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Elder Conservatorium music graduate tutor music theory, trombone and primary school brass

Lessons are tailored to what my students are passionate about in music. We'll keep a lesson diary to check in with how you're improving and I will write exercises for you to practice in your own time outside of lessons.

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Professional Musical Theatre Performer gives singing/music theory lessons to primary school kids in Adelaide

I teach the Estille method of voice which places a large focus on the mechanical workings of the vocal chords and lungs. I also teach my students pieces of technique from other vocal practices. I am a firm believer in teaching correct vocal technique from a very early age.

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Piano for New Learners with Kieren Ong - Trial Lesson Available - Piano Generation

I don't teach student how to play music, I teach techniques that enable students to learn music they enjoy independently. I share with my students the knowledge and skills I've learnt over the past two decades and help students develop solid understanding, skills, and confidence on the piano. Lessons are held at my studio located in Marden. Home visits available within 10km from Marden.

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Preparing students for a amazing career in the music industry in Adelaide

My teaching method is getting students to read music notation first so that they can become independent in reading music to insure they feel confident and comfortable knowing what they are playing. From there its just teaching the students all music theory and general knowledge.

Golden Grove
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Private violin lessons given by current Violin major at Adelaide's Elder Conservatorium

I believe that it is important for students to have a well-rounded music education that encompasses aural, theory and practical skills. I also aim to make music a fun and enjoyable experience that brings people together and cultivates a positive musical community.

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Busker/musician giving guitar lessons and music theory for beginners tab and sheet music

I will teach people by example and also use internet to assist, I am a mature guy with good knowledge for those with an interest to learn how to play for enjoyment and play songs using chords and notes

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Holistic music lessons for beginners - intermediate. Comprehensive workshop for audio arts, theory and engineering.

I tailor educational material based on the individual students' progress to encompass a variety of essential aspects of musical approach and practice. For many freelancers and newcomers it can be difficult to tap into the pragmatic facets of the art, this program is here to assist and fill in the blanks where ever they may be.

Huntfield Heights
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I teach classical piano using AMEB standards but do not pressure students into exams.

My teaching method is to follow the AMEB standards but not exclusively using their publications. Catering for the individual and not pressuring students into exams. For piano I like to use Piano for leisure series but still use the standard technical work book.

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Specialist Music teacher with 20 years experience teaches piano, aural skills, musicianship and theory through singing and Kodály methodology.

I am a lover of nature and the Arts and my teaching philosophy is all about communicating beauty and expression in music. My pedagogy focuses on helping students become artistically expressive and technically proficient. The joy of understanding and playing beautiful music will enrich your life, develop the brain and enhance wellbeing. I am able to teach all ages, stages and genres.

West Beach
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University Art/Music Student offering tutoring and support music lessons to high school in Adelaide

My teaching methods really focus on providing the knowledge and understanding that is required for the student to know about music components of theory and practice.

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Guitar tutor located in Adelaide. Own a bachelor in Music Performance with Honours, beginner to advanced, theory and practical.

My lessons typically consist of finding out where the student is on a technical and playing level, what they are interested in learning and then developing a long term plan that is designed to push them forwards in their playing and musicianship.

Seaford Rise
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Learn to play the Piano Accordion in Adelaide from a professional teacher with many years of experience

My teaching method in the first instance/early stages involves learning how to read music then moving on to practical performance. For students who wish to do so, they may take part in A.M.E.B. musical examinations (both theory and practical) and attain nationally-accredited qualifications which can be carried on to University/Conservatory levels of Music Study.

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J B Music. Take your musicianship to another level of greatness.

I base my lessons to suit the learning style of the student and their abilities. For example if the student I vey practical, I wont write things down for the to constantly keep reading and I wont teach a beginner something an expert would be learning.

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Classic authentic jazz music.i have bean in music for more than 35 years.

my method of teaching is. i take fare and panic out from every student.the nest thing is.i fine a way to bring the joy part of my student.from there i start with the basses of music on the table. notes and chords follow.just easy and cool to play music.

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Music Teacher from California USA in Adelaide Area! -Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Vocals

Think of me like Yoda, but taller and less green. I teach music because I love music, and I want to be able to share that with people! My methods of teaching differ based upon the person, their age, and their experience with music. I want students who are eager to learn an instrument or how to read music. I'm not looking for students who are being forced into taking lessons.

