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Near Berrimah and want to learn the guitar in a fun and constructive way? Then I've got you covered!

My teaching method depends on the student. I transform my guitar lessons in a way that best helps my students gear in with the lesson focus. For the first few lessons, it will be treated as a calibration period, where I can estimate what the student is good at and areas they need to work on.

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Richie Dorsey Productions for Guitar Lessons Bathurst, NSW 22 years of playing guitar

I am geared towards students that want to write songs. A lesson entails a demonstration for 15mins and then the student attempting it for 30 while I correct hand position and help to adjust the pressure they use. I believe music is the most important thing in the universe and genuinely want to share my passion.

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- Learn to play guitar at my place. - More than a decade of experience in playing guitar. - Music composer and producer. - Own YouTube channel,check it out for your reference. (YouTube channel na

I simply teach on the basis of student's current level of understanding and enthusiasm. I teach one on one, will be using an electric guitar and my digital audio workstation. My teaching style is casual and mostly on the basis of my personal experience.

Umina Beach
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Cert 4 Music student that will take you from Smoke on the water to Dance of Eternity.

I base my classes on muscle memory and John Petrucci rock discipline, however my lesson will be solely focused on you. I will break down the techniques in your favourite songs, how you play and correct any bad habits you may of picked up.

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Weekends and After hours - can come to you - Beginner to Intermediate Guitar lessons around the Geelong Area.

I approach teaching guitar with a casual teaching style, i will work to adapt to how you prefer to learn. I can assist with online resources or provide originals customized to you. A mix of practical knowledge mixed with theoretical underpinnings will give you a full picture to greater aid in your learning.

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Rockstar explains the secrets of guitar playing with a full feeling mode in Melbourne

I write custom lessons for each person. For that reason, my lessons fit your learning style and make you learn faster. My aim is to make you independent musician so we can jam together or you can create your own band asap.

Coffs Harbour
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Experienced guitarist and recording artist offering private guitar lessons in Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas

Music should be FUN!! I tailor each lesson to the individual and teach you skills and techniques you will use in your everyday playing. Music theory is important but i strongly believe it should primarily be utilized to develop your musical ear in order to play and create the music you love to play.

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Guitar Teacher Sunshine coast with over 30 years experience playing Rock and Blues

My lessons are geared to beginners and people intermediate level guitar players who wish to learn more. I will give you basic riffs and chords to learn songs completely. I believe anybody can play any instrument with a little bit of motivation. And that's where the fun comes in, cause if its fun, its easy to learn.

Mount Pleasant
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Old School roadie leaves early with task ahead for begginer to grow

i would learn as easy as i could then i was introduced to lessons then i understood more and never stop playing until i had more compatibility with better rhythm so u don't just jump into as high if u have to and receive assurance of accepting the learning of control and making some or your own rhythm

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Professional guitarist who specialises in a range of genres. From the beginner wanting to learn for enjoyment or who has aspirations of making a career.

I work one on one with people teaching them the basics - step by step strumming coordination. I can relate to peoples learning style and can adjust my teaching method to suit the individual needs of the student. I take time to ensure that the student is competent in each step before progressing further.

Ocean Grove
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My business, Bellarine Music tuition offers guitar, bass, drums, piano and saxophone lessons in Ocean Grove

My teaching method is hands on. I like to get my beginner students to learn basic chords/beats and to some easy songs first and then introduce them to theory and music notation slowly to keep them interested and having fun. I find my method works well and 90% of my students progress rapidly.

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Experienced guitar teacher, I've been teaching for over 15 years and playing for 30. I am able to teach any style and age.

I like to mix my lessons with both practical and theory, while keeping them as fun and enjoyable as possible but i also expect my students to work hard and create there own practice routine. I'm a fun and fair tutor. I have taught from kindergarten to adults and am cable of teaching all genres/styles of music. I also offer AMEB learning if required.

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Lead Rock Guitarist! A Metalhead who has appreciation for classical music as well..

You'll literally learn to look at music and cultivate it in you. You'll become a strong instrumentalist. Things you'll learn:- 1. Scales: Pentatonic/Blues/Harmonic Minor/Chords; Arpeggios, Tapping, Sweep Picking etc. 2. Music appreciation: Rock/Classical 3. I'll give you violin lessons too but guitar will be the main focus.

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Hi! I'm a guitar player in the Bathurst region wanting to teach in person or online

I am a self taught guitar player that learnt by picking and playing my favourite songs on acoustic and electric guitar. I picked up fundamental skills, learnt to read tab and play with correct technique through a mentor of mine which was very important for my development.

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Professional guitar teacher gives lessons at home! All ages, low price, excellent level

My teaching methodology varies according to age, experience level and overall personality of the student. When teaching children, lessons should focus on what music is (rythm and harmony) and on what music they enjoy and why. When teaching initial level students, I'll focus on learning the specifics of guitar and developing a refined understanding of music.

