topics studied if desired. I frequently set tasks at 3 levels of difficulty that all use practical techniques. This encourages the student to engage and provide them with perspective in relation to real-life musical events.

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Bristol Master's graduate offering music theory and musicology tutoring in Greater London!

I very much like to help anybody with problems. No matter if the topic was from which button to use in the Sibelius program or understanding figured bass, we would cover the basics first to make sure all understanding is clear. We will then progress to more complex ideas when you are totally comfortable.

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Music graduate offering tutoring in all things musical around the Hull area!

I utilise practical methods within my teaching to keep students interested such as assessing students' progress through games and quizzes. Music can be a very hands on learning experience so I will take on an approach which involves teaching basic piano skills to help with chord identification and other elements of music.

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Student interested in Material Science or Music tuition may connect 24x7 for related helps.

Level of Classes for Material Science: High School to Doctoral (Material Science, Engineering Materials, Metallurgy related or any Mechanical Engineering Subject (optional)). Level of Classes in Maths: from initial to Intermediate. Level of Classes for Music: Any age (includes interested in Singing, Guitar and Harmonica).

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