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Music Graduate Piano major offers piano, music reading and music theory lessons online and at home

My teaching method is based on providing the quickest route for students to play the music that they love, whether they are beginning, have learned by ear, or have learned classically. We will work on a variety of skills that will enable you to learn as quickly as possible, and learn on your own as well.

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If you just need someone to get you started or you’re in it for the long haul, I can happily get you there.

Everybody wants something different out of these lessons so I plan them accordingly. You will learn theory, scales, chords and advanced techniques but it’s all done whilst playing your favorite songs. Whit Guitar/Bass you will also learn maintenance from cleaning, tuning using ears only to upgrading pickups and adjusting the action using various techniques.

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Amateur guitarist who has been playing over 15 years teaches in Sharon, PA area or online

I'm happy to teach lessons to students of all kinds, though generally I have had more experience with beginners. The way I approach teaching is to let the student guide the process. I inquire about what they wish to learn, and we map out a path to get there using my knowledge and expertise along with input from the student.

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Well experienced Drums tutor available for individual drum classes in and around Kochi

My teaching style is majorly giving individual attention to students. Focus on music theory as well as basic and advanced techniques. Performance oriented sessions with well designed course material. Each session being planned for 60 minutes once a week. Basic, intermediate and advanced level lesson of all major styles of music.

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Guitar player with 10+ years of independent experience offering lessons in Frederick, MD

I have only taught guitar to mentally disabled adults in my teaching history so I try to lay out the basics of the instrument in simple, easy-to-understand terms. I would begin by teaching my students simple chords and how to read guitar tabs. After each lesson, I would give them a simple scale, riff or lick (possibly a full song) to learn that includes the techniques that we covered in-lesson.

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Brazilian musician 25 years of electric guitar and guitar. Introduction and deepening in theory and practice.

My methodology for teaching is full of adaptation to the student. After the student master the knowledge base necessary for technical development, the classes are improved and adapted to the time and dedication of the same.

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Violinist 20 years of experience, gives private lessons in center-bretagne. Musical awakening for the youngest, tests for the choice of the future instrument.

-Acquisition of the technical bases to approach all musical styles -Performing in methodology of personal work Musical sharing in ensemble and chamber music possible The courses are addressed to all, including adults who want to play the violin to have fun.

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Classical and Electric Guitarist offering lessons grades 1 - 8 or learn just for fun!

I think it's vital to demonstrate various styles that can be played on the guitar in order to further inspire the student into learning (even the boring stuff). Good technique is the key to playing your favourite music stress-free, so I like to encourage students to play through various exercises designed to quickly improve their dexterity.

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Award-winning composer/songwriter offering music theory and writing lessons in all musical styles.

I am an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher who believes that music is a subject that can be enjoyed and participated in by all. I use modern techniques and technology to help students access and understand music, unlocking their creativity whatever their age or academic level.

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Educated choral conductor offering lessons in music theory and musicology via webcam up to University level.

When teaching I like to identify which areas of the subject need to be looked at, then try to break it down to its simplest terms in order to fully explain from the ground up. Music theory can be regarded as a mathematical subject and I find that teaching it that way gets the best result.

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I am also a singer and written my own songs, o i teach you music in good way

My teaching method is very different i teach student with a new method, with this method student not learn this but she feel this because music is feeling, which we share with someone, when we are not talk them clearly about our feelings then we use music to say them

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College musician with 10 years of experience in rural and suburban areas gives lessons via webcam. Weekends ideal!

I approach each student with individuality and base the lessons on the student's interests and needs. I like to work out of music books as well, such as etude books and lesson books. The student may pick any ing for me to help them with, and I will also assign songs or etudes.

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Pianist and orchestral keyboardist gives piano and musical theory lessons from home in Calgary.

I am quite flexible with the repertoire a student would like to follow, and am able to support the student in whichever direction they would like to go. For aspiring classical musicians, I usually point them towards the Royal Conservatory Program and work towards mastery and understanding of the works presented.

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Professional musician with double degree in Instrumental Music, Clarinet and Music with Emphasis on Jazz from the Conservatory of Music of the National University of Colombia and singing training offe

I treat the subjects in a structured manner according to the student's level of learning and their particular conditions or circumstances, such as age, physical disability or professional aspirations. I can work a class from 50 minutes until the completion of the session is necessary. I can guide from Musical Initiation to Professional Interpretation and my classes are aimed at all audiences.

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Young but tenured Music Instructor teaches Theory and Technique from Vancouver Island.

