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Patient and enthusiastic and passionate Biology Science graduate with distinction tutoring for Campbelltown NSW

As each child has varied needs, I believe that it is essential to differentiate all lesson plans. I don't have a particular style as every child requires an individual approach. I try to find a way for the student to connect with the content in a way which they not only comprehend it, but are able to recollect the information and use it in conjunction with other concepts.

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Monash Biotechnology Postgraduate offers individual biology lessons to school and university students in Melbourne.

Subrat and I have a Bachelors of Science in Applied Biotechnology and a postgraduate Diploma majoring Industrial Biotechnology and Cancer Drug Production. I m persuing my Masters of Biotechnology at Monash University.

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Adelaide Master's student in biotechnology(biomedical) provides tuition for high school to bachelors students

As teaching is my passion, I was giving home tutions for students of high school, year 11 and year 12. I would also love to teach mathematics, chemistry and physics to high school students.My teaching method is explaining the concept, showing explanatory videos, giving tests to test the understanding of the students.

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Helpful and passionate Human Biology tutor for Primary and High School students

My lessons are fun and engaging. I always start my lessons with a 5 min chat with the student, to get to know how they are and what they have been up to, in and out of school. I then ask them what they would like to focus on, if they have any concerns or questions. I then go on from there.

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Curtin University Student give lessons to high school students in Yr 11 and 12 Human Biology and Yr 10 and below Science

As a tutor my aim is to give students a professional learning environment where they can receive help with any queries regarding the subject so they can excel in their assessments. The structure of the lesson will be based on the textbooks used in school and the student's weakness. Prioritisation of student's weakness and helping them improve will be my main goal.

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MSc graduate of Marine Biology and Ecology gives Biology lessons to school students in Townsville

Biology is taught best when it is made relatable. I use common examples and everyday occurrences to make complicated subjects more understandable. I assess the student's ability to learn and teach using the most viable method for the student to retain information i.e oral, visual, aural etc.

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Teacher of Biology at High School Level for six years in Ireland.

Lessons I provide will be geared towards students who not only want to do well in exams but also enjoy the subject material. Lessons will be discussion based and participation from both tutor and student will be required. The idea being to provide a less formal approach to study in a fashion that can make it enjoyable.

Vijay bhoopalan
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ANU masters student gives lessons on biotechnology,microbiology molecular and cellular biology

My teaching methodology aims at building a strong basic foundation on the topic and making the student develop more on it by providing an intriguing question and helping the student extrapolate the concepts. Each topic will begin with the basics and each session will end with a simple question that will keep them motivated and also give leads on the next topic.

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Lively and interactive lessons provided to students pursuing veterinary, or like, studies

Studying should be enjoyed, and I will ensure you get the results your looking for - provided you are willing to put in the effort and dedication. My lesson structures are determined by you and what you aim to achieve during our time together.

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Neuroscience Honours Student and Biomed Graduate able to show you the fun side of science!

I like to tailor what I do to the student I am helping. No one is the same and therefore it is not appropriate to apply the same way of teaching to everyone. Some students require simple explanations while others prefer large drawings that depict concepts. Whatever it is that helps you learn, I can do it.

Avalon Beach
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Professor in Biochemistry (PhD in Biochemistry) gives biology and chemistry lessons for high school and university students

I have 3 years experience teaching Biochemistry in a Catholic Univeristy of Cuyo (Argentina). The classes consisted in theorical dictation, writing exams and final oral examination. I try to make my students see that biology and chemistry are part of our nature as disciplines which explain practically every aspect of our every day.

Saint Lucia
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UQ advanced science student offering tutoring for biology subjects in the Brisbane area

I like to let my students guide the lesson. I will come prepared for anything within their syllabus however, they are the one who know what they need more assistance on so will answer their questions and ask if they have any questions. I also ask for any practice exams or quizes so I can come with prepared answers.

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Biotechnology postgrad with 4+ years of research experience gives lessons to high school and uni students in Perth

I approach the topic with their necessity or requirement for the current phase of the relevant field. I make sure that I cover from history/origin to recent updates, not just the textbook part but the real-life scenario.

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UQ Biotechnology Student ready to give classes for Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology , Biotechnology, Microbiology, Genetics and Zoology. I'm a Masters Post graduate in Life Sciences (Sp. Animal Sci

My teaching methodology mainly focuses on illustration using diagrams and explanation with examples. For some topics I use animations for the better understanding. Biology has to be experienced not to be read, I think just reading alone wont help in biology and related fields.