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Guitar and General Music Tutoring available in Hobart area | 10+ Years Experience

My teaching method varies, on a case-by-case basis. Every student learns at a different pace, and as such I alter my teaching methods to accomodate each student. From learning simple chord patterns, all the way up to advanced techniques. I cover a range of styles, from basic blues progressions, all the way up to advanced genres including jazz, ska, and various rock & metal genres.

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Learn and Master the guitar in Perth. The faster method that has served over 2.000 musicians. Music diploma, over 10 years of experience and international career.

Not every music student has the same needs. You need a method that has been proven to work over and over again, but you need a professional to identify exactly which method is going to give you the results you are looking for, as fast as possible, so you remain motivated and confident.

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Ashwell Guitar Tutoring, a fast and fun way to learn how to play the guitar!

I base my lessons on student's choosing a song that they want to learn from a list i have prepared, and compiling a list of individual practical and theoretical tasks based around that song. I never push a student into learning things that will be too much of a challenge, and prefer to take the relaxed method.

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Rock, blues and metal guitarist with 10 years of experience giving online lessons to beginners and intermediates

We will start off learning the basics of guitar and picking up good habits and techniques that a guitarist of any standard should know. I will teach you power chords, regular chords, different scales that make up the solos we all love, and will have you feeling like you've learned something after every session.

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Classes of Electric Guitar and Musical Theory for various styles and genres

The learning system is adapted to the needs and objectives of the student, can be handled freely or structured. The aim is to focus on the theoretical and practical aspect of the instrument, giving clear guides with examples and references while advising self-learning methods.

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BNC certified Musician offering Rock/ Metal Guitar & Song Production Lessons in Exeter.

From teaching chords & basic songs for beginners, to modal scales & theory for those more advanced, I've got you covered. Want to improve your improvisation skills or learn how to write & structure your own songs? No problem, I can even teach you how to record them. How about advanced sweep/ tapping arpeggios, harmonics or tremolo techniques? Lets make it look easy.

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Student of the School of Fine Arts at the Bachelor's level Mexico City Specialty in Classical Guitar

I like to teach at a more personal level and I take as a base the musical tastes of my students to work, I always try to make my classes as pleasant as possible and I structure them based on the need, advance and where you want to go, both theoretical, as practical and interpretive; student.

San Juan
Angel axel
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Music Producer teaches Guitar lessons with advanced method from level 0, CDMX South and Center

Through the 14 years that I have been teaching, I have made effective techniques as well as I have left aside others that are not so much. My general ideology nowadays is: No matter how technical the exercise is, it must always be musical and stimulating for the new performer, even for the one who has never even played in his life.

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Always wanted to learn how to play the guitar! now you can with my help

I teach students who want to play in bands, or just want to learn an instrument, tailoring each lesson to the needs of the individual student and their individual learning abilities. I am committed to help students achieve their individual goals and learn the guitar in a fun way.

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Experienced Guitar Instructor gives customized lessons on Soloing, Songwriting, Theory, and Technique

The lessons I teach are organized around what the students are primarily interested in; the styles, bands, artists, guitarists, etc. whose music you would like to play. Once I know this, it becomes much easier to figure out what skills & knowledge you will need to learn in order to play that music.

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Customized guitar lessons for all ages and levels from an experienced, professional teacher!

My teaching method is modern, flexible, personal and structured - your learning objectives and playing pleasure are paramount! - Have you always wanted to learn to play the guitar? - Does your guitar play feel like a rut and do you really want to take it to a higher level? - Do you want to become the new shred virtuoso, learn to play your favorite songs and / or even learn to write your own...

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Hi! My name is Matt and if you're looking to become a versatile guitarist whom can play different genres or even just one I can be of help!

My teaching methods always vary on the musical capabilities I believe my student has. In school, when I was being taught I realized that everyone, especially beginners, conceptualize music differently. What I mean is, not all traditional methods will work for people.

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Professional Grade 8 guitarist offering lessons based in Ryde, Isle of Wight

I attended The platform one music of college and progressed through the b-tech and degree courses in commercial music. I achieved a merit in rockschool at grade 8. Lessons are catered personally to each student to work on specific techniques that the student would like to either learn or progress in, whether that be general development or work towards the students next grade.

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Experienced Grade 8 guitarist gives guitar lessons in St Helens and Skelmersdale

Lessons are relaxed and enjoyable with the aim of helping the student achieve their personal desired level of ability. All styles and genres are taught in a progressive manner to help the student become a well rounded guitarist. All ages and abillities are welcome. Very competitive rates. Fun, progressive learning. Understanding music theory. Song writing tips.

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Guitar Tutor. All levels. Pop, rock and blues. 30 years of experience. Degree level teacher.

Tim Daley guitar school caters for all individuals from children to adults. I teach guitar based on what you want to learn through a progressive and structured system in a modern studio. The guitar school is different to others in that I am a fully qualified, degree level teacher. Most 'guitar tutors' are simply guitarists who have decided to teach.

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