My technique in regards to private lessons will be completely structured around your own learning style and capabilities.

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Piano, Organ and Music Theory teacher with 20 years of music experience available for private lessons in Hamilton, Ontario. MMus Performance (Yale University), BMus Performance (UofT).

1-on-1 approach tailored to the needs of the student regarding technique and music understanding/interpretation. Capable of teaching how to both improvise and to read sheet music. Able to use the RCM material, prepare for exams, etc.

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Initiation in violin and solfege for those interested in the city of bogota

I am a violin student, of maestro Camilo Guevara who teaches at the national university of colombia. As a way of teaching my students, I always try to have reference systems. If you are going to start in the violin we will work from scratch with the susuki method, using technique and handling the instrument to have solid foundations.

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Music instrument tutor: Offering lessons for, guitar, bass, guitar, drums, singing and performing.

My teaching methodology is made up of explaining the instrument, showing the technique, what useful warm up exercises to use and reading chord charts and notes. Sometimes give lessons to classes ,one to one and one to two or three students.

Johnson City
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Musician with 8 years experience offering lessons in all brass in the Tri-Cities.

My teaching methodology is very individualized. For beginners, I recommend longer lessons times to learn how to read music, some basic music theory, and then delving into there desired instrument. For more advanced students, I encourage them to search for personally chosen pieces which both inspire ad stretch the individual's abilities.

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Music student at Cambridge university can give theory lessons at home in Herts or over skype

I give lessons from children of primary school age to those studying for their A levels. I can structure my lessons according to the way in which you work best, and am extremely patient and willing to challenge students where they need to be in order to get the best grade for them.

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Music student offering piano, harp, flute and theory lessons, also GCSE tutoring available.

I love to motivate people to reach their own personal goals and to lead students to tackle their problems without traditional “spoon feeding” techniques.

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Professional musician and sound engineer, offers his experience of music and guitar practice

Each student is different, so I can't apply the same method for everyone. It will be a question of soliciting the student's curiosity to bring him to the background work giving access to musical pleasure: scales, chords, theory, improvisation, arrangement, etc. All this with a guitarist approach.

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Classical guitarist gives private lessons in Montreal ! Beginners or advanced, young or old, realize your true potential !

I absolutely love to teach the classical guitar. I have also experienced teaching half classical and half popular and that was a hit, students absolutely loved it! My classes are oriented towards your goals and interests as a student. I will therefore give you all the tools you need in order to achieve it and suggest material that is related to your musical tastes.

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Music Production and Technology Student offering Music Theory and Music Production Lessons

I am a mature student at Derby Uni, studying Music Technology and Production, I have been playing guitar for over 40 years and have a good knowledge of music theory (grade 6). I have quite a relaxed teaching style and try to cater to the needs of the student as opposed to a formal structured curriculum.

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Expert acoustic guitar player offering my knowledge of the instrument and music as a whole to anyone eager to learn!

I go on a ranking scale beginning at a novice level earning "promotions" along the way going to an expert level.

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Experienced Pianist Offering Fun and Professional Piano Lessons in Leicester Good Value

My name is Stephen and from a young age I have had a passion for music. I have a grade 7 on the piano, as well as a level 2 BTEC in Music. Throughout my childhood an early adult years I have performed to both large and small audiences, playing a diverse range of styles of which I've always been greatly received.

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Music student offering help in music reading/theory and GCSE music in Birmingham

I am a 1st year Music student at the University of Birmingham that wants to help people understand music as well as enjoy it and we will achieve this through intensive and inquisitive sessions.

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Keep your tempo up come and learn with me. Changing sound note by note lesson by lesson music we will make!!

Everybody has there own sound let me help you find yours. Weather a beginner or a Clapton we can all advance in music theory and method. With practise practicing and some practise we can have you playing any song you'd like.

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Music graduate offering lessons in piano and trombone in Kent and surrounding areas

I am a music graduate with several years experience in the professional world of music. I aim to make learning music enjoyable and rewarding, learning something new every time and having fun whilst doing it. I enjoy teaching those new to music as well as those who have some knowledge already.

Buenos Aires
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Musical theory and electric and classical guitar for all levels in federal capital

Extensive experience teaching guitar and music theory. I adapt to the needs and abilities of the student. Wide variety of genres and techniques. I teach with a purely practical approach, focusing mainly on the student being in contact with the instrument from the first class. The teaching of theory is applied immediately to the practice, which shows immediate results.

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Perfect! Ange is very professional and personal. I believe that she has so much to offer her students!

Erin, Student
8 months ago
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