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ANU Economics student with prior BioMedical: Anatomy + Physiology degree give biology lessons to high school and students at university

My method of teaching stems from my experience as a student at university for 6 years as well as working in laboratories under doctoral's, therefore I have found in my experience, I learned better when large blocks of information was disseminated into granular forms with real-life examples to correlate along with what I was expected to learn.

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3rd Year Monash Biomedical Science Student with an International Upbringing Living in Toorak

I believe that interest in the subject being taught is most important, with its difficulty being fairly irrelevant, to a student who loves what they're studying. I take advantage of my contagious passion for biomedical science to enhance the students learning experience and academic performance.

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Postgraduate (Msc Biotechnology) tutor gives lessons on biology with 3 years of experience

My teaching method is very practical. I always make sure that my student is able to understand my point only then i move further. I do not believe in cramming according to me revising your lessons will make you understand your lesson perfectly.

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University of Wollongong Senior PhD student in Biomedical Sciences (Molecular Biology expertise)

My teaching method is largely based student-centric and performance oriented. I believe each student has his or her own way of learning things and the best way to teach is to understand their requirements and adapt my teaching skills accordingly.

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UQ Wildlife Science (GPA 6.2) student offering Chemistry/Biology/Maths A+B help for anyone

I base my lessons on understanding the current syllabus and judging from the current knowledge and skill of my students, will either aim to provide supplementary lessons to improve their foundation knowledge of the subject or build foundations from the ground up

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Biology tuition offered by secondary school teacher with BSc and 13 yrs experience.

Each child learns in a different way. In order to assist in the learning process it is important for me to identify a student's learning style so that tuition can be tailored to the specific needs of each student. In this way problem areas can be addressed both timeously and effectively.

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Postgraduate marine biologist gives biology lessons to high school and uni students

I like to approach the subject giving a general view of it, then go into the specific area that requires more explanation or that it is unclear. I move forward only when I am sure the subject has been fully comprehended by the student.

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UQ Science Honours graduate gives cellular biology lessons to high school and uni students in Toowoomba.

I am passionate about science and love to engage students in this field. My teaching methodology is to ground students in the basics and build up their knowledge, confidence and capacity in the areas they seek assistance in. I value engaging a student's learning in the style that best suits them.

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University topper in masters of Biotechnology gives cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics lessons.

Taught for undergraduate courses in the Biotechnology department. Taught sections for courses on Molecular biology, Animal & plant tissue culture, Large-scale manufacturing process and Biochemistry Conducted laboratory practical’s in Animal tissue culture and Techniques in Genetic engineering and fermentation. Assisted professors in courses ranging from 70-150 students.

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PhD graduate in Biotechnology looking to assist students in subjects related to my field of expertise

My teaching methods compromise on focused learning tailored according to the individual needs and requirements of students.

Sri ram
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100% refund lessons if you score less than your current score, biology related lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane by UQ graduate

My teaching method is an interactive two-way method, I use presentations with videos and animations to explain the basic concepts and repeat until the students are clear with the concepts. Instead of just focusing on marks, I help students get involved and enhance their knowledge of the subject. 24/7 I'll be available to clarify any doubts and discuss previous years question papers.

South Plympton
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Adelaide biological student gives biological lessons to high school and uni students in Adelaide

My teaching method is based on the student's notebook and some necessary knowledge will be provided. Some basic technical skills and analytical methods can be provided as well if students want. Pictures are preferred to display critical mechanisms. Critical thinking and discussions are the most important part of my lessons.

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Medical Laboratory Scientist helps students knockout all their biology troubles in Townsville

I am a very visual learner myself so I like to use a lot of simple diagrams to explain topics students find difficult.

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Experience biology and biotechnology in a whole new light : understand, apply, score!

I base my classes only loosely on the school curriculum but focus more on the students' curiosity and areas of interest to invoke a genuine liking for the subject. I draw from my own experience as a student to relate with what the students want from a class in biology. understanding and interest takes one beyond the domain of marks and allows real proficiency in any subject.

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Monash grad student who gives biology lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

Biology can seem like a scary subject for many people - you know, with all the big names, the different functions of a protein/molecule, the memorising. And if you cannot see something function, you cannot really understand how it will work, right? You’re absolutely right. My experience in labs makes me a well suited person to explain the topic to a struggling student.

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Bond University medical student gives biology lessons to high school students on the Gold Coast.

I like to approach topics with students systematically, and identify problem areas within them. These are the areas that we will focus on and master.

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