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Long Beach
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I have 30 years experience of all types of guitars slide electric acoustic I am the authority of all types of guitars and amps and processors

I don't have any one method of teaching I'd like to find out what's best for the student and me

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Musician offering lessons in electric and bass guitar as well as music theory.

Depending on your level, I approach each lesson differently. I will always teach at your pace and I pay attention to what you want to learn. As a beginner, I might sit with you and go over the basics, teaching you the fundamentals of guitar playing or music in general. If you're more experienced you might want a more advanced lesson (eg sweep picking) or you might want to learn a specific song.

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Experienced Vocal Coach and Guitar tutor. Find your own true voice of expression!

This is what I offer in my lessons as a vocal coach to you. I deal in only the facts, not methods or fads that are more like crash diets than true singing. The facts are in the biology of how your voice works. How the body makes sound, projects sounds and sustains sound.

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Professional guitar player with a very great passion to teach rock music

always teaching music with passion and make the people fall in love with the instrument,trying to understand the favorite music style of the student and let him play what music he likes,that's the best way to teach how to play the guitar

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LessonsWithMike.com: College instructor offering in-home guitar lessons anywhere in the Twin Cities!

Each student is different and I teach with that in mind. All of my students are provided with the same material out of the gate but I then try my best to adjust to the students learning style to get their full potential to shine through.

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Metal Guitar Coach with 11 years of guitar playing and 5 years of song writing experience

I teach based on many concepts that I have taught myself. I am here to basically give you a push into learning guitar. I can also help those who have prior experience in learning guitar to hopefully step up their game and increase confidence (and speed)! I am here for whatever you need.

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Learn Rock and Metal bass from a professional musician. Groove and Power!!!

I want my students to start playing on day one. Bass is about groove and feel and that’s what I try to teach.

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Guitar Teacher/Performer --> All Styles, to all ages. More than 20 year of experience.

I base my method first on the intellectual and auditory perception of the elements of music, and then i showing the many ways of making music with the guitar, interacting with all these elements.

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Sound and Philosophy student with 11 years of Guitar playing experience offering Guitar and Music theory Lessons.

I have taught students in secondary schools and teach privately whilst undertaking my course. My teaching method is based on the needs of the student. In order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of students my methodological approach focuses on showing the relationship between technique and practice in order to allow the student to tailor their learning experience to their needs.

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Playing music is something from the soul. Find your Genre. Find your Pasion!

I know starting can be tough but all you need to do is find the technique that's will work for you to learn and improve.

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Music student give classes of electric guitar for people who's starting in music.

My teaching methods are dividing the class in the parts, one for the music theory to know what are we playing and the practical part.

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Guitar virtuoso with 15 years of experience gives guitar lessons at home in Newcastle

Since I am currently studying PostGCE for Young People and Adult Specialists at Newcastle College, I am learning more effective teaching methods and improving my teaching. I always make my lessons clear and instructive with an achievable goal for the lesson. Using individual lesson plans which are designed with the student each student has a tailored plan for what they want to achieve.

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Guitarist with 6 years experience offering guitar lessons for beginners in Hatfield

I'm self taught so my teaching is probably a bit different to other tutors but I believe that this makes me a better teacher as I have methods that make it easier for beginners. When I started out it was really difficult for me to play so I developed my own methods to make it easier.

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Experienced musician from Essex will help you master the guitar fast. Grade 8 guitar, Grade 6 theory.

My lessons are client-based so, whatever you want to learn, I teach! I'm known for creating great improvement in a short space of time by creating excitement around the instrument as well as making use of book and technology resources.

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University student and guitarist with 10 years of experience teaches electric guitar in Cambridge

I believe that catering the lessons for the student's specific interests is the most important part of musical instrument lessons. Based on favourite genre, artists, albums or songs, I try to make lessons as interesting, fun and insightful for the student. If you begin learning something you truly love, your learning process becomes effortless and fast.

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Film composer and guitar instructor with ten years of music teaching experience

My typical class is based on a student-centric approach. I look at the individual needs of the student and based on my years of experience, evaluate what is the best route for improvement and interest for the student and give you a tailored experience and game plan.

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In studio guitar or bass lessons from an experienced Winnipeg preforming musician with teaching background

The focus of my class is improvisational theory, with little note reading necessary other than assignments the material is based on strengthening ones ability to listen constructively to identify the key of song being worked with and having an arsenal available to approach what ever comes your way.

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Music offers students a chance to explore their creativity and speak beyond words.

I prefer a very hands on individual approach to learning that engages each student, identifying strengths, weaknesses and area to be improved. I believe that practice makes perfect. A typical class will focus on a particular topic or concept in music. I have divided beginner guitar into ten comprehensive chapters.

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Experienced guitar teacher with 10 years experience in the Hawkesbury, Vankleek Hill area.

I teach using the Alfred guitar method books but mostly hands on. I can teach from beginner to expert level. The most important thing is to have fun with music and learn songs and good technique.

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