Black Forest
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Piano, Flute, Recorder, Music theory teacher with Bachelor of Music, Adelaide University

My teaching methods are individualised to each student depending on their musical goals. Each lesson incorporates practical skills and musical theory is weaved into the lessons as needed. Learning an instrument purely for fun or a more formal structured approach for exam preparation can both be accomodated.

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Holder of Trinity ACTL diploma in piano performance in Adelaide gives private piano lessons at the comfort of your home.

I believe in hard work and efficient practice. My teaching method depends on the student's preferences or learning method. I structure my lessons to suit students, whether they prefer more sight reading, perfection of pieces, music theory, piano skills or others.

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Qualified private piano musical reading, musical theory, and keyboard lessons for children in Adelaide

The lessons are geared towards children, who's experience ranges from beginner to Grade 2 piano. Weekly 30 min lessons will be held in the tutor's home - children age 3-5 are expected to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Piano, theory, and note books will need to be personally purchased if requested.

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Adelaide university music student offering music reading/song writing/singing/piano tutoring in Adelaide Eastern suburbs

I base my lessons on what the overall goal is for the student such as; learning to read music, learning piano, learning singing techniques, song writing tips and tricks etc.

Hyde Park
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Adelaide pianist gives piano lessons to beginners who want to learn piano

I will teach from the AMEB syllabus from preliminary grade to 2nd grade. We will fill in anything that you need in order to understand the concepts. I will cater to your individual learning needs as required to learn the material.

Modbury North
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Guitar teacher with more than 5 years of experience gives private lessons (English and Spanish speaker)

Most of my students are school age children, but I have experience teaching adults too. Levels of teaching go from beginner to intermediate with emphasis in chords, scales and music reading. I can teach for half an hour or one hour, depending on the student needs.

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Singing lessons, Adelaide - Performing, professional musician. All ages, all levels, most styles.

My teaching method is fluid based on the individual's learning style and desired outcome. I ask all students to decide on their goals and time frame and we work together to achieve this. I believe that music is a joy and aim to foster that joy in others.

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Piano Teacher with 12+ years of experience gives lessons at home studio

All ages, both beginners and continuing students are welcome. I teach the AMEB syllabus and individual learning needs for recreation. Lessons can be taught in English or Mandarin Chinese. I have great willingness to help students develop their talents while nurturing them on their journey of music.

Bellevue Heights
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Concert violinist and retired university lecturer with 30+ years of performance, recording and teaching experience gives private violin lessons at home. Suit all ages and levels for classical and folk

Since retiring from my position as a university lecturer I am now offering private lessons to violin students at all levels in classical and folk styles, including the AMEB exam syllabus. Learning and refining skills and knowledge is most satisfying and rapid when we are fully engaged in the learning process.

Hindmarsh Island
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Recently relocated qualified experience Music teacher in piano, strings, vocals and woodwind

My teaching method begins with constructivism and branches into various techniques - scaffolding, discussion, brainstorming, problem solving, games etc. - depending on the cognitive and physical needs of my students, the tasks at hand while guiding them to their full potential as life-long learners.

Sheidow Park
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Masters degree holder giving private piano, keyboard and music theory lessons in Adelaide

I tailor my lessons according to individual needs. Be it classical, rock/pop, jazz, church music, or even songwriting, I can tailor the class to what the student wants out of their lessons. I am a patient teacher though I can be strict if necessary.

Mount Gambier
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Music student available to teach beginner brass, piano. Mackay and Mount Gambier

Currently studying music in South Australia. Have played Classical Piano for 12 years and trombone for 10 years. Available to teach beginners or those just wanting to experience music! I can also teach you to read music, understand music theory and get ahead in your own playing.

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Adelaide local available for beginner music tuition; singing, piano, bass, theory (with cert III qualification)

I am a passionate about giving others, particularly children, the opportunity to learn and experience the joy and freedom of music. I believe the best way to do this is to equip students with not only the necessary tools to play music, such as music theory and technique, but also the skills needed to perform and share music; confidence, creativity , persistence.

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Flinders University student gives private Music Theory lessons to high school students in Adelaide

Hi I'm Jasmine and I love music, especially music theory! I recently graduated high school and while being a year 12 student I tutored three younger students in music theory! I'll teach music theory to anyone who may be struggling with theory or who just wants to learn to read music!

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High school student studying music gives piano lessons to those in Adelaide

Although I am very competent at playing the piano, teaching people is an aspect I am not extremely familiar with and I would therefore love to teach beginners.

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